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I finally found something I like

As a non fully English speaker is really rare for me to find something in English that I like other than the law tube and some random K-pop it's hard for me to find something to listen while I work other than just play music it bothers my mom that I am constantly laughing as I work but hey at least I'm working really really like Sean and John because like me English is not their first language but we still try to communicate and learn new things. Plus even though you guys are got and I am a girl we still have the same thoughts and opinion which I find it very refreshing

Love this pod…

This is the only all-male-lead podcast that I listen to. I really like you guys a lot and I agree with most of your takes. A bit of constructive criticism: I don’t understand the point of the This Day in History segment. It feels really random and doesn’t flow with the rest of the content for me. Also I must agree with one of the previous reviewers that the irreligious language can be a bit much at times.

2023 Blowin out others backs instead of our own!

First podcast listen of 2023 for me and well worth the time (as per usual with you guys) Been listening to you guys since your first podcast and literally play nothing else when I go to work. Btw John and Sean, I live an hour from Ottawa and Josh is being dramatic about the snow storm! Love you guys!

Great entertainment

I absolutely love these three. The banter is great, and I will go back and listen to old episodes if I’m having a rough day. John’s puns have even made me cry from laughing so hard. Thank you all for bringing a little bit of joy into every day. Keep up the great work.

you are my emotional support biweekly podcast

to say you are my emotional support podcast would be an understatement, i listen to you religiously. don't wanna do the dishes? put on reddit on wiki. don't wanna get overwhelmed by public transport? put on reddit on wiki. don't have energy to clean the flat? put on reddit on wiki. seriously, i know y'all have lives but i wouldn't mind daily drops so i don't have to keep replaying the old ones (glady though). keep up the great work, you're doing wonders (or irreparable damages? debatable) to my mental healt. and don't worry, i get therapy!

My #1 Podcast!

Addicted to this podcast! Words can't express how much they've helped me through my daily life and my long work hours. Anytime I'm going through my waves of emotions, I turn on this podcast and it's amazing how quickly they can cheer me up! My sister and I really love their banters and the bits that they do. It's gotten to the point where my sister and I now play "Does he fuck or doesn't fuck?" when we talk about trash men irl. LOL Happy Holidays!

Laughing at work!

Found you guys on Insta. We are allowed to use headphones at work, so I have been listening to past episodes. STOP making me laugh out loud at work!!

I wish we were friends.

I love to work listening to these silly boys. They vibe together and make me want to be their friend in life! Kind-hearted people that address the assholes on Reddit with the best pieces of advice. 10 stars, not just 5.

Insert witty title here (10/5)

First found you on TikTok a while back. My first thought when Josh started talking was "not another man with a mike" I'm happy to say I was proven wrong. Great chemistry between the hosts, and actual good takes on deep subject matters. Love John's chaotic energy he brings to every episode. 1000% down for his insanity. Also love how the three of you get angry for other people (we don't see that often from men) and how you deeply want people to be happy and safe.

Light-hearted, relaxing, positive, and entertaining

I came across this podcast on TikTok and was very happy to find out they have full long episodes on YouTube. I have been binge-watching the episodes ever since, mostly when I'm drawing/painting/animating. The different perscpectives on the stories, the thoughtful comments, and overall the beautiful and friendly atmosphere these guys create is amazing. I recommended them to my best friend, and she loves them too, and has been listening to the podcast while working as well. Thank you Josh, Sean, and John for creating one of the best podcasts! Also, would love if we could have more frequent cameos of your adorable pets ❣️

Warning: This Podcast Is Dangerously Hilarious

This has hands down become my favorite podcasts. I’m currently in med school and was needing something to listen to during study sessions. I had recently enjoyed AITA stories and looked up to see if there were any podcasts that covered funny Reddit stories and this was the first one that caught me eye. The hosts, John, Sean and Josh are so effortlessly hilarious and I love how all of their discussions are so real and unfiltered. It makes you really feel like you know them as people. I find myself listening to episode after episode without end, making those long study nights feel so much shorter. Thank you for the awesome content guys!

My New Favorite Podcast

I found you guys on TikTok finally found your podcast love all of you thank you for coming together and & making this fantastic podcast This is my first review I’m writing on the Apple podcast thing 🥰🥰🥰🥰


Every Monday I start my work day at 5am cleaning kegs at the brewery I work at. I then grind through a full brew day plus any extra stuff and for years I used music to help me stay sane here. I found your podcast a few months ago and now you 3 are what gets my day really started at 5 am on a Monday. I listen religiously and even got my boyfriend hooked. We listen religiously and even find ourselves scrolling through reddit making bets on what stories will get pulled onto the show for the week. You 3 are hilarious, witty, brilliant, and yet humble all at the same time. Keep up the amazing work, our favorite podcast EVER!

the only podcast I listen to

I just want to say that I started listening to your podcasts during a very weird and isolated period of my life (which was like 5 or 6 months ago LOL) and despite some of the heavier stories, it really uplifted my spirits. I've also migrated to another country somewhere in between that time and now and listening to you guys make me feel like I'm still at home. I'm not a huge podcast listener and I'm not lying when I say that yours is the only podcast I listen to. Much love to you all! Thank you for doing what you do (whenever you can). I'm sure I can say it on behalf of all your listeners that we really appreciate it. Your takes are just refreshing, relatable, and enlightening, and I hope you will continue for a very long time.

Awesome 😎

I love hearing/watching you guys!! You are all awesome and though you say you don’t know much your insightful and really relate with everyone with your comments. You dare say out loud what has to be said. John and Sean you both are my favorite!! Don’t put yourselves down believe and know we love you guys !! Keep doing what your doing guys!! And if this gets read on the show I will freak!!

Thank you TikTok for bringing me to you guys

I kept seeing you guys on tiktok and thought you were all very funny and respectful… first podcast I follow that only has guys in it. this past weekend we deep cleaned the house and even my husband ended up enjoying you guys and he hates all my podcasts (most are murder related lol) thank you for being awesome 🤍 ps English is not my first language either and I too would say preface as pree-fAce lol

Amazing highly recommend

I appreciate a this podcast. I don’t normally listen to a ton of male podcasts but this one is hands down amazing!!! Very respectful guys who have a great sense of humor. I love the takes they have on story’s definitely worth the listen! Josh is hands down my favorite on the pod and Josh’s better half she’s awesome when she’s on. 🖤 ps I do like John and Sean too. They make me laugh all the time!!!

It’s ya boy Sean 💸

I LOVE this show. You guys always find a way to make me laugh even when I’m feeling down, this pod has definitely become my pick me up and I look forward to every episode coming out. Definitely didn’t just add ‘out’ to hopefully hear Josh’s accent 😂 I love your takes & humour, and I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite host, you all have such huge personalities. Thanks for being the best much love from the UK!

5 Stars Ain’t Enough

If I could give 25 stars for the 25 dollars Sean wants in his Venmo, I would. My absolute favorite podcast, no questions asked. Came for AITA, stayed for the memes, quality content, and smut.

Amazing highly recommend

I appreciate a this podcast. I don’t normally listen to a ton of male podcasts but this one is hands down amazing!!! Very respectful guys who have a great sense of humor. I love the takes they have on story’s definitely worth the listen! Josh is hands down my favorite on the pod and Josh’s better half she’s awesome when she’s on. 🖤

I looveee the podcast!

I drive a lot for work and the podcast just make the drives shorter! Love the content, love the POV of each one of you, I laugh more than I should! Thank you guys for being so awesome! 🙌🏼


On fire with the commentary and I have never laughed so hard with a pod before. Love this show and am a new follower. Can’t wait to binge on my commute.

I am thrilled to come across this podcast! I separated from the military and work full time (& as a full-time student), So I always need something to listen to kill time. It's authentic, funny, and all-around genuine. The input and personal takes give me some hope for society. It kinda brings me back to me working in the FTS squadron. Two Minutes into Josh talking I asked "Is he Canadian??" then he said sorry about something, So I had to assume. You guys are great! Keep the hard work up! You guys make a difference and have made such a positive impact. Sending y'all lots of good vibes - Taylor (West Virginia)

Legends & Total Babes

New fan here! Binged all your content in 10 days and waiting for the new month to start- to join the Patreon. It has made my stressful work day, full of giggles, and I can’t thank you 3 enough. Sending this podcast to everyone I know!

Favorite Podcast

I truly love this dynamic. You three help restore my faith in straight males.

All the way from WV

From going to the Active duty life to working from home (now civ) , I truly appreciate listening to you guys and having such a great sense of humor. I always look forward to new episodes. You have authentic input, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and never boring. Since my dogs don't speak MUCH (I have a pomsky so some talking happens I guess) your show deff makes the day fly.

Love it!

I started listening to this podcast about a month ago and have listened to every Reddit episode!! It is my fav by far! It is super funny and interesting!

I love listening to this trio of guys. They are very down to earth and they aren't like a bunch of guys on other podcasts that are just misogynistic pricks. I feel like I am listening to men, that actually are what other men should strive to be. You all are so relatable and what I would want in a friend. Thank you for being a great podcast I love listening to. I have been binge listening this whole week. Much love from Idaho.

Cool cool cool

Cool guys talking about a bunch of fun topics. I found it on tik tok one day and automatically listened, loved it and subscribed. Not sure what anyone looks like lol but y’all sound v nice and fun. I also try to take a hit of my pen anytime I hear ‘out’ in a Canadian accent. Love. Don’t forget to plug your Venmo!! It cracks me up every time you do it (whoever says it) lol

Hilarious, Genuine, and Insightful

I listen to this podcast when I'm driving to work, or slicing tissues on the cryostat machine (I'm a scientist, don't freak out). What makes this podcast unique is the genuine reactions of each host as well as their thoughtful takes on some of the wild and ridiculous stories that infiltrate Reddit. Josh has calm and relaxing demeanor, John is feisty and adorable, and Sean is the delightfully humorous. I also love seeing Obi and Ringo! Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to start supporting you on Patreon when I have the funds!