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On fire with the commentary and I have never laughed so hard with a pod before. Love this show and am a new follower. Can’t wait to binge on my commute.

I am thrilled to come across this podcast! I separated from the military and work full time (& as a full-time student), So I always need something to listen to kill time. It's authentic, funny, and all-around genuine. The input and personal takes give me some hope for society. It kinda brings me back to me working in the FTS squadron. Two Minutes into Josh talking I asked "Is he Canadian??" then he said sorry about something, So I had to assume. You guys are great! Keep the hard work up! You guys make a difference and have made such a positive impact. Sending y'all lots of good vibes - Taylor (West Virginia)

Legends & Total Babes

New fan here! Binged all your content in 10 days and waiting for the new month to start- to join the Patreon. It has made my stressful work day, full of giggles, and I can’t thank you 3 enough. Sending this podcast to everyone I know!

Favorite Podcast

I truly love this dynamic. You three help restore my faith in straight males.

All the way from WV

From going to the Active duty life to working from home (now civ) , I truly appreciate listening to you guys and having such a great sense of humor. I always look forward to new episodes. You have authentic input, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and never boring. Since my dogs don't speak MUCH (I have a pomsky so some talking happens I guess) your show deff makes the day fly.

Love it!

I started listening to this podcast about a month ago and have listened to every Reddit episode!! It is my fav by far! It is super funny and interesting!

I love listening to this trio of guys. They are very down to earth and they aren't like a bunch of guys on other podcasts that are just misogynistic pricks. I feel like I am listening to men, that actually are what other men should strive to be. You all are so relatable and what I would want in a friend. Thank you for being a great podcast I love listening to. I have been binge listening this whole week. Much love from Idaho.

Cool cool cool

Cool guys talking about a bunch of fun topics. I found it on tik tok one day and automatically listened, loved it and subscribed. Not sure what anyone looks like lol but y’all sound v nice and fun. I also try to take a hit of my pen anytime I hear ‘out’ in a Canadian accent. Love. Don’t forget to plug your Venmo!! It cracks me up every time you do it (whoever says it) lol

Hilarious, Genuine, and Insightful

I listen to this podcast when I'm driving to work, or slicing tissues on the cryostat machine (I'm a scientist, don't freak out). What makes this podcast unique is the genuine reactions of each host as well as their thoughtful takes on some of the wild and ridiculous stories that infiltrate Reddit. Josh has calm and relaxing demeanor, John is feisty and adorable, and Sean is the delightfully humorous. I also love seeing Obi and Ringo! Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to start supporting you on Patreon when I have the funds!

Entertainment that the world needs

Those is there podcast and entertainment the world needs right now. Need to know that thoughtful, caring guys exist who just seen to get it? They are right here! Funny and down to earth. Will make you believe in humanity again.


Love the banter unique and honest insights of the boys. I can't wait for new content to pop up. Thank you for making every morning better!!

TIFU By Being Broke

I found these guys a while back on tiktok and have been hooked ever since. They drew me in with crazy wiki adventures and left me binge listening to endless Reddit stories. I love you guys, and I’m so grateful to be able to listen to you as you grow together and have fun doing it. My only regret is being a broke college student who can’t afford to be a patron 😂. As soon as I can, I might just be tempted to join that $25 tier 👀. Thanks for everything, boys. -Ollie

The Best!

You guys are awesome!! I love listening to every episode as soon as they are available! I appreciate that you do talk about more serious problems that are going on in the world and that you are able to turn the conversation from something serious and bring it back to a more light hearted, fun and comedic episode. Keep it up!

Fucking awesome

Going through a really tough time and this show just makes me laugh and reflect. Thank you guys so much for your content. Keep going!

Would actually Venmo Shawn $25

Came to the show notes to Venmo Shawn $25.

The power of 1 tik tok

I’ve been listening to this podcast legit everyday, from going to work to washing the dishes I’ve been playing your episodes and I’m obsessed. All of you are amazing I hope for continuous growth to this podcast. Finally I will not give money to Shaun’s venmo hehe (I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it). Love from UK💖

Best Part of my Day

Reddit on Wiki is the best part of my day. I found this podcast on TikTok and decided to give them a listen, since I recently moved and have a 30 minutes drive to work. I was not disappointed listening to the podcast. every episode I am laughing and smiling with them! I feel like I am hanging out with my friends when I am listening. Thank you so much John, Sean, and Josh for making my mornings positive and filled with laughter. I always go into work with a smile! 5 stars! I just need more episodes during the week. Please add another day!

Found on Tik Tok

AITA is my favorite!!!! I’ve been seeing your videos on Tik Tok and decided to try a full podcast. You guys literally get me through the workday. Thanks for the great content!

Great podcast and deserve more views!

Josh, Sean, and Jone are all great people who I feel could be close friends if I knew them but keep me company while I work and give me laughs that make people look at me like I’m insane at work. Stories are great and especially the am I the asshole stories where their opinions rarely differ from my own. These guys should be much more famous and I’m still shocked to see there aren’t as many listeners even after their blow up on TikTok and I specifically looked for their podcast after hearing them all over my for you page but never their audio. If I could I would give more than 5 stars.

Best way to cure the Monday Blues

Love the show! I always have it playing while doing the boring Monday menial tasks at work. Josh, Sean and John are the guy friends I wished I had! Open minded and always willing to learn. True example of people I would enjoy conversing with! Keep up the great work! P.S: Eagerly waiting for Sangrias with Sienna, absolutely adore listening to her :)

AITA for thinking Reddit on wiki was scary at first?

When I first came upon the show on yt I was scared at the thumbnails but then I came upon your TikTok and it led me back to you. I guess letting things go ,they really do come back if it’s meant to be. This show is 10/10 All three tie the whole show together and keep me literally LOLing. Their outlooks and opinions Really can help you think outside the box in different ways.I’ve been binge watching all episodes and am excited to scarf up some more content. And sienna is the cherry on top, can’t forget the queen of the pod! Keep up the good work fellas I’m looking forward to more! —Leanne

One of my favs!

I love this podcast. They are very articulate and I tend to always agree with the opinions they have about the Reddit stories. Love from Massachusetts!!

AITA for liking this podcast so much?

I really enjoy listening to you guys. Josh, Sean and John have the greatest advices and opinions. I never feel alone now on my way to work/home, since I am listening to you guys. I follow you on all the platforms and subscribed to the Patreon just to support you how much I can. Thank you for posting more than once a week! I will venmo the $25 to Sean if he can promise that the episodes will be longer from now on))) Thank you for being so awesome!

Self- Proclaimed man hater

Listen, I tell everyone I hate men…not all men but MOST. I found y’alls podcast and I got to the episode ‘Husband wants to risk wife’s life for sex’ and I tell you what. I already respected you guys but listening to that made me have MADDD respect. I love your banter and the respect you have for women. I couldn’t appreciate you guys more. KEEP IT UP. Also, I’m SOOOO here for a ted talk 😂

okay these guys are p cool

i normally don’t make a habit of listening to a podcast of just some guys but these guys are pretty cool. I’ve come over from where i listen on spotify just to leave a review and rate 5 stars twice. reddit stories for some how tickle my little autistic brain so keep up the good work boys 👍

Your podcast gives me hope

I love this podcast so much. I discovered it through tik Tok and am a big fan of AITA podcasts so listen to a few. I love hearing such emotionally intelligent people, especially men, speak on all types of issues. Promoting therapy, discussing issues like Roe v Wade, and speaking openly about male privilege and the struggle women and non binary people go through is powerful. I think you are all an inspiration to how we should be raising people, and I hope my future kids end up like you. Big 5 stars.

The Only Non True Crime Podcast I Listen Too

I adore these men. It’s so refreshing to see guys who not only have respect for women and their struggles, but also have no problem verbalizing it. I always feel like I’m listening to my friends talk and have the urge to jump in. They always make me laugh with their funny banter. You guys are all beautiful dudes inside and out!

Binge Worthy

I found the guys on TikTok. I decided I liked what I saw there so I wanted to give their podcast a chance. I am glad I did. I started with episode 0 and I am binging all the episodes now.


they r all very funny, intelligent ppl that always succeed in putting a smile on my face. gold star! (PS did anyone find out what Gypsy Jazz radio is still confused about that)

Great show

Makes my work days better :)