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January 17, 2022
The Y2K Problem | Best Buy an Upgrade

What's up WikiManiacs? It me, yuh boy John for my first episode of 2022. I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the new year by discussing what many had to deal with 22 years back. Forget New Year's Resolutions, people we're genuinely scared of what the Y2K Problem was going to do to everyone's lives. Join in and hop on the fun as we introduce what the Y2K Problem w…

What's up WikiManiacs? It me, yuh boy John for my first episode of 2022. I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the new year by discussing what many had to deal with 22 years back. Forget New Year's Resolutions, people we're genuinely scared of what the Y2K Problem was going to do to everyone's lives.

Join in and hop on the fun as we introduce what the Y2K Problem was, some of the problems it presented, as well as some stories found on Reddit. Better reboot your systems, this is an update you want to hear.

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[00:00:00] John: Welcome back to read it on Wiki, the podcast famous for doing bad research, using Reddit and Wikipedia as the main sources. I'm your host for today's up. It is I, the punny Pinoy John. I am joined today as usual by my cohost. First up, I'm running out of nicknames for this guy because he's a man of many talents.

[00:00:21] He's a leader of law, Fred and host of let's start a Colt Canada zone. Mr. Josh shell. What is happening, bro?

[00:00:29] Josh: Not much, man. Not much running at a nickname. That's that is the same. We're not even

[00:00:32] John: a year. I know I have to come up with a new one for you every time. Yeah,

[00:00:37] Josh: that's a bad bit. You shouldn't have said that.

[00:00:40] That's like what? Let's start a call it how I started a, like a conspiracy thing or whatever at the beginning of every episode. And I'm locked into that now. So every episode I have to start with one, it's

[00:00:49] John: the hardest part about every episodes where you say you didn't really have an intro.

[00:00:55] That's how you know, I listened a lot. So jokes on you. My guy, I have this pass for the week. [00:01:00]

[00:01:01] Sean: True

[00:01:03] John: rounding up the crew and hopefully relieve that his fantasy football season is over. And it sounds like he came up

[00:01:14] and the master of smart Houston legend. Sean. Salvino what is good?

[00:01:21] Sean: No, not too much, man. Just a two time champion. You know what I'm saying? Came up big this year, fantasy champ, two leagues, one champion. It's sheer boy.

[00:01:35] John: So first off Wiki maniacs just want to greet you all happy fricking new year. We hope 2022 gives you what you are seeking and you cultivate the seeds. You have been planting back in 2021.

[00:01:47] Speaking of culture. I got ya. Your boys are so proud to introduce the cultivate podcast network to the world. We are a collection of any podcasts who are so [00:02:00] passionate about creating amazing content. We have true crime. We have history. We have comedy. We have cryptids mythology. We're seriously going to me, the only podcast network.

[00:02:12] When he hit a lineup, we got start a call. We have pineapple pizza podcast. This show, read it on Wiki shots and thoughts. The dump found dead weird distractions and ye crime fire emojis all around. So be sure to follow us on social media. Our boy, Sean here is running the Instagram and I'm running the Twitter.

[00:02:34] You can find us at cultivate network and that's C U L T. With a letter number, letter, number eight, network with the letter. There we go. That's the letter clip this time around. And we also can't say enough nice things to our awesome patrons. From our day one vena to Lindsey and Gabby, and we would also like to welcome our [00:03:00] brand new patrons.

[00:03:01] We got to welcome this week, boys. Yeah. Shout out to our boy, Aaron, the shuttle and Tara to cannon. We hope you're enjoying some of the content we are providing you. And there will be more to come. Like we were discussing all these new ideas that we got. And speaking of our patron, Gabby boys, Gabby left us this awesome review that I'm going to need help reading.

[00:03:25] So check the group chat. Oh, easy.

[00:03:28] Josh: He needs help because he.

[00:03:31] Sean: Yeah, Josh and I are going to go look now let's say to God, look, Josh. You're so good at saying it. He got it. He got it. Nevermind. He's mastered it. Like I said, we're fluid. We're

[00:03:41] Josh: fluid now. Where are we looking? We

[00:03:43] Sean: are,

[00:03:44] John: that's the slack channel.

[00:03:45] Sean: This is in the Reddit on Wiki, slack. Got it. Got it, Sean. You there? Oh my God. This shot first.

[00:03:53] John: Easy taking it easy. And then you'll be closing it off for us. Sean. Go ahead. And my guy. [00:04:00]

[00:04:00] Sean: Oh, wait, I gotta read twice. This feels targeted. It's

[00:04:03] Josh: target. You're more Filipino than I am. Yeah. I did

[00:04:06] Sean: teach Josh how to speak to gallows.

[00:04:08] I get all credit for how masterful we're about to do this. All right. Starting out. It's your boy, Sean. Weird rating is weird out of 10.

[00:04:29] my weird enough and fix a doula episodes now.

[00:04:37] John: You can't say nothing. I

[00:04:38] Josh: don't see anything

[00:04:40] Sean: wrong. I don't know. I don't know. I just know from what I was told is to Gallagher is read exactly how it's written out. So that's how it's phonetic.

[00:04:50] Josh: It looks like

[00:04:51] Sean: mg looks like to me. I don't

[00:04:54] Josh: say that again.

[00:04:58] Sean: Now what I'm saying.[00:05:00]

[00:05:04] All right, hilarious out of 10 Busta. Enjoy our course episodes.

[00:05:19] I hate to say it now.

[00:05:22] Josh: You own that. That's what you'll die. When y'all were

[00:05:24] Sean: talking about y'all's regrettable sticks that this is mine. That's fair. Next, consistent out of. About two SAR, intro Naya, parentheses, alumna

[00:05:39] Nang, N G none podcasts, not co natto Kung Hindi, backing an Nia. . Like I said I'm fluent. So what she's trying to say here is a podcast. John,

[00:05:53] John: go ahead. Want me to explain what it was said? Oh, I got you. So pretty much. It's your boy, Sean. [00:06:00] Weird out of 10 because Sean doesn't like puns and he always has weird fanfics in the middle of their his episodes.

[00:06:08] That he's funny. What it says. Yeah, they enjoyed the episode, especially the fanfic 10 out of 10 year consistent because your intro is very chaotic and you are nervous mess pretty much what she's saying con regular Kao, which is pretty much saying that if you're a regular of the show, then you know, the fucking vibes that Sean is a nervous wreck, every episode intro.

[00:06:30] So for my bit Gabby calls me Papi. Penny out of 10 SHA I'm punking JFC. That's what? Just Jesus fucking Christ. I thought that was the ketchup UFC, but okay. Japanese fried chicken fried either way. What are the context? Pun king.

[00:06:51] also a proud pun. Dad to uncle Josh consistent out of 10. I'm juggling my intro and outro has down at[00:07:00]

[00:07:00] Translation.

[00:07:01] Josh: Nice. This is the most messed up family. You're the proud dad to me. The uncle incest is going on here.

[00:07:10] John: So pretty much it's a continuation for your for your review, Sean. I'm. I do a good job of annoying you when my puns, because of you, you get really annoyed by them and that I am your daddy, Josh.

[00:07:21] So pretty much what it is. No.

[00:07:23] Josh: I got that part. For me, she writes uncle Josh nerd out of 10 alarm Niah, NA mass one mile. And you will, Kajsa one kilometer at Marie AME Pang. And then smooth at a 10. This is going to be bad. May galling young translation, Naya too. Lud. Now.[00:08:00]

[00:08:05] Sean: oh my God. I don't know how to say that, but I know for sure. That's not how to say it. That's for sure. How

[00:08:12] Josh: you say it now. Hello, Changi Halima way. Pug me

[00:08:21] to set to SACA young PAG mag move on NASA, Sussan node, not a topic. Overall rating mangling to LA to talaga. Cilla oh God. See Mila, you saw

[00:08:41] John: Pretty much what Gabby was saying that Josh, your one mile to kilometer ratio, like you're good with that. Unlike our good friend over here.

[00:08:49] And that's, you're very smooth with your transitions for moving on to like ads and moving on to other topics. And as far as all our chemistry's concerned, like an overall rating for all of us that we [00:09:00] balance each other out. Wow.

[00:09:06] Sean: I don't know

[00:09:09] Josh: how, when boy close

[00:09:11] John: us off shine.

[00:09:13] Josh: I wouldn't boy, don't

[00:09:15] Sean: worry. Be happy.

[00:09:23] Oh, holy shit. Okay. Closing it out. With that said my Ganda valid the guy on chemistry and the link pat thought that law, what long dull moment? The site episodes. Messiah

[00:09:47] NA

[00:09:56] Humble didn't sell. I have no idea where he is.

[00:09:58] John: Gabby said [00:10:00] our chemistry is off the charts. There's not a dull moment on the episodes. And that she feels like when she listens to us that we're three close friends, even though we're complete strangers kinda, but we're going in there, we're getting there, we're getting there and that we are humble and that if you listen to our podcast, it will make.

[00:10:21] Good job fellas.

[00:10:22] Josh: Wow. That's such a nice rating. And I appreciate that even though I couldn't understand it I will learn one day.

[00:10:31] Sean: And on the other hand, on the other hand, as someone who completely understood all of it, I really appreciate John translating accord, non to colic speakers, me and John got it on lock.

[00:10:39] I already knew what Gabby was trying to say. And if you could not tell by microcredit

[00:10:44] Josh: speaking of which Shawn, can we move back our translation lesson this week to next week, next

[00:10:52] Sean: week, for sure. That'll be another $200 per minute. That's

[00:10:57] Josh: fair,

[00:10:59] Sean: but it's Canadian. [00:11:00] So I'm cutting a deal.

[00:11:01] Josh: Yes.

[00:11:02] Yes.

[00:11:03] John: So thank you Gabby for the awesome review. And if you want to leave a review for us, you can do so on our And if you want to be a patron, you can do so by going to podcast network. So now that the housekeeping is out of the way today, we're going to be discussing a phenomenon that.

[00:11:24] During the late 1990s and Josh Nasher, if you were even born at that time, but the late 1990 joke. Cause you're so

[00:11:32] Sean: young,

[00:11:35] Josh: I was born for most of the nineties. You

[00:11:37] Sean: were probably

[00:11:37] John: like two years old, but,

[00:11:40] Josh: Six, I would have been sick,

[00:11:41] Sean: whatever

[00:11:42] John: that, that hurts my knees. Just thinking about it. But today we are going to be discussing about the Y2K problem.

[00:11:50] Sean, Josh, give me your thoughts about this one before we introduce it formally.

[00:11:54] Sean: Mostly when I think of why two K I was eight. [00:12:00] I do remember people freaking out, but I was like, we're going to be fine, guys. We're going to be fine. Besides that, my only other memory is a white to Jericho. So shout out if

[00:12:11] Josh: For myself as a person who grew up in Canada in the middle of nowhere, the internet was not.

[00:12:17] Much of a thing in my life as a child that is

[00:12:19] So it, I never really learned about it until like way later on in my life. So I did not know it was a thing until probably high school, which would have been 10 years later, maybe. Yeah, I was a slow,

[00:12:37] John: you got that dial up education or

[00:12:41] Josh: we did have go for a long time.

[00:12:44] John: God. Yeah, I was going to, I was going to say Sean, like that's actually one of the first things that reminded or reminded me of this episode was I didn't know shit about the Y2K problem, but I did clearly remember Chris Jericho debuting Monday night, raw.[00:13:00]

[00:13:00] What is pigtail? Our ponytails hanging out. He was just like, bra, oh wait, what is it? Welcome to RA is Jericho. And that was like an August though. So that was way ahead of its time. And I was pretty cool. All right. So we're going to introduce the Y2K problem and just going to give a general overview about it.

[00:13:22] So when cash money records said they were taken over for the nine, nine and a two. They didn't mean that the world was going to end. And according to Wikipedia the year 2000 problem also known as the Y2K problem, millennium bug Y2K glitch, or Y2K error refers to the potential computer errors related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates in and after the year 2000.

[00:13:48] Many programs represented four digit years with the only final two digits making the year 2000 in distinguishable from 1900 computer systems, inability to distinguish dates [00:14:00] correctly, had the potential to bring down worldwide infrastructures for industries ranging from banking to air travel. So that's pretty intense that just 21 years ago, wait 21.

[00:14:14] Am I doing my math right? 20 to 22 years ago. Jesus Christ.

[00:14:20] Sean: This is the miles

[00:14:22] Josh: and miles to kilometers. It's 2000. We're in 20 20, 22. That's a

[00:14:26] Sean: hard, so wicked maniacs. Look

[00:14:29] John: at me next. I wrote the script in 2021. Still tell that's probably why I got it like that.

[00:14:35] Josh: That's what you get for writing your scripts early.

[00:14:38] And not the day of,

[00:14:41] Sean: or just writing them in general. And that's your problem.

[00:14:44] Josh: I was going to say, write them in a panic, sweat. You just do the whole show it a up.

[00:14:50] John: So

[00:14:52] Sean: that

[00:14:52] John: affected my rating. So 22 years ago, some fear that computers would not be able to interpret [00:15:00] null values for a year. And the inability to validate these dates past 1999 would cause massive technological problems around the world.

[00:15:08] The fear was that when the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2000, the effected computer systems that couldn't quote count past 1999 would fail and cause massive outages or power outages, shutdowns of transportations systems and the closures of banks. So if computers interpret zero in 2000 as 19 hundreds, It could mean headache, headaches ranging from grossly miscalculated mortgage calculations to some alleged large-scale power outages and infrastructure damage.

[00:15:43] I wish that should happen now because I wish my mortgage was paid off

[00:15:49] Josh: or maybe you'd need to pay way more. That's true. It

[00:15:53] John: could be, it could be terrible. And as a result, computer programs would think that it was 1900. Not [00:16:00] 2000, which threatened to cause serious problems. And this presented several problems for any computer system that dependent on.

[00:16:08] In the calculations. So we got mainframes, including those commonly used by insurance companies and banks. They were thought to be the subject to the most serious problems of 2000, but newer systems using desktop computer networks were also considered vulnerable. However, the Y2K problem was not limited to computers would conventional software.

[00:16:30] Many of the systems compromised by the Y2K bug or from the 1970s, 1980s and the early 1990s. So we're going to go over some of the problems that the Y2K problem caused according to mental article by Jay Serafino. Could you guess some of the things that kind of popped up or what are some of the issues that it caused?

[00:16:53] Josh: I'm gonna go and I guess. Probably people withdrew a lot of [00:17:00] money causing an an economic crash. I would imagine air travel was probably canceled or postponed banks. Mortgages were maybe paid early or not paid at all. Those are good. Those are my three main guesses or four, however,

[00:17:14] John: pretty good guesses actually.

[00:17:18] Johnny

[00:17:18] Josh: got any age. It's like it's in the past.

[00:17:20] Sean: My thing is maybe just like things you need for a bunker when like people making bunkers and shit, people buying a lot of water and canned food and all that stuff.

[00:17:30] Josh: Yeah. Like survival was.

[00:17:32] Sean: Yeah. Cause I remember. Because of a family guy episode, I think when I was younger that I watched, but there was like a Y2K skit or whatever of what people thought was going to happen.

[00:17:43] And then all these planes were falling out of the sky and people running into bunkers

[00:17:46] Josh: and shit. So I was like, oh yeah, maybe this was the spine of the survivalist era. Cause there's so many of them right now.

[00:17:56] Sean: The people buy some crap. I've seen some crazy take talks where people will have like [00:18:00] insane bunkers,

[00:18:00] Josh: like a nice, yeah.

[00:18:02] You're like, that's better than my house.

[00:18:03] John: I have some chem gear just in case like shit pops off because that was my job in the military. So I have I'm just like already we're slowly learning. Yes. I was a my past life. I was, I instructed for It's called Seaborn. So chemical, biological, radiological nuclear.

[00:18:20] So I was able to, while I was a bio engineer, so what I do is I make sure that like everyone, if there was like threats, like any nuclear threats, I'd be the first one of the first peoples to respond. So if there was any bomb threats or any, no white powders, that's being sent to the post office and like someone needs to analyze that chemical.

[00:18:40] Possible terrorist attack. I'll be one of the first people in the scene, mostly with the FBI, local authorities and all that crap. So that was what I did in the past life.

[00:18:49] Sean: That's I wonder you're fucking rich. You're a bio life. It's all

[00:18:54] Josh: making sense. It has passed like

[00:18:56] John: three years ago. This was before I went [00:19:00] to HR and cause I wanted something boring instead.

[00:19:03] Josh: I'm going to tell all my friends I'm with the Filipino. Oh my God.

[00:19:10] John: Don't do that. But here are some examples of the things that happen during the Y2K problem. Speaking to the military, us by satellite sees working for a couple of days. So the U S government apparently spent about $100 billion on fixes.

[00:19:30] Would it be

[00:19:31] Sean: built?

[00:19:33] Josh: Yes, you guys are still paying

[00:19:35] Sean: that off

[00:19:36] John: for sure. So they did that for fixes and upgrades, but the issue is still still caused a grid to go haywire. And then we didn't, we technically didn't have any defense systems for about three days, which is scary. If you think

[00:19:51] Josh: about it, that's correct.

[00:19:52] Easy, especially since the next year. W what happened?

[00:19:57] John: Jesus. So this is the one [00:20:00] that's. So the glitch caused a scare at a nuclear power plant in Japan. So after midnight, the alarm at the Sheikha nuclear power station just went off. So imagine working at that power plant midnight struck, and you just hear the fucking alarm bells.

[00:20:21] I think I was dead dude. Pretty

[00:20:23] Sean: much it's

[00:20:25] Josh: well,

[00:20:26] Sean: yeah, I would think we're about to launch a nuke and then that would mean like everybody else is about to launch their nukes. I would've pissed my pilot

[00:20:35] Josh: press the button first. I'd say we gotta go. We're first, baby. Let's go.

[00:20:41] John: I'm learning a lot of stuff about you, Josh

[00:20:44] Josh: Talladega nights.

[00:20:45] If you ain't first you're last

[00:20:48] John: and this one was pretty fun. So Y2K caused a newborn to be registered as 100 years old at a Denmark hospital.

[00:20:58] Josh: Yes. Benjamin [00:21:00] button, baby

[00:21:04] grew younger. Do they

[00:21:06] Sean: fix that? Or he's just officially the oldest human alive. He's

[00:21:11] John: 122 right now. Jeez. And you're 21 at the time I wrote the script. Okay.

[00:21:17] Josh: True. True. Yeah. It, depending on what his birthday is, he'd still be twenty

[00:21:20] John: one, a hundred twenty. So in the last one man, when this is what would cause me a lot of pain.

[00:21:26] A man was credited $6 million at Germany or not. I don't know if it's, I don't know if it's dollars, but 6 million at Germany, but the banks recouped that shit like right away.

[00:21:40] Josh: Wait. Wait, sorry. He, it was a mistake that he got the money or he got the money and then the banks were like,

[00:21:48] John: fucking mistakenly gave him 6 million.

[00:21:53] Josh: I at first I thought you said he won the money and then they were like that's a rounding error. We're taking

[00:21:59] John: this [00:22:00] shit that would

[00:22:00] Josh: suck. Oh God, that would suck. But okay. That makes, that's fair. I guess

[00:22:05] John: the banks, I want to change my name. Binders Kia, bitch.

[00:22:11] Sean: I want to deposit all of that and then been

[00:22:13] Josh: out of the country.

[00:22:16] Yeah, it's in Germany. You just go suck my bratwurst fucking friends or something like

[00:22:23] Sean: Josh is allowed to say that he's German

[00:22:25] Josh: guys. He's German. You know what? Everyone has the brought words past. That's not a, it's not a thing. Gosh, keep the

[00:22:31] John: street, keep the street, Josh.

[00:22:33] Josh: Gretta thumb. Nope, Nope. Hitler, baby

[00:22:37] Sean: streak.

[00:22:39] Josh's that meme of that kid sitting at the desk with the veins popping out of his forehead.

[00:22:45] Josh: Oh, I thought you were going to say the meme where they're like, say the line Bart.

[00:22:52] Sean: That's me at the end of all my episodes.

[00:22:55] John: So even before early 2000, there were already concerns that some computers [00:23:00] might fail on September 9th, 1999, because early programmers often use a series of nines to indicate the end of a program. So they thought nine slash nine, nine, that's it, the computers will be fried.

[00:23:13] So the fear of 2000 sparked a global panic, but when January 1st, 2000. Midnight and left or came midnight and left. There was no problem with the computers. Synnex blame the hysteria for the mistakes of it companies that took advantage of a non-existent problem. So there might be a little conspiracy theory that it companies were just like, let's just milk this hysteria all together.

[00:23:36] And let's just make as much money as possible because people are going to want to upgrade their shit. Cause they think oh, I have to get any computers or else I'm going to die or something.

[00:23:46] Josh: That's fair, which yeah. How would you die? Like it would just be, you'd be surprised. People had to just be like

[00:23:52] Sean: panicked.

[00:23:54] I guessed people thought everything that had a computer in it was going explode or shut down, [00:24:00] which would cause ma like the planes falling out of the sky, computers, exploding people

[00:24:05] Josh: who had cell phones. So we've been dumped for a long time. Absolutely.

[00:24:11] Sean: Yeah, because 12 years later we did it again.

[00:24:13] We were like the Mayans predicted it's

[00:24:16] Josh: over in 2012 when the actual apocalypse comes or I don't want to wear

[00:24:19] John: a mask.

[00:24:23] Sean: Fuck you,

[00:24:24] Josh: Joe

[00:24:24] Sean: buyer,

[00:24:26] John: take me out to dinner.

[00:24:29] Sean: Hey,

[00:24:31] Josh: we're so behind

[00:24:31] Sean: on that.

[00:24:35] Josh: Yeah, this was like almost under

[00:24:37] John: January. So in 1997, several years before the widespread panic over the millennium problem, computer scientists were already working on a solution. Then president bill Clinton, when he's not busy getting top buy. Okay. So addressing then president, bill Clinton addressing the Y2K issue in 1998, cold called on companies to do their part, [00:25:00] to prepare and update their computer code.

[00:25:02] The computer industry's response included a massive rewrite of the software with the official quote Y2K ready certification. So if you didn't see computers that doesn't have the Y2K certified, then people are going to be like, Hey, that's great, Jacob, Peter, let's make more money out of this shit. So it was so stupid.

[00:25:22] God damn. So the software and hardware vendors quickly fixed a bug and provided Y2K compliant programs. And according to a thought co article by Jennifer Rosenberg, here are some preparation. Some of the companies developed back in 1997 in all interfaces and data storage, the century in any date must be specified either explicitly or by unambiguous infer in fencing rules and algorithms, which means that 2000 or another thing that they use was that 2000 must be recognized as a leap.

[00:25:57] I don't know why that would make any [00:26:00] difference, but they also added that companies use this as a makeshift solution by adding the year prefix. So back then they would just use nine, nine or nine, eight as as a date. But now they have to put the 19 prefix before it, so distinguish it that it's going to be 1998 or 1999.

[00:26:20] So it will be a four digit year.

[00:26:22] Josh: Something they should have exactly

[00:26:25] Sean: to

[00:26:25] John: begin with. Yeah. So there's also a famous image circulating around the internet of a best buy sticker, saying, quote, remember, turn your computer off before midnight on 12 30, 1 99, which I thought was hilarious. And for lack of results, many people dismiss the Y2K error as a hoax.

[00:26:45] However, after a collective sigh of relief in early January, 2000, the Y2K problem turned into a climax as relief gave way to ridicule as it often the case when warning seemed meaningless after being. Just like anti [00:27:00] maskers, you give them as much warning or anti-vaxxers you give them as much warning as possible, but they'll laugh it off.

[00:27:06] Now. Look at them. All of them are getting the Omari on variant. So

[00:27:10] Sean: yeah,

[00:27:10] Josh: the new series see changes where they're like. Like we always get into COVID on all our episodes, but the new CVC where they're like no, one's listening to us anyway. So we'll change it to five hours instead of 10 or 10 days or five days instead of 10 days to quarantine.

[00:27:25] Oh. So you're just giving them more ammo. Cool. Cool. That's chill.

[00:27:31] John: Others insisted that this thing called Y2K was a hoax that deserved little thought. And when we get back from break, we'll talk about some of the rumors that was mentioned around during the whole why to scare. And then we're also going to read some Reddit stories pertaining to it.

[00:27:46] So be sure to set your timers correctly and join us right back after a few words from our sponsors.

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[00:28:15] John: Welcome back to Reddit on a Wiki. And if you've made it this far, that means your systems updated properly. And as I mentioned before to add break, we're going to be discussing some of the theories and Reddit commentary on Y2K. So there were some crazy rumors associated to the Y2K hoax, including that the president was planning a martial law to address the Y2K problem.

[00:28:38] And that some federal prison doors will open at midnight, January 1st, 2000 elevators would just stop or fall randomly because it's the year 2000. And that at the turn of the millennium, pacemakers went out of order, killing people where they were. Those are some of the rumors. What do you think would have been like, I feel like the [00:29:00] purge series came out of this.

[00:29:05] Josh: The purge series, maybe? Possibly. Yeah. W what came out of this? It's a great question. Cause it's like

[00:29:12] Sean: made everyone skeptics of

[00:29:13] Josh: any. Yeah. Nobody believes anything if you think

[00:29:15] Sean: about it. No. Cause then 12 years later,

[00:29:19] Josh: people that

[00:29:20] Sean: lyric.

[00:29:23] John: When the Mayan thing was supposed to happen, you're like, oh, just kidding.

[00:29:27] We read it wrong. It's actually another date. Yeah. When

[00:29:30] Sean: I want to say they were like, maybe it's 20, 21, but we just did that. So

[00:29:34] Josh: we're good. I think they actually read it as it was supposed to be like a bunch of years before that actually like they read it. The Mayan calendar is actually earlier than we think.

[00:29:43] I don't know. Anyway it could have maybe sparked like the star. Really prominent conspiracy theorists. Like I think Alex Jones around this point started popping off. Oh no. He, it was around that point because I know for a fact he was around during the after September 11th. [00:30:00] Cause so it might've filled into that.

[00:30:02] Like just question everything kind of mentalities. Not always good to question everything, question some things, but maybe not everything. Listen to the experts. John you biologists, you,

[00:30:17] John: I'm not even an expert. He's giving you a

[00:30:20] Sean: cop quit. He's going to take

[00:30:22] John: the compliment jar towards chemistry, but let's not go there.

[00:30:29] Science. If I want it to be Walter White, I probably could have . Hell

[00:30:36] Josh: yeah, don't do it. I'm going to tell my friends. I'm friends with the drunk kids, Walter White. Don't do it.

[00:30:44] Sean: Googling how to make heroin. The blue

[00:30:47] John: watch list. This guy might be a drug dealer and the pervert.

[00:30:56] Sean: He's definitely a pervert. [00:31:00] There's no saving bad.

[00:31:01] No. Incognito can

[00:31:02] John: save me. There's a VPN company out there that would like to sponsor us. Please do so and help our boys, Sean out on

[00:31:09] Sean: needs

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[00:31:33] Josh, here's the code status?

[00:31:38] Sean: Oh no,

[00:31:41] John: it'd be use promo code

[00:31:49] Josh: that's for

[00:31:49] John: Disney plus. Oh, God, Josh put that on the list of sponsors that we should reach out to.

[00:31:59] We already have a [00:32:00] customer over here because this guy needs it more than any of us combined.

[00:32:06] Sean: My Google search is ruined.

[00:32:10] John: Oh God. All right. So it's a good 10 yard. We're going to read some where I'm going to read some, ask Reddit threads. Or Reddit threads pertaining to some of the stories they had during the Y2K scare. So this one comes from user song lyrics. They asked the ass Reddit thread Y2K was 20 years ago.

[00:32:29] What are your best Y2K stories? So user PI savant wrote I was managing the it department in a state agency and we're under enormous pressure to prevent any Y2K problems on new year's day. I went to work before Dawn and tested everything before the executive director arrived, relieved that everything was working.

[00:32:51] Okay. We went to I for a celebratory breakfast. I hop. Bill was. Slash timestamp [00:33:00] 32nd, December, 1999. Oh no. Cause their computers good and have a date past 1999. So I guess they made up a 32nd day of December.

[00:33:17] Sean: Imagine if we couldn't figure this out and just from then on every day was in December.

[00:33:23] Goddamn run December

[00:33:24] Josh: 919 99.

[00:33:29] Sean: Oh, shit. Waver. I don't want to say anything. Math

[00:33:34] Josh: related. How wrong I'll be oh God. $3,600. God, you got to think that's close to be close to 1

[00:33:45] John: million is too

[00:33:46] Sean: much, dude. Yeah. See, that was a test. I was testing you guys though. How you would react would be,

[00:33:53] John: times 365.

[00:33:55] That's. Too much.[00:34:00]

[00:34:00] Sean: That is a off the top of my head, not Googling calculator right now. I would never do that. I'm doing this math off the top of my head 365 times, where 22 years. So just crunch the numbers 8,000.

[00:34:18] John: Why the fuck you lie in my God? I

[00:34:25] Sean: don't like this new camera thing that we're doing. I preferred

[00:34:30] Josh: no cam.

[00:34:31] John: We don't want you to do some freaky shit on camera, on your episodes. My guy

[00:34:36] Josh: banned off YouTube

[00:34:37] Sean: again.

[00:34:39] John: Damn that was like episode two when we're almost got banned off of YouTube already fucking in sick

[00:34:48] apologies. Is there not

[00:34:51] Sean: like disgusting shit

[00:34:52] Josh: on you? There is, I don't know why we got .

[00:34:56] Sean: How the fuck did we get targeted? There's some I'm sure there's [00:35:00] bad.

[00:35:02] John: This one is from user slash lucky luck. One wrote my favorite thing was cemetery headstones that were not Y2K compliant. I didn't even know headstones had to be Y2K compliant.

[00:35:15] Yeah. So people had headstones made before they died with the 19 pre-IND grave planning on filling in the next two digits. When the time came. Oops. They kept living.

[00:35:30] Josh: Which just a bunch of suicides on December.

[00:35:34] John: That's oh, it's my time to

[00:35:35] Sean: go. The headstones gotta be right.

[00:35:38] John: And then my last story is star fire. 66 wrote I was at a big new year's Eve house party and the owner's girlfriend, the owner's girlfriend at the time threw the main breaker. At midnight, since this was out of town and back in the woods a bit, this resulted in almost total darkness and quiet, except for the [00:36:00] stars and critters and everyone freaking out a little bit.

[00:36:03] She flipped it back on after about five to 10 minutes. We all thought that was pretty funny with the exception on the one of the one guy that was on a little bit more of some substances than others and lost his marbles for awhile. He ended up running off into the woods for a few hours, but eventually made it back to the house, asking if the world was all right, good times.

[00:36:27] Sean: You know what? Jesus Christ don't take any drugs when a potential apocalypse, the best time with that. No, which did that not make it, that would ruin the high he'd be?

[00:36:36] Josh: Yeah. But you're just going, you're you figure you're going out anyway. You might as well just do some. And I'm never going to do heroin, but if I know there's a meter coming, that's going to kill us all I might.

[00:36:45] But you don't know. There's just the possibility of a, it that makes for a good story. Like this one,

[00:36:50] John: guessing I'm guessing Josh did shit when the Mayans were supposedly supposed to we're almost going to end. No,

[00:36:58] Josh: I was a broke college student [00:37:00] or a, yeah, it would have been call it high school university.

[00:37:04] Jesus Christ. Oh

[00:37:05] Sean: yeah. Oh, you're going

[00:37:06] Josh: to say hi. It might've been, it might've been high school. I'm trying to

[00:37:09] Sean: think, honestly, you might've been in high school cause I graduated two years before

[00:37:14] John: 2009. When I grade your high school,

[00:37:17] Josh: everyone. First year of university or last year of high school, I can't remember too long ago.

[00:37:21] But, you know what it is kinda nice, like to think of they just kinda got together and then they were like the end of the world that happens, we'll do it together. I was like, it's almost

[00:37:29] Sean: like that sounds

[00:37:30] John: pretty nice. Yeah. You guys are more clean minded. I thought it was a giant orgy.

[00:37:38] Josh: I did not get up there. No, I just thought

[00:37:40] Sean: it was a fun time. I did not immediately go. And I'm the dirty one

[00:37:46] Josh: and I am the Sean's corrupted.

[00:37:50] Sean: Me and job's been corrupted again at times in one day. Yeah.

[00:37:55] Josh: Yeah. I know what low key shot John might be the more PG. [00:38:00] 1818.

[00:38:02] Sean: John's more rated harder than it's Canadian ratings.

[00:38:06] You

[00:38:06] John: wouldn't ask to see a Canadian rating PG 18.

[00:38:09] Josh: No, it's not

[00:38:14] John: any final thoughts boys before we close this episode off.

[00:38:20] Josh: No, it's

[00:38:21] Sean: good for me. No. Yeah. I'm just happy. I am thinking about Like the correlation of people thinking and freaking out about technology. And then I'm like, is this how I sound when I'm like, I don't want AI to get too smart because it's fucking, is that what I sound like?

[00:38:38] Because that's, I don't want, whenever we had our, we had a meeting with maniacs and we talked about was a D script. There's a thing on the software that we use. If you upload your voice or an audio file or a podcast or whatever, it can memorize your voice and you can just type shit out and then I'll need it.

[00:38:57] Yeah. That's good. In your voice [00:39:00] don't trust it. Don't like that don't want that technology to exist. Deep fakes also not a big fan. Don't like that stuff is just, we need to cool

[00:39:10] Josh: it. We should do an episode on deep pigs.

[00:39:15] John: Since Y2K, where it was like the fear of technology betraying human kind in the future.

[00:39:23] Of course, with technology getting smarter, like you mentioned, Sean, what do you think is going to be the net? AR what do you think the next white quote-unquote Y2K scare is going to be? What do you think it's going to be that like.

[00:39:36] Josh: We're fucking it's the COVID it's taking so fucking long. We're in lockdown technology.

[00:39:42] Wow. Technology. I see. Sorry. I thought you meant like a pocket COBIT

[00:39:46] Sean: is also just not ever going to end. It's just,

[00:39:49] Josh: this is, and I am so sick. You guys had a million COVID cases the other day,

[00:39:53] John: because this is America and Texas.

[00:39:57] Josh: Yeah.

[00:39:57] Sean: I

[00:39:57] John: mean,[00:40:00]

[00:40:04] Sean: in Texas. Y'all guys are locked down. I w I wish I, this is outside looking in. Of

[00:40:10] Josh: course I don't. It sucks, man. I'm sure it sucks. Yeah,

[00:40:13] Sean: it's bad. But it's I wouldn't mind a little bit of restrictions on what we're allowed to do over here, but I guess the hospitalizations aren't that bad because mostly

[00:40:23] Josh: people are Vaxxed.

[00:40:24] Oh most in America is not that many. It's 60%. It's not it's it that's most, it's barely most. But yeah and also

[00:40:33] Sean: I have zero sympathy for the unmatched. Like you've made your choice. It's fine. If you get it. That's

[00:40:38] Josh: the issue is the people that can't get it who actually have medical issues that don't allow them to get things like that, but they're fucked.

[00:40:45] But man, it's, it does suck. Like I hate complaining about the restrictions, cause it's like probably is saving lives. But at the same time, it's like, why is it gotta be every fucking January? This is twice like twice. And it's just as someone who deals with seasonal [00:41:00] depression, the worst thing it'd be, it just locked inside for fucking the worst month of the year in Canada.

[00:41:05] Anyway. So it's it's gonna be a

[00:41:09] Sean: Josh. Every January. My, the door is open. If you want the opposite of Canada. In January, it's fucking 80 degrees

[00:41:18] Josh: here. Guns, winter,

[00:41:21] Sean: winter doesn't exist. You don't even have to shoot guns, man. I've only shot guns like three. You can, we can do 10

[00:41:28] Josh: I've hunted. I've done guns, legal.

[00:41:32] Like we have shotguns. We don't have assault rifles, but shout us out. Okay, we'll do that.

[00:41:39] Sean: Should we, should that be in. I don't think is it necessary? I don't think so. That's a whole nother

[00:41:46] Josh: episode. I brought the V the anti-vax people in with my antique lockdown thing. And then I was like, but Gus,

[00:41:57] Sean: but I

[00:41:58] Josh: am cool with guns.

[00:41:59] I'm covering all. They're [00:42:00] not sure how to feel about me.

[00:42:02] John: It's okay. You're white. So they can feel that you're still okay. You solve a safe space.

[00:42:07] Sean: That's fair. Yeah, John and I could be Magna all day. It's

[00:42:13] John: true.

[00:42:14] Josh: God, that is so true.

[00:42:16] John: Before it gets even more political there, you have it wicked maniacs. That was the Y2K problem early in the millennium.

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[00:45:54] Josh: there. There are a few things that fuel me, drugs and money and

[00:45:58] Sean: paying for this goddamn wedding is [00:46:00] one of them.

[00:46:03] Drugs

[00:46:04] Josh: and money approved drugs,

[00:46:08] Sean: Canadian legal

[00:46:08] John: drugs. I wasn't going to do an outro, but shit, Shawn got it on lock, but thank you for tuning in this week, waking maniacs, and we will see you next time. Remember if you saw something that kept you up at night, you must have read it on Wiki

[00:46:23] Sean: peace.

[00:46:26] Josh: Yeah.

[00:46:27] Sean: Wow. We could play the music right off the bat. Now we're in the future guy up in this

[00:46:30] Josh: bitch. Oh God

[00:46:34] John: run shots on you. I'm a robot this whole time. Oh

[00:46:38] Josh: God, that explains why it was so scripted.