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Where Did Copypasta Come From?

Where Did Copypasta Come From?

Copypasta is a term referring to blocks of text that are widely copied and pasted on the Internet. Sometimes, depending on the community, Copypasta can be confusing to new people who don't recognize it as copied and pasted content. Once it gets enough attention and a lot of people know about it, it can turn into Copypasta as people start copying and pasting it as a response elsewhere on the Internet. Copypasta means copying text or a portion of text from an existing manuscript and incorporating that text into the manuscript, which is processed by pasting. 

The word Copypasta itself is a combination of the words "copy" and "paste". While surfing the web, you may have come across the word "copy-paste" and wondered what it means. One of the most famous examples is the Navy Seal copy-paste, which is often used as a response to insult on the Internet.


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