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AITA for calling my husband a douche for telling me that I wasn’t brave for giving birth?

My husband and I have been married for 3 years, together for 7, and have known each other since second grade. We even dated in middle school on and off. We also have 2 beautiful daughters (this will be relevant later in the story). My husband and I have a very playful relationship. We are always joking, making fun of each other, and calling each other names in good fun. 

One night, he jokingly called me a (p*ssy) because I was acting like a baby (as a joke). I said, “You have no right to talk. I gave birth to two beautiful babies.” And his response was, “Yeah, so?”

I said, “Yeah so? Giving birth his hard and really fucking scary.” He came back with “I wouldn’t call giving birth courageous or brave.” My jaw dropped. I said, “It definitely makes me tough!” He said, “I’ll give you that. It definitely makes you tough, but it doesn’t make you brave.” Granted, I was fortunate enough to have two pretty easy and smooth births. But I have heard horror stories of women who really struggled through childbirth, and I don’t even think I could do what some have done! 

I told him he was being a douche and talking a lot of shit about something he’d never even have to experience and that most of the moms he knows in his life would disagree with him.

He got upset with me and told me I shouldn’t have called him a douche because he was just “speaking his mind” and “really doesn’t think child birth makes women brave.” 

So, AITA for calling him out?