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Am I the asshole for being disgusted that my sister is dating my ex?

 I 17 F and my sister 18 F use to be really close until she started hanging out with a group of people ( including the ex) she has been weird and distance with me for some reason and I finally figured out today. I had a feeling that she was talking to him because everyone has told me that they have a history from when we were quite young.

He was my first everything and we dated for a little over a year when he broke up with me I was heartbroken. I loved him dearly but it also turned into some weird obsession during the relationship for how young I was I didn’t know the difference between love and obsession and I wish I bc it would have saved me for putting up with him for so long.

Back to the story bc one of my family members told me so I got snoopy and went threw her phone and I finally found out, instead of feeling upset by this I was happy for her bc she does struggle with finding people who are good for her but then the realization kicked in and this is where I feel guilty. I am now tunnel sisters with my own sister, sadly I am already tunnel sisters with 2 of my friends but now knowing that I am tied to my sister that why disgust me to the bone 

I can’t even look at her now without thinking about it. And sadly we are already tied with the family already as well, the family member who told me use to go out with the ex’s brother and the my sister and there brother use to be best friends but I am know very close with the brother as well. Both families are tired of this drama and so I am but I don’t know what to do!

So am I the ass-hole for feeling disgusted by this.