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Am I the ass hole for refusing to pay everyone’s phone bill and only paying my part after a year and a half?

Back story: I 17 male and my sister 28 male came into the agreement that I would pay for my phone and my mom's phone on my sisters phone plan when I start working on February 23 2021. The bill for me and my mom was about 160$ which I was okay with considering we had just got new iPhones and that’s what I wanted. throughout paying the phone bill it was slowly increasing and every time it came to pay it she always had some excuse as to why I was going up. My sister will play the victim in any situation so to ask why or start a small argument was a waste of time so I kept paying up to 300$ a month. I didn’t care as much because I was making enough to keep her from throwing a fit until she started getting apple watches and phones for her kids that somehow I ended up paying monthly. The bill is now 560$ for 6 iPhones 11-13 and 3 new apple watches.

I kept quiet because I love my sister very much and she was struggling as was my mom and I felt my sister was taking advantage of me. I later found out that for my phone and watch alone was 85$ service for both included so a week before the phone bill due my mom talked with my sister about how I wasn’t going to keep paying 560$ it’s not fair to me (she doesn’t even say thank you) she was okay with that so we thought until me and my mom gave her our parts of the phone 85$ and 75$ then it wasn’t spoken about.

We’ll Last night my sister was throwing shady comments toward me while we were at my dads and I wasn’t going to take it lightly especially after Everything I’ve done for her personally not just paying for the phone bill ,baby sitting, rides, food, etc she continued to call me selfish and spoiled when I work for everything I have (cars, clothes, food etc) I’m the youngest of 4 all other 3 are almost in their 30s so I’ve adapted to adulthood early on and try to give my mother a lot and my sister isn’t okay with how I spend my money if it doesn’t benefit her.

She gets everything she asks for from my dad almost every time takes her side, she hasn’t been around her kids that everyone in the family cares about but she hasn’t paid for anything to benefit the family for helping and doesn’t even say thank you or please. So she is the last one to be calling someone else selfish. So I threw everything I’ve been holding back for 7 years in her face that she is a “selfish greedy bitch and a genuinely bad person” i then said “I want nothing to do with you I don’t know you don’t call me don’t talk to me your not my sister” and I disowned her exactly like she disowned my other sister And because she believes she does everything and the world owes her everything I threw my phone at her and left. 

Am I the asshole?