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July 31, 2021
What Are Aswang? | Brothers Grimm Foreign Friend

Aswang are mythical shape-shifting creatures from Filipino folklore! From manananggal to tikbalangs, to comparison to Brother's Grimm, listen to this test episode as John gives Josh and Sean an in-depth look into these terrib...

Aswang are mythical shape-shifting creatures from Filipino folklore!

From manananggal to tikbalangs, to comparison to Brother's Grimm, listen to this test episode as John gives Josh and Sean an in-depth look into these terrible creatures!

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[00:00:00] John: Welcome to Reddit on Wiki. I am one of your hosts, John. You may know me from my previous show, the Dumbfoundead and I am joined today with my amazing cohost. First up, he may just have you indoctrinate it or give it up to the host of let's start a quote. And joining us is one third of the Internet's only educational improv comedy game show involving shots of liquor and shots and thoughts.

[00:00:36] It is none other than Sean fellows.

[00:00:39] Josh: Much man, not much excited to get this thing started. Hell yeah,

[00:00:42] Sean: dude. Excited to be a part of it. Let's let's do this

[00:00:44] John: thing. It's make fucking history tonight. So quick overview of Reddit on Wiki each week. We crappily research random topics on Wikipedia while lurking in Reddit as well, using it for quote unquote, additional resources.

[00:00:59] And I use [00:01:00] that air quotes. Really really strongly. We are going to be wrong. Most of the time, probably a lot. Everything will be missing

[00:01:07] Sean: 97, 90

[00:01:09] John: 9%. Hell yeah. Yeah. Everything will be mispronounced. I guarantee you. Oh, but we're going to have a shit ton of fun. That's that's the whole point of this one host will present every week while the other two comes up with either a theory or hypothesis of what the episode is going to be about.

[00:01:24] The host will then tell a story and then we'll discuss what we just talked about. So where's the. Now that the premise is kind of out of the way this is this claimer, this is our first time recording together. So so bear with us. There's, we're still going to try to establish some chemistry together, but today's kind of the introductory episode.

[00:01:42] So get that formality out of the way, as you all know, again, I used to be one of the hosts of the Dumbfoundead. When the show ended, I reached out to Sean and Josh because obviously I'm a huge fan of their shows. Josh had been a guest host at let's start a call for about what one third of the episodes you have produced so far,

[00:01:58] Josh: quite a few.

[00:01:59] You are [00:02:00] most of my content.

[00:02:01] John: I think we cut out that chemistry going and, and Sean is pretty much my long lost brother. We're literally like four hours apart. Like city-wise I swear, man. We have the same interest in him. And even though he has questionable taste in burgers still, like I give it up. I give Sean,

[00:02:17] Sean: but oh, car dude.

[00:02:19] My burger taste is. What a burger is legit. It is the best fast food burger, but that's another

[00:02:27] John: conversation for another, that's another episode topic for you? My brother.

[00:02:34] Yeah. Most of the time I've always been kept up at night and reading some random Wikipedia pages. And, and then that kind of leads me to a rabbit hole, going to Reddit and looking for sub Reddit. So that topic, I may go to bed at 9:00 PM. Next thing you know, it's 4:00 AM and I'm still reading shit like at night.

[00:02:51] Yeah. That's why this kind of idea came about. Like, yeah. And I couldn't really think of anyone else that I wanted to collab with, but these would these guys, so I'm definitely excited. But what [00:03:00] about you guys? What made you agree to do this shit?

[00:03:02] Josh: When John said he wouldn't, he would rather do or wouldn't rather do with anyone else, he means that we were his last option

[00:03:09] John: my first and only option you fucker.

[00:03:11] Sorry. So I don't

[00:03:15] Josh: know. I love the premise and yeah, I love Sean show. And John, I loved the Dumbfoundead. So I figured I'd hop on and see where this crazy train takes me.

[00:03:27] Sean: Yeah. Kind S pretty similar, like J like John said, we have a lot of the same interests minus in and out, but like wrestling, funny stories, fucking ghost shit, spooky shit.

[00:03:41] You know, it's a lot of the same vibes. So I was like, he hit me up. He was like, I have a new idea. I want to get you on. I have a homie, Josh, who has a really good podcast, and I already knew about Josh's podcast. So I was like, oh, I'm double, extra down. So yeah, man, listen, let's fucking get it. This is

[00:03:59] Josh: the man.

[00:03:59] He was, [00:04:00] he was he was real nice to you, Sean. All he said was I need a token white guy and

[00:04:09] John: like, we got to tell you what about.

[00:04:12] Sean: But can't wait for that

[00:04:13] John: episode. So like what Sean mentioned, I'm going to get into some spooky shit. And the first, the first story that I'm going to do today is going to get freaky right quick. And just because, well, Sean and I are both Filipino and for once we actually got some sort of representation in the mainstream.

[00:04:29] Yeah. We just had a comic adapted into a Netflix show called . Does that mean, does that mean 13 into, I don't know,

[00:04:37] Sean: kind of, I I'm Filipino by skin color. Only my guy. I wish I knew more. I wish I was to go. I had a new to gala, but texts and baby, it says.

[00:04:50] John: All right. That's fine. Mummy, man. All right. So I'm not going to spoil anything.

[00:04:53] If you want to possibly check it out, it's on Netflix, but it involves a spirit spirit detective per se. Have you ever watched you, you hock a show anyway. [00:05:00] Oh, yeah. Oh, hell yeah. See, that was spirit. Damn it. Anyways. Do they

[00:05:07] Sean: have anime in Canada? That's the thing there, right?

[00:05:10] Josh: Oh man. I'm right here. I'm just not a, not a big animal anime.

[00:05:14] A Weeb. So this will be

[00:05:17] John: calling us weaves

[00:05:18] Sean: already. Whoa. Yeah. All right, bro. I just, the first and last episode of Reddit on Wiki guys, it's been real.

[00:05:27] John: We have a new, new host next

[00:05:29] Josh: week. I just offend everyone. As soon as I come on.

[00:05:34] John: Well, we need, we needed some sort of like a safeguard. You know, we knew that white friend that's like if we ever get pulled over they're officers.

[00:05:42] I man, you got someone white, you good,

[00:05:45] Sean: safe, ready to go?

[00:05:48] John: The protect, the kind of the story of trusts a it's a, it's about a spirit detective and the protagonist is named Alexandra Tressie and it follows her story, her origins, trials, tribulations, and all that crap. [00:06:00] And it's set in kind of like a, a fictional setting of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

[00:06:04] I think I really enjoy that. There's a lot of folklore, subtle mannerisms that involves the Filipino culture. As well as highlighting some common themes to happens where they kind of mask monsters behind politicians, but let's not go there. Cause I know Josh just got in troubled by a lot of people on tick-tock cause it was QA nine episodes.

[00:06:23] So that's another story.

[00:06:25] Josh: That was a good one. Follow me on Tik TOK and go read those comments.

[00:06:32] John: But I won't be exactly talking about dressy, but I will be talking about some of the creatures that was part of the show, which in the Filipino folk, Lord, they're called us swans. Sean, you might know, you might know what these are.

[00:06:45] Right. You know, as long as, have you ever heard of that?

[00:06:47] Sean: Yeah, I've heard of it, but I don't know. Like the specifics of it is just like I was told stories when I was a kid by my parents.

[00:06:53] John: Okay. And, and Josh, since you're our token, a white friend, it's spelled. [00:07:00] Ass Wang like a S w a N G. So don't get any fucking funny idea.

[00:07:06] Josh: Well, that's where I went with it. Do you want, do you want to hear my theory? And when I think it was

[00:07:10] John: both of your theories of what it's about,

[00:07:13] Josh: you kind of almost went into it there at like I need to clarify this with, I didn't know how to pronounce the word and I'm also a child. So the first thing I thought was ass Wang.

[00:07:26] It's so perfect. So I was, so I was like, oh, this is the Philippine Dick button meme. Right. You know, like Dick, but

[00:07:36] John: is that a Canadian thing? But what is that?

[00:07:42] Sean: Is that a thing? So you got the enemy there, but you have

[00:07:44] Josh: dig, but yeah, we have Dick, but no, I think this is like an internet culture thing. Like I did a little bit of research on Dick, but.

[00:07:51] Of course you down my own rabbit hole.

[00:07:54] John: So you went down a rabbit hole with a Dick, but

[00:07:58] Sean: research. [00:08:00] Oh yeah. Research. Yeah. I did a lot of research in my day,

[00:08:03] John: too. Yeah. You know noodle magazine, X and X,, X videos. Just name all of them.

[00:08:12] Sean: You can never get enough research.

[00:08:14] Josh: Yeah. So, so basically Dick, but is just poorly drawn penis and testicle.

[00:08:19] That is, is sort of used as like a Rick roll. So it kind of just appears when you least expect it at like right now, I guess this is the perfect. So I thought, I thought my elaborate conspiracy was that John was doing this whole hour long episode, just at the end of it. He could lean in real close to the mic and be like tech bot.

[00:08:40] Just end the show there. Oh, how close was I?

[00:08:46] John: Not even close.

[00:08:49] Sean: No. Nowhere near.

[00:08:53] John: Yeah. This Dick buddy. Ain't going no hair. What about you? I know you said like your parents kinda said some [00:09:00] stories back in your day. Like, what was your kind of idea of what?

[00:09:05] Sean: So when my, when I first heard about it, it's just like, oh, Every monster is considered.

[00:09:11] like, oh, you better do this or this, or the as long will get you or blah, blah, blah, stuff like that. So it was just like boogeyman, vampire, like whatever, they're all asked one. So that's all I know. I don't know the specifics. I haven't watched the anime on Netflix. I've been meaning to,

[00:09:27] Josh: but so just knowing what I've heard so far, is it kind of like brothers Grimm for like.

[00:09:35] I don't think, do you know what the brothers Grimm are? I know,

[00:09:38] Sean: I know that in that like medieval supernatural, like that show supernatural.

[00:09:44] Josh: Yeah. Kind of like that. Well, it's like the brothers Grimm fairytales were like a bunch of like a collection of monsters or whatever. From Germany, I want to say this is off of all.

[00:09:55] I should, I didn't do any research on this part, but yeah, I believe. Just a [00:10:00] collection of monsters, a very tails and stuff like that. From these two brothers, I guess, I don't know. Is it something similar to that

[00:10:07] John: and that that's actually gonna lead me to the point of what I, what was said in the week of PTO articles.

[00:10:11] Thank you, Josh. Just like

[00:10:13] Josh: we planned it. Just like one class

[00:10:15] Sean: segue. What a segue. You guys fucking pros.

[00:10:19] John: Huh? See, I'm telling you, you guys were fucking perfect fit. So, this is what was, according to Wikipedia. I swung is an umbrella term for various shape-shifting evil creatures in Filipino folklore, such as vampires ghouls, which is visceral suckers.

[00:10:38] And where bees, usually the cats, dogs, pigs, the us one is a subject of a wide variety of myths stories, arts and films at as well. Not at, as it is well-known throughout the. Spanish colonists noted that the us one was the most feared among the mythical creatures in the Philippines, even in the 16th century, although with no specific motive, other than harming others, their [00:11:00] behavior can be interpreted as an inversion of the traditional Filipino values.

[00:11:04] The us one is especially popular in the SIS Southern parts of Luzon and parts of Mindanao, including copies. So that's what was in Wikipedia. And you were kind of going that direction. Yeah. It seems like it's a lot of other cultures have that similar type of folklore. I guess it's just, this is their Filipino twist of it.

[00:11:26] Josh: I like it. It's spicier

[00:11:30] John: to the guy that doesn't enjoy spicy.

[00:11:35] Josh: I enjoy spicy Mayo. Okay,

[00:11:40] Sean: bro. That's my is spicy. Mayo is as hard

[00:11:45] Josh: as you get. I'll do banana peppers. That's that's about as far as I'll push it, probably

[00:11:51] John: Hey, banana peppers and let's give them a passport.

[00:11:54] Sean: Yeah.

[00:11:54] Josh: Sound of applause, please.

[00:11:56] John: All right, so let's start with the origins of Oswell. So where did [00:12:00] the term Aswan comes from?

[00:12:01] So the origin of the word Oswaldo, according to the culture trip. Originated from the word Asil Wang. It's not like dog bug Dick because I stole his dog. Way out so long. Okay. So fuck you, Josh I'll translate to dogs. And since many of these creatures shaped, shifted, where they usually took the form of our lovely four legged buddies.

[00:12:27] Of course, the Philippines being colonized by so many different countries. We've got like Dick, but by space for like hundreds, hundreds of years,

[00:12:37] Sean: That's why we all look hella different, bro. Like there's some, there's some Filipinos that'd be looking for like light-skinned girl, you know what I'm talking about?

[00:12:45] And then the super light-skinned ones, dude, I can't Filipinos are like every, every race in Asia plus Spanish plus Samoans plus everything.

[00:12:56] John: That's true. We've been told that we were the Mexicans of [00:13:00] Asia. That's a, that's another thing. That's why we fit so well with the Mexican culture. It's like. Of course the Philippines being colonized by so many different countries.

[00:13:10] It was bound to get some of their beliefs and superstitions, Philippines being so close to the country. Malaysia, shout out by the way, to a good friend of mine, Dr. Jewels from Middleby that there were plugins already. There were some migration to the Philippines and because of that, they brought some of their local folklore, one being a blood-sucking demon, usually in the form of the super beautiful.

[00:13:32] Or some hag there's really nothing in between. Damn it who brought in the hag. I know I'm going to die. If I'm going to get my, I was going to, if I'm going to get sucked, like I'll eat better. Be someone cute. You know, we're going to

[00:13:44] Josh: keep it PG to, you said

[00:13:46] Sean: a super beautiful woman. You said beautiful woman.

[00:13:50] And Josh was like, yeah, yeah. I remember that in my research, the ass and the beautiful woman. And the guy saw

[00:13:55] Josh: that.

[00:13:55] Sean: Yeah. That this is coming there's some own together.

[00:13:59] John: I mean, I [00:14:00] don't know. I was listening to a shots and thoughts podcast episode a while ago. I mean, they did mention Adriana Chechen. So I don't know if that's the kind of research that you've been doing, buddy,

[00:14:09] Sean: bro.

[00:14:09] I be confused sometimes when they say shit, bro. Ooh, me

[00:14:13] John: what? Oh,

[00:14:18] Sean: I was like, anytime I hear a name, I don't immediately recognize and they're laughing hysterically. I'm like, oh, okay. Yeah, yeah. Porn star. Right, right, right. Of course. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:14:27] Josh: Just always assume.

[00:14:28] John: Yeah. I do my own research sometimes too. Anyways, in Malaysia. Yeah. Shit. Even like in the middle of a Workday, if I need, if I need a break, God damn.

[00:14:38] Josh: That's remote work from

[00:14:39] John: home now. Yeah. I want to zoom out real quick. Shit. Anyways, in Malaysia, however, they called them but in the Philippines is shifted to the mana Nunga. So there's a kind of a separation there, which I'll kind of get to later. I'll explain a little bit more. Going back to the point that the Philippines has been colonized for such a long period [00:15:00] of time.

[00:15:00] Spain also managed to sneak in some of their ideas. Of course, they were there for hundreds of years. Again mentioned that Philippines pretty much the Mexico Asia, a lot of Spanish influences as well. Anytime there was something unexplained. They tried to twist the narrative that some of these folklores are works of the devil.

[00:15:18] So naturally people would then be convinced to possibly convert to Catholicism. So at the end of the day, it's all like pretty much classic

[00:15:28] Josh: European trick

[00:15:30] Sean: Bacha.

[00:15:32] John: Yeah. But these creatures and the paranormal already kind of sank its fangs in the Filipino culture that there were figureheads that led communities and they became some sort of a defacto leader slash community leader.

[00:15:45] And in precolonial, Philippines, they were referred to us by, by LAN. And you'll see that in the show, if you ended up watching. Bobby lions are considered a strong female individuals who again, was the leader of towns, communities, or Baran guy [00:16:00] shout out to cap G and kept me Mike, from what I'm leaning on the Philippines, Spotify exclusive show, by the way, people would go there to get cured for any ailments.

[00:16:08] And but this kind of did not fly with the, when the Spanish arrived. The Spanish flyer said, shout out, Sammy Guevara. I know, I know, you know, all about that shot. Let's go. So the Spaniards began to spread rumors and in true classic fashion, they try to tear women down. They said they were too strong.

[00:16:25] There were too much power. So what did they do? They try to indoctrinate people and they began to side with the Spanish thinking that they don't want to associate themselves in the dark arts or the underworld lead tactics that they claim that these women yeah. So women, especially in power or like a more beautiful nature that has like control of like like men or like neighborhoods, automatic witches, like they practice dark art.

[00:16:50] Josh: Yes. Classic misogyny, those masters

[00:16:56] John: we're fucking toxic us men. All right. [00:17:00] But really, it's just a way to suppress these women and weaken their status in the hierarchy of things. So just they Aswan are still very much part of the Filipino culture. I want to say part of this and Sean, this is exactly what, and this is perfect that you said this earlier is just a way to put fear.

[00:17:19] So your parents, so you listened to your parents because in the Philippines, it's very much culture to say, like holy and not go home before the light goes away. Like if the light is off, go home, like that's how, that's how we went home. Like there was no clock saying, Hey, it's six o'clock you gotta be old.

[00:17:36] No, it's when the lights on the streets started, come on your ass better. How old are you, John? I'm 30.

[00:17:44] Josh: Sounds like from the like way back in the day where people didn't have watches on

[00:17:50] John: bitch,

[00:17:54] just cause like 20 still you fucker. Like,

[00:17:57] Josh: wait, how old are you Josh? [00:18:00] 27. Oh, I had to think about that for a second. So now we're the same

[00:18:04] Sean: shit. We're

[00:18:04] Josh: all the same. Yeah. I'm just pulling John's leg. Cause he's.

[00:18:09] John: I'm the oldest one in here. Huh? You are the oldest one in here, bro. I'm already older than you by like a couple of days.

[00:18:16] Sean: Right? Who cares about the the technicalities?

[00:18:18] John: You know what I'm saying? So all of you got to fucking monopole. Fuck y'all. Where was I lost my, I lost my part. Oh yeah. So I want to say part of it was fear. So you can respect your parents. So go home before dark, but literally there's festivals held in obviously and obviously with the adaptation of the show essay means that the folklore pretty much is still part of the tradition, whether you believe in it or not also kind of a caveat, there's been discussions of people trying to.

[00:18:44] Debunked the existence of these creatures. One of them was actually the prevalence of an X-linked chromosome of excellent dystonia Parkinsonism disease that is prevalent in a specific region in the Philippines. The illness causes slow movements, [00:19:00] a weird body posture, and sometimes facial disfigurations hanging tongue and all that shit.

[00:19:05] So like they kind of move like zombies. So like of course, like people saying like, oh my God, this person looks different than mine. As long as

[00:19:15] Sean: it's fucked

[00:19:16] John: up. Yeah. It is fucked up, but that's how people are though. Like when people start seeing things that are different, they treat, treat them differently, which is stupid.

[00:19:24] Sean: Yeah.

[00:19:24] Josh: So, so do you think a lot of these came from like people that had Parkinson's or whatever you said? Sorry. Do you think some of these legends came from.

[00:19:31] John: I want to say yes, because in the Philippines, they it's kind of been disproven, but this specific disease comes from that place that I mentioned earlier called copies.

[00:19:41] And then in the Philippines, they label copies as like the, the kind of like the us Swan capital of the world or of the Philippines. But that specific link disease is kind of exclusive to that region. Interesting.

[00:19:56] Sean: Yeah. I

[00:19:57] Josh: wonder why that is like genetics. Is it.

[00:19:59] John: [00:20:00] It's from all the colonization you know, the Spanish brought in some, some diseases and, you know, like, you know, what happened when they brought pigs into like the new world and next thing, you know, everyone's dying from fucking diseases.

[00:20:10] So blaming Spanish people, like at this moment, shout out to all people, the Spanish listening to this don't cancel. Fuck you

[00:20:17] Sean: key. I can't imagine life without Latron. So like, kind of thank you a little bit, but also fuck

[00:20:23] John: you can't imagine the life without Baya. So like thank y'all, you know, so it's just like, So, so now that the origin kinda came about I'm kinda describe a couple of the most notable ones I've just called, like, I'll describe like two of them.

[00:20:38] Cause there's, there's a shit ton of them. So the first creature that I'm going to be talking about is called the TIG Bala. Okay. So the big bottle. All right. What do you think? I think Bala

[00:20:50] Sean: try and

[00:20:50] Josh: say that real quick. I just a tick boy. That's all I had to contribute.

[00:20:57] Sean: Ah, if you were to get Josh, don't feel [00:21:00] bad.

[00:21:00] I am just as confused as you and I'm actually Filipino. So anyone feels like, shit is me.

[00:21:06] Josh: I could, I could take this on another Dick, but route, but you just tell us what it is.

[00:21:14] John: Say it again. Dick byline. What a T? Not a Dick. All right. Yeah, I know. I

[00:21:17] Sean: know. I was like

[00:21:19] Josh: long or something like that. I'm going

[00:21:21] Sean: to make a Dixon. I got you. Yeah, no.

[00:21:27] John: Okay. So think Balaban is a half man, half horse. So this bullshit I to write this dude puts the, when in S oh my God. I had to, I'm sorry. So according to your centers, basically, but you know how centers are our horse waist down, right.

[00:21:49] Oh, these are the other

[00:21:50] Josh: way

[00:21:50] John: around. What the hell? So you got long enough? No, like they, they, they have like, it's, it's kind of weird because [00:22:00] they, they have both like, they're, they're upright. I'm

[00:22:03] Josh: looking this up. How

[00:22:03] John: do you spell this? I K B a L a N G. I lemme just explain this. Okay. So Dick Badlands, according to Mathis that are tall, humanoid like creatures resembling a horse.

[00:22:18] Looks

[00:22:18] Josh: like a jacked furry. Is that not an app description of seeing?

[00:22:24] John: Yeah. So they're also noted there. They're noted to be rocking like dark mane with a lighter for it to show us. So he's kind of dark skinned and light skinned at the same time. So he got best of both worlds. So think of an upright centaur.

[00:22:37] So it kind of just think of it like that now that the Josh scene, what it looks like, they are pretty freaky looking. So these are swans are known to be the pranksters of the Aswan group. Pretty much. They often play tricks and rely on deception like preventing them or like preventing people who they want it to fuck with from reaching their destination by altering their path.

[00:22:57] Although us ones tend to have a [00:23:00] reputation of being bad creatures, some legend has it, that these creatures are actually garnered. Of be they're actually guardians that they are the gatekeeper of their, their tribe pretty much. So maybe they're just playing these tricks to make sure that nobody bothers it, bothers them or finds out where they actually live.

[00:23:15] As far as superpowers are concerned, they won't be mythical creatures unless they have some sort of a supernatural abilities. And according to folklore thick balance, have the ability to both transform themselves to be like you. Or they can be completely invincible invisible to them. So it's either interesting full ass humans that can walk among them.

[00:23:37] Or they just busted a John Sina said, bro, you can't see me. Like there's, there's, there's no going on about that.

[00:23:43] Josh: That seems very convenient to be like, just you can't, you can't disprove it they're invisible. Right? Like it seems like like a, like someone tried to call out someone on this. That's not real.

[00:23:56] There's no way. That's a thing. And he's like, oh, they go invisible. Or they're humans. [00:24:00] It's like, fuck you, you can't cover up all the coffee yet.

[00:24:05] John: Like someone like mass produced fucking hair. What does that? Harry Potter had an invisibility cloak or some shit like that. So all of them are issued by one at birth or something for some reason.

[00:24:14] But anyways, to keep going, they have Manny. It does some shit like you're a big ass horse or you go invisible, like, damn, I kind of want that power in many ways.

[00:24:25] Josh: Yeah. Like I want to almost describe one of these. Like some of them are just like these like Jack fucking skin wars that dude, I

[00:24:32] Sean: Googled it. I'm like, yo.

[00:24:34] It's a fucking horse head human arm and chest, and then horse legs and a hair around the Dick. But you know, what's

[00:24:43] John: under there.

[00:24:51] Josh: Yeah. It's like the perfect fucking body. And then just a horse head. It's like, Hey, it's like, this is whatever it's

[00:24:58] Sean: literally a furries drink. Yeah, [00:25:00] exactly. You're right

[00:25:01] John: there. Josh, you start starting to sweat under your jacket or what?

[00:25:06] Sean: Yeah. I'll need some research

[00:25:09] Josh: time real quick. And to take a break, we've got a sponsor we can plug in.

[00:25:14] John: This podcast sponsored by Dick butts,

[00:25:17] Josh: sponsored by Bluetooth now

[00:25:20] Sean: manscaped

[00:25:23] John: Hey, manscape we're back.

[00:25:24] Josh: I don't do manscape but

[00:25:30] John: where was I? I fucking lost myself again, as if this wasn't weird enough as it is like seeing what it actually kind of looked like. Wait until you hear how you can possibly avoid it. Being misled or fooled by the tech byline. Do you have any guesses what precautions you have to do to be, to avoid getting fucked with, by a bottom, I guess, running

[00:25:52] Josh: down a hill down the hill, he seems pretty top heavy.

[00:25:58] Sean: Let's like [00:26:00]

[00:26:01] John: that prison body shot. What's a, what's a guest for you that to avoid being messed with by. I

[00:26:09] guess

[00:26:09] Sean: not riding a horse, you know, in which was slave their ancestors, Josh man.

[00:26:20] John: All right. So I'm going to give you three of the suggestions that was given and I'm going to list it from the most logical to the downright fucking weird. Okay. The first two is kind of normal, right? The first two it's suggested to you. Permission to enter their quote unquote territory. So and referring back to the shorter essay again, when they were doing their ad campaign, one other hashtag on the show was to say, tabby-tabby, in Tagalog.

[00:26:46] That translates to like a respectful way of saying, excuse me, when you say like, that'd be top people and you got to like, go next squat, like down like this, like, ah, people like to go down, like if, if your family was watching in front of a TV and then like you, you know how like people like kind of [00:27:00] squat down and say like, oh, Like I'm passing through vicious walk fucking forward.

[00:27:04] You're blocking more weight when you're doing that taking more time. Yeah, exactly. And so that's kind of like a respectful way of, of kind of going on about it. The second one is while asking for permission, it's also respectful if you're traveling in their territory. So not make so much noise or pretty much just shut the fuck up the whole time.

[00:27:22] Like, don't talk with her when you're in their territory. So that makes sense. Right? Like that sounds like a logical respect.

[00:27:27] Josh: Yeah. That's like a

[00:27:28] John: good neighbor. Yeah. So I've, I've done a lot of hiking in the past, especially in Alaska. Oh my God. And I'm sure it's prominent in Canada too, bro. Like you have to play some like loud ass music.

[00:27:38] So barriers. Won't get attracted, right? Yeah.

[00:27:42] Josh: I'm sure some places not where I am, but yeah, I'm sure, sure. There's areas where that

[00:27:47] John: be. I had to like, bring like a beats pill. Cause I like, I'm like, dude, if a black bear sees me, like I'm a snack like, well then you're just

[00:27:55] Sean: listening to wow.

[00:27:57] John: Yeah, pretty much.

[00:27:59] I [00:28:00] think I'm juicy. So. All right. All right. So, so here's the weird, like this is, this is how. To avoid being messed with, by a thick bottom. And I swear, you're going to be like, what the fuck in order to avoid being messed by one, you have to wear your shirt inside out. Okay.

[00:28:17] Sean: So specific

[00:28:19] Josh: try. Okay. They're not wearing shirts.

[00:28:22] So that doesn't help me. Would that be because like that's a sign of vulnerability, like,

[00:28:28] Sean: is that, do they give you a reason

[00:28:29] John: for that? They didn't give no reason that was

[00:28:33] Sean: wild. Okay. All right. Let's

[00:28:36] John: let's think why, why do you think what do you call it? Inside out shirt is is a way for them to kind of like leave you alone.

[00:28:43] Josh: If I had to guess, I would guess vulnerable vulnerability of some sort like it's, I don't know. It's not really, but that would be my guess for some reason.

[00:28:53] John: I like that,

[00:28:54] Sean: Sean, I don't know these things don't wear clothes. I don't know why clothes would have any, I didn't bro. Like, I don't know. Maybe it's [00:29:00] just a deal they made with another hunter or something like that.

[00:29:03] But

[00:29:05] Josh: also they have like right ways to wear clothes back in the day. Like it was just brags. Wasn't it? Like, it didn't matter which way you put it on

[00:29:13] Sean: really?

[00:29:14] John: Well. I mean like they have like the stitching's are probably like more inside than out, right? That's. Yeah. So I think to me, my theory for that is that because they're like the prankster of the group, the fact that the shirt is inside out, it's kind of like, you're right, Josh.

[00:29:31] Like I'm going leaning towards vulnerability as well. It's kind of like, you know, when, when people, when you, when you go out in public and your shirt's inside out, what did the people, do you see that as playing it out and the laugh at you? Yeah. So since because they're, they're pranksters, that's kind of like a shameful.

[00:29:46] So someone just like, hi your shirts inside out. You're a fucking dumb like, shit. That makes sense.

[00:29:51] Josh: That's my, I can get behind that.

[00:29:54] John: Okay. Get behind this door. All right.

[00:29:56] Josh: All right. Tick boy. [00:30:00]

[00:30:01] John: It's not what you're going to call it. Now.

[00:30:04] Josh: I've already forgot what the real name

[00:30:05] John: is. All right. So I'm going to go to the next creature, the last creature that I'm going to refer.

[00:30:12] And perhaps this is the most notable us swung and the subject of many charitable CGI movies when I was growing up in the Philippines and they are the and I did mention it earlier a while ago that Malaysia had their own version of the Menahga, which was called I think, but Philippines decided that they wanted to kick it up a notch because why not?

[00:30:34] Let's be extra. So.

[00:30:38] Sean: Hi, I just Googled it too, bro. These are fucking

[00:30:41] John: scary. Are scary. Scary, bro. All right. So as it is, these are songs are considered man eating viscera suckers by day. It has the appearance of a usually attractive, beautiful woman. But at night it turns something to extremely, yeah. [00:31:00] Ooh. So when has a life lesson here or not a life lesson, a little lesson the, the word history of the word comes from the tagalo board Tonga.

[00:31:12] And when someone says Tonga, it means it translates to either remove or to separate. All right. Josh say, thank God for me. One time for the Filipinos, listening to this.

[00:31:26] got it. Right. All right. Cool.

[00:31:28] Josh: Is that going to be the game at the end of the show where I just have to try and pronounce all the words you said,

[00:31:33] Sean: it'll be me versus you. Josh. You can be better at being Filipino. The results surprise me

[00:31:43] Josh: to be fair. I'd listen.

[00:31:45] Sean: That's that's my parents' favorite genre of YouTube video is white Canadians trying to be Filipino.

[00:31:51] That's their shit.

[00:31:53] Josh: You're going to have you got a niche?

[00:31:56] Sean: It's a big niche, bro. There's like six different Canadian dudes that are [00:32:00] Filipino

[00:32:01] Josh: or are just living in the Philippines, speaking to gala.

[00:32:05] Sean: Trying to be Filipino

[00:32:06] John: is dudes. Engineers are fucking going right now. It's like, shit, this is how I'm going to make it.

[00:32:10] Huh?

[00:32:11] Sean: I now know.

[00:32:17] John: So to, to continue on with that, why are they called these creatures have the ability to separate themselves from their body. So at night they often go for people who are sleeping. And if you've ever been to the Philippines, the structure there in the Philippines is it's a lot of the houses are not, they're not structurally sound like, like in the U S and Canada, you know, you have like a nice roof in for the most part is pretty much impenetrable.

[00:32:44] Like, unless like a big ass rock or like a snowfall, like destroys your house. Right. But for the most part, yeah. But the, in, in the Philippines the roof, a lot of the roof, especially in, in the poor neighborhoods, all they have for roof is like a tin, a tin roof. [00:33:00] Like it's really not only it's tin, it's really thin, like you can get destroyed right away.

[00:33:05] So the, the tin roof they're they're prone to like holes. Or sometimes a lot of the people still live in there. It's still kind of like an undeveloped under underdeveloped country, even though it's like, we're kind of in the modern era now, but these creatures, especially prey on pregnant women and they use their super long tongues to eat the fetus from the moms.

[00:33:25] Josh: Nope. Nope. Don't like that.

[00:33:28] John: This is the part where it gets kind of creepy little bit. So they look at they, they look creepy as shit when they transform into a monologue. And it's even creepier when they only fly would their top half of their body. And then they leave the bottom half where they initially launched from.

[00:33:46] So it's literally. You got your base right there and a bitch flying like 20 yards or 20 miles away.

[00:33:52] Josh: Yeah, it looks like her orgs are just hanging out.

[00:33:55] John: They just hanging out. Exactly. That's disgusting. Gross. So the [00:34:00] legend has it that in order to defeat a mana Nunga, you have to find the bottom half where it came from.

[00:34:06] And then, you know, I got a salt bay, you got to salt bay. You don't have to tip it over like, shit. You just got to put salt in it. You don't need to be doing the most, my God. And then you spray salt or garlic on their torso. So because of this, the, the, the, the bottom half kind of gets burned off and a creature won't be able to it.

[00:34:28] The body and when they can't do that and the sun rises, they pretty much get burned and disintegrate it. So in a way they're kind of like vampires, but you know, like all of these, I was going to

[00:34:38] Josh: say it does have like very, very much bad influences on it. Oh,

[00:34:43] John: it looks definitely. But. Yeah, definitely a lot more creeper.

[00:34:47] Yeah. The folklore is especially famous in the middle of the islands of the Philippines in the Visayas region. Philippines is split to like three major islands yet the zone and the top top portion. Then [00:35:00] you have the CIS, which is kind of like the middle then Mindanao is like the Southern islands. We got like 7,100 islands.

[00:35:06] So it's, it's kinda a lot to choose from. That's why we have like so much. And you would think that because things are getting modernized in most places that the stories kind of might dwindle down, but you'd actually be surprised. I was reading this from the ghost story subreddit where a user who deleted their name, shared a story about like two years.

[00:35:25] And they said that when they were kind of growing up that I'm on a non God, tried eating them from their, their mom's womb. Like when this is the story that they were telling their parents or the parents telling again, she mentioned that her mom started hearing the noise of like someone like flapping their wings out.

[00:35:43] And when it was bedtime, she kind of had a sense that someone was like, kind of watching her inside the house. She started getting freaked out. She started screaming and then her husband and all her brothers run outside, pick the sharpest thing that they can find initially. And then just trying to find where that creature is.

[00:35:58] But, you know, unfortunately they couldn't find them. [00:36:00] And it just so happens that this person was born in the area where I said that it was most notable. Popular, which was the copy's area. But like, again, it's, it's a lot of the, the theories that the disease that was lingering there, that's probably what caused, I guess, abomination or like the, the theories or scary stuff about it.

[00:36:19] Right. I'm also reading some of the comments on the thread and it's crazy. Cause some people even commented that Americans supposedly caught wind of these tales. So they purposely cut some people in. Oh, so the full tail is like believable and then like like, you know, the Philippines has also been colonized by the us at some point.

[00:36:39] So they, they try to spin this rumor, this theory. And so this, so people will be scared, be afraid. Hmm. Is it true? Maybe

[00:36:48] Josh: I was going to say, I don't know much about the Philippines. Is it possible that there are like large bats? Like very large. That's that could

[00:36:57] Sean: be, yeah, they have those flying foxes over there.

[00:36:59] I'm pretty [00:37:00] sure. Yeah, there are blank foxes. What the fuck? Like magical. It's not really a Fox, but it's just a big ass bat. Okay. Like furry. So it looks like a Fox.

[00:37:11] Josh: Yeah. I'm just pushing like this large Fox is flying through the air. Definitely not. It's just a big ass bet. Okay, cool. Cool. Yeah. So, I mean, that could be where a lot of those started Bats are kind of top heavy.

[00:37:24] They would look like a top half if you really didn't get a good glimpse of it. Maybe that's that's my that's my logical brain might my hopeful brain is that there's they're not out there.

[00:37:35] John: Yeah. I mean, but the thing is the Philippines is very in tune with their paranormal side. Like it's yeah. The Philippines is super in-tune with like the paranormal side, like all the growing up, like people would tell like, stories about like how like their house was home.

[00:37:49] Like shit. Like my I've experienced some paranormal stuff growing up, but that's like the same for another story, but yeah, it's, it's, it's super ingrained in their culture and, and, [00:38:00] and it being immigrants like Sean, you, I know your parents are immigrants too. So it's like, that's what kind of, what we grew up with.

[00:38:05] And they, they try to take the culture here and it, even though like, we're, I'm, I'm a believer of ghosts, but that's kinda like where my roots started from. There's some fucked up shit out there. That's trying to kill

[00:38:18] Josh: you. And the more you talk, the more, it was like, you could see the overlaps between like European monsters and like Filipino, Philippines, monsters, like like it seems like it's roughly vampires, right?

[00:38:34] Like Sentara is, are roughly the horse ones. And you guys just took it to another level. You guys are like, these aren't scary. I'll show you scary.

[00:38:44] John: You have to wear your shirts

[00:38:45] Sean: inside out. Nothing's scarier than

[00:38:48] John: that. Yeah. Like shape-shifters and shit like that could possibly be like werewolves. Yeah. There's theories of, of mermaids and all these other stuff.

[00:38:58] And it's funny because Josh is, you're [00:39:00] going to laugh at this. There's literally a. That they just call a white lady.

[00:39:06] Sean: Oh yeah. The

[00:39:07] Josh: Whiteley to be fair. They're the scariest things I

[00:39:09] Sean: know.

[00:39:12] John: Backs they're called Karen's in north America

[00:39:20] and quotes that she had bitches

[00:39:25] Sean: clip it.

[00:39:26] John: Right? Well, yeah, I mean, that's pretty much my, my story about the us ones, I don't know. It's just a general overview of what they're about. I only give you two examples Dick boy and, and the, the men. And I don't know if you have a nickname for him on an ongoing. If you want to give them a nickname, that's all you are white delegation friend.

[00:39:46] Josh: No, I can't. I can't it doesn't,

[00:39:49] Sean: that's probably, that's probably the right choice. That's probably the right choice, right?

[00:39:54] Josh: I was thinking I don't even know how to go.

[00:39:56] John: I don't want to do, I'm pretty sure as we conclude this show, [00:40:00] Josh is going to go and research. How many competition do I have if I'm just going to start speaking to Gallup as a country,

[00:40:08] Sean: how many views can I get?

[00:40:10] Do they get a hell of use, bro? I be watching my parents, like, why are y'all watching this shit? It's

[00:40:17] John: good. I like, I like it. It's awesome. He's a white, he's all white speaking. oh, he's so good.

[00:40:24] Sean: Wow.

[00:40:26] Josh: Did they, do they watch it to make fun of the. People or did they watch it?

[00:40:31] Sean: They just, they just fucking throw on the blog and watch white people experience things they've experienced their life.

[00:40:36] So they're like, oh yeah, I don't know. I do that too.

[00:40:40] John: Yeah. Gentrification.

[00:40:42] Josh: That's mostly Twitch. So

[00:40:46] John: yeah. That's, that's my story for the week. Do you guys have any thoughts any revelation that you came up with? Like, oh my God. Like I didn't realize or anything that you've learned that, that interested you in any way.

[00:40:57] Sean: Not really just just the fact that [00:41:00] Asian hoard it is always, maybe cause we're, we're used to Western horseshit, the Asian horseshit always seems like an extra step towards the fucked up line. It's always a little bit scarier, like Asian horror movies. Y'all got fucked up, bro. So it's like Asian monsters, you know, they got go hand.

[00:41:18] Vampire not vampire cut in half with intestines that only eats fetuses, bro. You know, the vibes.

[00:41:25] John: Fuck Twilight, the guy blowing bitches. We got bitches that fucking separate for the bottom half, you know, glitter

[00:41:33] Sean: up in here. Big

[00:41:35] Josh: and jacked horses. Yeah.

[00:41:38] John: Hey fuck Jacob. We have big boys.

[00:41:42] Josh: I would watch a movie do it was the, a horse boy and What did they call it again, man?

[00:41:48] I had not even gonna be. Yeah, I

[00:41:50] Sean: believe bro. Yeah, you got it. You got it. Say it.

[00:41:54] John: Say with your chest.

[00:41:55] Josh: I'd watch that show or movie. Alright. Yeah, I think, I think my thoughts are [00:42:00] very similar. Like I, I had never heard any of this. Which isn't surprising. We, we, we don't learn about many cultures here in north America. But the, the overlaps is, are kind of crazy, but yeah, you guys, you guys take it to another level where it's like, well, these are, these are horrifying nightmares.

[00:42:16] Like it was and I don't, I guess that was your European was just, I don't know, like they just, they just found it. I don't know why, why it was like toned down so much, like vampires and stuff like that. They're like these suave elegant, like, like that's what vampires are. They're just like, they're not monsters.

[00:42:36] Really. They're kind of just how would you describe

[00:42:38] Sean: what's that they were just cool looking

[00:42:41] Josh: dude. Yeah, they were, they were just these like frat boys just bring girls. So I'm like, I don't know. It's kind of cool to see the different, different cultures. Yeah. That shows in the, in the fairytales and

[00:42:54] John: folklore.

[00:42:54] Well, I mean, I hope you learned something, something new this week, even though it was poorly researched. Yeah, like I [00:43:00] said, there's my story for the week, bro. You

[00:43:02] Sean: said poorly researched. I was going into this thing, like just thinking it was the first paragraph of Wikipedia. You had a whole ass, you were ready, bro.

[00:43:09] I was like, dude, if this was my episode, I would've been like, well that's fucking name.

[00:43:16] Josh: I, I wrote one word down for this episode and it was Dick, but that's two words I guess. And and you researched like seven pages. It was crazy. It took me like two hours. Were you

[00:43:29] John: drunk when you did it? Nah, no. I was watching, I was watching wrestling and I was getting bored.

[00:43:35] So I wrote,

[00:43:38] Sean: I I've never written anything for shots and thoughts. So I'm like two hours. You do what? Yeah,

[00:43:45] Josh: that was, that was really well done. I was really well

[00:43:48] Sean: done. Thank

[00:43:48] John: you. Thank you fellows. But yeah, like I said, this is my story for the week, the introduction of aswang and how they somewhat play to the Filipino culture.

[00:43:57] There's a lot of them in terms of creatures. So, so like for [00:44:00] part two this is probably going to be a, this is probably gonna be a common theme for me. I love spooky stuff and I enjoyed this. So maybe I'll do more of the cryptid scant side. Cause I know Josh said that he's more. Not that kind of guy. So I'm like introduce him to a brand new world.

[00:44:15] So yeah, definitely.

[00:44:16] Josh: I'm I almost like, I think it would be cool to do like a brother's Grimm and compare the two sides, like like the white monsters versus

[00:44:29] John: monster

[00:44:31] Josh: and just see like the difference. I think that'd be kind of cool because the brothers Grimm. Over 200 fairytales. It's like snow white and like those kinds of things.

[00:44:39] Right. So I think it'd be kind of

[00:44:40] John: neat kind of dope if we can do like a limpic style draft, you know, like just any like represent tournament. That'd be awesome. I mean, that's all, that's all we got. And I know I mentioned earlier today, we're going to give the dummies and the, not the dummies. I'm sorry.

[00:44:56] Like I'm so used to doing this. We're going to get the, [00:45:00] the. The listeners a chance. So, you know, finding your shows too. So Josh wouldn't want to tell them about let's start a coat. Yeah.

[00:45:06] Josh: So let's start a cult. I, I go on every episode and I researched different cults and have a guest on usually with me.

[00:45:14] And we, we I explain what the call, how the car call it form the call, it leaders, passions, interests, and what. Why they became a cult leader. And usually talk about how the call ended because not many cops last that long. So if that kind of thing interests you, you can find me at, let's start a cult podcast anywhere you

[00:45:34] John: listen to podcasts.

[00:45:35] Awesome. And Sean, go ahead and give shots and thoughts and love, man. You guys

[00:45:39] Sean: are pros. I had I'm one third of shots on thoughts. You know, we we learn a new thing every week. We've learned why dog smelling. Each other's butts. We've learned the origins of a bunch of random shit. You know what I'm saying?

[00:45:53] How macaroni gets the whole, you know, what's Memorial day four. We go from serious to stupid, really fast, but we [00:46:00] learn a new thing every week while taking multiple shots of liquor. And then we play. Three drinking games resulting in more shots of liquor. And then we make the drunkest person give a recap on the lesson we just learned.

[00:46:12] All right. So you can find us wherever you listen to your podcasts were shot some thoughts. And then if you want to find us on social media, we're at S N T P O D. And we come out with new episodes every Monday.

[00:46:25] John: So, yeah. Awesome. So this is hopefully this pilot launches, but by the sounds of it, I think this turned out well for a first reporting for us.

[00:46:34] Thank you so much for listening to this week stories. If you like, what you hear, follow us on all major podcast platforms. We don't have that settled yet. Follow us on social media. I still got to make it and be sure to leave us a five-star rating on apple podcasts or podcasts. Still got to make it again.

[00:46:50] We are your hosts. I am John joined by my good friends, Sean and Josh. We are signing you off. And remember if you saw [00:47:00] something that kept you up at night, you must have read it.

[00:47:06] Yeah.