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Sept. 6, 2021

Reddit Games

WHAT YOU GONNA DO, WHEN REDDIT GAMES RUN WILD ON YOUUUU?! What's up, Wikimaniacs?! We're coming in hot with a new format that we'll be doing once a month! Every month one of us are going to host a game night with the other hosts. This month... the Cookie Monster, himself, Sean!

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Ep 8 - Reddit Games

[00:00:00] Sean: What's up. Wikimaniacs. Here we go, Sean, with another intro. Can he do it? Yes, he can. Yes. We'll see. All right. So welcome to read it on Wiki. The only podcast that does research strictly through Wikipedia and. It's a hosted by three guys. One of them is me. The other two are John and Josh. The intro is off to another hot start as I usually do.

[00:00:40] Um, John Josh say, hi guys, what's up? Oh God. All

[00:00:48] Josh: right. So

[00:00:48] Sean: for this episode, this is our first episode, uh, going forward, we're going to try and do one of these every well, not our first episode going forward, but our first episode of this. [00:01:00] Type of deal format. That's the word. There we go. My first episode of this format.

[00:01:05] Got it out. All right. So what we're going to do, I mean, hot already, you know what it is, the wicked maniacs know what to expect when I'm hosting. All right. So this is the, I am the Guinea pig. Uh, cause I guess I do the weird stuff first. Um, we are doing, um, Just a non subject episode. So we're just going to do fun stuff with Wikipedia and with red.

[00:01:35] Play games, read stuff. Uh, I hate to break it to you guys know erotic fan fiction this episode, but I hope you still listen. Dammit. I might not listen, but I'm not gonna listen. The show's over. It's been a good one as next

[00:01:51] Josh: week.

[00:01:51] Sean: Headphones are off, but just saying I'll do it. I'll do better next time guys.

[00:01:57] But yeah, this is our first episode. We're going to play. [00:02:00] Some games are going to have some fun. There'll be a little bit more, uh, I don't know, all of our episodes are pretty chill, but it'll, it'll be pretty chill. Oh yeah. So I guess without a topic, we should just go ahead and hop straight into the games.

[00:02:13] Right. I'm ready. Let's do it. Okay. Here we go. Was that, uh, uh, I feel like I did the intro. Pretty good. Yeah. A side note. That's your top three. Better. I said, yeah, top three got damaged

[00:02:29] top three, but not one, but not number one or two number one, dude. That's like my mom, my mom is always like, oh Sean, you're my favorite son. I have two sisters and that's it. It's like, okay, thanks mom. But anyways, yeah, by default, by default, by default, this was a top three. This would have got a metal. You know what I'm saying?

[00:02:52] I introduced the show. I introduced the host. I said, we have a format change. What more can you guys ask? That's it from a guy who, [00:03:00] who refuses to write anything down? We'll take it, man. Yeah, I appreciate it. All right. So yes, you get to again, get

[00:03:09] John: a, you gotta in your performance report. You'd be like, okay.

[00:03:14] Sean: You get one out of the $6 that we've gained. I get 50 cents now, as opposed to my quarter, get one

[00:03:20] Josh: Canadian dollar, which is worth, Ooh, absolutely nothing.

[00:03:25] Sean: Wait, what is the Canadian dollar? Cause you, you recently paid me. So what is the, the transfer rate of the current conversion? I don't know,

[00:03:34] Josh: but I paid it like, it's supposed to be like 25 us and I ended up paying like 30 pounds.

[00:03:40] Sean: Shit. Yeah. That could have been, maybe we should switch that to

[00:03:45] John: the American dollar instead,

[00:03:46] Sean: maybe. Yeah, yeah, no,

[00:03:49] Josh: no, no, no, not for Sean.

[00:03:52] Sean: Okay, cool. Cool, cool,

[00:03:53] John: cool. That makes sense. Down payment, Canadian dollars. Fuck it.

[00:03:58] Sean: All right. So just like my [00:04:00] regular topic episodes, I try to do one half Wikipedia, one half Reddit.

[00:04:06] I'm going to switch it up and I'm going to go start with the Reddit half. So this is. Hey, it's crazy. It's getting wild. Flipping

[00:04:15] John: the script brother.

[00:04:18] Sean: What you're gonna do. All right. So what we're going to do. Is we're going to go and play. Uh, I'll put a song here maybe, but, uh, we're going to play Reddit on Wiki, family feud, getting, get creative with the name, but that's, that's what we're doing, guys.

[00:04:39] The name was as creative as my segue, all almost as good as frogman aid. But I would say it's better than snowflake. I'll put it one over snowflake.

[00:04:51] Josh: Oh yeah, absolutely. You got that one. That's

[00:04:54] Sean: somewhere in between snowflake and time. Hanks. Tom Hanks

[00:04:59] John: was [00:05:00] amazing.

[00:05:00] Sean: Okay. Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks is pretty great.

[00:05:04] I'll admit that was my favorite pun. Okay. So the way this is going to work is I went on Reddit slash all. Uh, slash ask. Okay. So I went and found some posts. So pretty much what the subreddit does is, you know, users can ask a question, people answer it. So I tried to find questions that could have like a family feud style, which would have answers.

[00:05:33] You know how family feud is like surveyed by 100 people? Yes.

[00:05:38] Josh: Yeah. Usually

[00:05:39] Sean: idiots. So this is usually idiots and this is very much like that. So I used the most, I took the top five to eight, um, up voted comments from these sub Reddit or from these posts. And I we're gonna battle between you between the two of you guys to see who can [00:06:00] get the most imaginary points.

[00:06:02] Alright. Okay. Are we ready? Let's let's we have to, I was thinking we come up with some kind of punish, but I'm like, okay. Drinking that's for the other show. Okay. I wouldn't say spicy food, but Josh is spicy to Josh, I think. Oh,

[00:06:22] all

[00:06:22] Josh: right. On the next Sean episode, you have to read the entire erotic fanfic, whatever that happens

[00:06:29] Sean: to be.

[00:06:31] Damn. That's pretty good. I

[00:06:34] John: was going to say loser has to edit this episode, but let's do that

[00:06:37] instead.

[00:06:38] Josh: Yeah, yeah. That one's way, way more of a punishment,

[00:06:41] John: but I okay.

[00:06:46] Sean: I mean,

[00:06:47] John: I don't go into reading those without being into it, my guy. So if there's a female role, you got to act like the female role as well then.

[00:06:54] Sean: Oh yeah, absolutely. Well, I mean, I'm going to lose regardless

[00:06:57] John: because fuck, I'm just, I'm just fucking myself [00:07:00] over it, to

[00:07:00] Sean: be honest. Uh, okay. Here's should we do imaginary points? Like, should I just make up points in my head or do you want to go by the actual upvotes of Reddit? Ooh.

[00:07:12] Josh: I think the upvotes

[00:07:13] Sean: are fine.

[00:07:14] I'm saying because it could be random how boats are fun. Okay.

[00:07:17] John: Let's go. What up votes? Shit. I'm both full disclosure. I'm actually not a great Reddit person. So I'm going to lose this really bad. This was,

[00:07:28] Sean: this is very, this whole podcast was very clearly your idea. Yes. You know how red it has everything.

[00:07:36] John: And I still am. I'm still like, confused about it. Just like my whole podcast.

[00:07:41] Josh: Just flies by the

[00:07:42] Sean: seat of his pants. Yes, it tracks. Well, let's go with our first question. All right. So these are Reddit comments and not, you know, uh, I am not Steve Harvey or family feud. I didn't put all of these into easy one word answers.

[00:07:58] So I'm just going to go [00:08:00] with, if you're a sort of close to the comment that I put on here, I'll give you the points. Okay. Sounds good. Makes sense. Okay. So. I'll I'll start off with, uh, an easy one that we should be able to do. Pretty good. Okay. So the first question is why do men take so long to poop? So we're trying to find the top answers on the phone poll porn.

[00:08:31] Okay. Uh, phone is too general, so I divided that up. So porn is one of the answers. Oh, damn. John. Go ahead and take it from here. What you have to, you, you, you can take it from here so you can get as many as you want, just so you know, there are five answers and you got one of them. So four more answers. If you get three wrong, then Josh can steal.

[00:08:55] All right. So porn is one point is one it's uh, on Reddit. [00:09:00] It is quote research as well. We know the

[00:09:02] John: vibes playing mobile

[00:09:06] Sean: games. All right. That's an answer. Oh, no texting.

[00:09:18] I don't have a sound effect. So w uh, wicked maniacs, my voice will have to do, unfortunately. What else do you do when you're

[00:09:26] John: listening to

[00:09:27] Sean: music?

[00:09:33] All right, you got one more, John, you got one more bad guests and then Josh can steal it if he doesn't, if he steals it incorrectly, when you're awarded those points, thinking about life,

[00:09:49] I guess that counts under one of these. Yeah. Okay. Um, let's see. Two

[00:09:54] Josh: more, two more. What's the actual answer on that?

[00:09:57] Sean: That one is peace and quiet. [00:10:00] Okay. Okay. Uh, how would, how it, it's a bit of a reach, but don't ask me on that. I'm not, not X you on that X to me. Okay. Nobody gets those points then for peace and quiet, John, you have, or Josh, you have one chance to steal.

[00:10:15] There's two answers. There's left. Uh, if you steal it, you get all the points that John just got. If you don't get it correct. Then John gets all those points back.

[00:10:26] Josh: Okay. I, I feel since it's on record, I'm going to say scrolling

[00:10:31] Sean: Reddit, social media. That is one. Why do I give you, I dunno, how family feud works.

[00:10:39] Is it just, is it just if you steal one, right? Do you keep going or do you just get all those points? You just got one. You just

[00:10:46] John: need to steal

[00:10:46] Sean: 1 0 2 points. Or whatever the points are. Yeah. So does the D do I stop and move on to the next question and award all the points to Josh, Josh. [00:11:00] Oh, okay. So Josh with a sizable.

[00:11:03] Here we go. I like,

[00:11:05] Josh: I like how the game masters

[00:11:06] Sean: asking us how to play. I don't fucking watch family feud. I just host my own podcast about it. Yeah.

[00:11:14] John: Don't don't you have a game on shots of thoughts called fast

[00:11:18] Sean: thoughts. Yeah, we do. And we, we, it is a bootleg. It is a bootleg family feud. I will admit it, but, uh, I didn't come up with that one.

[00:11:29] That one was, uh, either Chris or Ryan, I think. Okay. So let me add up all these points on this calculator real quick. All right. So Josh said scrolling on Reddit. The actual answer was social media accounts. So I counted that that was pretty close. I thought. So that was. A whopping 481 points. Oh my God.

[00:11:51] That's then John said, uh, porn, which was 350 points. Wow. So I did all that [00:12:00] work. You did all that work just for the white man steal it. Ooh. Oh my God. Colonized Taylor's oldest time Asian stop.

[00:12:13] John: Okay. I don't know what that means. Listen to our let's chat interview or, uh, of course rebel was wearing a shirt.

[00:12:19] It just so happened that you can only see the part that says stop Asian instead of stop Asian.

[00:12:25] Sean: Yeah, truly problematic screen. Yes. All right. Moving on. Peace and quiet. We took that off the board because John, so valiantly gave up those points. That would have been 223 points. Uh, another one John got was games, mobile games, and that was 102 points.

[00:12:46] Uh, so Josh is, oh, one more was the very last one at 33 points. Okay. Dingleberry you take so long cause you're wiping the shit off of your individual ass hairs. [00:13:00] If

[00:13:00] John: I had gotten social media sign, I don't think so. Josh. I don't think Josh Joshua got that shit

[00:13:06] Sean: literally. No, so no I wouldn't. No, no, I don't think Joshua got dingleberries.

[00:13:11] So I think about, so currently Josh is in the lead with 933 points. It's a close game plus game 900 933 to zero. Pretty good. Pretty good, Richard. Okay, here we go. Crazy. Poor on crazy poor Asian. Make a movie on the, okay. So if you listen to our let's chat live, you heard me. Uh, this following question. If you had the power to wipe out one subreddit out of existence, which one would it be?

[00:13:53] I took out some of the highest rated answers. Cause obviously this question leads to people, you know, [00:14:00] saying a terrible sub Reddit and then being like, yeah, it's awful. It should be wiped. So I took off any, any subreddits that are hugely, hugely problematic. AKA. If there's anything about rape or a mutilation, obviously don't want to promote that subreddit or any of that.

[00:14:17] So a top sub Reddit, you would like to wipe out of existence. Josh, you have the lead. I'll let you go. First. It's close game.

[00:14:25] Josh: Let's go with our, uh, the

[00:14:27] Sean: Donald, the Donald is incorrect that did not make it.

[00:14:32] Josh: Wow. People

[00:14:33] Sean: suck.

[00:14:35] John: Damn. I don't know much subreddits.

[00:14:37] Sean: Um, Are, uh, Darwin awards? No. So these, these ones are pretty specific.

[00:14:49] So should I just, if something falls under what you said, should I give you yeah. Categorically kind of in the same vein? Sure. Should I give it to you? [00:15:00] Sure. All right. So Josh. The Donald and there is the politics. The number three answer is politics. Exactly. Right. That was going to be my Josh. You have the board, there are five other subreddits.

[00:15:15] Oh, Mike that were the most hated ad on this particular post you got,

[00:15:22] Josh: oh God, I feel so bad. Could just be wiped off and just be better. And the world would be a better

[00:15:31] Sean: place. Let's go with four Chan four Chan is not on the board and I do not think anything is close to them. Uh, so that's one. We'll

[00:15:43] Josh: keep it rolling.

[00:15:44] We'll keep it rolling. Let's go. Are, am I

[00:15:48] Sean: the asshole?

[00:15:53] Josh: Damn it, I

[00:15:55] Sean: don't fall in this one is pretty hard. This one though, I was like, I maybe should not make this a [00:16:00] question, but we're here already and a record in two hours. So it's kind of a,

[00:16:06] Josh: cause it's like the ones I can think of that are the worst. I'm pretty sure you probably took them off. So I'm like, ah, I don't want to go there.

[00:16:13] Sean: So I will give you a hint. Most of these are not. At least just from the name. I don't know some of these, but just off the name. They're not awful awful, but definitely a couple of them could be problematic for sure.

[00:16:30] Josh: Oh, I don't know. Let's go our dank

[00:16:33] Sean: memes. Do you mean our, our Twitter?

[00:16:42] John: Don't Wiki on

[00:16:43] Sean: Twitter for some nicknames that we'll look at

[00:16:46] John: as part of graph Nickelback. I got

[00:16:48] Sean: you. That'll be an X people love dank memes. People love our toilet. I know Josh. Come

[00:16:55] Josh: on. I know. I'm sorry. I couldn't think of any other ones. All right.

[00:16:59] Sean: You [00:17:00] got one more guest before John gets a chance to steal a that that was three X.

[00:17:04] Was that three at the time? I was only two. No, he gave me two because he gave us the, I gave you, yeah, I gave you credit for the Donald. Oh,

[00:17:14] Josh: do any of them have to do, I can't ask that.

[00:17:22] Sean: I don't know. Are I believe in you Josh ask Reddit, ask Reddit, Reddit.

[00:17:30] Josh: Yeah, take that off. It's all the

[00:17:32] Sean: same questions, John. Here we go. Oh my gosh. I'm

[00:17:38] John: going to try to plug our previous episode with this. And I don't know that I don't know the specific name for it, but if I can get the ballpark, right? Yep.

[00:17:50] Count it okay. Since, since, since Josh talked about big Bertha superhero is, is like body shaming. Like one of the [00:18:00] things they can take out,

[00:18:01] Sean: there is one that is kind of like. Okay. I I'll leave this up to you guys. But one of the answers was R slash true rate me, which is apparently where people upload photos of themselves and ask for a rating.

[00:18:17] And if you're not a white blonde woman, you get just roasted there's no, there's no in between. You're either hot and blonde or not, or not. So that is kind of body shaming and my. That's why a lot of that the people were complaining about is why it was body shame. I get,

[00:18:36] Josh: yeah. I give that to John. That that's pretty

[00:18:38] Sean: close.

[00:18:38] All right, John. So if we're following the other rules, you steal Josh's points. You get your points, but then the rest of these are, are down, correct? Yeah. All right. So yeah. Josh,

[00:18:50] John: you got one. Are you fucking kidding me? And I've asked you like,

[00:18:53] Sean: or I knew

[00:18:55] Josh: I could get.

[00:18:57] Sean: Yeah, useless. So the [00:19:00] number one answer that wasn't disgusting was R slash relationship advice with 253 points.

[00:19:10] Oh, actually this one was. R slash freestyle ping at 331, 1 points out on, uh,

[00:19:18] John: what in the hell is freestyle peeing?

[00:19:21] Sean: I didn't want to click on it, but from what I can gather there from the comments about it is that it is filled with people pink in odd places. And off of people say like pinging off of buildings, pink on buildings, peeing in a park, et cetera, et cetera.

[00:19:40] Okay, so want that wiped off for obvious reasons? Yeah, that was the number one answer. Technically 331 points. At least

[00:19:49] Josh: at least it's not

[00:19:50] Sean: number two. At least it's not number two. That's true. That would be even as me off Josh freestyle pooping. All right. Coming in at number [00:20:00] pooping, come and get a number three with 197 points would be unpopular opinion.

[00:20:08] Okay. Coming in a number four with a hundred points. Josh got it. Politics coming in at number five R slash true rate me with 71 points. And with 39 points coming into last place is R slash pokey. Main is hot, which I assume is a celebrity or something like that. Pokey Maine. She's a streamer pokey. Maine is hot.

[00:20:34] So I imagined, oh, it's a girl. Well, then that explains it. It's probably like a simp, a simp sub Reddit or something like that. Yeah. Okay. So I

[00:20:45] Josh: think, yeah, go ahead. Oh, I was just gonna say, I think she plays video games on Twitch, but as far as I know,

[00:20:54] Sean: and she must be attractive, I guess, to be popular enough to have it.

[00:20:58] guys wants to peek at you. [00:21:00] Ooh,

[00:21:02] Josh: probably honestly,

[00:21:04] Sean: I don't know. All right. What maniacs, who are two questions. And before we get to the final two questions of the episode, let's go ahead and go to some breaks and get some money.

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[00:21:58] Then we have the [00:22:00] podcast for you. Join me, Lindsey and me, Madison for yield crime, where we discuss the funny, strange and obscure crimes of yesteryear. Listen, every Wednesday, wherever you get your podcasts. And we'll see you next time with another tale as old as cars. Okay, so we're halfway through. We got two more questions.

[00:22:22] Two more points. John has narrowed the margin by just a bit, please. It's an understatement. Josh is at a 933 points. John is at 107 points. Let's go. Is there time for a comeback? Who truly knows? All right. This one is the question is what is something you could say in the kitchen and. During sex.

[00:22:49] Josh: Ooh. All right,

[00:22:51] Sean: Josh, I'll let you lead.

[00:22:54] All

[00:22:54] Josh: right. We're going to open with

[00:22:56] Sean: flip it, flip it. I see [00:23:00] you. My guy, I see that is a bop. It twist it. No, that is, uh, not one of these. So John, you have a chance. Has something

[00:23:14] John: to do with choking on your food?

[00:23:17] Sean: Jesus Christ John. No, but I also see you, my guy. Hi, must be nice. What's that like?

[00:23:30] All right. So I guess we'll just keep guessing until we get one that's remotely close Josh.

[00:23:38] Josh: So it's in the kitchen, in the kitchen. God damn I flip. It was all I had.

[00:23:46] Sean: Jesus. What do you do in there? Flip it.

[00:23:52] Josh: Let's go with, uh,

[00:23:55] Sean: turn it on. Turn it on. Damn [00:24:00] sex toys, Josh. I see you. My God. That will be a no. Not in there.

[00:24:06] All right. You each will have three chances and then we're just going to exit out of this topic in general. So Josh, you had to John your second year. Yes. Something about

[00:24:16] John: pounding the meat.

[00:24:17] Sean: Oh no, I will not accept it. Josh, last guess to get in here. Oh

[00:24:27] Josh: man. He was. He thought about the meat one for awhile.

[00:24:32] That's what I wanted. I'm thinking that way. Um,

[00:24:35] Sean: I thought this one would be an easy one, but maybe not. You guys are, I will say a hint. You guys are slightly more dirty than these. Okay.

[00:24:47] Josh: God damn. Now is it?

[00:24:51] Sean: I believe in you. Come on. You got this Josh for all of Canada for all of Canada. Fresher

[00:24:58] Josh: who cut the [00:25:00] cheese.

[00:25:00] Oh,

[00:25:01] Sean: there is one similar to that. We'll see if you guys allow it. One of the answers is what's that smell. Okay. Close enough. I'll allow it. All right, Josh, you have we're now in there. So you get three Xs and then John can steal there's a, a

[00:25:19] Josh: bun in the oven. Ex damn damn. Yeah. I guess you didn't want to hear that the bedroom maybe

[00:25:28] Sean: now, not, not bedroom talk.

[00:25:32] This is hard. That's what she said.

[00:25:37] Josh: See, I think John and I were just too good

[00:25:39] Sean: at it. Possibly to get it over. That's also what she said. The both of you, I see you at the same time.

[00:25:50] Josh: Uh, it's something

[00:25:53] Sean: stir. One more, one more,[00:26:00]

[00:26:01] one more chance, Josh. And then John gets this deal.

[00:26:05] Josh: Put some salami

[00:26:06] Sean: on it. I don't know. Jesus karate. Jeez, Josh. All right,

[00:26:13] Josh: John. You're one. I take it. That was a no,

[00:26:18] Sean: again, I'm

[00:26:18] John: throwing it back to a previous episode that we had. Come get this

[00:26:22] Sean: cookie.

[00:26:23] Josh: Ooh,

[00:26:24] Sean: Ooh. That'll be a no dammit. So how does this work? Does Josh get his original points?

[00:26:31] Yeah, that's what I said. So Josh gets, he gets original point. All right. So here we go. Here's here are the answers. All right. So what's that smell? Josh got that's 71 points added to his 933. Gigi's bro. It's been real, dude.

[00:26:48] John: I won't be reading smut next episode. Dammit.

[00:26:51] Sean: Okay. Okay. That want to see your hands the whole time though?

[00:26:56] Josh? All right. No promises. The rest, [00:27:00] the rest of the answers were at 180 points. Is this is some serious gourmets. Okay. At 129 points, the book says to light it or to grease it lightly. That's a good one at 88 points. Let's clean up at 77 points. Is it supposed to look like that? All right, so we got in the kitchen.

[00:27:30] Yeah. If you, if you, maybe if you bake something incorrectly, I don't know. Baking is a science. Yeah. All right. Last one. Here we go. John, if you get all of these right, you could do this. All of them. I did the math. They all add up close. I don't know if it'll get it, but we'll see. All right. The question is what is something that everyone looks stupid doing?

[00:27:57] Josh, go ahead. [00:28:00]

[00:28:00] Josh: What is something everyone looks stupid doing? Um,

[00:28:06] Sean: What sleeping baby vaping, vaping? Not on there. John. Ah, damn dancing, dancing. Not on there. Josh.

[00:28:19] Josh: My girlfriend just said podcasts.

[00:28:26] Sean: That's why we don't have video guys. That's why we don't have video

[00:28:33] skateboard. No. So these are things that everyone looks stupid doing. Some people look cool, skateboarding. Some people look cool, dancing, masturbating. Jesus Christ. John. No,

[00:28:49] John: you don't look ugly when you say a good thing. We don't have video. I think.

[00:28:54] Sean: Yeah. Aren't there videos of people doing that though. Like that's people's [00:29:00] kink is watching people do that.

[00:29:01] Right? All faces. Is it not ever been Mike King? So I don't know.

[00:29:09] Josh: You're in an interesting spot.

[00:29:11] Sean: Yeah. I don't know. Uh, there's a thing for everyone.

[00:29:20] Josh: Let's go with speed. Walking

[00:29:22] Sean: speed walking. There is one close to that. I will give it to you, Josh. The correct answer is chasing anything. Okay. Fair. So chasing your hat, chasing a toddler, chasing a dog.

[00:29:37] I would say that's power walking, right. Or running. Okay. That counts. We'll give it to you, Josh. All right. Now you're in it. You get three chances to get the rest of these.

[00:29:48] Josh: Okay. Something, it looks stupid doing

[00:29:51] Sean: 1, 2, 3, 4 there's five answers left on the board.

[00:29:56] Josh: Answering Reddit questions.

[00:29:58] Sean: That's an ex my [00:30:00] guy.

[00:30:00] Josh: Damn I wouldn't meadow with it.

[00:30:03] Sean: You went to Metta presenting, presenting. No, that is incorrect. My friend, one more improv. Improv. Yeah. Incorrect. My friend. Damn it, you get hard. I will say you guys are picking things that some people do exceptionally well, I guess

[00:30:28] Josh: that's fair. That's

[00:30:29] Sean: fair improv, dancing, masturbating.

[00:30:33] There are people that have this as a profession it's back stuff. I don't. So things that aren't, uh, things that people do well, I guess John, a chance to steal.

[00:30:46] John: Taking selfies

[00:30:48] Sean: on the board, John, um, the God day out of boy. Okay. So you got like 300, not even. All right. So the rest of the answers [00:31:00] are at 200 and so Josh got the top answer chasing anything.

[00:31:05] And that goes straight to John at 383 points chasing any. Uh, John's other one taking selfies in public was the last place question, but it's still got him fucking 103 points. Not too bad, not too bad, but the rest of these you guys missed on. All right. So this is a popular one, trying to find the straw without looking at it.

[00:31:29] Stupid. Yeah, you're right. Yeah. That's 205 points. The next one at 240 points is walking away after rolling a bowling ball while, while you're, while you're mid, while it's mid roll. So walking away having just rolled a bowling ball, that's so

[00:31:49] Josh: specific. So that is very specific,

[00:31:52] Sean: so specific. Okay. That's funny.

[00:31:55] The next one is being extremely drunk. That's at [00:32:00] 131 points. Dammit, John,

[00:32:04] Josh: you should have known that one.

[00:32:05] Sean: Right. Extremely drunk. Drunk was 131 points. And then the last, the second to last place is chewing gum with an open mouth at 107 points. So yeah. Yeah. It's just pet peeves. Yeah. Mostly just pet peeves.

[00:32:23] So fair.

[00:32:25] Josh: What's the

[00:32:26] Sean: last question. Hey, that was the last question. So we're adding up all the points. Oh, not bad. Still way behind coming in at second place is John with 657 points now bad, but Josh winning that first subject got him 933 points, mostly all the work, mostly off the back of John. He ends the game with 1,004 points.

[00:32:53] So I think not 930, 3 of those points should be, should be John's. [00:33:00]

[00:33:00] Josh: I think most of my successes off the back of John. So in

[00:33:05] Sean: real life and in the game, is that what you can say?

[00:33:10] All right. So moving on, I guess the game isn't truly over. Cause I put in a little part where we could have a little bit of fan interaction. So these, these could get you additional points. All right. Oh, damn. So this is the fast money section, similar to shots and thoughts. We originated it. Did that come from family for you?

[00:33:31] This is called fast money slash fast thoughts. Here we go. I'm going to mute what one of you guys needs to get kicked of the, uh, think or y'all need to honor code mute yourself. I don't know how to. Do you want me to call you? I will mute it. Okay. I'm going to ask you, Josh, I'm going to ask you five questions and you just give me what you think is the best answer.

[00:33:55] Okay. And then when John goes, he can't say anything that you said. [00:34:00] Gotcha. All right. So this one is kind of hard as a Canadian, but I imagine it's the same as Canada, but what is the average bedtime in America? 10, 15, 10, 15. PM. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I got to verify. Got a fair, right? Yeah. That's fair. It's breakfast food.

[00:34:24] Ooh, bacon. Oh, bacon. All right. Name a. Oh, okay. This one is, uh, I'll change it. Name a university, Harvard named the first thing you put on your body when getting dressed boxers. Boxers. All right. And then what would you find in a forest trees? Gotcha. All right. Now we'll bring John back in and then we'll see if he can get better answers.

[00:34:56] Sounds good. You don't have to meet yourself, Josh. You're good. [00:35:00]

[00:35:00] Josh: Cool. Cool. I want to watch John struggle.

[00:35:04] Sean: Can he do it? We will see you back, John. Yup. All right. So the way this works is we have five questions. Josh already gave answers to these five. If you say anything that Josh said, I will give you an answer and then you got to come up with another answer.

[00:35:21] Okay. And we're going rapid fire shit. I'm not, I'm not going, I'm not timing anything, but we're just going rapid. Alright. Ready? What is the average bedtime in America? Six hours. Uh, okay. Wait, what, what

[00:35:38] John: was that? Was that wrong?

[00:35:39] Sean: No, I said, what is the average bedtime in America? And he said six hours. Oh, oh my bad 10, 10 o'clock 10:00 PM.

[00:35:48] PM. I bet. 10:00 PM. Yeah. Okay. Gotcha. All right. No worries. Best breakfast, food, bacon and eggs name a university, [00:36:00] UCLA named the first thing you put on your body when you get it. Underwear chart, name something you would find in the forest. Trees leaves, leaves. Alright. That's it. All right. So we're going to put this up for vote.

[00:36:19] The WCA maniacs will vote and then whoever gets the answers. I'll say we'll put it at a, a number where John can win if he wins. And then if he loses Josh, we'll just obliterate him. So we'll say the points that John lost on that first game, 933 points. Whoever wins with the wicked maniacs will gain 933 points to their score.

[00:36:42] Damn it. Oh God. So really the winner of this vote really is the one who won the whole. Wait,

[00:36:49] John: hold on. I got ant for bacon, but his bacon is different than my bacon.

[00:36:54] Sean: Bacon is bacon. Wait, no Canadian bacon is ham. All ham. [00:37:00]

[00:37:00] John: Can we put American

[00:37:01] Sean: bacon? Okay. All right. So Josh, we have that bacon, when you hear bacon, describe the image that you see.

[00:37:14] Yeah. I think

[00:37:14] Josh: of like the little strips.

[00:37:16] Sean: Okay. Nevermind.

[00:37:19] Josh: I take Canadian bacon if I was thinking the other one

[00:37:21] Sean: now.

[00:37:25] Um, all right. So whoever gets that. We can mania Wicker, maniac vote will win this game. And whoever loses the game will read an entire section of fan fiction for whatever subject I come up with next. Okay. Sorry. I was light on the field this time, guys, John and Josh I've told me I'm contractually not allowed to do that again.

[00:37:51] I have to keep in my episodes. I was unaware before, but sorry, won't happen again. Yeah, it's in the [00:38:00] fine print. Yeah, it's true. I didn't read it. It was real small size five texts. You hate to see it, but we're going to go ahead and call it there. I did mention we have another game, but I guess we'll just save that for the next time.

[00:38:12] I host a game episode in like three months. So it's 10 45 Eastern time and Josh is ready to nap. We have been podcasting for almost four hours now. So it's time for us to. So guys, let's go ahead and give some plugs, John.

[00:38:30] John: Well, uh, like usual, I just want to say thank you again to everybody for all your interactions.

[00:38:36] We're going to go back to reading reviews again, next episode. So stay tuned for that, just to say thank you to all the wicked maniacs that left this review. And as applaud, just want to say, uh, just want to plug on my wife and I's Tik TOK page is called travel fats. That's T R a V E L F a T S calories in different areas.

[00:38:56] So check it out. We post a lot of food, food blogs, and our

[00:38:59] Sean: food [00:39:00] adventures. Yeah. All right. Joshua, you got my guy.

[00:39:02] Josh: Oh yeah. Yeah. If you want to check out, let's start a cult. You can find that anywhere you listen to podcasts on YouTube. Yeah. Basically anywhere. If you want to follow me on Twitter or Instagram or tic talk, you can at let's underscore cult.

[00:39:17] Keep up to date with me there. We also have a Facebook page, let's start a cult pod. I believe. Somewhere on there. If you just Googled, let's start a call, you'll find it on Facebook. Yeah. And, uh, yeah, we talked about cults, uh, called leaders and how they form. So if that interests you and you want to hear more of John, cause he is again, most of my content.

[00:39:42] Uh, definitely go check it out.

[00:39:44] Sean: And uh, I guess for me, I'm going to go ahead and plug my other podcast shots and thoughts. So we just did an episode with John and Josh about how nipples got sexualized. So you can go. Go back and go ahead and listen to that. If this is your first episode, what we do is we learn something new [00:40:00] every week we take shots and we play drinking games and then make the drunkest person give a recap of what we just learned.

[00:40:07] If this is not your first episode. Thank you. And, uh, you know, the vibes, you know, what shots and thoughts is about. So I'll go ahead and. This podcast, read it on Wiki. You can find us at Reddit on Wiki, on Instagram, Twitter, Tik TOK, and, uh, yeah, every Monday coming up. Learning new stuff coming up with random facts or not random facts, but random, random, random shit.

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[00:40:51] All right. So that's it. Make sure you guys give us a listen to all our older episodes. If you haven't and rate, review, subscribe, all that good [00:41:00] stuff. We love you guys. Thank you. Peace out.

[00:41:12] Uh,