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Thank you !!

You guys are getting me through wedding planning with the laughs ! My life is one big reddit story at the moment and these stories make me feel better ! If y’all ever want some crazy bridal stories I have TONS @courtscakesandbakes_

Fantastic, hysterical, and unexpected.

I love listening to hot mess Reddit stuff while I’m at my hot mess job so when I came upon this podcast I was hoping it wasn’t another podcast with toxic men and terrible takes but boy howdy was I wrong. I tossed that first impression right in the trash after giving the podcast a listen. Sean, John, and Josh have kept me laughing through my bad days while giving thoughtful advice on stories they read. I love the show so much that I recommend it to whoever will listen and I’m a Patron. Keep up the good work, guys!

My favorite podcast

I’ve been watching/listening to this podcast since I discovered it through their first viral TikTok nearly a year ago. It’s the one podcast I consistently listen to, and I know I can put on any episode and be thoroughly entertained the whole time. I love seeing how much they’ve grown as podcasters and as friends. The recurring bits, poking fun at each other, and the puns especially, always bring me satisfacSean😌. It’s really refreshing to see these three men call out other men for their toxic and misogynistic behavior. They’ve also built an awesome community for their fans. The way they involve us in the show by reading fan submitted stories, crediting the fans who cross-posted stories on their subreddit, and even inviting two fans as guests on their podcast is really incredible! I can’t wait to continue to watch them and their podcast grow!

Awesome Podcasts

I’ve always loved reading AITA posts, and when I stumbled across these guys on TikTok I immediately followed and ran to their podcast! I was not let down, these guys have great chemistry, and I really enjoy the way they break down the posts. Their discussions are sometimes deep, sometimes silly, but always a good listen. So glad I found this podcast!

You guys are amazing

I just wanted to say that you guys are great. I was in a bad headspace at the start of the year and had a mental block of listening to podcasts - however now I've pulled myself out of it and it's really thanks to you guys. I'm howling at your episodes and they honestly help me get through my boring job with a smile on my face.

Boys will be boys

I found this podcast a few months back and since then have binged all the episodes. They're funny, interesting and thoughtful (with a lot of puns). To me, this podcasst is exactly what 'Boys will be boys' should mean. Love you guys!

My workout is better with you guys

I love listening to you guys, you should have more episodes because I’m addicted. You don’t need a life out of the podcast lol. I love y’all’s intake in everything, you’re my last hope that good guys are out there. And maybe my place is in Canada, ( but man Josh wife Siena up or I will) hahaha. I think is amazing how you guys can have fun with each other and still respect and cherish people opinions and choices in life. Thank you for making my 5am workout more fun

The twilight saga: Breaking Sean 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Every episode is amazing,I love all the jokes that get thrown around & you guys always make me laugh. Anyways Sean is dope because H-TOWN love. Josh is dope because he's Canadian eh! John is dope because puns & military. so keep doing yall 24/7

Thank you for the entertainment!

So much love for you Sean, John, and Josh! Thank you for the hours of entertainment. I listen whenever I’m in the car and now don’t mind long car rides in traffic in LA 😅

Best Boys!

I absolutely love this podcast! I found you through TikTok. For Sean, you are Hot, Hot, Hot my guy! Kissable lips, winning smile, and no-holds bar attitude are what's up! Josh, you remind me of one of my very best friends and you've earned a soft spot in my heart. How to Start a Cult is next on my list to binge (Shots and Thoughts in next). John you have the most bubbley personality and you're so much fun to listen to. I love how secure you are in who you are as a person and how unabashedly loving you are towards your friends and loved ones. I was so sorry to hear about your father. It made me cry. My own father recently underwent a triple bypass, open heart surgery and I flew across the country to be with him, wondering if I was going to make it in time to say goodbye. This podcast has been a safe space for me. My life has been very overwhelming lately (mostly good things but I struggle with an emotional regulation disorder and all the changes have sent me spiralling) and being able to tune in and hear three wonderful men share their laughter and loving personalities has been very much needed. I know it's a weird thing to say to people you've never met. But I do love you all and if you ever make it over to Kentucky, I'd love to give you all a big mom hug! (With consent of course)

Heard about this on Gypsy Jazz Radio, decided to give it a try. This works quite well, It professionally improves my soccer by a lot.

Please No More Guests

LOVE this pod so much, but please please please stop with the guests (especially Christina and Carmen). I normally look forward to every episode but the guest eps have been tough to get through and I actually couldn’t finish 2 of them. Stick to the trio 😊

Love this podcast

I just found this podcast recently and I have to say you guys are awesome, very insightful, and genuinely good people. I look forward to listening to future episodes and binging all the old ones to keep me going at work. Thanks for the great content!

My Saving Grace

Hi guys! I’ve been meaning to write a review for a while, but life happens and I get sidetracked, but I found the time today to do it and I wanted to let you guys know that if I could rate you at 100 stars, I would. Your content is the only thing I listen to that makes me literally laugh out loud and agree with everything you say and think. I am a solo mom working my ass off to provide a good life for my son and I, and really the only breaks I get are in my car driving to and from work, which is when I turn on your podcast and exit the life as a tired mom, and enter the fun humility that you guys provide. You’re like a saving grace to me and I don’t know what I would do without your show! Fun little note to add, I am a part-time nail technician and have been working to get a full time job in cybersecurity and I promised myself that once I land the job of my dreams I will sign up to be a patron and send Sean (and of course John and Josh) some money on venmo…..and guess what….I DID IT! I landed an amazing career and I am more than able to contribute to you guys and your show! I wish there was more I could do to show you guys how much you mean to me, but this will at least be a start! I also have TONS of crazy stories myself and plan to submit them sometime. It would be so cool to have you read them and I could listen to it! Anyway, love you guys. You’re a rock in my life, and thank you for being amazing humans who have the incredible ability to make me laugh and enjoy my little breaks. Last thing, don’t hate on Utah so much lol. I’m born and raised here, and still reside. It’s not that bad at all, and there’s so much more to this amazing place than the cray mo-mo’s and their politics. ♥️

Un buen trío

Yo escucho muchos podcast de crimen. Y me gusta escuchar este podcast cuando los otros me abrumen o siento que necesito escuchar algo positivo. A mi esposo también le gusta mucho, no quiere que escuche los episodios sin el. Nos gusta compartir nuestras opiniones de las historias, y usualmente nuestras opiniones coinciden con las de ustedes. Siempre nos hacen reír.

Behold... Responsible Men With Microphones

I first discovered this podcast around six months ago, and thought finally dudes with w podcast who actually have sense and make me laugh. This podcast is probably in my top three podcasts that I love. I have a chronic illness and I listen to the episodes when I'm going through a flare-up and need something to distract me and this podcast never fails to cheer me up.

I don't like podcasts, but this one is incredibly wholesome and important.

Honestly I hate podcasts. I'm constantly overwhelmed, and the last thing I want is more noise and people talking. BUT I found Reddit on Wiki, and I just can't stop listening. As someone who is catching up on old episodes while eagerly awaiting new ones, I've easily spent several hours with these guys in my ears over the past couple of weeks. I've laughed and cried over the stories. I even had to stop and take a screenshot during episode #122, to remember the moment where all three called out a man's toxic and dangerous behavior after he threw a bag of chips at his girlfriend. The story really resonated with me. I was in a relationship with a man like that for three years, and his bursts of anger and boundary-pushing behavior were normalized for me because I didn't have many close friends to tell me otherwise. During discussions, he would often point his finger to my face, and tell me to shut up (btw I also saw him do this to his mom and younger sisters several times). He once threw a full packet of sausages at me. I laughed at the time, but I’ve later come to realise that he just threw what was in his hands in the moment. It could’ve been anything from the kitchen really. Josh, Sean, and John's clear communication that this behavior is not normal or acceptable is so sooooooo important. I only wish this podcast existed during that time in my life. Btw I have since met my boyfriend, and he is the least toxic person I've ever met. We just bought a house together, and he makes me feel like the luckiest and most loved and cared for person in the world. Not a single red flag in sight AND I have a new favorite podcast.

Stop with the guests

Love these guys and their rapport. Hating the guest episodes, really hoping it stops soon. I listen for their relationship, not for randos.

top-tier puns tbh

i didn’t expect a reddit-based podcast to be at once so hilarious and legitimately heartwarming, but here we are, and here i am tearing through the back catalogue. i found this pod on a random browsing spree, and i’m real real hooked already. love all of the hosts, how compassionate they are and how incisive (but never imperious) their advice tends, and how cutting they can be when they come across rancid ‘holes. oh, and let me emphasize: a thousand props for the top-tier puns, from the groan inducing to the sneak attack blink-and-you-miss-it wordplay. def going to be sticking around for future eps, and this pod deserves all of the attensean it can pull.

My go-to for my mental health

I have a 2 month baby that wakes up once or twice a night to feed. Your show helps the night feedings go by fast! It normally takes me an hour to feed and put her back down for bed. There are times I still stay up after she goes back down to continue listening! It’s hard to turn off! I never liked listening to podcasts before you three. I thank you guys for always keeping me engaged. It also even helps my hour commute to work! I love you guys!

Reddit on Winning

I first saw them on tiktok and I gotta say the vibes are beyond impeccable. Its been a tough year for me, but listening to Sean, Josh and John has been the highlight of my chore schedule. It’s a blast listening to them comment on all the AITA stories and it’s refreshing to listen to guys with mics who are anything but toxic. They make the world a brighter place with their nuanced and thought out answers. Even when it’s “Oops, all sad”, there’s no one else I’d rather process these stories with than this pun slinging trio.

Love you guys

Ringo's I hate boys shirt would be in every lesbian wikimaniacs closet

My Go-to Podcast

I first saw the “boys” on TikTok back in September 2022 and as soon as I found out they had a podcast, I knew I had to listen. I am now hooked! I love the banter between Josh, Sean, and John. I’m currently listening to all the back episodes and find myself laughing out loud often. Keep up the great work guys!


I love the different personalities and reactions the guys have. Specifically though, I LOVE John, ESPECIALLY after learning he loves Camembert and is lactose intolerant. John, if you’re reading this, your voice is enchanting and I love you (respect to your wife, she’s obviously amazing). #stan #john

Love this podcast !

I first found you guys on tiktok and would listen here and there when I would see one of your videos. I wanted to start listening to a podcast at work and thought to give you guys a listen on Spotify. Since then I listen every day to a bunch of them and you guys definitely make my day go by quicker! You guys make me die laughing every time I listen and I’m glad I found a great podcast to listen to. You guys do a great job! Thanks for making me enjoy my day while at work!

So refreshing!

These guys are so much fun and such a breath of fresh air. I love that they’re compassionate, smart, authentic and seem really committed to abolishing toxic masculinity. I particularly appreciate how passionately they defend reproductive rights. Thanks for being good allies, gentlemen.

Favorite Podcast Ever

I love reading reddit stories and I was beyond excited to find a podcast that discusses reddit posts, particularly about assholes. Josh, John, and Sean are all hilarious without being offensive to any race/religion/gender/etc. which shouldn't be rare but sadly is. They offer thoughtful and insightful commentary on each post and are always willing to learn when they're not fully informed on an issue. I love this podcast and can't recommend it highly enough.


A few weeks ago I needed to find a new podcast to listen to at work, I love listening to Reddit stories on TikTok but very picky about my podcasts. I tried two other podcasts for Reddit stories and did not like them, then I found this one and I love it. Thanks to all three of you for keeping me entertained while I’m sitting at my desk or shopping in the grocery store.

The perfect distractsean!

I found you guys on tiktok and immediately subscribed to the podcast! You guys are the perfect distractsean at work and I can't stop laughing at your banter. Thank you! (PS. Still waiting for the ladies' episode, though. Thanks!)

I finally found something I like

As a non fully English speaker is really rare for me to find something in English that I like other than the law tube and some random K-pop it's hard for me to find something to listen while I work other than just play music it bothers my mom that I am constantly laughing as I work but hey at least I'm working really really like Sean and John because like me English is not their first language but we still try to communicate and learn new things. Plus even though you guys are got and I am a girl we still have the same thoughts and opinion which I find it very refreshing