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December 27, 2021
Origins of New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolutions, a lot of us make it, but do you know where it originated from? Join your host for the week: John as he presents the Origins of New Year's Resolution to the boys. The other half of the episode, we discuss some funny resolutions from Reddit as well as interviewing Sean and Josh to get to know them a little better. All that plus more! Consider being a…

New Year's Resolutions, a lot of us make it, but do you know where it originated from? Join your host for the week: John as he presents the Origins of New Year's Resolution to the boys. The other half of the episode, we discuss some funny resolutions from Reddit as well as interviewing Sean and Josh to get to know them a little better. All that plus more!

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Episode 24- NY Resolution

[00:00:00] John: Welcome to the 2021 finale of Reddit on Wiki. I'm your host for today's episode? It is I, the punny Pinoy John, and with me today as usual, first up, he's the man responsible for taking the show to the moon and he will be our galactic cult leader, someday host of the ever addicting. Let started called podcast Canada zone and our uncle BJ, Mr.

[00:00:24] Josh shell, what is up? My

[00:00:26] Josh: brother. That was a good, I'm getting a lot of nicknames off this show.

[00:00:31] John: Yeah, that's true. You do have a lot of nicknames.

[00:00:33] Josh: Now. I was going to say I've never been called any of these nicknames in person, so

[00:00:39] John: maybe it will be a start.

[00:00:42] Sean: I can't wait for the first time we meet in person to call you uncle BJ, face to face, eye to eye.

[00:00:48] Josh: I know well for John, it'll be eye to chin, but Jesus,

[00:00:55] John: joke's on you. It's actually high to chest motherfucker.[00:01:00]

[00:01:02] I'm a short king and I don't give a damn all all right. And where this back for the second consecutive week, because we, we do this once a week and we don't really do it by batches. He's the guy who said I do twice shots and thoughts, head honcho and Houston legend. Mr. Sean. Salvino what is up?

[00:01:19] My guy? What's up? What can

[00:01:21] Sean: maniacs your boys back at it again? Again, apologies for the last episode. Let's get into it. Let's not talk any more about that.

[00:01:30] John: All right. We'll ignore that, but chances are, it's going to be the highly listened episode. So it's going to be a good time. Again, if this is your first time listening to us here on Reddit on Wiki, we are a podcast where each week we take turns presenting a topic of our choice in Sean's case, a lot of smut, and we proudly use Reddit and Wikipedia as our resources.

[00:01:51] We are never a hundred, 100% factual, but we have a ton of fun learning, a thing or two, speaking of learning a thing or two, we have a review from, it [00:02:00] takes two coming from pod chaser, and it reads us. This gave us five stars and. I find entertainment, spin on an educational premise. This show features some funny people talking about a wide range of topics by going down the rabbit holes in our case, a lot of different types of holes that read it too many holes that our Reddit and Wikipedia highly recommend for anyone looking to learn something and have lots of fun and laughs while doing so.

[00:02:29] Just want to say a huge thank you to it takes two for leaving us that amazing. Five-star review what I kind of rhymed. Huh? Not a rapper though. I'm not a rapper though. I still can't wait till when Josh hosts or guests for shots and thoughts again in Atlanta on that game. I can't wait for him to actually do that.

[00:02:50] Sean: I'm going to fucking rig it to where he's going to be a beast. He's

[00:02:52] John: from Canada. Oh, that's true. Yeah. Loki Drake,

[00:02:56] Sean: the ghost.

[00:02:58] Josh: True. Yeah. Okay. [00:03:00] I'll try my best.

[00:03:02] Sean: The

[00:03:05] John: we're confident in your uncle BJ

[00:03:07] Josh: practices for next year.

[00:03:10] John: So if he wants to leave a review as nice of what I just read, you can do. So by going to our and you can also do so by going to apple podcasts, pod chaser, and good pods.

[00:03:22] And before we get started, one of our good friends, frequent guests and our Patrion Lindsey gave us a up story from our emperor nor an episode when my dumb ass didn't know who the fuck the grand wizard was. And Josh is actually has a story handy, dandy, and it's going to be a tale of Lindsey. Meeting, one of the characters that we mentioned, the grand wizard, take it away.

[00:03:45] Josh. Whoa,

[00:03:46] Sean: whoa.

[00:03:47] Josh: To clarify this, John said, you're the white guy. You should probably read about the Klu Klux. Yes. And I thought that will be problematic, but

[00:03:55] John: okay. You have immunity though. You know what I'm saying? Like they might go after me [00:04:00] cause they know I'm brown. That's true.

[00:04:01] Josh: They won't come after me because I'm white and Canada.

[00:04:09] Okay. So here is my Lindsay's story of meeting the grand wizard back in 2004. At the time I was helping out my dad by working at his newspaper until they could hire a new designer one day, I'm just doing my thing. When the receptionist at the front door desk comes running down the hall to speak to the editor who was an Asian America.

[00:04:31] To let them know that there was a man up front at the front. It was John.

[00:04:38] To let them know that there was a man at the front who wanted to speak with speak to him about his running for president. He said she could see him down to the, his office, which was located right next to my desk. So I look up to see why she was so flustered only to see the short heavyset man with glasses and a young-ish young-ish [00:05:00] young-ish who looked like a high school bull.

[00:05:02] He walking alongside, oh, sorry. And a youngish man who looked like a high school bully walking alongside them towards the editor's office. Both are in full Nazi regalia. Ah,

[00:05:16] John: Jack, back at it

[00:05:17] Sean: again, we're back out

[00:05:19] Josh: again. The Nazis Nazi two episodes in a row. I might be 30. I have no idea.

[00:05:25] Sean: It might be. It might be back in 23.

[00:05:27] How many episodes do we have?

[00:05:29] Josh: That's true. It could be a lot

[00:05:31] John: 24. So there might be a lot,

[00:05:35] Josh: Khaki colored button up shirts and pants, black boots and red swastika arm bands. They both went into the editor's office to talk to him about endorsing him for president, which we would not be doing, especially considering the editor was Asian-American and I think it depends.

[00:05:54] He could have been Japanese. Maybe they would like,

[00:05:58] Sean: oh, a [00:06:00] world war two joke. Oh

[00:06:02] Josh: God. Um,

[00:06:06] And the thing I think that struck, stuck with me the most was the fact that his goons phone went off right before they left. And the ring tone was enter Sandman. This was back when my parents were living in Iowa. So this wasn't surprising, but it was still not expecting to see a couple of Nazis just casually walking down main street.

[00:06:28] So that is a very interesting tale about how Lindsey met the grand wizard and yeah,

[00:06:36] John: that is

[00:06:37] Josh: insane nuts. Yeah. I don't know I'd want to know like what the interaction was when they saw that he was Asian-American, if they had a breakdown or if they were,

[00:06:50] Sean: I fear that I, if I were in that situation, I would not have the self-control.

[00:06:57] To not attack there. [00:07:00] So

[00:07:01] Josh: that's why he has his goon buddy

[00:07:03] Sean: school, high school bully. I think I could take both. I think I get absolutely.

[00:07:09] Josh: Yeah, that punch a Nazi campaign. That's my thoughts,

[00:07:13] Sean: not all that bad in that fucking video of that getting interviewed and the guy fucking running down the street and that is my favorite fucking oh

[00:07:24] Josh: good.

[00:07:25] And if you hear this and you complain, fuck you, honestly, they shoot people in the street now. So you know what, if they, if all they have to take as a punch, so be it. Yeah,

[00:07:40] Sean: truly. You should matter if you are pro Nazi, I would beg of you to turn this off because absolutely. I do not want to make any point of your life better.

[00:07:49] Josh: I know I've referenced them a lot, but not in a good light ever. Josh

[00:07:54] Sean: devily hates them and his hate and makes him mention how shitty they are. So [00:08:00] again, fuck all Nazis. That's a, that's our mantra. That's our pillar that we stand by and

[00:08:05] John: live by. Don't fuck on them. That's weird. Nazis.

[00:08:10] Sean: Fuck.

[00:08:11] John: Fuck. On Nazis.

[00:08:12] I'm like what? Steph they'll produce

[00:08:14] Sean: offspring

[00:08:14] Josh: with

[00:08:14] Sean: them.

[00:08:15] John: There you go. There you go. Don't do that. But just want to say thank you, Lindsay, for that interesting story. Meaning the grand wizard. I would have nothing to do. And look at me yaks. If you'd like to send us a story, just like our friend Lindsay over here you can do so by sliding into our DMS.

[00:08:33] We're on Twitter and IgG at what's our Twitter and IgE handle Sean.

[00:08:38] Sean: Wikimedia. Cause you can find that on Reddit on You can find all of our social medias over there on Reddit, on, along with a RPG on and our buy me a coffee over on our website. Read it on again, patriarchal.

[00:08:52] Buy me a coffee on back to you, John,

[00:08:57] John: just like you said, we're on Twitter and G at [00:09:00] Reddit on Wiki. I just want to know if you want to remember that. Or you can also email Now that all the housekeeping items are out of the way, John. Our Tik TOK is Reddit on Wiki bought me.

[00:09:13] I thought

[00:09:20] Sean: are you really going to test me? I tried it. You got to try it.

[00:09:24] John: You got to try. I don't blame you. Like I said, like now that all the housekeeping items are out of the way today, I'm going to cheat a little bit because this show has been discussed. If our good friend Sean's show at shots and thoughts, but we're going to take a little different direction.

[00:09:38] We're not going to be playing games. We're not going to be taking shots were just. Have a good time we're professionals.

[00:09:43] Josh: We report.

[00:09:45] John: Yes, we do. At first I was

[00:09:47] Sean: me and the person up there, Josh. I was like, what did we do to, heavy, sarcastic.

[00:09:55] John: So today, tonight, or wherever you're listening in the part of the world, [00:10:00] apparently Finland is very fond of Sean and his group.

[00:10:04] Today. We will be discussing about the origins of the new year's resolution. And again, this is also cheating as well because Josh did an episode where he made us read our new year's resolution. So I thought it would be a fitting that this is also our last episode of the 20, 21 year when we did that.

[00:10:25] Sean: Oh you went in there.

[00:10:27] John could share his rev resolution on this. Y'all want to do fun shit without me. So I'm going to help you serve my that'll be for

[00:10:34] John: somebody else. I guess you can do it. And trust me later on, we're going to, you're going to you to, are you going to answer a lot of questions? So

[00:10:42] Josh: we're going to be doing that.

[00:10:45] John: Just plead the fifth the whole time. I don't know if Canada has done.

[00:10:50] Sean: We just go to jail, went to jail right away.

[00:10:56] John: So we're gonna I'm I'm actually gonna pull a Shonda's [00:11:00] episodes the first half. I'll introduce a topic using Wikipedia and other sources. And the second half after the ad break we'll look at some of the resolutions that some people posted on Reddit.

[00:11:09] And then we'll put Sean on the spot and ask him what some of his resolutions are. And we'll cap off the episode where I actually interviewed the both of you. Oh. And the Wiki maniacs and take a peek behind the scenes on who Sean and Josh, or Belsnickel in his name right now, who they are as people, just outside of podcasting.

[00:11:30] So I'm gonna try to get a little personal, because I want to, I also want to get to know you guys a little bit more,

[00:11:34] Josh: so you guys are gonna be

[00:11:36] Sean: disappointed.

[00:11:37] John: It's okay. Sean, you probably know where it originated from. I don't know if you remember from your recording, but Josh, would you tear it? Would you care to take a guess?

[00:11:48] When did the new year's resolution first get it start. I

[00:11:52] Josh: heard of all of the years. Guess what came out? If I had to guess, I would say, [00:12:00] I dunno, let's go with the 18 hundreds. Okay. I don't know. For some reason I'm thinking it's an American thing. I dunno. I could be way off, but we'll go.

[00:12:11] They're totally

[00:12:11] John: way off, but I'm gonna keep you going,

[00:12:14] Sean: you know what? I do this to you

[00:12:15] Josh: guys all the time. That's fair. It's payback.

[00:12:20] Sean: And Sean, do you still remember that? Absolutely not every topic of shots and thoughts. I forget very quickly after recording and this was a whole year ago, so definitely don't remember.

[00:12:32] And I don't think we, we even did resolutions. I

[00:12:35] John: think we just do, did I listened to that episode? She did.

[00:12:39] Sean: You guys should also listen to that after this one really lock that information in, you should listen to it. Maybe

[00:12:48] I record and edit all those episodes. I don't ever go back. I think

[00:12:52] John: you retain it better because you

[00:12:54] Josh: hear it multiple times. Yeah. I'm. I'm with Sean on this one, like real ask me about certain Colts and I'll be like, [00:13:00] I did that one in one ear out the other it's like this that's all school did for me was it prepared me to research stuff and then just immediately forget it.

[00:13:09] Once you defect

[00:13:10] Sean: a memory dump immediately after

[00:13:13] Josh: I am owl, I am a blank slate when it comes to anything.

[00:13:17] John: I remember half the shit that you guys talk about in your,

[00:13:21] Josh: and I'm glad our listeners are learning.

[00:13:25] John: Oh my God. All right, so we're going to get started and oh, wait, Sean, did you take a guess of where it's going to be or where originated?

[00:13:31] I feel like I remember something

[00:13:33] Sean: about like celebrating the end of winter, which is not necessarily how it is now, because it's still the middle of winter, but they it's something about the solstice is some shit like that. I think I might be making shit up now, but this is my, again they're celebrating the start of being able to farm and not die.

[00:13:54] I think that's what that is.

[00:13:57] John: Oh, okay. Let's just go

[00:13:59] Sean: closer. [00:14:00] Fuck.

[00:14:01] John: I want to say Sean is a little closer. You're my guy,

[00:14:06] Josh: I didn't know. Farming in the winter was a thing, but okay.

[00:14:09] Sean: That's what I had. That's why they can return to farming because they couldn't farm in the winter. Again, a mile is shorter than a kilometer.

[00:14:20] Josh: Patrick really like you have it when he

[00:14:21] Sean: was like, I hate that shit. Y'all were roasting me for five minutes. I was like these motherfuckers. I'm not even here to defend myself. I'm just getting fucking destroyed right now. Even if

[00:14:32] John: you were there to defend

[00:14:33] Sean: yourself,

[00:14:35] John: defamation, you can't Sue us. You signed the contract.

[00:14:41] Sean: We keep mentioning this blood country. What do you maniacs? It's take, there's no contract. I could break out whatever I want,

[00:14:48] John: but would you want to know?

[00:14:54] Okay, this is why the wicked maniacs likes you the most because we pick on you for

[00:14:59] Josh: me [00:15:00] the most. Yeah.

[00:15:02] Sean: I feel like it was equal, but now I'm much more self-conscious and I'm like, wait a second. Recently

[00:15:08] Josh: I picked on the most, you haven't been here, so we've had a lot of ammo to build up, that's true.

[00:15:12] Sean: That is absolutely not fair.

[00:15:14] John: That is just us picking on you because we missed you being around right

[00:15:18] Josh: now. I've been making fun of John over the episode. You've missed as well. He like you've come back. So it's just like a waterfall. We've been holding it in

[00:15:28] John: that's if you roll a one night, your games, do a waterfall.

[00:15:31] Josh: That's fair. It doesn't make sense, but okay.

[00:15:34] Sean: He gets it. I got you. I got you, John. Good to know Josh. Doesn't listen to my show. He don't listen to that

[00:15:42] John: fucking friend, all

[00:15:45] your

[00:15:45] Sean: fucking network together. You think,

[00:15:48] John: you know what I'm saying? Like

[00:15:49] Sean: shit, what a asshole

[00:15:51] John: anyways. Yeah. Back there, back to the episode.

[00:15:55] Okay. So according to Wikipedia, year's resolution is a [00:16:00] tradition that is most common in the Western world, but also found in the Eastern world, in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior accomplished a personal goal or otherwise improve their. At the start of the new year.

[00:16:15] So that was just the Wikipedia definition of it. So the origins of the new year's resolution, eh, according to article by Sarah Pruitt, the tradition started 4,000 years ago by the ancient Babylonians. Is this ringing a bell to you? Again, Sean,

[00:16:36] Sean: Babylonian.

[00:16:38] Josh: But John, the earth is only 2000 years old.

[00:16:40] John: Oh no, the earth is also flat.

[00:16:47] The Babylonians version of the traditional new year started at January. One was a little bit different. Other cultures like China and their lunar new year, India, Hazzard, Diwali, [00:17:00] and quite a few other cultures observe it differently as well. Then we are typically accustomed to in the Western world.

[00:17:06] Oh, for the Babylonians, they celebrate mid-March and it becomes this massive 12 day festival known as a Tikoo. I dunno if I'm pronouncing that right. During this time they crown a new king and it's a time that they repay some of the debts. They had to the gods for Americans. And I don't know if it's like this in Canada, it's eerily like us paying income taxes to the IRS.

[00:17:27] The practice set the precedents that if you made right by. Which in turn is the resolution. You will then be blessed by the gods to upcoming year

[00:17:38] Josh: classic. That is what the Canadian government tells me. Exactly

[00:17:41] Sean: word for word.

[00:17:42] Josh: If you pay us by end of April, you'll be blessed by the

[00:17:45] Sean: God. There you go. I also appreciate how you were worried about pronouncing an ancient Babylonian word correctly, or not like the Babylonians are going to come and be like, fuck this podcast.

[00:17:55] You know what I'm saying? Baby. Babylon, leave a one.

[00:17:59] Josh: One-star [00:18:00] review

[00:18:00] John: fucking there's a motherfuckers. Do the eye for an eye. Right? I don't want that shit. Listen, you made us just

[00:18:08] Josh: kidding. I don't remember. Let's talk to Gullah. We definitely did terrible on that. You know, I never

[00:18:13] John: really corrected you. How you say to Gallog.

[00:18:15] That's what I was

[00:18:16] Sean: saying.

[00:18:19] John: There's an end to golf, like a log, like a log. Yeah. To go log. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:18:26] Sean: But okay. There you

[00:18:27] John: go. Correct? The white guy, people. Okay. Always correct. The white guy.

[00:18:34] Sean: I

[00:18:34] Josh: was going to say, you made me pronounce that you didn't correct me, but there we go. I

[00:18:38] John: kinda just started noticing recently what's fair because we've said it more recently for some reason.

[00:18:44] Okay. So as far as the modern rendition of this and not something that's about 4,000 years ago, it was mentioned in a Merriam-Webster Webster article as early as a 1671 diary entry from someone named Anne Hackett. Halkett [00:19:00] hailing from Scotland. The entry contained a title called resolutions. Then in the 19th century, it became more common to do these types of affirmation, that news publication, like the walkers, Hyperion, Hibernia, and magazine back in 1802, that they began to make fun of the idea and even clowning or clouding on goals like politicians serving solely the public interest instead of their own.

[00:19:26] It's like our podcast right now. It's a tale as old as time. Right?

[00:19:35] The term new year's resolution, as we all know today, did it not get fully coined until a Boston newspaper from 1813?

[00:19:49] close. Yeah, you got it. You got it. 18 hundreds. Yeah. So until a Boston news, there you go. Until a Boston newspaper from 1813 in an article [00:20:00] called the Friday lecture, used it one used it on one of their writings. So to close off this kind of informational session on the Wikipedia side of things, I was furious to find out what the percentage rate of people who didn't make it through the new year's resolution.

[00:20:16] I'm pretty guilty of that. I usually I used to make them and then I would fail right away. I kinda take it akin to no, not November by the first three hours I fail. And Jesus Christ. Let's be the man who

[00:20:30] Sean: has done it five times. And one day the man, the myth, the

[00:20:34] John: legend, according to an article by Jared mills. Did you purchase wait? No, not November though.

[00:20:43] I'm

[00:20:43] Josh: not an, so

[00:20:48] John: did you make it past the first day?

[00:20:51] Josh: I have no idea, probably

[00:20:55] Sean: not. We all have wives or serious [00:21:00] girlfriends that, that does not exist.

[00:21:04] John: We are not as down bad as some of the stories that you've heard last.

[00:21:10] Sean: Yeah. Nowhere near Santa's bad. My

[00:21:13] Josh: hurting I'm Mrs. Closet

[00:21:14] John: there. Not this time around. So according to an article by Jared mills, on the times,, they quoted studies show that only, and this is only for Americans.

[00:21:25] I don't know what Canadian percentages, but only 8% of Americans who make a new year's resolution actually keep them all year and 80% have failed by the start of February and mills also continued. Yeah. It's mills also continued that quote, clinical psychologists, Joseph J Lucien. Says most resolutions fail due to sabotage caused by lack of self-discipline and to help build self-discipline and Lucianne, he suggested started off by thinking small.

[00:21:57] And then it's a classic [00:22:00] tale. Like immediately after January, all the gyms just filled up, you can't ever use an equipment, but then come February or like late January, it's completely empty again,

[00:22:12] Josh: honestly. But so obviously the past few years, my resolution couldn't be go to the gym more because COVID obviously my gym closed down like right at January last year.

[00:22:22] And I was like, fuck. But before that, when I would, my goal would be to go to the gym. You'd go in January and half. The reason you quit going to the gym is because it was so with, in January. So the best time is to maybe make your resolution in February and then go after everyone's

[00:22:38] Sean: left. True Chinese, Chinese new year.

[00:22:41] That's like late January, right? Yeah. Perfect time to fucking,

[00:22:47] John: I, I do it like the Babylonians. It started March. So from like January or February, it just be like, nah, I got two months. You know what I mean? So it's get it out of your system. Now

[00:22:56] Josh: John starts right after St. Patrick's day. That's the [00:23:00] wake-up call.

[00:23:01] He wakes up. He's like, fuck,

[00:23:03] John: I was so dehydrated. Holy fuck. I need to start drinking more water, but that is it for the first half of this episode. And then when we come back, we're going to be checking out some resolutions people made on Reddit and we'll cap off at an end of the year. Recap in the form of an interview with you two.

[00:23:21] So 80% of you better not go anywhere. We'll be right back on Reddit on a Wiki. After a few words from

[00:23:27] Sean: sponsors, you better, better not. You better not go anywhere.

[00:23:41] And you better not call out my friend, John, you better not do it.

[00:23:47] John: Did I say betters?

[00:23:48] Sean: Yeah, shit. I did

[00:23:51] Josh: a new year's resolution shirt that says you better not give up on your resolution.

[00:23:58] John: You bears watch out. [00:24:00] Oh my God. Anyways, that was terrible. All right. Welcome back to read it on Wiki. And we're glad that you're still here and, or else fucking up like flustered

[00:24:16] Sean: payback listened to the second half.

[00:24:19] John: You better listen to the second half because this is going to be a lot of fun. So I've found several resolutions on R slash new year's resolutions.

[00:24:29] And I want to hear your thoughts about some of the. And if you think it's plausible, if the person couldn't obtain it. Okay. So first up is from user, says pod to porn. So this is going to be interesting so

[00:24:42] Sean: far Josh tell the wicked maniacs what POG stands for?

[00:24:48] Josh: Plenty of goldfish.

[00:24:52] Sean: No. I don't know

[00:24:53] John: what that stands for.

[00:24:55] Sean: Oh, I also don't know. Yeah. Y'all don't know. I also do not know what POG means. POG [00:25:00] spelled POG hog is no, it's definitely. Oh, it's in Reddit. Yeah. Oh, okay. I thought we were talking about different type of bug. Nevermind.

[00:25:19] John: if you know what a pug is,

[00:25:21] Sean: you know, what a bug is. If you go

[00:25:22] Josh: to incognito and spell it, not the way

[00:25:25] John: to spell it, what is it I'm curious now y'all never saw that

[00:25:29] Sean: meme video of that one. Like nerdy kid. No, it was like, I think it was like a vine or something like that. Like old. It was like this nerdy kid and they were talking to him and he was like,

[00:25:41] John: I like

[00:25:42] Sean: wow, what the fuck?

[00:25:43] This is gonna sound bad and context as with all referencing vines, never as funny as the actual video, but essentially he was like, I like white girls, fat, thick kind pork fat, [00:26:00] fat ass, white girls, pork.

[00:26:03] Josh: John and put it in this episode

[00:26:06] John: can try to find it. If you could think you guys, I could find it to me.

[00:26:10] I'm genuinely curious now. Jesus Christ. The thick you like black, white. I like white girls. More

[00:26:19] Sean: better. Okay. Big

[00:26:21] John: time. No, no, no. The words pod, pod. That's what I like. Yeah. I say that again. Say it one more time. We'll say it. Slope hog. P a w G as

[00:26:34] Sean: white girls. Don't Libre. Yeah. I like fat as white girls to take time.

[00:26:48] John: white girl. Shit. I got

[00:26:51] Sean: the snow bunnies. No, no. The snow Bambi. And that reminds

[00:26:57] Josh: you of John. You need a [00:27:00] new year's resolution.

[00:27:02] Sean: I need to just wipe clean my memory, purge everything, and just buy a new laptop. Have you guys

[00:27:08] John: ever seen this like super classic YouTube video? It was some guy. The Chick-fil-A guy.

[00:27:14] Oh yeah. Yeah. It

[00:27:17] Sean: was

[00:27:23] the fucking chicken sandwich pitch, waffle fry.

[00:27:30] John: I

[00:27:30] feel

[00:27:30] Sean: like Josh is too young to remember this.

[00:27:33] John: That's a classic guys video. That was like 20 10, 20 10. No,

[00:27:38] Sean: that's all. That's all. That's like 2009, 2008. I think it's

[00:27:41] John: unforgivable. Unforgivable.

[00:27:43] Sean: Yeah. There you go. Like God.

[00:27:47] Josh: Yeah, we don't have, we also don't have Chick-Filet up here.

[00:27:50] Sean: That's probably for the

[00:27:51] John: better. Yeah. They're.

[00:27:58] Yeah. They're not a fan of it. I, and [00:28:00] they're definitely the bad side of Christian

[00:28:01] Sean: Christian. Yeah.

[00:28:03] Josh: They're not open on Sundays either, which is they're not. Yeah. Which is when I need fried chicken. So it's really,

[00:28:09] Sean: whenever Popeye's made their chicken sandwich, there's really no reason for Chick-fil-A at this point.

[00:28:14] Fair enough.

[00:28:15] Josh: I, buttermilk ranch is the shit.

[00:28:18] Sean: Yes. Popeye's Popeye's up in Canada. Oh yeah. We've

[00:28:22] Josh: got tons of Popeye's. Oh shit. It's killing KFC. Single-handed

[00:28:26] Sean: like he's trash. He is trash bro. Racist, old white guy.

[00:28:33] John: I still cannot unsee it. Like I thought he was just like a tiny stick person on that design.

[00:28:37] Now.

[00:28:40] Sean: I never thought that somebody showed it look.

[00:28:44] John: No, I always thought it was a little a Ascot T no, no tiny, tiny stickers.

[00:28:50] Josh: Nah. That's so funny now that I see it. That's all I see

[00:28:53] Sean: now.

[00:28:58] John: Oh [00:29:00] shit. Oh man. Okay. Anyways, this is the resolution is pretty funny. I wanted to start it off because I thought it was the shit and you're going to see why. So they said, I want it to be my goal to be the last person out of all 7 billion people to have a poo during 2022. I'll just hold it in until I'm sure that everyone everywhere has already gone.

[00:29:24] Sean: No, you'll die. You'll die. Right? You die when you do that. I know when you hold it, I know when you don't pee and you hold your pee in, like you could die since you hear threat

[00:29:38] John: solution. He must be the last one.

[00:29:42] Sean: So he's going to die. And then immediately she had her.

[00:29:46] Josh: Early on in tick-tock. When I first got it, there was a guy that popped up on my, for you, who is I forget what month it was, but it was like, no, not November, but he was doing no poop note or whatever.

[00:29:59] And so [00:30:00] every day he took a video of himself of he's just making a face. It's just, yeah. I don't know how many days he got to. I followed him because I was like, I want to see this how far this goes. I, last time I saw it was like day 15. I no way to confirm no way to confirm if he actually did it.

[00:30:19] But I thought it was a funny connection. I looked

[00:30:22] John: at her shit like three, four times a day. I

[00:30:25] Sean: think the long,

[00:30:27] John: regular as fuck, dude, I eat a lot of. Wait a day. Yeah. That's a lie. I'm sorry. Like shit. I'm full of shit.

[00:30:36] Josh: This is a tangent, but Sean, this reminds me of that Jake in a mere episode of when he's every time you go a day, I don't know, seven or eight that's too many way too many.

[00:30:47] How much do you go once or twice a week.

[00:30:53] John: That's

[00:30:53] Sean: too much. That's too little.

[00:30:55] Josh: Yeah, that was the joke. It was too little. Fuck

[00:30:58] Sean: that [00:31:00]

[00:31:01] John: then next. So chances are, this is a very unlikely resolution that guy's dead. He's dead. He die. Absolutely. And this

[00:31:10] Josh: you know what, actually, if he just wants to be the last one to do it,

[00:31:14] John: that's possible. That might be possible.

[00:31:16] Cause it's probably a lot of people like would take a shit within the first.

[00:31:19] Josh: I was going to say, if you go 10 days, you're probably up. Jesus. That's

[00:31:23] Sean: still too much,

[00:31:23] Josh: man. You're probably top 1% easily. Yeah.

[00:31:28] Sean: Truly after four days. You gotta be the last one. There's no way.

[00:31:32] No, one's

[00:31:34] Josh: someone in a coma just poop,

[00:31:38] Sean: poop, right? I don't

[00:31:40] John: know. I don't know how that works. Damn. No episode do people.

[00:31:48] Oh, the age old question. Oh my God. Okay. So the next one, and I think Sean can highly relate to this one and see if you could last do in this deleted [00:32:00] Cletus said I'm going to stop making dark and edgy jokes.

[00:32:06] Sean: Oh,

[00:32:08] Josh: that's doable.

[00:32:09] Sean: I feel like that's not me. Do I

[00:32:11] John: make dark edgy jokes? Oh, actually that's a little more.

[00:32:15] Sean: Yeah, I was gonna say,

[00:32:17] Josh: John's I wrote this comment.

[00:32:20] Sean: I just make y'all read smut. There's nothing.

[00:32:24] John: You're right. Delete is Cletus. That's a funny username though. Good and

[00:32:28] Josh: username. Yeah. Listen,

[00:32:30] Sean: John hit me.

[00:32:34] Josh: Yeah, I think that one's doable. I think you can, if he just wants to reduce the amount he does.

[00:32:39] Yeah, absolutely.

[00:32:41] Sean: Yeah. That's

[00:32:42] John: definitely doable. All right. And this one is this one's kind of cool. It's a little wholesome for me. This comes from a user Snoopy dash 19. My new year's resolution for next year will be to broaden my social group by engaging with people whose views I don't necessarily agree with, who may be from different backgrounds, have [00:33:00] different belief systems or opinions, et cetera.

[00:33:02] How do I go about meeting these people in the first.

[00:33:06] Sean: Wow. That's kind of something like my, not really like meeting and like going out there and stuff, but my wife does something similar where she'll like, watch Fox news or listen to conservative podcasts and just be like, cause she, she does social work.

[00:33:20] That's where she got her master's degree in. So she like wants to learn all sides of the, of the community and things like that. So she'll be like, what makes absolutely no sense that she wants to be like, okay, what are their side? Like, how are they making it sound not evil?

[00:33:38] Josh: Yeah. Guess. Yeah.

[00:33:39] The way mental hoops are they going through to yeah, exactly. To defend Kyle written Harrison,

[00:33:45] Sean: Jesus fucking right. I missed you on that episode show.

[00:33:50] John: We wish you were there.

[00:33:52] Sean: I would've went off. I was sold.

[00:33:56] Josh: Yeah, that's fair enough. I watch a lot of youTube or [00:34:00] Twitch, streamers reacting to a lot of we'll say right side Baltics.

[00:34:04] Cause I'm probably definitely more on the left side. Yeah, so I see that and all it does is, make me question humanity, but yeah, so I don't know if it's necessarily always a good thing, but it depends on what this guy's beliefs are. If he's a Nazi and he's I want to see what the other side say.

[00:34:22] Probably a good idea. Probably a good idea.

[00:34:26] John: Another one for Nazi reference.

[00:34:29] Sean: We already did it.

[00:34:30] Josh: We broke the ice. I gotta keep it going.

[00:34:34] John: But which I'm going to actually laugh about. This is what podcasting is. You just meet a bunch of different people. All of us are in a different background at some point.

[00:34:43] You live in different countries, Sean or Josh. So it's like Sean, you're in a different

[00:34:47] Sean: country. Oh my God. We finally did it guys. Well, our own country , you

[00:34:53] John: sit in Dallas, it's pretty much a country away and lay in terms of European, like if compared to European country, [00:35:00] it's

[00:35:00] Sean: it's true, dude.

[00:35:01] Have you all seen where they put Texas over Europe? It's fucking hilarious. Yes. It's so funny. It covers almost

[00:35:09] John: the entire country. It's crazy.

[00:35:12] Sean: Anyway,

[00:35:13] Josh: Canada as well. Canada is fucking humongous.

[00:35:16] Sean: Yeah. Yeah. I know.

[00:35:18] Josh: All of us live underneath this one

[00:35:19] John: border. That's true. Cause you guys don't wanna the white walkers, they're all up there.

[00:35:23] You don't want

[00:35:25] Sean: the north pole. Yeah,

[00:35:27] Josh: it is actually there's some in the, like some of the islands we have, or like I think technically the Arctic holy

[00:35:33] John: shit. Oh my

[00:35:35] Josh: God. On the Arctic bitches.

[00:35:39] John: So we, okay. So we mentioned a while ago and this user XO KLI, Calissa XO posted this two years ago. So I dunno how they're doing now this year. I'm really trying to avoid fast food for as long as possible. So far I am 12 day strong and I'm usually someone who enjoys Wendy's taco bell Chick-fil-A et cetera.[00:36:00]

[00:36:00] So we will have to see how long I can go, especially because the temptations are all around me,

[00:36:05] Josh: bro. This one hits I am a frequent or of McDonald's. Yeah I like my. What's that new burger they got the burger, the bacon onion one or whatever.

[00:36:16] Sean: Oh, surely good. I can. How different are McDonald's menus?

[00:36:21] I love international.

[00:36:22] Josh: McDonald's we have my favorite thing about the McDonald's in Canada, we have the poutine in McDonald's. Yeah.

[00:36:30] Sean: Yeah.

[00:36:31] Josh: Skirts and shit. Yeah. With gravy and McDonald's fries. It is like McDonald's fries are good. Yeah. They're top tier. Oh yeah. Then you add gravy and cheese on that fucking delicious.

[00:36:44] I know. Oh God, I'm hungry. Now

[00:36:47] Sean: We did a fast food fantasy draft on shouts on thousand one time. And I think somebody's first round pig. I think maybe number one, overall, might've been McDonald's fries. It has to be a late,

[00:36:59] Josh: Yeah. So [00:37:00] that that one hits close to home for me, because it's probably going to be one of mine like low key.

[00:37:04] See how long I can go with. Eating McDonald's or any fast food.

[00:37:09] Sean: It's definitely doable though. Yeah, it's definitely doable. Cause I remember like 2019, right before COVID hit, I was like the fittest I'd ever been. I was going to the gym like three or four times a week and I was eating like nothing but chicken salmon and spinach all day, every day and eggs.

[00:37:26] Damn. I lost 30 pounds and I was fucking hot. I was ripped. And then COVID happened, gained 30 pounds back and then some,

[00:37:36] Josh: and now you're morbidly obese to the doctor. No

[00:37:39] Sean: fucking morbidly obese and fast food has definitely played a part in that. Definitely. Yeah, dude, the by summer of COVID I had gained like most of my way back.

[00:37:51] That

[00:37:52] Josh: succeed. Yeah. Yeah. COVID definitely hit. Cause like, all you can do is basically just order online. Oh yeah. Luckily I was still here with my parents[00:38:00] so they had fresh meals for me. So that was good.

[00:38:04] Sean: That was my problem. Cause I was living with my parents and I had nothing, so I would share meals with them and Filipino food is just rice, pork sauce and pork.

[00:38:13] So it's like non I that's where I gained. Most of the weight is eating the home cooked meals because otherwise when I was living there, but I was eating, I would cook my own shit, but I'm this fucking COVID I'm depressed. I don't see anybody. I'm like, I don't want to fucking cook. I'll just eat the Filipino food and get fat.

[00:38:29] Josh: I feel that, I feel

[00:38:30] John: that, oh my God, I've been doing so good. I do have cheat meal. It's sometimes I get like a burger here and there, but I've been counting. Back roads and all that crap. Like a macros. Oh my gosh. I'm lost like almost 10 pounds already. So it's pretty good, dude. I've been like in a gym, like constantly.

[00:38:46] I go a lot already. It's just that there's no results because I just eat so goddamn much, but I've been doing a lot better. I'm trying to lose 30 pounds.

[00:38:53] Josh: What would be fun is if cause I want to get into shape and start going to the gym. I don't know if I necessarily want to [00:39:00] lose too much weight.

[00:39:00] I don't have, I

[00:39:02] Sean: want to be on the opposite. End of us. You don't want to gain weight. Can donate a little bit.

[00:39:07] Josh: Like I want, I just don't. I want to get back into shape though. My cardio is terrible. We should do like maybe like a monthly

[00:39:13] John: fuck. Yeah, let's do it, man. Keep each other

[00:39:15] Josh: accountable together where we talk about how we've been doing for the month, whether it's bad or good.

[00:39:20] And then talk about some goals that we're looking to hit. Yeah,

[00:39:23] John: one day we'll record an episode shirtless.

[00:39:27] Sean: And you guys can find that on our Patriot, right on Wiki. Again, all fun things, all extra shit

[00:39:34] John: behind a paywall. You better believe it, baby. I just gifted that to you, bro. That was perfect.

[00:39:42] Yeah, that would be great. And that's a lot of things that a lot of people struggle with. Not the, it's not the discipline is the accountability portion. So once you have that and you have a support system, it's easier because sometimes someone just got to tell you, like I broke with being a little bitch and just fucking do things.

[00:39:57] You know what I mean?

[00:39:58] Josh: Yeah, man. We'll call it the [00:40:00] Wiki way

[00:40:00] Sean: in.

[00:40:00] John: Ooh, you, you're more than happy to join us as well. Show us your progress, pics. This is going to come out just before new year. So if this is. New year's resolution. Feel free to join us. Hop on board, hop onboard, create a discord channel.

[00:40:17] Yeah, there you go. I was going to say go perfect. Like you can find

[00:40:20] Sean: our discord on our Patriot on account starting at $1 patriotic. I'd read it all the way discords free.

[00:40:26] Josh: Anyone can join

[00:40:26] Sean: our discourse.

[00:40:33] John: So that's perfect. We can do that Wiki way in a seat. We already have marketing for it. This is amazing. Okay. So this is the very last one and I found it super wholesome and I wanted to say it because like it's been a tough, I want to say it's been a tough couple of years for a lot of people.

[00:40:49] And I kinda just wanted to leave it on a high note before we get sentimental together. Okay. And this was posted two years ago and the username has since deleted their username, [00:41:00] unfortunately, but this is what we had and I thought many people including me needed to hear this right. And it's simple.

[00:41:06] I want to, and they say, I want to get a point in my life where I'm proud of myself, whether it be career wise, health wise, whatever. I just want to look back on this upcoming year with pride of who I was and who I'll become. That's awesome. That

[00:41:22] Sean: shit is beautiful.

[00:41:22] Josh: So listen, man. The goal, the bar on the last two years is low.

[00:41:26] If you shouldn't be hard on yourself, like just making it through and that's you should be proud of yourself just for making it through the past two years of COVID. And all this political bullshit and the world going to hell. If you can make it through that and keep your head up, then that's something everyone should be proud of.

[00:41:43] So that's my sentimental at end of the year, episode advice.

[00:41:48] Sean: Oh yeah,

[00:41:49] John: I see here. All right, boys, to cap off this episode, I'm going to cap I'm going to cap[00:42:00]

[00:42:00] So I'm going to ask you both a couple of questions, feel free to answer the others if you would, if you're inclined, if you because it's going to be separate questions for you too. But if you want to answer it as well, feel free to add along. My goal is to ask questions. Yes. My goal is to give the Wiki maniacs to give them a little more in depth knowledge of who you guys are as podcasts are.

[00:42:19] So that way they can, they can feel the love and they can relate to us a little better. So my first question is for Sean. So you just recently had your big wedding with your wife, and I know that's probably going to be the highlight of the year and that's probably going to take the cake pun intended.

[00:42:37] But outside of that, what was the best moment of the year for you?

[00:42:43] Sean: The best moment of the year.

[00:42:53] Trying to off the top of my head, I would say probably just continuing, besides the wedding stuff, maybe it [00:43:00] was just because my whole life has been wedding and what I'm about to mention, but just getting further and being more committed to podcasting and starting this podcast, making it two friends with you guys and and then shots and thoughts, getting better as well.

[00:43:16] I think, I put a lot of, pretty much any of my extra time into this. I know it doesn't seem a lot because I don't research or I'm not good at being a businessman or social media, but if I'm not doing, stuff with the wife or the family, a lot of it goes into this. Like today I had tickets to the rockets.

[00:43:39] ER, so I was offered free tickets to the rockets game and I was like, I got stuff to do.

[00:43:46] John: I'm on like a five game winning streak and you ignore that six games and they're

[00:43:51] Sean: playing hard and oh, damn. Yeah.

[00:43:56] Josh: Live, live stream when we record from [00:44:00] the game.

[00:44:01] Sean: It's okay. It's okay. But yeah, this is I really enjoyed doing this and it brings me a lot of joy and then especially, maybe cause I just got the Spotify wrapped or whatever.

[00:44:11] It's nice to know that, I bring joy to other people's life too. So that's probably the best thing so far

[00:44:18] Josh: now I feel bad for for Duncan on you.

[00:44:21] Sean: Oh yeah. I had that, that, that was the purpose of that. I wasn't always sentimental. That was just trying to do. And you guys, that was pun intended.

[00:44:30] John: Josh, you're more than welcome to answer that question too, if you'd oh

[00:44:33] Josh: shit. Man, there's a lot that happened this year, but I guess the biggest thing is that I moved in with my girlfriend. So that was a big thing. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm pretty happy about that. We're loving the apartment and the kill basement as we keep ruffling referencing to.

[00:44:48] And then, yeah, other than that, obviously starting this podcast and the podcast network that we're going to be starting coming up into 20, 22. Very excited for that. And yeah, man there's lots of stuff[00:45:00] I enjoyed about this year, but those are probably the main ones. Yeah, not as sentimentalist as Sean, but yeah.

[00:45:07] Sean: Oh, sorry. Sorry. One more. I got to shout out the homie though. Mommy, poppy, Ryan also got married this year and it was January or no, it was January, December. It was sometime either early this year or late.

[00:45:21] John: And he's your closest Canadian friend and you don't even remember. He was,

[00:45:26] Sean: I was the best man at his wedding.

[00:45:31] Look, I can barely remember. No, I can barely remember. I know my anniversary, but I don't remember other I'm like John, I don't know when my parents' anniversary is, it didn't happen, but I remember selling braiding that recently and it was that was also another highlight.

[00:45:45] Josh: Nice. Some congrats to him as well.

[00:45:48] John: Awesome. Shout out to Ryan. All right, Josh, this question is for you. And this one is going to be more of looking into the future. What's a bucket list item that you would like to [00:46:00] fulfill in the very near.

[00:46:03] Josh: Oh man. So I know I just said we moved into an apartment but we recently acquired land and we're looking to hopefully build next year, depending on how much we can save and that's all, or at least start.

[00:46:18] So we're gonna start getting plans drawn up this winter and then hopefully getting quotes and stuff for maybe next year, if not 20, 23, for sure. When are

[00:46:28] John: we visiting the Canada? Sean, let me know. You don't want to visit Texas. So

[00:46:36] Josh: I was warming.

[00:46:38] Sean: But Texas, the cities are cool.

[00:46:41] Just don't go out of the cities and

[00:46:43] Josh: that's fair. I'll wait until COVID dies down to compensate.

[00:46:48] Sean: Definitely do not give a shit about COVID down here is

[00:46:50] Josh: bad. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, so that's probably the biggest school I've got coming into the next little while life-wise I can go podcast wise, [00:47:00] obviously.

[00:47:00] I know we've talked about the podcast network. So we are bringing on some new shows. I don't know if we can tell what they are yet, but in 2022 you'll know for sure. So super excited to build that out and hopefully yeah, look to, to build something cool and some, bring some more content to the WCA

[00:47:17] John: maniacs.

[00:47:18] Awesome. Sean, you can also answer that question if you'd Bucket

[00:47:21] Sean: list things. And pretty much like what Josh said, build a house podcasts and build a house. Yeah, pretty much just podcast wise, getting better building the network and you we're on a slow grind, but, just continuing that and doing what we can to make that better.

[00:47:36] And yeah, I was going to say, I guess that's more than just a one-year thing, but just being better at being a husband and shit like that, I've been married for a year already. Technically

[00:47:47] Josh: you've been married church two weeks,

[00:47:51] Sean: according to the church.

[00:47:52] You've only been married two weeks, but we've been together for a year where we're done. We're officially living out [00:48:00] of sin for the past few weeks,

[00:48:05] John: but yeah. Sean, this is your question. Now you have three wishes from a genie don't cheat and ask for more wishes. Okay. That's not allowed. What are the three things? Are you wishing for

[00:48:18] Sean: more genies?

[00:48:22] The location of all other genies.

[00:48:24] John: There's only one in the world and you were the chosen one or I fuck

[00:48:27] Sean: in the world. There's a whole universe. Oh

[00:48:29] John: my God. Let's not go there. Save it for an episode. Yeah. I don't know if I

[00:48:35] Sean: should go humanitarian,

[00:48:36] John: It's all you, no matter what you want, we're not going to pay.

[00:48:39] If I, if

[00:48:40] Sean: I pick something that's not humanitarian, all right. We're ending homelessness, we're ending homelessness or ending world hunger. And we're fucking making it harder to get guns in America. That's the top three. You can still get guns. Don't worry America. You could still get guns.

[00:48:58] We're just making it a little bit harder to the [00:49:00] crazies. Can I get guns?

[00:49:02] Josh: That's a good thing. Cause yeah, you guys have had an issue with a certain school down there. We're not going to go into that, but yeah. Those are just

[00:49:10] Sean: the top three off the top of my head. So selfish would mind then I definitely was tempted to have some kind of Have a mansion, a personal Shafi now all the rich people shit.

[00:49:20] Josh: But listen, I can see the genie, twisting your words and say no more homelessness. And you just all the homeless people.

[00:49:30] Sean: Holy shit.

[00:49:32] Josh: That's where my mind went. So

[00:49:35] John: what are three wishes, Josh?

[00:49:37] Josh: Oh man. That's a tough one to follow up on. So are you wishing for

[00:49:42] Sean: diagnosis show up

[00:49:44] Josh: man? Sometimes?

[00:49:47] I would probably wish the virus away. That's

[00:49:51] Sean: a good one. Fuck.

[00:49:52] Josh: Yeah. More than guns for sure. I don't know what that, that was a good one. If I'm not copying Sean, that's the first one I'm wishing [00:50:00] for. And then I guess I'd wish for. And it's so tough to think of. I try to pick

[00:50:09] John: I try to pick like pretty good question.

[00:50:11] Super you guys think about, I

[00:50:14] Josh: guess I wish for Fox news off the faces and all the right wing Grifters. And then I don't know, I do a selfish way. So I think I think I, at that point I'd done enough for Humana. I got rid of COVID and Fox news. I'd probably wish for, what would I do?

[00:50:32] Let's go with the the ability to teleport, what

[00:50:36] Sean: would be cool.

[00:50:37] John: Fuck. Yeah, that's my crawler. There you go. I like it. Okay. And these are the last two questions that I have for both of you. Okay, John,

[00:50:45] Sean: these are quick, your three wishes.

[00:50:46] John: My three wishes for some will be rich as. Okay,

[00:50:51] Sean: next question.

[00:50:53] Josh: I thought about that, but

[00:50:55] Sean: I hate the rich, so

[00:50:58] John: buck, but [00:51:00] to do humanitarian things I'd also wish for I'd wish for everyone to have good health or no, I want to have a universal health care for everybody in the world, access to, the basic things or you

[00:51:12] Josh: know, if you're rich as fuck and you just pay your taxes, that would work.

[00:51:18] John: Fuck. Yeah.

[00:51:20] Josh: And you can tell the other ones to pay their tax

[00:51:23] John: know, but, and then my third wish would probably be all dogs live as long as humans.

[00:51:31] Josh: Oh, that's a good one then. Yeah. To get on. Or

[00:51:34] John: not just dogs, just like pets, cause some people have cats and people have snakes, whatever. I hate snakes, but let's not go there.

[00:51:40] Yeah. So last two questions I have for both of you, let's go with Josh first. What's an accomplishment that you're most proud of. Doesn't have to be this year. It could be just anything that you very proud of

[00:51:55] Sean: goddamn.

[00:51:57] Josh: And I, this one's going to [00:52:00] sound lame cause it was like a four or five years ago now, but I graduating college was a big thing.

[00:52:06] What do you mean? So I had tried to do I was in enrolled in four different programs over the years. Like I tried one dropped out tried another didn't like. And then tried another as well. And it was just, it just seemed hopeless. And then I finally found something that I liked and did well in.

[00:52:27] And then I found a job in that. Yeah, that's probably the most, what I'm most proud of being, being able to find what I love to do. And podcasting is obviously something I would love to do as well, but to be fair, my degree covered this too. So it was like media development.

[00:52:44] So it kinda covered this a little bit

[00:52:47] John: BJ,

[00:52:50] Josh: but yeah, so I think that's that's my most proud accomplishment so far.

[00:52:56] Sean: Probably the wife think very account [00:53:00] not easy to get a wife,

[00:53:04] you have to pay a lot of money. You got to do a lot of shit

[00:53:07] John: to get a wide 90 day fiance.

[00:53:10] Sean: It ain't as easy as big ed makes it. Oh, he never ends up with the

[00:53:13] John: girl actually pick it up and around. So it is,

[00:53:17] Sean: yeah, I guess my top three things are the wife, for sure. Starting that dance crew thing that I don't do anymore, but it's still going

[00:53:26] John: on without me.

[00:53:27] I see you rocking the jacket right? There you go. Oh yeah.

[00:53:30] Sean: I have way too much dance clubs. Shout out goaling and then just podcasting shots and thoughts for it on Wiki, making new friends, continuing to be a creative.

[00:53:40] John: Yeah, I liked this last question. Make you question your existential crisis.

[00:53:46] Okay. Oh, it's too late for this. If tomorrow is your last day on earth, how do you want to be remembered?

[00:53:57] Josh: Is it called leader? [00:54:00]

[00:54:00] Sean: It's pretty,

[00:54:01] John: that's on brand. Yeah. That's uncle BJ for you.

[00:54:04] Sean: Okay. And

[00:54:06] Josh: This one hits cause a full disclosure. I actually lost a friend this year. It was something I did think about earlier on this year.

[00:54:13] Man, I just want to be known as a good friend. Good. Person in general. And I'd like to think that I put a little bit more good in the world than bad. Yeah, that's that'd be what I want to be. Remember. A good person. I don't know if that's controversial,

[00:54:29] Sean: but

[00:54:30] John: hot take all the Nazi references.

[00:54:34] You still look at the person. Okay. Yeah. I shit on them. So that's good. It's automatic points right there. Yeah. Sean,

[00:54:43] Sean: Yeah, pretty much like what Josh said. I just want to be remembered, as someone who brought joy to people, whether it'd be through laughing together or acts of kindness or, just being a good person, helping people out.[00:55:00]

[00:55:01] That's it. Nice.

[00:55:02] Josh: Yeah. That's good, man. Cool.

[00:55:04] John: I feel like I got to know you guys a little bit, so this is great. This is great for me. Yeah, that's it for this week, wicked maniacs. And we just on behalf of the boys, that's it for this year, actually. Holy shit guys. So on behalf of Sean and Josh and myself, we just want to wish every single one of you, a happy new year and may all your resolutions stick around past February.

[00:55:29] And if you want to share any of yours and if you would like to join us in the Wiki, weigh-ins moving forward, you can do so by interacting with us on social media, Sean, what's our shelter, social media.

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[00:56:20] John: it. We're excited to make 20, 22 better than ever. For me personally, I just want to say thank you to both of you for joining my crazy idea and turning this into a future empire was I like to call it and you guys reinvigorated my love for podcasting.

[00:56:40] So I just want to say a huge thank you to both of you. But we appreciate all of you wicked maniacs for tuning in and supporting us this year. And for the last time in 2021, remember if you saw something that kept you up at night, you must have read it on Wiki peace

[00:56:57] Sean: by

[00:56:58] Josh: San Francisco.[00:57:00]