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A must listen, when else do you learn something, and laugh this hard. They have such wonderful chemistry and makes you feel like your in the room


While this is the very first time I gave a review for any podcasts, I'm always a fan of this show! God, their humor and chemistry and topics and humor (yes, again) and everything - JUST AWESOME! Keep it up, guys! Love you always! The Miz is awesome, but no one beats these three!

When you’re here you’re family…

That might be the slogan for the infamous OG. BUT for this show it’s true. You feel like your hanging out at a frat house on campus but the good frat. They’ll not let you drive drunk from a party but they’ll also let you take the bed and they take the couch. The frat parties are more like hangouts where everyone is smart but all of their words are dripping with sarcasm. They’re the ones that make fun of you but it’s because they like you. You get it. I know you do. Just listen and be enlightened. Five stars. As Doja Cat says it’s a 10/10.

E != mc^2

What is it called when you’re learning about stuff, but it’s ridiculously funny?


Enjoyed the discussion on the Salem Witch Trials! Plus they got to the real heart of the debate on what is the best candy. Fun podcast- recommend!

A fun entertainment spin on an educational premise. This show features some funny people talking about a wide range of topics by going down the rabbit holes that are Reddit and Wikipedia. Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn something and have lots of fun and laughs while doing so.

Move over, Picasso - this is an absolute work of art

Who knew that John, Sean and Josh would be basically the make up of free serotonin?! Absolutely love the concept of the show and the prosecution of it. It’s absolutely a must listen! I especially died listening to the 536 episode - I learned so much AND choked on my water from laughter. Well done, boys, absolutely well done 👏🏼🧡

Great Chemistry

The hosts have you snagged from the word go. They play off each other really well as they take a dive into a random Wiki subject. Get into it!

These guys are fun. Great chemistry and interesting subjects. They'll talk to you about something random on Wiki and make you laugh all the way to the end.

An amazing crew of guys who bring the funny with every episode. Educational, fun, and easy to listen to.

If Indie podcasts had supergroups, Reddit on Wiki would be one of them. Their instant chemistry as hosts and ability to play off of one another is a god damned gift to podcasting. We can all learn a lot from Josh, John, and Sean.

I love ALL of these guys from their various other projects, and I can already tell by the first episode that this is gonna be in my Top 10. I absolutely adore John (my Boba Buddy), and I can't wait to learn more about the other hosts and see what kind of insane stories these 3 plan to dig up from the bowels of the interwebs.

From the ashes of the Dumb Found Dead show, arises a new podcast full of interesting things found on the web. In the first episode, John introduces us to the Aswang of Filipino mythology including a half-woman that eats babies before they are out of the oven, and something like a centaur, but in reverse. Yeah, like horse head. Freaky. I'm excited to see where this goes. ~Dustin

I. Want. More

Episode 0 was a tease. These guys seem to have great chemistry from the jump and looking forward to their future episodes.

All of the hosts are himazing (hilarious/amazing) & have great chemistry. Be prepared to laugh & if you don't know what a dick butt is? Tune in! If you want to find out who puts the 'wang in Aswang'? Tune in! Seriously, just listen and have many, many laughs at this fantastic new pod.