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Oct. 4, 2021

Winchester Mystery House | Welcome to My Crib!

Welcome back to Reddit on Wiki, and here we are at Episode 12? We're 3 months in and glad you're staying along. This week's episode is the start of our #SpookySZN marathon where the guys will do something in the scary side to celebrate the Halloween season. John's up first, and he discusses The Winchester Mystery House.

According to Wikipedia: The Winchester Mystery House is a mansion in San Jose, California, that was once the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of firearms magnate William Wirt Winchester. Located at 525 South Winchester Blvd. in San Jose, the Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion is renowned for its size, its architectural curiosities, and its lack of any master building plan. It is a designated California historical landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is privately owned and serves as a tourist attraction.

Since its construction in 1886, the property and mansion were claimed by many to be haunted by the ghosts of those killed with Winchester rifles. Under Winchester's day-to-day guidance, its "from-the-ground-up" construction proceeded around the clock, by some accounts, without interruption, until her death on September 5, 1922, at which time work immediately ceased.[3] Sarah Winchester's biographer, however, says that Winchester "routinely dismissed workers for months at a time 'to take such rest as I might'" and notes that "this flies in the face of claims by today's Mystery House proprietors that work at the ranch was ceaseless for thirty-eight years."[4]

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Episode 12- Winchester Mystery House

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[00:01:01] John: Uh ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to Reddit. The podcast famous for doing the crappiest research on the internet. I am one of your hosts currently sleepless as fuck because I am a new dad to a demon, 80 pound baby. It is all your boy, John concent, natto. I am joined today by my amazing cohost. First up he's the man who adapted the way of the means and joke is all on you.

[00:01:26] We can mean yet because every week he's been subliminally indoctrinating you to join his country. He's the host of less article Canada zone, Josh shell. What's happening,

[00:01:35] Josh: bro? Not much, not much. I just, just trying to make more episodes doing Dr. Damore people. So this is going well,

[00:01:45] Sean: you're just up front with it now.

[00:01:47] John: He's getting bold and last, but certainly not the least. My man's probably riding the high of that. Houston, Texas beat down of the JAG. He's the master of smut, as you probably heard last [00:02:00] episode and all things that filthy rumor has it, that Kenny omega was named the number one wrestler by pro wrestling illustrated because this man just let him, he's the host of shots and thoughts.

[00:02:10] Houston legend. Sean. Salvino what's happening? My guy, not too

[00:02:14] Sean: much, man. I will say the Houston Texans. This comes out probably two weeks from that Jaguars win and I'll make a bold prediction that we lost huge. The next two games since then the Jaguars are just that shitty, but what's up wicked maniacs, glad to be back.

[00:02:32] And again, master of smut is now Josh. That man is he narrated that whole thing, like a pro it's almost like he was the author himself. I wrote

[00:02:43] Josh: directed and produced that screenplay.

[00:02:49] Sean just funded it.

[00:02:54] Sean: I filmed it one camera. The other hand, it's [00:03:00] a shaky video.

[00:03:06] John: All right. You know how I always like to start my episodes. I like to do quick housekeeping. We actually have a new review from pod Jacer that I wanted to spotlight. And this one comes from Jeremy Prevost. Sorry, if I butchered your last name, Jeremy, but it reads as this and it's a five-star rating and it goes, quote, these guys are fun, great chemistry and interesting subjects.

[00:03:28] They'll talk to you about something random on Wiki and make you laugh all the way to the end. That sounds

[00:03:32] Josh: good. It was very nice.

[00:03:35] John: I think we have a lot of fun recording it. So I think the audience can hear that we're having. Thank goodness. Oh yeah. I just want to say thank you so much, Jeremy, for taking the time out of your day to show us some love.

[00:03:45] And hopefully you keep enjoying also just want to say a big ups. We did just record an episode with our friend Lindsay from yields. And she invited us to do the, can you crack the crap word segment? And we're definitely excited to [00:04:00] listen to it. I just learned a bunch of Victorian words

[00:04:03] Josh: that I'm probably gonna use.

[00:04:04] I don't know if we'll be invited back. I

[00:04:07] Sean: don't think I'll be there.

[00:04:10] John: I think the lens is more than welcome.

[00:04:12] Sean: I think this episode comes out after our yield crime.

[00:04:15] John: Yeah, it does. Yes. So that comes out October 1st or second. This one comes out October 4th. So. It's kind of a, yeah. Huge. Thank you to Lindsay. I appreciate that.

[00:04:26] And I just want to say thank you as well to my good friend from the UK steelwork, from British murders podcast, he invited me to do a collab episode covering the Chris Benwalk case. So thank you, Stuart really appreciate you and thank you for showing some love for Reddit on Wiki. Oh yeah. Last, last one.

[00:04:43] Speaking of showing some love boys at this time of the recording. The very best we, that we had on good pods. Oh yeah. We just want to celebrate that. And just a quick plug. I absolutely love this app because they focus so much on the indie podcast scene. [00:05:00] And let me tell you, we had some of the best rankings that I've seen, like for a long time ever for us.

[00:05:06] So it goes as this we're still number one in history and we were, we were number two in arts, just behind podcast father, who was. All the doubt. We were number eight in comedy. Nice, nice, good. And on the top 100 of all the shows and good pods we've charted, or we peaked at number 17. So

[00:05:33] Josh: this goes to prove that a sex sells

[00:05:40] Sean: truly only in the art section for this month. So yeah, it is. We're glad you guys are enjoying it. We can't. Thank you guys for listening in,

[00:05:49] Josh: we really in with the history and keep you with the smart, that's a, that's our saying

[00:05:55] Sean: that's our

[00:05:55] John: tagline. That should be our new tagline. Now

[00:05:59] Sean: I do want to [00:06:00] give another shout out for John's performance on a British murders podcast.

[00:06:04] He got his first bad review. Yes, you're officially a fucking big time. Real life podcast or dude.

[00:06:13] John: Apparently I'm a year old thug. So

[00:06:18] Josh: that is an accurate description.

[00:06:21] John: I mean, I'm as tall as a six-year-old so yes, probably. Right. So yes, I do feel like a true podcasts are now. So yeah. I just want to say thank you to all the Wikimedia it's we really appreciate it.

[00:06:35] Any other shout out for you guys before we get started?

[00:06:39] Josh: No, I think you've covered every single one. So that was. Thank you. And we'll hopefully keep making you laugh or cringe, whatever one comes first or both or both or both.

[00:06:52] John: Okay. And yeah, so we were talking about earlier how this is going to be coming out October 4th and we [00:07:00] will be kicking off our month long spooky season this week as this again, episode release on October 4th and the rest of the guys are going to be doing something creepy slash scary for you this month.

[00:07:12] So for my contribution this week, I will be talking about the Winchester mystery. So before I go any further, do you have any idea what this house is all about?

[00:07:27] Josh: Well, if I had to guess, I would say the, it would be a house full with, with rooms full of Winchester rifle. In surprising places, surprising

[00:07:44] Sean: places.

[00:07:47] Josh: Here's the toilet toilet. Boom, one, one behind the TV. One on top of the T. Have you

[00:07:55] Sean: guys seen those bed has the back board and then you hit your hands and then a rifle. [00:08:00]

[00:08:00] John: Yes. That is the most fucking American thing ever.

[00:08:06] Josh: That is very American.

[00:08:07] Sean: That's extremely dangerous. Like insane. It doesn't seem that hard to just hit your hands on the back of a bag, like a kid.

[00:08:14] Yeah. Easily.

[00:08:18] John: Can you imagine we having a good time with your spouse and you just raise your hands and then like, bam guns.

[00:08:26] Josh: You know what I do enjoy though, the COVID conversation has taken over the gun debate and it's the same people on the same side. It's just a different argument

[00:08:38] Sean: we think is politicized.

[00:08:39] Unfortunately,

[00:08:42] Josh: we're having our election actually. How are you? We're having our election actually. Yeah. This week. Was it

[00:08:50] Sean: for prime minister?

[00:08:52] Josh: Yeah. Did you vote guys? Don't even know about it,

[00:08:54] Sean: dude. Wait, I know one of the guys, the I hope, you know, our prime minister

[00:08:59] John: [00:09:00] Trudeau, the Trudeau guy.

[00:09:01] Josh: Yeah. That's true though.

[00:09:03] Sean: Sort of,

[00:09:05] Josh: yeah. He's had some knock. Mike

[00:09:10] Sean: there it is. Yep. That was bad. Yeah.

[00:09:11] Josh: Yeah. The worst part, the worst part about it. This is a white guy talking, but the worst, the worst part about it was he was going as a middle Eastern man and he just went full blackface and it's like, okay, well that's crazy. Get the shade, right.

[00:09:26] If we're going to be racist, come on,

[00:09:29] Sean: Kareem change. He can't

[00:09:33] Josh: run. No, no, he's absolutely. Well, there's no term limit in Canada. I don't think so. Now

[00:09:41] Sean: who's the favorite over there and like, who does it, D can you tell, like, who do you think's going to win or is

[00:09:46] Josh: it pretty even? Oh, it is split. My dude liberals are supposed to be in the lead, but the NDP are splitting the vote, which are like our they're like our AOC, Bernie kinda Party.

[00:09:58] And then [00:10:00] green party, they take a few boats as well. And then we have the conservative party, which is like the liberal rivals. So they're like both kind of center right center left, and the conservatives are doing pretty well, but the PPC party people, which is like our

[00:10:20] which is like our Nazi party No, no, they're not, they're not that bad, but they're there. They're probably like your right wing Republicans, like far right Republicans. Like

[00:10:35] John: that's how I would have Ben Shapiro's and the the Larry elders of the group. Huh?

[00:10:40] Josh: Yeah. Yeah. Those, those type of people

[00:10:42] Sean: that truly have not gotten the Ben Shapiro being confused about web out of my head since y'all mentioned.

[00:10:51] How well does he not know what cat is best? And then you call him, he has a wife and kids. I'm [00:11:00] like, there's no, there's absolutely no way. There's. How did they do it?

[00:11:07] John: Before we get into more political shit. That's how we ended up being top two in politics. For some reason, John, what's your guests about what the Winchester meant or a house.

[00:11:19] Sean: So I did not know that was even a type of rifle until Josh said, I'm going to guess this is the house of the creator of the Winchester rifle.

[00:11:31] And he was possessed. Bye Lord knows what, and then murdered his family with his own invention and then murdered him. I like that. Chris Ben wall style.

[00:11:43] John: Damn fucking that'd

[00:11:45] Sean: be

[00:11:45] Josh: hark. That'd be so hard to murder yourself with a Winchester.

[00:11:49] Sean: Like yeah, you gotta like put it on the ground and then

[00:11:53] Josh: get your, get your toe in the trigger.

[00:11:56] Sean: But I don't know. This is the Halloween I thought, I [00:12:00] thought that's what you mean. I was trying to match the

[00:12:02] John: vibes. Oh, okay.

[00:12:08] Okay. So this is the, the article the Wikipedia wrote down. So according to Wikipedia, the Winchester mystery house is a mansion in San Jose, California. That was once the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of firearms, magnate, William work. The house is located at 5 25 south Winchester Boulevard in San Jose.

[00:12:32] The queen Anne style, Victorian mansion is renowned for its size, its architectural curiosities and its lack of any master building plants. So they're just like, fuck it. Let's make it. However, it is a designated California historical landmark and is listed on the national register of historic places. It is privately owned and serves as a tourist attraction.

[00:12:53] Since it's construction, 1886, the property and mentioned were claimed by many to be haunted by [00:13:00] the ghosts of those that were killed with Winchester rifles. So Sean was in the far off wasn't that far off family. So under Winchester's day-to-day guidance, it's quote unquote from the ground up concerning.

[00:13:16] Proceeded around the clock by some accounts, without any interruption until her death on September 5th, 1922, at which time at which time work immediately seized Sarah Winchester's biographer. However says that Winchester routinely dismissed worker for months at a time to take such rest as I might and notes that this files in the face of claims by today's misery house proprietors that work at the ranch was ceaseless for 38.

[00:13:43] So it's a damn, it's a, it's a big old house, um, riddled with ghosts that were, uh, killed by the Winchester rifle. That's a lot of ghosts.

[00:13:54] Sean: I was going to say, I feel like the house does not have room for the amount of ghosts that were occupied.

[00:13:59] Josh: What's a [00:14:00] mansion. Yeah.

[00:14:01] John: All right. So before we get into more details about the house, we were just joking around about this earlier about that, that bed.

[00:14:08] It's a well-known fact that Americans love their guns. Like they'll, they'll take away any right in the world, but you try to take away their second amendment. Right? It's Gigi. The only thing that

[00:14:20] Josh: comes above it saying whatever the fuck you want. Yes. It makes sense. That being able to say what you want is number one and the number two.

[00:14:32] I can have a gun to back up what I want to say.

[00:14:36] John: I never thought of it like that.

[00:14:39] Sean: We really, America has really figured it out. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Truly that system. Right, right. We can eat though.

[00:14:48] Josh: Absolutely. None. Where are

[00:14:50] John: utopia? Yeah. Okay. So the Winchester family is known for their repeating rifles and as a staple in American.

[00:14:58] They are so famous that [00:15:00] one of their claim to fame is their motto of the gun that won the west pertaining to the model. 1873. Again, bringing this back to red, dead redemption two. I know Josh, you probably a lot of that. Some of the guns there was actually modeled after some famous Winchester models. So the varmint rifle, if you want to go hunting without messing up the pelts, that's a Winchester.

[00:15:22] I think one of the shotguns they're depicted at the best shotgun in the game. It's a, it's a Winchester model. So it's a lot of influences in that. Back in the day, it was apparent how outdated guns were depicted in a lot of war movies set. In the early days, we see a lot of armies having some sort of a firing squad where a one squad goes to the front, they shoot their weapons and then they have to go back.

[00:15:46] The other the other team goes because they have. And according to the, did

[00:15:50] Josh: they didn't, they just do like they shoot and then the front row would SWAT

[00:15:54] John: pretty much. It was kind of like that. So according to the according to [00:16:00], that all changed in the 18 hundreds. When a man named Oliver Winchester changed the game by introducing the repeating rifle.

[00:16:08] So the Winchester model allowed for more volume of fire and the Winchester's brand is so well-respected that the U S commissioned Winchester to manufacture. Quite possibly the gun that also won the world war, which was the M one carbine. It was the standard model for all of the the allies. And I know Josh is probably getting historical hard-on because he loves his history.

[00:16:32] Josh: I do enjoy this. I didn't know this. This is good. I'll fact check you. Yes.

[00:16:39] John: Even a fact check the damn show that doesn't believe in

[00:16:44] Sean: again, crappily researched it's in our tagline guys.

[00:16:48] John: Yeah. So you heard the Wikipedia entry a little earlier. So now we're going to get into more details about the house itself.

[00:16:55] And according to Atlas,, Sarah Winchester, ventured west [00:17:00] from new Haven. So San Jose, California, after her husband passed away due to some health complications, I forgot to write what it was, but I want to say it was tuberculosis is the cause of death. So for over three decades, Sara hired workers to work non-stop day in and day out for about 38 years to transform the house with some sort of a legendary figure in the San Jose community, as well as the rest of the the U S so according to the official Winchester mystery house, This is what the house had as features.

[00:17:31] And this is kind of like anyone here watch MTV cribs back in the day. Oh yeah. Imad. Imagine if you have to give a fucking tour of this house. Okay. Check out. These features 24,000 square feet, 13, 10,000 windows, 10,000. Oh my God. 2000 doors, 2,002,000 doors. A

[00:17:55] hundred.

[00:17:57] Josh: There's a Winchester behind each one,[00:18:00]

[00:18:02] John: 160 rooms.

[00:18:04] Sean: Oh Jesus. Maybe there is enough room for all of these ghosts.

[00:18:09] John: And I know we were fucking joking rabbi. How the hell? There's a lot of NGOs. There's a lot of roofs. Imagine doing Airbnb and it's just like, oh, you get one room each damn you make a fucking profit, man. God damn shit. What else did I have?

[00:18:24] 52 skylights. 17 chimneys 13 bathrooms, six kitchens. And at the time it was built, it was valued at around $5 million back in 1923. But if yes. So if you do like the inflation adjustments, it would have been around $71 million to make right now. Whoa. Wow.

[00:18:46] Josh: Classic billionaires doing whatever the fuck they want.

[00:18:49] For dead bodies. So I love capitalism.

[00:18:56] John: Yeah. Fuck socialism[00:19:00]

[00:19:03] So I read it user a DRS FMD sent a link in the today I learned subreddit and a link was redirected to an architectural Where it was actually revealed. Then in 2016, an additional room was discovered inside the mansion's attic, where they found what it seems like an extended sobering room fitted with furniture and machines.

[00:19:25] And you just got to think about it. Like imagine decades later when decades later and they're still finding out some rooms, so who knows? Chase's no floor plans. It was just crazy. Before we continue on with more history about the house. We'll be right back on Reddit on Wiki. After a few words from our sponsors,

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[00:20:48] No long-term commitments or contracts. Just go to Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in P O D that's Promo code P. never [00:21:00] go to the post office again. All right. Now we're back. We're going to continue on with this episode. So this land was actually bought in 1884 and was actually initially a farmhouse, like mentioned before carpenters worked on this house day in and day out.

[00:21:16] And the house was then transformed from to become a huge seven story mansion. The seven stories, seven stories. So if you okay, if you had seven stories in your house, tell me what type of dream features would you want in it?

[00:21:33] Josh: I'd get your podcasts are for sure. Fiber internet to every room

[00:21:40] Sean: internet, for

[00:21:41] Josh: sure.

[00:21:42] I definitely do a workout room. Like, that'd be.

[00:21:45] Sean: Fat that wasn't, that didn't even cross my mind. Jesus, a gym.

[00:21:53] Josh: The whole third floor is just

[00:21:54] a

[00:21:54] John: pool. Dang.

[00:21:56] Josh: And just full of water beds, [00:22:00] water. Hey, we're going crazy here. Okay. Shooting range on the sixth floor. Wow. So if any bullets go through the windows, it just, it won't hit anyone.

[00:22:15] I don't know what else would you would need and re like the biggest issue for me is that they call it a house when it really, it is a skyscraper.

[00:22:25] Sean: No worries. Is that not counting like underground?

[00:22:29] John: No, it's just them stories.

[00:22:31] Sean: Seven stories. That's 70 feet high. This is not a mansion guys. This. Lacking a corporate rebuilding apartment, apartment building seven stories.

[00:22:43] Jesus,

[00:22:44] Josh: I would, I would build secret passageways. I think that would be

[00:22:49] Sean: sick. That just reminds me of a fucking natural Libris have, y'all seen that movie. How did you

[00:22:57] John: hear so fast? Isn't that? Isn't that the [00:23:00] movie said that you've watched probably like 10 times already,

[00:23:03] Sean: Wash that away too many times.

[00:23:06] John: Oh my God.

[00:23:07] I would not know what to do either without much house. Well, Mrs. Winchester actually had some idea of what to do with the house and she had some sort of an eccentric taste in this. Th that probably won't be approved by the dudes from property bros. I'm guilty. I watched them, I watched some of that type of TV nowadays.

[00:23:25] Now that I'm getting,

[00:23:28] Sean: they've been having some

[00:23:28] Josh: controversies

[00:23:30] Sean: and having controversies, but yeah, the, the most random thing I feel like I saw it in the pandemic was learning that one of the property brothers is dating. Zoey

[00:23:42] John: Dasia Chanel.

[00:23:43] Sean: That's the most random couple I've seen in my life.

[00:23:48] John: He telling me a new girl, bangs, dating.

[00:23:52] I don't even know who the, well, I don't even know what,

[00:23:55] Sean: I don't know their names. I just know they're brothers. [00:24:00] They were having controversy. They were saying people who have had their houses built by. Like six months later, the whole thing is falling apart. It's a piece of shit.

[00:24:08] Josh: They didn't do really good building code violations, all sorts of stuff.

[00:24:13] Sean: Which makes sense. How do you get like permits from the city that fast they'd be making these houses like two, three days. There's no way they're doing it by code. There's no way they're doing it by code.

[00:24:25] John: Isn't that like, I don't know if you guys ever watch pimp my ride back in the day. Wasn't it kind of like the same thing?

[00:24:31] Sean: Oh, maybe. It'll just be like I leave. And then three days later it's a fucking brand new house, but there's no way you can't, you can not have quality work

[00:24:41] John: that fast. They buy just like fucking plaster stickers all over duct tape, everything.

[00:24:47] Josh: We've got eight more houses to do this month.

[00:24:50] Sean: You got to keep the money.

[00:24:52] Yeah.

[00:24:54] John: So the house had some odd features in it and it had an, I told you like it was, it had a [00:25:00] bunch of fucking doors in there. They had random doors that had no rooms behind it. The fuck

[00:25:09] Josh: fucking dude

[00:25:13] John: staircases leading to no. And the reason why she made this was because she thinks ghosts were after her. And again, from the intro before she believed that the ghost killed by the Winchester rifles were after her. So a medium prior to her traveling west adviser to keep a building a house nonstop.

[00:25:34] So to spirits would never get to her. Oh my

[00:25:37] Josh: God. That is so. White guilt.

[00:25:43] John: That's exactly what it is. These

[00:25:44] Sean: spirits all travel, wherever the fuck they want. They're going to be like, oh yeah, this door ah, was stairs. Ah, they're just going to go through it. Right. Am I, oh

[00:25:56] Josh: my baby. I could donate my money to help [00:26:00] people and then be forgiven that way.

[00:26:03] But no, I will use it. So durably

[00:26:07] Sean: May's house.

[00:26:09] John: Okay. So although we had seven stories at first, it actually got shaved down to about four stories when an earthquake occurred 1906 that caused some structural damage. So it was kind

[00:26:20] Josh: of near God was like, this shouldn't exist

[00:26:23] John: at all. It dammit. But the final product, however, is considered a Marvel it's made from quality Redwood.

[00:26:30] And although it was, for some reason, Sarah hated the color of the redwoods. So she was like, I want it to be colored grain instead. Like I want it to be stained the grain color. And she had one of the most unique houses because the house was actually built in a floating foundation. So kind of like what you see like bridges.

[00:26:50] So that's the reason why, like her house didn't complete. Yeah, demolished when the earthquake happened, because it was built to, to survive that. And it was said [00:27:00] the house had like a ton of bathrooms. Right. But it was a legend. Has it that only one of those functions actually work? No,

[00:27:08] no

[00:27:08] Sean: one bathroom.

[00:27:09] There's no way only one

[00:27:11] John: bathroom because they thought that seven

[00:27:14] Sean: stories, one bad.

[00:27:16] John: What about the way, because they believe that they only need one functional bathroom because the so they can confuse the spirits.

[00:27:23] Josh: What, how would that confuse

[00:27:25] John: them? Maybe they hear like a toilet. They're just like, oh, there she is.

[00:27:30] Josh: That sounds like a gun. Yeah, that sounds

[00:27:32] John: like a gun. Who's who's the first thing asked. Sounds like a fucking

[00:27:37] Sean: Winchester. Yo, this medium is making a killing, right? Yeah,

[00:27:42] Josh: I kill this lady. Sounds slightly sounds off her rocker. Holy shit.

[00:27:48] John: But you know, still the house was, was completely lavish. It has gold and silver decorations.

[00:27:55] And one of the best features it has is that it has a stained glass window [00:28:00] designed by the person who is the inventor of the company. So, oh, so I don't know. It's, I'm pretty sure you guys know. Tiffany is the famous company that sells a fucking paperclip for $250, just because it has the word Tiffany in it

[00:28:18] Josh: it's like Supreme,

[00:28:19] John: like Supreme.

[00:28:20] Exactly. They slap all my buttons back.

[00:28:23] Sean: Tiffany that blue made its way onto a this is a sneakerhead. But it, the color made its way onto a Nike SB dunk. And can we guess what the value of a Tiffany SP deck is

[00:28:38] John: $12,000?

[00:28:40] Sean: Okay. Maybe that's a little bit as well. That's a little high for a shoe, but I mean, this

[00:28:46] Josh: is 2000

[00:28:48] Sean: closer.

[00:28:48] All right. So this shoe ranges from pretty much 2,500 to 3000. Oh shit.

[00:28:56] John: Just because it's a Tiffany color or cause you

[00:28:59] Sean: know, [00:29:00] it's a, it's like a limited shoe or whatever, but the colorway was yeah. Was Tiffany it's called Nike damn Nike down glow Tiffany.

[00:29:10] Josh: So you just need a thousand supply and demand.

[00:29:13] Exactly WCA, maniacs or shirts are almost out please. Yeah, we're selling them for, we only

[00:29:18] Sean: made three shirts guys.

[00:29:20] Josh: John's got one of them. I

[00:29:21] Sean: got one there's only two left. The resell value will be.

[00:29:25] Josh: Yeah, John refused to give them to us. So,

[00:29:30] Sean: yes,

[00:29:30] Josh: please, please get them while you can at a reasonable price of 2 99.

[00:29:35] That's $299, not $2 and 99 cents. Still get them

[00:29:41] John: now. Yeah. To continue on Sarah Winchester passed away in September of 1922. And now the house is under the care of a Winchester investments, LLC. So in popular culture, you can find a Winchester mansion is well-renowned and that is [00:30:00] featured and in many forms of media and it's, it was a kind of inspiration to a lot of things.

[00:30:04] Have anyone ever has anyone here ever been to like Disneyland or Disney world?

[00:30:09] Sean: Oh, this looks like the Eddie Murphy house,

[00:30:11] John: huh? Yes. The Winchester mansion was an inspiration to the haunted mansion ride in Disney park. Oh,

[00:30:18] Sean: I Googled it whenever we were halfway, I went during our ad break, I Googled it.

[00:30:22] And I was like, yeah, this whole looks haunted as puck. This is scary.

[00:30:28] John: And it was awesome. It was also featured in the show MythBusters. And one of the hosts claimed that the place was so eerie that it gave her nightmares after visiting and also shows like ghost adventures, bus fees, and solved, covered his place as well as podcasts, such as one of my personal favorites ever.

[00:30:49] Oh, yeah. So they've been featured a lot. So this is from a, an, I am a subreddit and a username, the loneliest jazz posted that [00:31:00] they were actually a tour guide about a decade ago, and they were sharing some experiences they had in the Winchester house and they put quote, the creepiest moment I've had in the house was once when I was leading a tour, there was this one door that kept opening and closing.

[00:31:14] I don't know how many, like 600 doors. I knew that it wasn't the fan because it was pointing away from the door and it wasn't moving. I knew that there wasn't anyone on the other side of the door, because we don't often send people into that part of the house to clean. And that's always on a Wednesday and this was a Tuesday.

[00:31:31] I couldn't have just been a breeze. It couldn't just have been a breeze because that door led to another part of the house that was inside. And there were no open windows in the rooms on either side of the door. Still don't know what it was also to add to the. The room that was on the other side of the door was the same room that Mrs.

[00:31:49] Winchester passed away in. Oh, hell

[00:31:52] Sean: no. Oh, hell

[00:31:53] Josh: no. So she, she reversed who noted. I'm going to have my own house.

[00:31:58] John: Geez. She's walking. [00:32:00]

[00:32:00] Sean: She's walking around her home, the house being like, there's actually no other fucking spirits in here. It's just fucking meat. I built this whole man. She's like no reason, man.

[00:32:10] Josh: She's, she's haunting around. I keep getting fucking lost. Who built this goddamn place? How do these stairs

[00:32:16] Sean: go to nowhere?

[00:32:18] Josh: This store has nothing

[00:32:21] John: and another Reddit user Scott Sierra stated that there were a skeptic, but had an incident with their camera star. Stating I have a tendency to turn off my camera when I'm not taking a photo.

[00:32:33] And when I stopped the shoot a little square room on the top floor, it wouldn't turn on. I tried again the next room with the same result. So, and if you guys are more of a, a paranormal fans, that's one of the first things that entities tend to mess with or like camera. Anything that has a battery.

[00:32:51] They tend to drain out right away. So that was

[00:32:53] Josh: just a paranormal experts, not wanting to admit they forgot to charge their batteries.

[00:32:58] John: That's another one too. Or [00:33:00] it's like their fucking crappy iPhone that iPhone eight, that, that dies like every two hours like mine. Cause I haven't upgraded yet. I was going to

[00:33:09] Sean: say, what do you call it?

[00:33:11] Just so the Wikipedia X have a peek behind the screen. This is our second time recording. Could John's new house be haunted? It took him forever to get a, a strong enough wifi

[00:33:22] John: connection to do this. Hey, chill man. Shit, bro. As

[00:33:26] Josh: soon as soon as he mentioned the Winchester mansion.

[00:33:30] John: Oh, Hey, come on man. Don't be saying shit like that, bro.

[00:33:34] I think that door has been

[00:33:35] Josh: opening and closing.

[00:33:38] Sean: I haven't seen the lock open and close. It's kind of weird unlocking.

[00:33:44] Josh: Well, and John, John only has one bathroom. So

[00:33:48] John: jokes on you. I have four,

[00:33:51] Sean: but only one functional. Only one is.

[00:33:59] John: Oh shit. [00:34:00] Okay. So before we cap off this episode, I did say that you guys, I asked you guys to do a little bit of research and we did say that this was supposed to be kind of a games episode by. And I got lucky because it kind of landed on spooky season for me. Cause I'm not a game master like Sean, but I think we can still do something interactive.

[00:34:19] So I'm going to give you the guys with your idea. Yes, it was, but it was mostly for you not like it. Okay. So I'm going to give you guys a scenario. I'm going to give you guys a few minutes to come up with it. If you haven't, but here's a scenario. You are one of the people who were killed by the Winchester.

[00:34:38] You were then sent to whatever place you believe in, and now you have been tasked to seek retribution by eliminating the final boss, which is Sarah Winchester. And just what we discussed you along with three goals slash monsters, whatever a will be trapped in the house, and you must use their abilities to get.[00:35:00]

[00:35:00] And let's pretend for the sake of this scenario, the walls within the house are indestructable you can't just Ram through walls. So you gotta be strategic on who you pick and come up with a sick name for your team. So these are

[00:35:13] Sean: monsters only

[00:35:15] John: are ghosts. Do monster monsters, ghosts, creatures, whatever you want.

[00:35:19] It's going to be your dream team to take out Sarah Winchester,

[00:35:24] Sean: or we're doing draft style.

[00:35:25] John: You can do one one at a time. Or you can say all three, whatever you want.

[00:35:33] Josh: Let's do draft style. I think that'll be

[00:35:34] Sean: fun. Okay. Should I get my ? Should I, we could roll to see who goes first. All right. We're going full on shots and thoughts at the end of John's episode.

[00:35:44] No, ,

[00:35:47] John: I'm not part of this game by the way. It's between you two.

[00:35:49] Sean: Oh, I see. Okay. I rolled, fuck my ass. A tan.

[00:35:59] Josh: What I [00:36:00] wrote

[00:36:01] Sean: you rolled

[00:36:05] click too.

[00:36:08] John: Damn. All right. With the first overall pick. Cool is team Sean choosing? Alright.

[00:36:15] Sean: Three goes I will monsters or monsters with the first overall. I'm going the a fill-in from the nineties, cartoon, Anastasia. What the fuck was his name? He's magical. He has no, it wasn't. No, it was a rasp rutin, RAs.

[00:36:36] Poot that's first. He's gonna use his magic to figure out, you know, which doors are nothing doors and which doors are our real doors.

[00:36:47] John: Ooh. Ooh. Okay.

[00:36:51] Josh: I, with my first pick, I'm going to go with Pennywise from it, I believe. Yeah. [00:37:00] I believe his his scary clown abilities will terrify her, but he's also just crazy powerful, so I think that'd

[00:37:09] Sean: be a good one.

[00:37:09] You know, I've never watched.

[00:37:12] Josh: Really not even the remit, the new ones. No,

[00:37:15] Sean: I am not a scary movie type of guy. Believe it or not. Fair enough. Fair enough. But I heard they were good. They were pretty good.

[00:37:24] Josh: Yeah.

[00:37:25] Sean: On a, on a, on a scale of one to 10. How scary? Six

[00:37:30] Josh: pretty, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Six or seven. Maybe if you don't like scary movies, that

[00:37:36] Sean: means, okay.

[00:37:39] My second. I'm going into the Marvel universe cause I'm a nerd going the ghost writer. Ooh, whenever we do catcher, he'll use his chain, bring her in and then do the little eye thing where he makes her relive all of her sins.

[00:37:59] John: [00:38:00] Whoa. I like a

[00:38:01] Josh: long

[00:38:03] Sean: damn be a long, a long vision.

[00:38:08] Josh: That's hard to top I think with navigating the house, there's only one monster that can truly do it well, and that is the alien from alien, from

[00:38:19] Sean: the alien movie. Yeah.

[00:38:22] Josh: Has the sniff out and if Sean doesn't pick predator, that would be a good one too. But.

[00:38:27] Sean: I am not going to pick predator. So if you want to go ahead and take that you can't, I'm going to go my third and final pick I'm going if Mrs.

[00:38:36] Winchester falls asleep and we can't find her I'm going, Freddy Krueger helps find where she's needing get in her dreams. Wake her up later. My other team is

[00:38:50] Josh: ready. It's a good one. All right. It's a cap mine off. I'm going to go. So I've gotten pretty like, you know, nimble [00:39:00] and stealth and, and strategic, but if all fails, I'm taking Godzilla fuck up the house.

[00:39:13] He won't, he's going to just kick the host out.

[00:39:18] John: You gotta be there, like in Winchester.

[00:39:21] Josh: Yeah.

[00:39:23] Sean: We're indestructable

[00:39:25] John: they are, but how are we going against Godzilla? He's just going to be waiting outside. It's like this shit, this shit. Ain't going.

[00:39:36] Okay. So we got team Sean would rest Poots in ghost writer and Freddy Krueger. And we got team Josh petty wise, the alien fucking Godzilla. So we're going to put, we're going to put this up on a bowl for all the Wiki maniacs to vote. And we got to decide on the punishment guys. What's the punishment for this round?

[00:39:58] Sean: I stayed more of the [00:40:00] same unless y'all have other ideas, but if I lose that, even John Reed.

[00:40:04] John: What? No. What the fuck? Why me? I read it on my

[00:40:08] Sean: own episode. I owe you a different punishment, a different punishment. If I lose, I will at the start of whoever's next episode, I'll take, I'll bring my other podcasts in and I'll, I'll take two shots at the beginning of the year.

[00:40:27] If Josh loses.

[00:40:29] Josh: I got a good one. I got a good one. Okay. That's here to stop. Sorry. Sorry to cut you off, but to keep it Halloween themed. Ooh, the loser has to watch the winner's choice of scary movie.

[00:40:42] Sean: Wait, but you already like scary movies.

[00:40:45] Josh: Well, it depends on which one you pick. It could be a bad one.

[00:40:49] Sean: Fuck me.

[00:40:50] John: Yeah, that's fine.

[00:40:53] Josh: We could do a bonus episode where we review that movie[00:41:00]

[00:41:00] Sean: is that I'm going to really need you to, to vote for me. I'm not trying to watch no goddamn, scary movie.

[00:41:06] John: You do know, because you just said that you don't like scary movies and they're all going to have blood for Josh. They're all going

[00:41:12] Sean: to vote. Well, wicked maniacs. I fucking love scary movies. I can't get it.

[00:41:20] What I'm saying? It's just whatever gives me, I'm sure I've already even fucking peanut, you know? Cause I love the old mud. What's the point of making me watch a movie I've already seen.

[00:41:31] Josh: He's going to watch natural Libra 20

[00:41:34] Sean: times after God damn right. Pallet cleanser.

[00:41:38] John: Oh shit.

[00:41:41] Sean: Y'all don't fuck me up.

[00:41:43] John: Hey, you got Freddy Kruger in your team.

[00:41:44] All right. So you think you'll be

[00:41:45] Sean: able to watch it? I just know, I just know the general types of his character.

[00:41:51] John: I think I already know what Josh is going to pick for you to watch them. Great. Right. Well, maybe we might make them watch

[00:41:57] Josh: it. I was going to say, I have a few [00:42:00] choices of mostly veggies.

[00:42:02] Sean: Do you, do you like Disney channel movies?

[00:42:05] The only scary movie I know is Halloween town. Did

[00:42:10] Josh: my, girlfriend's going to make me watch that one this month. That's

[00:42:13] Sean: a good one. I watch it every year to get in the mood. You know, that's as scary as it gets over at the Salvino household

[00:42:19] John: Hocus Pocus for anything, which yeah, well, hell yeah.

[00:42:24] Josh: Okay, Sean, you can, you can pick any movie for me to watch and I watch it.

[00:42:28] What do you,

[00:42:29] Sean: you hate as much as I hate scary movies or do you just love all movies? Musicals. Oh, physicals. I fucking love musicals, but Lala land is my shit. I fuck. With Lala land heavy

[00:42:43] John: NA so Lala land versus a scary movie then.

[00:42:48] Sean: Okay. Game boat, wicked maniacs.

[00:42:52] John: Well, that's it for this week step so we can maniacs, let us know your thoughts.

[00:42:56] If you've been to the Winchester mystery house, please share some stories. [00:43:00] Remember that you can show us some love on good pods, apple podcasts, and pod J sir, by the time you're listening to this episode, consider being one of our patrons. We are going to launch our Patrion website and what was I going to say?

[00:43:10] And we can also find all our info or you can find all our info on Reddit on Thank you so much for tuning in this week. This is Jon, along with Michael. Josh and Sean are waiting off. Sorry.

[00:43:23] Sean: I'm not going to make Josh watch LA LA land because I make him watch it and he loves it. Then I'm going to have to hear him review how much he hates it.

[00:43:32] So I'm going to pick a musical that I also hate and make Josh squash that.

[00:43:37] John: Alright, so what musical.

[00:43:41] This

[00:43:41] Sean: is a unpopular opinion. Cause a lot of people fucking like this movie, but I cannot stand it. It's the greatest showman with Hugh Jack.

[00:43:50] Josh: I just saw tick-tock on

[00:43:51] Sean: that today. A low that the songs are good songs are good, but the movie itself is [00:44:00]

[00:44:00] Josh: okay.

[00:44:01] I'm intrigued. I'm intrigued, but I won't have to watch it. So it doesn't matter.

[00:44:04] John: There you go. I want you to

[00:44:08] Sean: add them games

[00:44:13] John: again. Thank you again for tuning in this week. This is Jon, along with my cohost, Josh and Sean. We are signing off. Remember if you saw something that kept you up at night, you must have read it on Wiki.

[00:44:26] Sean: Spooky. .