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November 29, 2021
Pete Rose Scandal

"Bet on yourself" MIGHT be the worst piece of advice Pete Rose has ever heard. All-time MLB leader in hits, games played, at bats, singles, and outs... but he will never be in the MLB Hall of Fame?! In this episode its yuh boy hosting and talking about what Pete Rose did to borderline erase his baseball legacy! Plus you know the filth is back, so stay tuned for that. Cons…

"Bet on yourself" MIGHT be the worst piece of advice Pete Rose has ever heard. All-time MLB leader in hits, games played, at bats, singles, and outs... but he will never be in the MLB Hall of Fame?!

In this episode its yuh boy hosting and talking about what Pete Rose did to borderline erase his baseball legacy! Plus you know the filth is back, so stay tuned for that.

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Episode 20- Pete Rose Scandal

[00:00:00] Sean: Oh, what's up? WCA maniacs. It's your boy, Sean. Coming at you hosting another episode of Reddit on Wiki. You know, the vibes with me today. We have. From Dallas from Canada, one's a cold leader once a fucking, a man of many traits. One is the host of , the Dumbfoundead, which is coming back January 20, 22. I can't repeat that enough.

[00:00:28] We've said it in our last three episodes. Make sure you're still subscribed to that so that you can get their new episode coming at you once a month. You know, the vibes, John, Josh double J. What the fuck was that? How are you

[00:00:44] Josh: guys doing? I haven't seen finger guns in so long.

[00:00:49] Sean: It's great for an audio media.

[00:00:51] They fucking know they just, from the sound, they know what the fuck that is.

[00:00:54] John: You're really embracing the. Michael Scott type of vibes. Are you?

[00:00:58] Sean: Ah, it's just, I'm [00:01:00] I'm running low. The booster is no longer running through my veins. I'm back to anxious. Shaw. The intros are back to being bad again. You better believe it.

[00:01:10] And Sean, if

[00:01:13] Josh: Sean's Michael Scott, who does that make? What does that make us, John? I think I got the white Truett haircut

[00:01:20] Sean: going on right now. You guys are. Nice. Yo,

[00:01:25] Josh: your Pam, your short.

[00:01:28] Sean: Again, plugging the Patriot on to see some more of our, uh, we have videos of role-playing the office on our Patrion. You'll have to join and pay us to see it.

[00:01:38] It's behind a paywall. Welcome to read it on way. The podcast where each of us host every other week, we switch off hosting capabilities, tend to job duties out of fucking no, here we go. Every week, one of the three of us will host and then we'll, , teach each other about a new subject. But the caveat is we can [00:02:00] only use Wikipedia and read it as our main sources of research.

[00:02:06] Josh: Cause I have

[00:02:06] Sean: not been doing, I've been doing, I mean,

[00:02:08] John: Reddit and Wiki is pretty much what I use, but I use other sources. ,

[00:02:12] Sean: well, I said as the main source, you know what I'm saying? Don't, don't throw me off. I'm on a roll. Here we go.

[00:02:24] 20 episodes in now. So fuck it. There are no rules. You guys know, you

[00:02:28] John: know what happens when you break the rules? Right? Josh?

[00:02:33] Sean: I don't

[00:02:33] Josh: know. I don't know, family Dick fight or whatever Sean's episode.

[00:02:38] Sean: Whoa, whoa. Excuse me.

[00:02:42] Josh: You made me read that ,

[00:02:46] Sean: , WCA maniacs. If this is your first episode, that I've, , that you've listened to of me hosting, it does usually end in some kind of, , smut erotic fan fiction of sorts.

[00:02:56] And, , we took a break from that last week to put everybody through PON hell [00:03:00] or punishment. Like John likes to. Yep. , but I'm coming back hot. When you have more Roddick fan fiction for you at the end of this episode, Leo, , we'll, we'll read it equally, but, , before we get to that, the topic for today is the Pete rose scandal.

[00:03:18] John, Josh, what do you guys know about the pete rose scandal. ,

[00:03:24] Josh: . I was going to say nothing. I've never heard this name before. , I don't know if I'm just blanking on some large media thing that I missed or whatever, but, , , yeah, I, I don't know. I'm not sure.

[00:03:40] John: I do know that he is a baseball player.

[00:03:41] He played for the Cincinnati reds. Wait, no, he managed the Cincinnati reds.

[00:03:48] Sean: You're about to find out my friend. Oh my God.

[00:03:50] John: But I do know him from wrestling. He gets tombstone by cane a

[00:03:56] Sean: lot. Oh yes, he does. Yeah. When I was on Reddit [00:04:00] searching for Pete rose stuff, a lot of wrestling stuff came up and I was like, what is he?

[00:04:03] And then I clicked. I was like, oh yeah.

[00:04:06] John: Tombstone Paul driver by cane. I want

[00:04:09] Sean: to say several times.

[00:04:11] Josh: Interesting. Is that a,

[00:04:14] Sean: just a cane is a cane. Cane is , the big red machine. He is , the fucking demon brother of the undertaker. , it's just awesome. But anyways, yeah, the kayfabe, you know what I'm saying?

[00:04:26] Yeah. But, , bringing it back, the Piero scandal, I chose this one, cause I'm kind of . On a baseball kick. It is November 29th. I think when you're listening to this, unless you, , bought our Patrion and you're hearing this a week early, or whenever the fuck John decides to upload it by tomorrow. But currently when we're recording, , the world series has just ended and my ass.

[00:04:49] , got their ass fucking Rove. Okay. Chill. It's not your team.

[00:04:57] Fuck it. I don't care where the fucking villains of major [00:05:00] league baseball and I fucking love it. I love being a heel, , but we, we choked it in game six and it's probably the end of us being always in either the ALC S or the world series. Cause. Is more than likely gone. And, , you know, even though everybody hates Korea, everybody, now that he's a free agent, everybody will do anything to get them on their team.

[00:05:21] Let's go Jays Porsche to Jay's

[00:05:25] John: brave face

[00:05:25] Sean: right now, honestly, I told Josh and John in the chat, you know, five years, five straight ALCF. , three world series one championship. I don't care if you're the asterix or the trash cans or blah, blah, blah. , we still have the fucking, , I still have the ring on my goddamn finger.

[00:05:45] We still have the pendant and our goddamn stadium. We want a goddamn championship.

[00:05:50] Josh: Wait, wait, is that the team that did the trash can thing?

[00:05:54] Sean: , that could be a whole nother episode if you want, but I'll tell you this. Every, every team fucking cheats. [00:06:00] Oh, every team cheats, every team, God damn steal signs.

[00:06:03] Everybody is freaking out about, , the, the camera shit, , a month or two after our report came out, a report came out about the Yankees and the red Sox. But guess what? They're historical teams with large fan bases that have been around since the start of the MLB. So they're not going to take the heat.

[00:06:18] The Astro's the new team that nobody cares about is going to take the heat because everyone hates Houston sports. Guess what guys we're pivoting the episode. It's . Astros episode, we're getting shitted on. We don't deserve. Just kidding. Did you even breathe this whole time? He introduced that. Nah, fuck it.

[00:06:34] Heated guys. I can tell Astros, get shitted on and I guess good reason they cheated, but guess what? Your favorite team also fucking cheats. So you just didn't cheat. Good enough. So you guys are like to suck 2017 world series champions.

[00:06:52] Josh: Oh, so you guys are the new England Patriots of MLB you're on top.

[00:06:57] Everyone hates on you and picks on the deflate [00:07:00] gate thing and taking pictures at a recording, a giants practice or something. I don't know what it was, but yeah. Yeah. Okay. That makes sense.

[00:07:10] Sean: I don't care. Our dynasty is probably over now that. Very Lander's gone. Grandkids gone Cray as about to be gone.

[00:07:19] Springer's already gone. , Garrett coal's gone, but , lasted half, maybe a third of the Patriots run, but nice. But it's been nice being on top. , enjoy my yelling for now because I'm sure we're going to be irrelevant in three years. So it's whatever

[00:07:34] John: One

[00:07:34] Sean: of your players. Yeah. And he's the fucking best.

[00:07:37] He's a short cane too, right? He's a short king. You better believe it. Everybody's so mad at him. Oh, we're fucking going full tangent here. Everyone's so mad at because he's the fucking, you know, the best player on our team. And he won MVP that year and blah, blah, blah. But guess what guys, he wasn't even involved in the cheating scandal and all the reports that shows that.

[00:07:58] , did not take part in that he [00:08:00] didn't want to be part of the scheme and guess what? He's fucking second he's. I think he's tired for a second. For most home runs and world series, and he's played two thirds of the game. So the other two guys, I don't want to fucking hear it. I don't want to fucking hear guys anyway.

[00:08:19] So Pete rose, right? We're getting into period. I'm not as good at segways as Josh. , oh, here we go. Speaking of baseball scandals, let's get into Pete rose. Woo. Here we go. Yeah. I'd love to see that. Got some

[00:08:33] John: leftover, , you know,

[00:08:35] Sean: you can still get that booster.

[00:08:37] Josh: A little bit of the booster is still running through your

[00:08:39] Sean: blood.

[00:08:41] Okay. So before we get into the Pete rose scandal, let's get to know Pete rose himself. All right. So wicked maniacs, like I do every episode starting the first half in Wikipedia. And then, , after the break I'll do some Reddit shit. All right. So before we get into the scandal, let's [00:09:00] get into Pete Rose's Wikipedia page.

[00:09:03] So Pete rose known, also known by his nickname. Charlie hustle is an American, former professional baseball player and manager rose played in the major league baseball from 1963 to 1986, a fucking long ass time. It was a long time. Most prominently as a member of John, you got to write the Cincinnati reds.

[00:09:32] He was part of the Cincinnati reds team that was known as the big red machine, which is probably why he was feuding with Kane. Oh my God. Okay. It all comes together. So they were nicknamed that because of their dominance of the national league in the 1970s, he also played for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Montreal expos, shout out Canada, Josh.

[00:09:54] Hell. Yeah. And during the Vermont, after his playing career, he [00:10:00] served as the manager of the reds from 1984 to 1986. All right. So rose was a switch. And is the all time MLB leader in hits. He's hit the ball 4,256 times. Dang. Right. That's a fuck ton of times.

[00:10:20] John: I'm not a, I'm not really baseball guy, but isn't the movie about Mr.

[00:10:25] 3000, is that 3000 hits or 3000 homes?

[00:10:31] Sean: , 3000 home runs sounds like an impossible feat. , so probably hits I, to be honest, I did not start watching baseball until the Astros' got good in 2015. So if there's a piece of baseball media after 2015, I don't really, or before 2015, I don't really know it.

[00:10:49] , now

[00:10:50] Josh: I played T-ball. I maybe hit a 10 times. Is that good? Is that good? But

[00:10:59] Sean: [00:11:00] better than me, I did zero sports as a child, so. Okay.

[00:11:03] Josh: Pretty good. I didn't do too many. I hand sports. I did soccer a lot

[00:11:10] Sean: or soccer in Canada or is it football on Canada?

[00:11:13] Josh: It's soccer. So, yeah. And that way we're, we're just as American as you guys.

[00:11:19] Sean: They're just they're north American steel. So we just measure our fields differently. Okay. And kilometers fun fact kilometers shorter than a mile, you guys would have never known that. Do

[00:11:36] John: you guys, any of you watch fucking Wildin out,

[00:11:40] Sean: , way back when,

[00:11:42] John: if you watch Wildin out and Sean, I feel like this is your dime joke.

[00:11:47] I don't know if you've ever seen that, where, , he makes a, he tries to make a line about, , a pickup line I'm using a dime and he kept, he kept getting a buzzer every time I'm Emmanuel. I feel like this is your dime joke moving [00:12:00] forward,

[00:12:00] Sean: but from kilometers and kilometers or miles, I'm just trying to get us a new shirt material.

[00:12:10] Yeah. One mile equals 0.6 to whatever the fuck it is.

[00:12:16] Josh: No context, not greater than kilometers.

[00:12:19] Sean: So yeah, there you go. Okay. So not only is he the, , all time MLB leader in hits, he's also the MLB all times. Leader in games played. He played 3,562 games. She also has the most at bats, 14,000. 53. He also has the most singles, 32 15.

[00:12:45] He has the most outs at 10,328. He's won three world series three, batting tiles, one MVP, two gold gloves, and the rookie of the. Rose made 17 all-star [00:13:00] appearances at an unequaled five different positions. He also won both his golden gloves when he was an outfielder in 1969 and 1970 is also credited with popularizing the headfirst lighting technique in the major league.

[00:13:18] All right. So that's a little background on the greatness that is Pete rose. Absolutely insane. , , just a quick rundown, 17 time, all star three time world series champion, one time national league MVP. One time world series MVP, the national league, rookie of the year, two time gold glove winner.

[00:13:38] He also won the silver Slugger. One time he won the Roberto Clemente award. I don't even know what that is. That's for you guys. He's a three time national league batting champion. The Cincinnati reds retired his number. He's a member of the Cincinnati reds hall of fame. And he's part of the MLB all century team Jesus.

[00:13:59] Josh: So this guy [00:14:00] just woke up and was born to play baseball. Basically he

[00:14:05] Sean: came out swinging. Yes, the goddamn God, not in my episode.

[00:14:17] Oh man. Fucking hate it. I hate, but like a

[00:14:22] John: proud

[00:14:23] Sean: father. I've never been more disappointed.

[00:14:28] Josh: It's like having a proud dad and a disappointed mom.

[00:14:32] Sean: Sean says,

[00:14:33] John: this is your first strike.

[00:14:37] Sean: That's your soul. God damn it. That one went right over me.

[00:14:45] It's like your national treasure joke that went completely over my head. I was editing it and I heard it and I was , why did I not boo. And then Josh immediately booed and I just moved past. , quick or baby? Yeah, I guess. [00:15:00] So anyways,

[00:15:01] Josh: you were on your booster. You were too focused .

[00:15:03] Sean: Yeah, the boosters a yeah, fucking Adderall kick.

[00:15:06] All right. So now that we know what Pete rose is about and how great he was as a player, let's get into his, , what the scandal was all about. After he played a majority of his career, , with the red. He, , got moved to the Phillies for a few years, then went to Montreal for a year.

[00:15:29] And then in 1984, he came back to the reds and they immediately named him a player manager. So not only was he managing the team, he was still playing in the game. Hitting dangers all day. You can do that. What the fuck? , I guess so I did not know. That was a thing I was super confused about and there's a whole Wikipedia page on the history of player coaches.

[00:15:55] So you should do an episode on that. Yeah, that could be a whole nother episode. [00:16:00] Another time

[00:16:00] Josh: that's wild. I couldn't imagine doing, I mean, it's baseball, I guess there's not much going on, but

[00:16:07] Sean: some could say fucking LeBron James, his last like seven years has been a player coach. So that's fair enough. In 1989, rose, , was questioned by the outgoing commissioner of the MLB, , and his success. , Bartlett Giamatti about gambling activities. Three days later, lawyer John M Dowd retained to investigate the charges against arose during the investigation.

[00:16:38] Giamatti took office as the commissioner of baseball and John M doubt release the doubt report. Okay. So the Dowd report was a document describing the transgressions. Pete rose and betting on baseball games, some of which he participated in [00:17:00] a report asserted that Pete rose bet on 52 reds games in 1987 at a minimum of $10,000 a day.

[00:17:10] Holy shit. Rows facing very harsh punishment along with his attorney and agent Ruben Katz decided to seek a compromise with major league baseball on August 24th, 1989. Rose agreed to volunteer to a voluntary lifetime ban from baseball. That agreement had three key provisions, one. MLB would make no finding or fact regarding gambling allocations and cease.

[00:17:43] Their investigation to rose was neither admitting or denying the charges. And three rose could apply for reinstatement after one year, but so just

[00:17:57] Josh: no. What, so he's like, I want you to [00:18:00] do get rid of everything, all the information, and then forget this happened. And then in a year, I'll come back. That's not how anything works.

[00:18:08] Sean: It's so stupid in a year. You could reapply to come back. You know what I mean, though?

[00:18:13] Josh: , it's weird. I don't know. That's weird. I do have a follow-up question though. Where the games you bet on, were they for his team to win or against his team to win? Cause I. I have a controversial take that it should be okay to bet on your team to win because you have no, , you can't really do anything.

[00:18:37] You know what I mean? , even if you were playing in it, , what are you going to do? Play harder. You're already playing probably gonna be playing as hard as you can anyway. So,

[00:18:45] John: ,

[00:18:45] XCOR an over and under type of shit. , is that how Betty? I don't know exactly

[00:18:49] how

[00:18:49] Sean: bedding works.

[00:18:50] Josh: Well, you can use a bet on what team to win, but yeah, you get, there are

[00:18:53] Sean: prop over unders.

[00:18:55] Yeah. So we'll, we'll get into that later because he writes a [00:19:00] book about, , just going, , chronologically. So Giamatti, which was, who was the commissioner at the time? , immediately stated publicly, even though they said, you know, that. That they would cease their investigation after they agreed Giamatti Lee immediately publicly stated that he felt that rose did in fact bet on baseball games.

[00:19:23] And then eight days later, Giamatti suffered a fatal heart attack. Consensus among baseball experts is that Giamatti's post agreement statement, his sudden death and time, or his sudden and untimely death and appointment of new commissioner fave, Vincent, a close friend and great admirer of jail. Doomed Pete Rose's hopes of reinstatement.

[00:19:47] So pretty much this man's dying. Last public words were fuck Pete rose. He cheated, oh my bet. On games. And then the next commissioner who was a close friend and [00:20:00] fan of Giamatti was , well, I'm not going to be the one to fucking reinstate

[00:20:03] Josh: him. Oh yeah. That's fair. I mean, fair. I wouldn't either.

[00:20:08] Sean: Yeah. So since then, , fave Vincent was, , replaced in 1992 by bud Seelig.

[00:20:17] And then when that happened, rose applied for re installment five years later in 1997. And in 2003, and both instances Selig chose not to act, keeping the band until. One Seelig retired rose applied for reinstatement again in 2015, but Seelig successor, Rob Manfred denied their request in December of that year.

[00:20:42] So to this day, he is banned from baseball is not eligible for the MLB hall of fame. And, yeah, it's, it's just a huge ban. So here we go. February 4th, 1991 roses banned from baseball was extended to the [00:21:00] baseball hall of fame. When the 12 members of the board of directors of the hall of fame voted unanimously to bar rose from the ballot.

[00:21:10] So even though they banned him from being in the hall of fame forever, he was still celebrated as part of the all century team in 1999. And, he was allowed in the Cincinnati reds. Hall of fame, but he'll never be allowed to be in the MLB hall of fame.

[00:21:30] John: You question, do you get any benefits of being in on those hall of fame

[00:21:34] Sean: or no?

[00:21:36] , I think it's just coolness recognition coolness,

[00:21:38] John: but I mean, if you're a part of the, oh,

[00:21:41] Sean: It's the NFL or, you know, you get a statue of yourself made. Yeah. There's an actual hall of fame. Yeah, bus. So later on he wrote a book called my prison without bars, and he admitted that he did bet on reds games and on other MLB games and he [00:22:00] admitted.

[00:22:00] He told, , commissioner Selig, personally, that he did do that, but he states and will continue to state that he always bet on the reds, never against them. He always said, I bet on my team to win. And you know, it is what it is. I don't know.

[00:22:20] Josh: If, if that's what he did, I, I have a hard time having a problem with that.

[00:22:25] For the reasons I stated before, it's different. If you're the player manager betting against your team, because you can definitely throw the game, , by putting worse players in positions that they shouldn't be and a winning back money. But come on, look, I have a hard time, there's people juicing and.

[00:22:46] Launching balls in the atmosphere, , yeah, cut, cut that out. Maybe. And not guys betting on their own team or don't make, make juicing legal, actually that too, [00:23:00]

[00:23:00] Sean: that's a hot take. Not

[00:23:03] John: anything negative, negatively impact the game. You know what I'm saying? The album is still going to be the same.

[00:23:07] If he's gambling for his team to win. They're going to play hard regardless. Like you said, if he was betting against it saying , Hey, we're going to not going to hit the ball so well today. So you can get certain points. You can actually the issue with that, but that doesn't sound it from what I'm

[00:23:24] Sean: hearing at least.

[00:23:26] Yeah. I mean, I agree with you guys again, I haven't been a baseball fan. My whole life. I only started seven, six years ago, but from everything that I've learned baseball out of, the major sports in America is the most bound by tradition. The, the least, anything that's, anything that's show Bodhi is, is , , is bad.

[00:23:46] You're not allowed to do bad flips. You're not allowed to dance after doing stuff. Yeah, it has to be, oh, just business, you know, good quote unquote, good sportsmanship. I

[00:23:56] Josh: will comment the bounties to bat flip was sick.

[00:23:59] Sean: , but [00:24:00] I fucking love bat flips. , but

[00:24:02] Josh: , I would argue the NHL is way more conservative in that way.

[00:24:05] Just, , it is old white hockey culture through and through, and it is the most annoying shit. Ah, There's a bunch of allegations coming out now and stuff like that. And, , they're very, , boys clubby, I guess you'd say. , so I would say it's up there with the mob, if not worse in some ways, but, ,

[00:24:27] Sean: I just think a

[00:24:28] John: lot of, you know, what, to be honest, I think the only fun league right now is the NBA, as far as missioner.

[00:24:35] Oh yeah. Cause I'm Adam silver. He's.

[00:24:38] Sean: It's killing a player

[00:24:39] John: thinking. Yeah, I'm just changing. And like you guys said, the whole tradition. Back then if they changed the format of the all-star game, like how they did an NBA, people would go batshit crazy.

[00:24:50] Sean: Oh yeah. I think

[00:24:53] John: the new format is super sick.

[00:24:54] It's, they're more, everyone's more competitive. And then, I mean, they call called the NFL, the no fun league. [00:25:00] Cause they get fucking fined for everything. Just like wearing a different

[00:25:03] Sean: colored. Cleats is celebrating. Yeah.

[00:25:05] John: They, they banned, , don't get on the goalpost. Bro, that's athleticism, you know, if that motherfucker can jump that high, on that 12 foot posts and they can do that, let them it's ,

[00:25:16] Sean: no, that's , , this year with the fucking, the NFL and there they increased the, yeah, the flags are taunting or whatever that the sensitivity to.

[00:25:25] Everything is a fucking flag. Everything is taunting. Jesus. It's awful. It's bad to watch. It's not great as opposed to MBA, which, , took out the, made it harder to get fouls. Not everything is a foul now. So now it's a faster pace. It's much more enjoyable to watch,

[00:25:41] John: but I do. I do like that. And I, and I'm sorry, Sean, but I do love seeing James harden suffer

[00:25:45] Sean: because of that.

[00:25:46] See that that's my, that's my issue. Is this he's not even in Houston anymore, but I'll defend him because he's always got shitted on. And I don't think he deserves it, but James harden [00:26:00] got so much flack throughout the years as everything being a foul. And when it was, it was a foul and other NBA players have stated if they could do that, they would absolutely do that.

[00:26:10] They just can't do what James harden does. But now that it's not a foul and since James harden is the poster child of body moves. In order to get fouls. He is getting, even when he, everyone he's getting fouled now they're not calling it fouls. He's getting legitimately fucking beat the fuck up.

[00:26:27] And they're not calling fouls. That's a whole nother. Yeah.

[00:26:32] John: There's a lot of players suffering from that, like means besides Steph quarters. Then of course he's a fucking goat when it comes to shooting, but Devin Booker is suffering fucking and, Damian Lillard suffering from it. It's just, it's, it's, it's a lot of things

[00:26:45] Sean: getting you.

[00:26:46] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:26:48] Josh: But yeah, but as you said, , the NBA is definitely the best league for changing and adapting to the times for, out of all the sports leagues, I think,

[00:26:59] Sean: oh, [00:27:00] w NBA too is also very progressive and the shout out to

[00:27:02] John: Drake, trying to get a Adobe NBA team in Toronto, by the way, trying to recruit Liz cabbage to be the face of the

[00:27:09] Sean: French.

[00:27:10] Josh: I didn't know that. So

[00:27:13] Sean: I didn't know that either. That's life like I'm Lizzie. That's what? Oh, live.

[00:27:20] Josh: Oh yeah. Yeah. Drake's so big up Toronto.

[00:27:23] John: Yeah. Well, I mean, it just as good, , you know, I was just throwing out there, women's sports in general, you know, it's so it pisses me off. When I go on Twitter or Instagram and they , let's say Bleacher report, post something about , women's.

[00:27:35] Sean: Yeah, I keep up a control. It it's , it's annoying.

[00:27:39] John: Don't care. Go back to the kitchen. I'm just , bro, these women will cross you to the next

[00:27:44] Sean: city. , yeah.

[00:27:45] Josh: And it's , if you don't care, then you don't have to comment. Just move along with your life. And the people who will watch it, we'll watch it.

[00:27:51] And it's , I don't know. They, they just they're, they're so small and pathetic that they have to bring women down to exactly to their [00:28:00] level.

[00:28:00] John: Professionals for a reason, , oh my God, I could not even lace any of their shoes. Man, I'm fuck. I'm a horrible basketball dribbler. I mean, I could for days, but you give me, you make me run the point guard.

[00:28:12] I'll bust the Russell Westbrook and turn it over 13 times before the first

[00:28:16] Sean: quarter is

[00:28:16] Josh: over, bro. I played in a co-ed league one time and I'm not, I don't play basketball at all, but um, this one girl, she. Every time, three didn't matter where she was and they fucking killed us 50 to 20 or something like that.

[00:28:32] It was not even close.

[00:28:34] Sean: , it was Stephanie Curry. Oh my God. That was , what the fuck?

[00:28:40] Josh: So, yeah. Could you imagine what actual professional basketball players could do? , it would just

[00:28:47] Sean: sorry about that. Yeah, that was a whole tangent. We went down. Sorry. But anyways, , that's it for the Wikipedia segment, we're going to take some ad breaks.

[00:28:55] Cause fun fact, I just got married and I'm still broke guys. All right. So [00:29:00] ads Patriot on ads, all the ads. So you guys in a little bit, I E

[00:29:08] and we're back clipping again. You better believe it. Here. We. All right. So just like I told you guys, , we did our Wikipedia stuff. Now let's get into some Reddit stuff. There wasn't a ton of stuff I found, but, , one thing I found a lot. Hun, not hundreds, , hyperbole there, but, , there's a dozen different posts of Pete rose, autographing, baseballs, and riding some wild shit on them.

[00:29:41] So, , one thing I've learned about Pete rose is that I guess since he's not in the hall of fame and since he loves sports betting still to this day, There's always in Vegas and he's always at those sports shops signing baseballs. So that'll make money. Exactly. He's got to make money.[00:30:00] , so here are some of the balls that he signed.

[00:30:04] , here's the one Pete rose. Sorry. I bet on baseball. ,

[00:30:09] here's another one.

[00:30:15] , Pete rose, sorry. I shot JFK wild

[00:30:24] just on a baseball signature. , he actually signed that shit like that. He signed it and wrote it. , Pete rose for president. My

[00:30:35] Josh: God like Donald Trump a little bit. He'd be a good shit poster on

[00:30:38] Sean: Twitter. Funny thing about anything about Donald Trump, , Donald Trump make America great again, Pete rose.

[00:30:48] Oh, Trumpy. Hate to see it. Here you go. Oh, no. 2004 WWE hall of Famer.

[00:30:58] John: He is a hall of Famer there. [00:31:00]

[00:31:02] Sean: Here's another one. Pete rose. I really wish I were in the hall of fame.

[00:31:11] Josh: You know, it wasn't for the Donald Trump comment, I'd be in his corner. I am

[00:31:16] Sean: Pete rose. At least I didn't do steroids. That was what I was saying

[00:31:25] back in his corner. I'm back in the corner, Pete rose rest in peace bay. Oh God.

[00:31:32] John: You want to get subscribers out? You know what time it is?

[00:31:36] Sean: It's out, baby.

[00:31:40] Lincoln was shot. , Lincoln was shot the day I was born. April 14th. Fuck Pete rose.

[00:31:48] Josh: Pedro's birthday. I guess that's pretty close to mine actually. Oh,

[00:31:55] Sean: you're April too. I'm April as well, dude.

[00:31:57] Josh: 16th,

[00:31:59] Sean: [00:32:00] 28th. My ah, damn. Are we all

[00:32:03] Josh: tourists? No close. No. , Oh,

[00:32:05] Sean: whoa. Fire sign. Just kidding. I don't know. Shit. I dunno.

[00:32:09] Dang baby. All right. , another one, Pete rose also. I was the first man on the moon. He would be seen, rode on Twitter. Pete rose. Sorry. I screwed up the economy. It was his fault. You see rose, there's no crying in baseball. And then also Pete rose, 4,236 hits zero steroids.

[00:32:42] Josh: I do like the shots. He makes it the steroids.

[00:32:43] Cause I do agree with.

[00:32:45] John: Who's the guy that was, , did steroids, bonds,

[00:32:48] Sean: bear bonds. It was a lot of fuck ton of people on salsa too. Yeah. Thanks. That was a turn. He turned the topic, but have you, yeah. Have you seen [00:33:00] Sosa? Yeah. He's moly. He did something. Have you seen it? I don't. I don't think he has the skin disease.

[00:33:07] I think he did that to himself.

[00:33:09] John: Let me see him now because he play, he played for the Cubs.

[00:33:15] Sean: , again, if it's before 2015, he didn't play for a Cubs here. Let me, oh yeah. Let me get

[00:33:22] Josh: a good picture here for you to share on the

[00:33:26] Sean: brawl I

[00:33:28] Josh: share. Yeah, I can.

[00:33:31] John: This motherfucker look like he been in a funeral parlor.

[00:33:36] Josh: Look at this shit.

[00:33:41] Sean: He did something. Yeah. He did some shit to him. So for sure, hoof. Oh, that is

[00:33:48] John: scary site, bro. Vampire.

[00:33:56] Sean: All right. Here's another article I found on Reddit. , Pete [00:34:00] rose, here's the quote, , He was quoted in an article to talk about the steroid issue. And this is what he's saying. You have to understand. I don't call these guys to do shows. They call me. And of course, with all this steroid talk and the 12 guys being suspended and a rod appealing, they want my input because I'm suspended for life.

[00:34:22] Hey, everything is a different case. I made my mistakes. I can whine about it. I'm the one that messed up and I'm the one paying the consequences. However, if I'm given a second. I won't need a third chance. And to be honest with you, I think I picked the wrong vice. Maybe I should have picked alcohol or I should've picked drugs, or maybe I should've picked up beating my wife or girlfriend, because if you do those three things, you end up getting a second chance.

[00:34:47] That is true. Those haven't been given to too many gamblers in the world of baseball set. So I don't know if that's, I completely

[00:34:57] Josh: agree. I a hundred percent like.[00:35:00]

[00:35:03] I mean, there are, I think there are rules against like a spousal abuse now in most major league sports, except for the NHS.

[00:35:12] Sean: Yeah. I want to say some of the

[00:35:14] John: NFL too. I mean, shit, Kareem hunt is still playing.

[00:35:18] Josh: Yeah,

[00:35:18] Sean: that's true. Yeah. So, I mean, Tyree kale, Tyree kill Joe

[00:35:23] John: Mixon, Randy Gregory played for a little bit before he started beating the shit out of people in real life and UFC, I think.

[00:35:30] Sean: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They, they just to talk about Randall Gregory. They gave him bombs just cause Dana white likes to promote him, even though.

[00:35:40] Yeah. I

[00:35:41] John: mean like shit, , , and this is unfortunate, but fucking whatever happened to Henry rugs right now, , recently when he just demolished someone's life, unfortunately, and I think he's going to get another shot in the league once he gets off of jail. I mean, that happened.

[00:35:58] Sean: Man. I dunno, he's [00:36:00] the judge was , this is the worst case I've ever seen.

[00:36:03] I've never seen someone go 156 miles per hour in Vegas. They

[00:36:09] John: very strict when it comes to DUI. And the crazy shit is this guy. Was it that well fucking seatbelt.

[00:36:15] Sean: She says his girlfriend was in the car too. She seriously injured. He is not God. Oh, this was the one that just happened recently. I heard as much as I, as much of a, of a dumb ass as he is.

[00:36:30] , I do applaud his, his quarterback, Derek Carr, and saying he was pretty much saying like, yes, he made a very stupid decision, but, , you know, he just killed somebody on accident. So, you know, he's feeling a type of way and he's going to have to live with those things, the rest of his life. So I'll always be there to give him love and stuff.

[00:36:49] And I'm , that's a different perspective. Cause I was , fuck Henry rugs. And it is still fuck Henry rough. That's a huge mistake. He still gets a little. Yeah, but it is, [00:37:00] it is, , everybody does, you know, deserve somebody in their corner. , yeah, but definitely not a shit again, Josh Halen doesn't deserve a second chance.

[00:37:18] All right. But yeah, this is the last thing and it seems since we're all in agreement that. That Pete rose should be reinstated and be put in the hall of fam ESPN ran a poll seven years ago, and it turns out the public agree with us 81% of people that voted on that poll think that the Pete rose band should be reversed and that the accolades and the things he's given to baseball far outweigh what he quote unquote took away.

[00:37:46] I agree. And, , I

[00:37:47] Josh: agreed. Give him a bat, let them play now.

[00:37:51] Sean: Oh shit. He's the oldest. Fuck. You don't leave. But some shit right. Maybe. All right. So with that being said, that's the end of [00:38:00] our Reddit section. I've linked in the chat. , oh my God. Here it is. The fan fiction to end the episode. Guys could not find a Pete rose fan fiction, believe it or not, but I did find a Kyle Seager, Jared Weaver, erotic fan fiction.

[00:38:16] Those are both MLB players. , I do not know what teams, this was written four years ago, so they might be on different teams now, but it looks like the Rangers, it looks like Rangers and Mariners. We'll go. Same order as always John then Josh and then myself to get the longest paragraph. Yeah. We'll switch paragraphs.

[00:38:39] John:

[00:38:39] So this is a, , Reddit post by Casey written five years ago, titled the Kyle Seager and Jared Weaver erotic fan fiction.

[00:38:52] Sean: Real creative. Yes. And there are textbooks ranger. Yeah, let me fuck the rain.

[00:38:56] John: I mean, I actually, I don't really root for Rangers, but I [00:39:00] that's, the only time I go watch a baseball game.

[00:39:02] So

[00:39:02] Sean: there you go. I have a Jersey, oh, backstory on this. It looks like he lost some kind of bat or wager and he was forced to write this and he made this masterpiece instead. Right. Okay.

[00:39:14] John: All right. Starting now, the parking lot was dark. All of the fans had filtered through the exits and made their way home.

[00:39:22] Distraught by the Rangers series sweep against the Mariners, the other players and personnel from both the Mariners and Rangers. I left as well yet to remain Kyle Seger, the hero and Rangers nemesis, Strode, confidently to as escalate the sweet scent of his cologne emanating from his. This is button up Tawny, Tommy, Tommy Hilfiger shirt was left with the top two buttons, open showing off his chiseled pecs and his Calvin Klein jeans

[00:39:51] Sean: perfectly as a sponsor

[00:39:55] John: sponsor us shit. I need the money. Accenture police tight [00:40:00] shapely the light filtering from the loan street lamp. That was still a lot still on shone upon him, illuminating his pristine facial features and make him making him look like the God among men that he is.

[00:40:15] Sean: This is kind of beautifully written.

[00:40:17] I'm not going to lie.

[00:40:18] Josh: That was really nice. Hey, sexy called a voice from behind Kyle. I love how you worked. That would tonight.

[00:40:27] Sean: Kyle didn't even need to turn around, to know who was cat calling him. I know you did. Jared came his measured reply. Did you see how I fisted that pitch to the, to right. To drive in the Renick in the winning.

[00:40:41] John: Jared Weaver in his Wranglers and Tony Lamas sauntered towards

[00:40:48] Sean: his

[00:40:48] John: long blonde hair, gently fitting in the cool Texas breeze. I feel right at home. It made me want to pitch to you like the good old days. He said, as he reached up [00:41:00] gently stroked Kyle's clean-shaven cheek and gave him a slight wink

[00:41:05] Sean: Kyle blushed

[00:41:07] Josh: things aren't like that anymore.

[00:41:09] I'm a changed man.

[00:41:11] Sean: I can't keep doing this meeting in secrecy and for what Jared kept his gaze upon Kyle, as he replied for what you were in saying that the last time you took my backdoor slider,

[00:41:28] John: that was then this is now Kyle said former this time, I'm a different man. Now I'm not the kid I used to be.

[00:41:37] Sean: You

[00:41:37] Josh: know how much I love it. When you try to be forceful. Jared replied, Cooley, he reached around and placed his hand in the smallest Kyle's back while gently gripping cow's throat. You know, you want me to throw you my fastball? Jesus. I know it isn't what it once was, but it's still enough to make you quit.

[00:41:58] Sean: We ever,[00:42:00]

[00:42:01] Kyle looked at Jared, his eyes locked into those deep pools of. He sighed a slight grin, creeping across as features. I know he softly stated this time though. I'm not just getting to second base off of you. I'm coming around for the score. What a pun. This is full of it. I kinda love it.

[00:42:24] John: Jared nodded and pointed to calls sq.

[00:42:27] Carl slowly opened the back door and motion for Jared to come inside. Now I want you to hold back. Kyle said, as Jared climbed in, I want you to pitch a complete game

[00:42:41] Josh: when I'm done. Baby came. Jared's. You're going to need to go on the disabled list.

[00:42:46] Sean: Wholly

[00:42:54] Josh: cloned into the escalated behind Jared and quietly closed the door. The only sounds that could be heard, , could [00:43:00] then be heard where the slight rocking back and forth the vehicle is. Kyle proved to be to Jared, that he had become a five tool

[00:43:06] Sean: player.

[00:43:13] Pretty good.

[00:43:14] John: Knew this was beautifully written without that much smut. You know what I mean? A lot of times these erotic fanfiction requires a lot of Bulger words, but this one is, I liked the entendre. , I liked the baseball pun and

[00:43:26] Sean: Honduras.

[00:43:28] Josh: I do like our turn of becoming connoisseurs of smart,

[00:43:35] Sean: or if I can Somali A's of smut,

[00:43:38] John: I give this a, a solid four is a triple play for me. I,

[00:43:42] Sean: yeah, I got it. That's good. God damn it. Don't say some baseball shit, bro. Is it a grand slam for you? Is it that good as a

[00:43:49] Josh: home run? Grand slam home run.

[00:43:51] Sean: Oh, right. Okay. Yeah, it's pretty good. Pretty good. , well, with that being said, I hope you guys aren't as breaked up as that.

[00:43:59] And just kidding.[00:44:00]

[00:44:03] Just kidding. WCA maniacs. My camera's off. Cause why wifi is shitty. We all know Shawn's the catcher of this group. Yeah, no, I don't know all the clips you put of me. I'm I feel like I'm a giver.

[00:44:19] Josh: Give her content.

[00:44:21] Sean: Yeah. Other C words as well. Alright. Wicked maniacs. That's it for this week. Thank you guys for listening into another one of our episodes.

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[00:45:00] You love your boy, your boy loves you back. Number one, baby. , and, ,

[00:45:05] by the time this episode comes out, I'm sure I'll be so far down the list. They won't even fucking know who I am. So shout out mostly goes important to the wicked maniacs over on Twitter. , I mean, wicked maniacs everywhere important, but, , it seems to be that most of you guys are on Twitter and we really appreciate you guys always, , replying back to what we have to say.

[00:45:27] , all of the John shit posting, it's going to good use and, , yeah, every Monday new episodes, , this might be my last one for, I don't know, a while we batch record. So I'll be back before you guys know it, so, oh yeah, we'll see you guys next. Love you guys again, I'm poor from the wedding.

[00:45:44] on a Wiki. You know, the vibes double P signs your boy out.