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AITA for not making my Sons wash the dishes?

Posted on AITA by Sea-Glass-2274


So to keep things brief I have 2 boys(15 & 16) and 1 girl(17). I have assigned chores for each one of them to do, my sons are supposed to cut the grass, take out trash and help me with heavy duty work. The only chores my daughter has to do is clean the dishes, help her mom with laundry and that's pretty much it. In my opinion the workload my sons have to do is a lot harder than my Daughter's.


The other day we had invited some guests over and we made a lot of food resulting in a lot of dishes. My wife was tired after cooking for everybody so she didn't have the energy to help my Daughter with the dishes, so she asked my sons to help my Daughter with the dishes. 


I told her no, Janice(my daughter) is just gonna have to do it herself, which resulted in a heated argument between us. I told her Janice already does the least amount of chores in the house, so even though it may take her a little while it still doesn't compare to the amount of work my sons have to do. She told me I was being unfair and that there was nothing wrong with her brothers helping her out for one day. I may have been stubborn, but I stuck my ground and told her it's not unfair and she'll survive. My Wife said fine and decided to help Janice clean the dishes instead.


Well now both my Wife and Daughter are mad at me. I recognize I may have been a little too harsh towards my Wife and Janice and I do feel a little bit guilty, but I was just trying to be fair and stick to the assigned roles everyone was already given. Am I really wrong for doing that?