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(TRIGGER WARNING) AITA Coworker Fired Because Of Me

So I (25m) work at whataburger in Texas ,and I got my coworker (mid to late 40sf) fired. Let me start by saying when I was between the ages of 12-13 I was raped multiple times by my uncle. So non consensual touch freaks me out and brings me back to that dark time of my life. 


Anyways I was taking orders in the drive thru and where the pos (computer to put in orders) is there is a little heating cabinet for online orders to be put there so it stays hot until the customer gets there. Well a customer walked into the lobby to pick up their order and I was taking an order when my coworker grabbed me by the hips and moved me aside,and it took everything in my power not to freak out on her. So I was on edge all day until my favorite manager A (23f) got to work and told her I needed to talk to her about something. Also she knows about what happened to me so I felt comfortable around her to tell her and when I told her,she told me that's not right for her to do that and could tell that I was visibly upset and talked to me for about 5 minutes to calm me down. 


Soon after that she talked to the GM and told her what happened and she was fired. Also this isn't the first time she grabbed someone by the hips,she did it to another coworker who was 17 but now 18 and female. Also no one has told me that I'm an asshole but I feel bad that she got fired and don't know if I should've done something else like tell my coworker not to do that again.