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Am I (18F, at the point of the story 17) the asshole for not letting my bf see his fam during the pandemic?

My (now ex) boyfriend M21 always had a difficult relationship with his family. Since we started dating, it got better and with my pregnancy it got really good. Our baby was always a tiny and light baby.

When I gave birth to our little princess, we had to be more careful, than you have to be with a newborn, because just a little cold could be deadly to her. Christmas came, she was three months old, we still had to be careful.

It was in 2021, so it is still in the active pandemic. His Mom invited us three (him, me and our daughter) to come stay with them the day after Christmas, but got the virus shortly after, at the beginning of December. I then told her that we couldn't come, because of a little bean. (Btw, she didn't want to understand why...)

I told my boyfriend that he could go but has to stay somewhere for two weeks, as a quarantine and has to take a test, before he comes home. He asked, how I dare forbid him to go to his moms, it would be the first Christmas in years.

I just wanted to be safe with our little bean, I didn't want to risk for her to get covid and probably die from it - at THREE MONTHS OLD!!

So am I the asshole?