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August 23, 2021
Nostradamus | The Russian Fortune-Teller from Anastasia

Welcome to Episode 6 of Reddit on Wiki. It doesn't take a prophecy to guess that it's John's turn to present this time around. Speaking of prophecies, we discuss one of the most famous figures in history: Nostradamus.Michel de Nostredame (depending on the source, 14 or 21 December 1503 – 1 or 2 July 1566), usually Latinised as Nostradamus,[a] was a French astrologer, phys…

Welcome to Episode 6 of Reddit on Wiki. It doesn't take a prophecy to guess that it's John's turn to present this time around. Speaking of prophecies, we discuss one of the most famous figures in history: Nostradamus. Was he accurate when he predicted the future? Are Nostradamus' prophecies legit? Tune in this episode as we discuss his life, death, and some of his famous predictions. 

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[00:00:00] Curtis: In a world with two brothers, six bottles and endless opinions comes a comedy podcast tale. As old as time, the half hour bros podcast has been hailed as so funny. You have to hear it to believe. Join Kurt and Tom, as they talk beer review. And the world as they see it through their slightly

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[00:00:45] John: To read it on Wiki and welcome to episode six. I am one of your hosts. I openly play some video games in easy mode because why the hell would I want to stress myself out even more? It is your boy, John conseq, natto. I am joined today by my awesome coach. [00:01:00] First up, he may just have written the sequel to the next Assassin's creed game where he will foster kids and raise them to certify bad-ass is to take down the Mormon church.

[00:01:09] He is the host of the let's start a cult podcast. It is none other than Josh shell. What's up my friend.

[00:01:15] Josh: Hey man, that's a deep gut for people that don't listen to my podcast

[00:01:19] John: and it's also plus.

[00:01:20] Josh: Yeah, that's true. True. Go listen to that episode with me and John.

[00:01:24] John: Yes. Cause he ran out of guests to fill in. So I had to come to the rescue.

[00:01:29] John's

[00:01:29] Josh: always my, uh, my plan B

[00:01:32] John: I'm always the side bitch when it comes to that

[00:01:35] Sean: for liable, but never my first choice.

[00:01:40] John: And certainly last but not the least legend has it, that this man can indeed see John Siena. He actually is the voice that Randy Orin hears inside his head and he can smell what the rock is cooking.

[00:01:53] He is the host and point God of the shots and thoughts, podcasts. Give it up for Sean. Salvino what's good, bro. [00:02:00] Chilling,

[00:02:00] Sean: chilling. You know what I'm saying? I'm I'm loving the cross-promotion. You really gotta listen to all three podcasts to get all the details. It's

[00:02:06] Josh: like the Marvel universe

[00:02:07] Sean: now,

[00:02:08] John: John and I just had to throw in a point, got out there because you know, I've, I still think you're pretty salty that Chris ball, isn't a Phoenix.

[00:02:15] Hey man,

[00:02:15] Sean: I'm not salty at all. I really enjoyed watching Chris Paul Ball out this season and the rockets are in a total rebuild and I'm fucking pumped. We got Jalen green Filipino dream. We got K P J dog. I'm excited. We're going to suck ass for like four years, but it's going to be fun to watch.

[00:02:33] John: Read it on a Wiki.

[00:02:34] If this is your first time tuning in, again, shame on you. It's episode six already each week. We crappily research random topics on Wikipedia and read it. We are not researchers, so just want to throw it out there. Uh, we're going to be wrong. 99% of the time and everything will be mispronounced, but we're going to have a shit ton of fun.

[00:02:51] So that's all that matters. So take everything with a grain of salt. Since this is for entertainment purposes, only one host every week, we'll present a topic of their choosing while the other [00:03:00] two comes up with a theory or a hypothesis. Of what the episode is going to be about. The host will then tell a story and then we will discuss what we just talked about towards the end and general trigger warning, by the way, this show contains a lot of profanity.

[00:03:11] So this show is intended for mature, mature audiences only, but we are also immature because we make a lot of penis references. So do we have. We do buy so general housekeeping items before we start. I hope you guys don't mind me doing this, but there's been some Twitter interactions that we received during the time that we launched.

[00:03:32] We're actually full disclaimer. We're actually recording. This is our launch week. We released three episodes this week. My God, it has been, it's been pretty fun. Like the receptions that we've gotten have been pretty cool. And I've actually got to read a few tweets out if you guys don't mind. And this one comes from at red anatomy, he goes, when my Twitter account, John found dead said he loves the word robust.

[00:03:58] This is the first thing that came to my [00:04:00] mind, I guess in here, he said here in the Philippines, it is a dietary supplement for men. Oh. And by dietary supplement, it's more of a cancer,

[00:04:14] Sean: you know,

[00:04:15] John: and he got a kick out of it. Yes. And he did follow up with, this is really to exercise exercises. Right. In the nether regions.

[00:04:23] Oh, the second

[00:04:24] Josh: head didn't man. He is just as good at puns as you are John, we should have maybe have him on,

[00:04:28] John: I, I know, sorry, sort of red, but, but he also mentioned we, cause we talked about mental health during the Florida man episode, he says, but kidding aside, mental health matters. Sending a huge hug to all of you guys and all the Wiki maniacs out there.

[00:04:42] Sean, my guy that the name is sticking my guy. So let's go down. He did say that hoping for more Filipino time for Josh. So Josh you're you're, you're still kind of work and, and he said this in tagalo Josh I'll translate for you. Don't worry. He said[00:05:00]

[00:05:02] meaning Sean got to say something into Tagalog next time.

[00:05:05] Sean: No, whenever you said yeah, I'm going to translate for Josh. I was also like, yeah. Yeah. Just for Josh. Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

[00:05:16] John: For shame,

[00:05:18] Sean: uh, Texas born and raised, man. It's it's definitely.

[00:05:24] John: It's all good, man.

[00:05:25] Sean: We can

[00:05:26] Josh: learn

[00:05:26] Sean: together. Exactly. There you go.

[00:05:28] John: Synergy. I'm also wanna read a pod chaser reviewed that we received a few weeks back and this one comes from Dustin from Sandman stories. He wrote five stars. First of all, from the ashes of the Dumbfoundead show arises a new podcast, full of interesting things, found on the web. And the first episode, John introduces us to the us swung a Filipino mythology, including a half woman that eats babies before they.

[00:05:51] Of the oven and sometimes like a centaur, but in reverse, reverse, reverse divorce. [00:06:00] That was not on purpose. Yeah. Like, yeah, like a horse head. It says freaky. I'm excited to see where this goes from. Dustin. So shout out to you, Dustin, from Sandman stories, we really appreciate the five-star rule view. I wonder if cannot be remissed.

[00:06:13] I wonder if

[00:06:14] Sean: Dustin can find like, like a fable regarding ass long. You know, do an episode on that. That would be really tight. Ooh,

[00:06:23] John: that's good. Dustin, my guy, if you're listening to this, if you want to hop on and teach us something, maybe, maybe from South Korea, cause he's in South Korea right now, bro.

[00:06:32] Please come in, join us, teach us your ways we want. We would like to learn and have you on

[00:06:37] Sean: exactly. Every episode I listened to Sandman stories presented. How has this man have perfect accents for every single story he tells. It's incredible. So shout out to us

[00:06:47] John: terrible. And Josh, you might have, you might have, someone's like running you for your money.

[00:06:51] My guy, this boy, this guy has a sexy ass voice too. God dammit.

[00:06:55] Josh: I'll have to co collaborate with. And you've

[00:06:58] John: got to step your game up, man. [00:07:00]

[00:07:00] Josh: We can become the dynamic duo of the

[00:07:03] Sean: world. The Griff's king of Griff's. Yeah,

[00:07:08] John: Sandman started called. So let's, let's make that happen. And last but not the least, I just want to say a big thank you to.

[00:07:16] Everyone that has made our launch week to us at least feel so successful. I just want to say big ups to, well, a couple of people and you guys are more than welcome to add anybody that you, you saw as well. Erin from, I had to say it, Dr. Jules from riddle me that Mac from death by champagne, Alex from weird distractions, the whole crew.

[00:07:35] Let's chat. Uh, sir, red who just left us a tweet from the G boys from creeps along the bros from half hour bros. Again, Dustin from Sandman stories and Jade, and so much more people. I'm so sorry if I missed anybody. They all like retweeted our show on Twitter. I haven't seen anything on IgG. So Josh, you could probably speak more on that, but again, huge.

[00:07:55] Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. Like that means so much to us that you made [00:08:00] our lunch. So successful. Hell

[00:08:01] yeah.

[00:08:02] Josh: Thanks you guys. Yeah. No, that's awesome. Appreciate everyone. That's a lesson downloaded and shared it if they could and yeah, hopefully this is the start of great things for sure. For sure.

[00:08:12] Okay. I thought I cut it up there.

[00:08:14] Sean: I was

[00:08:14] John: like, shit. Are you kidding? The fellows? Are you ready to get into the topic this week? Let's get it this week. I will be introducing our. He's a scholar, but he's also a mystic too. A lot of people. Have you guys heard of a guy named Nostradamus before

[00:08:31] Josh: I have

[00:08:33] Sean: yes. Is that the guy in Anastasia?

[00:08:37] John: Wait, hold on, Sean, do me a, give me your thoughts on who you think Nostradamus

[00:08:43] Sean: is. Is that the guy from the anesthesia cartoon from the nineties? You know what I'm talking about? The one that looks like a Disney movie, but it's not a Disney movie. Is that the one. Wait. No, no, no. This one was a cartoon. I don't know if Brady did voice acting, but, uh, anesthesia.

[00:08:58] It was like the, it was like the [00:09:00] Russian. Uh, she was like a long lost princess or something like that. Yeah. I haven't seen it since I was a kid. I think no stir Domus is like a, like a, he could see the future or some shit and he's Russian and that's the extent of my knowledge. I think you're thinking

[00:09:18] Josh: of someone else.

[00:09:20] Sean: Is that somebody else? Has he not come to exhibit Mr. Damas? Doesn't that sound Russian? Fuck me. Uh, yeah, go ahead Josh. Save me, please.

[00:09:30] Josh: Uh, I okay. So I don't have a ton of knowledge, but I believe he was a French astrologer of some sort. I don't know what he discovered or anything like that, but I know that's, that was kind of his title.

[00:09:41] I believe.

[00:09:42] Sean: If the wicked maniacs didn't know I was an idiot by now. I mean,

[00:09:48] oh no. Stir. Domus the Russian fortune teller. Yeah, that guy is he from

[00:09:52] John: Anastasia.

[00:09:54] Sean: You said that cartoon. You know what I'm talking about with Brandy,

[00:09:58] John: Brandy? Hey, I'm [00:10:00] dumb as fuck too. I said, I said actually it was from Huth Brandy was there. You're not alone, dude. Thank God. Josh is definitely the closest one out of, out of everyone.

[00:10:11] I mean, I don't even know, like, I don't even know a lot about him besides the stuff I saw on history channel, but most of the time I was pretty drunk when I came home and that happened to be on TV, usually pops in around two in the morning and that's like the time I get home at times and yeah, but I was always interested, but let me introduce who Nostradamus is based from the Wikipedia article.

[00:10:30] So according to Wikipedia, Oh, my God. I'm going to butcher everything. Mikhail then the no Strydom usually was Latinized as Nostradamus. He was a French astrologer physician and a reputated sear who is best known for his book, lay profit tea. I now can browse that shit. It's fine. Go ahead.

[00:10:48] Sean: Go ahead. Go ahead, Josh.

[00:10:50] Speak to gala. So you gotta, you gotta nail the fun

[00:10:54] John: to lay, lay profanities. Chef's kiss. [00:11:00] Wow. Collection of 942 poetic quatrains, allegedly predicting future events. And the book was first published in 1555. Nostradamus father's family had originally been Jewish, but had converted to Catholic Christianity.

[00:11:16] Our generation before he was born, he studied at the university. I've been young, but was forced to leave after just over a year when the university closed due to an outbreak of the plague, I guess that was the COVID-19 of their time. Yes. You worked as an apothecary for several years before entering the university of Montpellier, hoping to earn a doctorate, but was almost immediately expelled after his work.

[00:11:39] As an apothecary was discovered. He first married in 1531, but yeah. And two children died in 1534 during another plague outbreak. He fought alongside doctors against the plague before remarrying to an Ponte SAR with whom he had six children. My guy was busy. He wrote an Almanac for 1550. And as a result of its success continued riding them [00:12:00] for future years as he began working as an astrologers for various while the patrons I'm like I can't pronounce well, those are English words, Catherine became one of his foremost supporters, his lay profits.

[00:12:13] God damn. This is a long intro published in 1555 relied heavily on historical and literary precedent. And initially received mixed reception. He suffered from severe gout toward the end of his life, which eventually developed into oedema. He died on 1st of July or 2nd of July, 1566, and many popular authors have written.

[00:12:32] Apocryphal legends about his life. Jesus Christ. In the years, since the publication of his lay profit T's Nasir dominance has attracted many supporters who along with much of popular press, credited him with having accurately predicted many major world events. Most academic sources reject the notion that Natia Damas had any genuine supernatural, prophetic abilities and maintain that the associations made between world events and Nostradamus quatrains are the result of the misinterpretation.[00:13:00]

[00:13:00] Or mistranslations sometimes deliberate, sometimes not these academics argue that nostril dominance predictions are correct. Fuck

[00:13:11] that. Correct? The, of glee vague, meaning they could be applied to virtually virtually anything and are useless for determining whether their author had any real prophetic powers. They also pointed out that the English translation of this quatrains are almost always of extremely poor quality. Based on later, manuscripts produced by authors with little knowledge of 16th century French, and often deliberately mistranslated to make the prophecies fit, whatever events the translator believed that they were supposed to have predicted.

[00:13:41] That was the longest that's what a pedia introduction. That's one paragraph. That was that was it?

[00:13:49] Josh: Jesus. I say my favorite part of that was midway through you seem surprised by how long it was, even though you've

[00:13:56] Sean: researched

[00:13:57] John: stuff. Yeah. So that [00:14:00] part, I just copied and paste it. So I was like, oh shit,

[00:14:02] Sean: halfway through.

[00:14:03] Damn, this intro is long

[00:14:07] Josh: and that's our episode.

[00:14:09] John: And that is our episode. Wait, at least we lasted about 15 minutes. That's fine. Then I lost some sometimes. Oh,

[00:14:16] Sean: It's a pretty long time,

[00:14:18] John: I guess it is. It is. I did it. Of course. I did did a little research about him too, but let's talk about his early life first.

[00:14:25] So according to Nostradamus was born in the year 1503 and he was one out of nine children who grew up in the Southern part of France. Russia, Sean, they're pretty close

[00:14:41] Josh: though. He nailed

[00:14:41] John: that part. Yeah. That's 50%. She was not in anesthesia. He was, uh, he, he grew up in the Southern part of France in St.

[00:14:49] Remy. The province it's going

[00:14:51] Sean: to bother me was who was an anesthesia. Are you going to look it up right now? The Wikipedia, let me know.

[00:14:59] Josh: The [00:15:00] episode is now on this.

[00:15:01] Sean: It's now about Anastasia the 1997 cartoon. Anastasia. I'm taking it over. Here we go. Just kidding.

[00:15:08] Josh: In a stage 19. No. So,

[00:15:15] John: so there's actually not much record about his early childhood. He was, uh, it was told that he was a prodigy in the early learning of difficult subjects that my dumb ass couldn't even comprehend up until now. And those subjects, including math. I am a sh I'm ashamed to all the Asians because I'm terrible at math astrology.

[00:15:31] And he was also versed with Latin Greek and Hebrew language. So let me ask you guys real quick at the age of 14, what were you doing? I was trying

[00:15:42] Sean: to skateboard, but I, I took me three months to do an Ollie. I think historically takes people about one weekend. So I think that's what I was doing around 14.

[00:15:52] Also. I had hair down to my shoulders. I had to look down, but not the scales.

[00:15:56] John: Oh my God. Wait, were you a hot topic? Like every weekend? [00:16:00] Uh,

[00:16:00] Sean: I would like to say that I was, but I think at that time I was hot. Topic was scary when we were younger. The kids don't know the facts, but hot topic was a lot scarier when we were younger.

[00:16:12] John: Oh, yeah. Darkest

[00:16:13] Sean: shit. Yeah. Another guy Taylor swift and shit playing in there. You could buy pro wrestling shirts over there before it was like death metal city, bro.

[00:16:21] John: Yeah. Moment you walk in. It's like corn, all these, all these other bands. I'm like, man, this is not Taytay now at hot tub.

[00:16:29] Sean: Um, I'm fairly certain.

[00:16:31] That is

[00:16:31] John: wild. When

[00:16:32] Sean: was the

[00:16:33] Josh: last time you were at hot topic? Uh, look

[00:16:35] Sean: like three years ago. I think I bought a wrestling t-shirt there.

[00:16:39] John: I, when I was a teenager, man.

[00:16:41] Josh: Yeah. Yeah. Mine's been a few years. I believe Jesus. Oh. I went to a mall like a couple of weekends ago. It's an outdoor mall,

[00:16:51] Sean: so I definitely haven't been to a mall since, since so.

[00:16:55] COVID but even before COVID I think it'd probably been like one or two.

[00:16:58] John: Yeah. Oh, I'm just getting that line. [00:17:00] I went to, I think the last mile I went to was Houston Galleria. So gang gang let's go Houston. Yeah. Hell yes. She visit there a lot, so I should know. Okay. So what about you, Josh? What were you doing when you were 14?

[00:17:13] Josh: Nothing as cool as that. Probably discovered myself, you know, if you know what I mean? So I wasn't doing that.

[00:17:21] Sean: Are you the guy that actually wrote that, uh, WWE fan fiction that we read was that you writing that at 14? Wow. That was not as a teenager.

[00:17:31] John: Yeah. Oh, he was trying to front that he's like, oh baby face cafe.

[00:17:35] What is that? What is that? I've never read

[00:17:38] Sean: these words before.

[00:17:40] Josh: Let it rip, let alone wrote a novel about it.

[00:17:45] John: 800 words. My God, we sound like we are so unaccomplished as 14 year olds, but our boy Nostradamus here at the age of 14, he was already studying medicine at the university of Avignon. My guy was like a young [00:18:00] Sheldon.

[00:18:00] You guys ever watched big bang theory? I

[00:18:02] Sean: think I've seen a few episodes, but I never like chronologically. You know what I mean? Chronologically? Yeah.

[00:18:07] Josh: I've never watched young, young Sheldon, but. Big bang theory. I would watch once in a

[00:18:13] John: while. And actually by the time he was 19, he posts pretty much like, Hey man, you guys gotta put some respect on my name because he actually became doctor earns his doctorates from the university of Montpellier at the age of 19.

[00:18:27] It's nuts. Jesus also, uh, I would like to add as well that his grandfather eventually changed their family name to nostril. Earlier because he wanted to avoid getting persecuted during the inquisition. And after he converted, after that, he actually converted the whole family to Catholicism, because it was also during this time that he would be kind of rebranded to what he is now known when he Latinized his name.

[00:18:53] Nostradamus. And then from there, Nostradamus kind of became somewhat of a journeymen in life as a [00:19:00] doctor. He traveled all over Europe and he helped combat the bubonic plague that the nation was experiencing at the time. It was kind of eerily similar to what the world went through with COVID. And for some time there was kind of no cure or any scientific and the scientific and the medical community.

[00:19:17] Pretty much relied on experimental potions to kind of stop the spread Nosha Domus P pretty much was ahead of his time because he used a different approach by he actually had his patients practice, safe hygiene. He helped them change their diets and he kind of prescribed them. Fresh air as, as kind of a change in environment.

[00:19:39] Yeah. To being quarantined, to like stuck being home or something, or surrounded with a bunch of people, pretty much his prominence in treating his patients, gave him fame and, and turned him to a local celebrity. His efforts garnered him financial support from many citizens of province and as much fame as he received from treating many of the citizens, it was [00:20:00] kind of unfortunate and ironic at the same time.

[00:20:03] That he wasn't able to do the same for his wife and children because they passed away because of the plague in 1534, all of his children, he has children from his first marriage. So I think two of

[00:20:15] Josh: them. Oh, okay. Sorry. I was confused. I was like, that's like six kids. That's crazy. I think

[00:20:20] John: his six kids were from his second, second family, I believe.

[00:20:23] Gotcha. So that was kind of like a switch rule over there. It's like pretty ironic that, Hey, you saved all these people and then your own flesh and blood, like you CA you couldn't. So I don't know if

[00:20:36] Sean: that's

[00:20:36] Josh: ironic as much as it is sad, but, uh, yeah. It's like that song ironic. Isn't it ironic?

[00:20:44] Sean: Wait, what's missing for us.

[00:20:48] Josh: No, I spoke. I spoke a different language. That's all you get.

[00:20:54] John: I was

[00:20:54] Sean: just saying that's a, that's a Patrion exclusive. If you want to hear Josh sing, we can maniacs P [00:21:00] R baby. It's time.

[00:21:01] Josh: Just the full, full cover of ironic Biafra Levine.

[00:21:06] John: You tell us I've never heard of that song before. I've never heard

[00:21:09] Sean: that song.

[00:21:10] Never really. I know skater boy by Avril Levina. I think that's, that's where my Avril now. And yeah. And

[00:21:16] John: that complicated because only two songs I know from

[00:21:19] Josh: her. Sorry. It's by Atlantis Morissette. That's who it's

[00:21:23] Sean: by.

[00:21:23] John: Oh, Atlanta's Morissette. Atlanta's Morissette.

[00:21:27] Josh: I stuttered

[00:21:28] John: there a bit from the ocean.

[00:21:33] Sean: Yeah.

[00:21:33] Josh: She's uh, it's aerial, you know? Oh shit. Have you, you guys have never heard this song. No. When are you about to play it? No, I'm not going to play it. I don't think my

[00:21:43] Sean: internet,

[00:21:43] John: but yeah, that's copyright waiting to happen. My guy, I'm not going to do that.

[00:21:50] Josh: I don't know where she is right now, but there's some,

[00:21:54] oh,

[00:21:54] Sean: Mike move, move one lap. Sidetracked. Have y'all heard that. Sorry. I'm so sorry. But the [00:22:00] Avril have been a fucking conspiracy theory that she is not Avril living in.

[00:22:06] John: Hold on. I don't know that she's dead,

[00:22:08] Sean: but she's. Oh, like a facial structure is different.

[00:22:11] Like the person that's been apple for the last 15 years is not really admirable. I don't really know a lot about it, but I saw like, uh, like, uh, back when Tumblr was popping, I saw like a Tumblr post about it. Yeah, sure.

[00:22:22] Josh: Episode. Maybe. I think they, they postulate that she died and then they just replaced her.

[00:22:27] I think that is the, the conspiracy,

[00:22:30] Sean: the wild anyway. Okay.

[00:22:34] John: Well, I'm genuinely curious about this. How the hell did that even happen? That's a

[00:22:38] Josh: Canadian idol

[00:22:39] Sean: right there. That's why you're

[00:22:41] John: super big back in the day.

[00:22:44] Josh: Yeah, for sure. Yeah. She married a Chad Kroeger. A

[00:22:49] John: I have no idea who the fuck that is. Is that Nickelback

[00:22:51] Sean: from Nickelback?

[00:22:53] That's why, that's why John don't know.

[00:22:55] John: Oh, wait, is nickel back though. The photograph people , [00:23:00]

[00:23:01] Josh: you don't know the

[00:23:02] Sean: songs. I only know that one. Listen

[00:23:05] John: to me. I listen to, I listen to rap, hip hop, R and B. Okay. Simple.

[00:23:13] Josh: Non-issue those people, I guess that's fair.

[00:23:16] John: Probably not

[00:23:19] Josh: my bad, my bad. One way off track.

[00:23:22] John: I'm sorry.

[00:23:23] So Nostradamus, his next phase of life brings him to a French town of salon where he reestablished himself again, due to his medical. According to It was during this time where his well-known prophecies started to shape up, but we're going to save some of the prophecies later. We're going to play a guessing game.

[00:23:42] Let's see if you guys can figure out what it is, but some of his prophecies became so spot on that he was eventually invited as a guest by the muddy cheese, where he displayed his knack of astrology for telling the horoscopes of her children fast-forward to many prophecies later. And we are. Near the end of Nostradamus, his life, [00:24:00] his gout kind of became his major downfall and it became very difficult for him to maneuver his way around.

[00:24:05] His element became so severe that it turned to eczema. And I had to look up what this was. And according to Mayo, oedema is quote, swelling caused by excess fluid, trapped in your body's tissues. Although oedema oedema can affect any part of your body. You may notice it more in your hands, arms, feet, ankles, and legs.

[00:24:27] My

[00:24:27] Josh: dumb ass typed in at a

[00:24:28] Sean: mommy.

[00:24:32] I was getting beans and I was

[00:24:33] John: like, what the fuck? Oh my God. He died that as a healthy, healthy and nutritious snack.

[00:24:41] Josh: I was like, this looks good. I don't know if he's complaining about

[00:24:43] John: it, but. It's good. Yeah. Yeah. Salted. Mm, mm.

[00:24:50] Sean: Mm.

[00:24:51] Josh: Good. Good. Right before sushi?

[00:24:53] John: Yeah. Oh yeah. With some miso soup LA it was making me hungry.

[00:24:59] Me too. I'm [00:25:00] starving to eat.

[00:25:02] Josh: We were just talking about gout. And now we're talking about,

[00:25:05] John: I know, right. Unfortunately for national dominance is element got worse by the day. And it became so severe that he passed away at the age of 62 in 15, 16. Where he is now buried in Saint Laurent in salon, France. That is the life of Nostradamus, but now we're, we're going to discuss some of his well-known prophecies.

[00:25:27] But before we do that, any thoughts so far, I'm excited to play this, but I mean, it's not like a fun game. I'm just going to make you guys guess what it is. I'm not the game master here. My guy, that's all. You should have shout out.

[00:25:40] Sean: You're the game, man.

[00:25:43] John: I got shots of water.

[00:25:44] Sean: That's fine.

[00:25:45] Josh: I have tea right beside me.

[00:25:47] John: Any thoughts on Nostradamus so far? Yeah, I don't know.

[00:25:50] Josh: Seems like he lived a pretty good life. Like he good guy doctor who healed a lot of people and then unfortunate first marriage and kids passing away. But it seems like he found [00:26:00] happiness eventually. So good for him. I mean, 62, pretty old for that, those years, right?

[00:26:06] Yeah, for sure. And you're not living to a hundred by Benny and like back then, so not bad, not

[00:26:13] John: bad. And it seems like he kind of outlived the plague too, which took out so many people at the time. So

[00:26:19] Josh: two, you said there was two plagues when there are two parishes, two waves. Yeah. Jeez. So good for him for that seems

[00:26:26] Sean: pretty.

[00:26:26] It is pretty similar to today, right? Yeah. Fortunately.

[00:26:32] Josh: Yeah. Who's our no stir is

[00:26:36] John: shit. Do we got one? I

[00:26:38] Sean: was about to say,

[00:26:39] Josh: okay. Is it

[00:26:42] John: yeah. Mr. Fowchee himself. I don't, he might be the closest,

[00:26:47] Josh: I can't think of anyone else.

[00:26:50] John: All right. Before we start with the prediction games, we have bills to pay. I mean, not as much, but we'll be right.

[00:26:57] We'll be right back on Reddit on [00:27:00] Wiki. After a few words from sponsors, did you just forget.

[00:27:03] Josh: Podcast.

[00:27:05] John: I did.

[00:27:06] Sean: We're still new at this guys. We're still new.

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[00:28:00] That I would also put in the description and. You can receive a one month free premium subscription. All right. We are back on Reddit on Wiki. I remember this time around and we are going to be discussing some of the predictions that Nostradamus had, and these boys are going to try to guess what historical event kind of coincided to them.

[00:28:24] And I think, I think Josh has a heads up, cause he's a history buff here. So maybe Sean, you might, you might have to have them otherwise. Yeah.

[00:28:34] Sean: But this episode by going with Russian fortune teller from Anastasia, so I'm not feeling too hot going into this, but I am excited.

[00:28:42] John: Okay. So a homeboy published a book in 1555 first off, and that it couldn't say 942 quatrains.

[00:28:50] What a quatrain is. I kind of looked at it. It's pretty much a stanza that contains about four lines. And so, you know, that I think he was low-key dropping a bar [00:29:00] like back in the day. Like they didn't rhyme, but it's just like, bro, like. He was spitting, you know, we should read his ass raps

[00:29:10] and I know this is blasphemous and buttoned up on I'm a blasphemous person, but I'm taking jobs at religion. Again, to me personally, I really think that most of these were kind of poorly translated, kind of like the Bible and people kind of just interpret it, kind of. Stupidly sometimes or too literally, which kind of annoys the hell out of me, but let's not go there, but there were some predictions that not gonna lie.

[00:29:33] It was pretty dope, pretty, pretty accurate, but still I'm actually kind of a skeptic with this. I feel like a lot of the translations were just kind of done to fit a narrative, kind of like horoscopes, you know, but that's a, that's a whole nother discussion. Also. You said he, how many quadrants are in there?

[00:29:50] 942

[00:29:52] Sean: that he made. Yeah. You fucking throw 942. You're going to hit on some of them, right? Like some of them,

[00:29:59] Josh: yeah. [00:30:00] That's like, that's like a doomsday calls or whatever. They're like, oh no, no, no, no. I meant this. And then they change it again. And it's like, well, you're eventually going to hit on something.

[00:30:09] John: You'll be right. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So I'm picking a few listed that I found from a subreddit. Buzz feed bot and I'll elaborate some more. And. Josh is the first one. I feel like this is a gimme. So I'm going to give Sean the first crack at it. Jesus

[00:30:31] he said it. You got it. You got it. Yeah. It's it's going to be the quatrain that I'm going to read. They're going to be translated in English because all of them were written in France. So the first one goes as this. Okay. Tell me who this is or what this is in historical concept. Sean. It reads as this let's go from the depths of the west of Europe.

[00:30:52] A young child will be born of poor people. He who by his tongue will seduce a great truth. His [00:31:00] fame will increase towards the realm of the east. Easy, these furrows you got right. Let me finish this. Ferocious would hunger will cross the rivers. The greater part of the battlefield will be against histor into a cage of iron will be the great one be drawn when the child of Germany observes nothing to

[00:31:19] Sean: Anastasia RAs Putin from no I'm going with, uh, the guy that, uh, Josh always makes John talk about.

[00:31:29] I'm going.

[00:31:32] John: And that is correct, sir. I'm going to find a ding, ding, ding sound effects.

[00:31:40] Sean: The only celebration being, uh, after Adolf Hitler is on this podcast. True pillar, ding, ding, ding. Oh, I feel bad. Flip this, please.

[00:31:56] John: Please. We're terrible. People just let us be. Okay. [00:32:00] All right. So this one is kind of an open-ended for both of you.

[00:32:03] So guests, whatever, and it reads as this earth shaking fire from the center of the earth will cause tremors around the new city to great rocks will war for a long time, then will read in a new river

[00:32:18] Sean: and the guests say that one more time. One more

[00:32:22] John: time. One more time. Earth shaking fire from the center of the earth will cause tremors around the new city.

[00:32:31] Two great rocks will war for a long time. And our producer will read in a new river. So it's like

[00:32:38] Sean: the first half I'm like, oh, it sounds like maybe, uh, no, but Mount Vesuvius was like old. That's like hella old. Nevermind. I'm fucking, uh, I

[00:32:48] Josh: mean, I'm trying to think of like,

[00:32:52] John: Think of a new city with two rocks

[00:32:57] Josh: Jerusalem.

[00:32:58] Oh, uh, Hmm. [00:33:00] Hmm.

[00:33:01] Sean: I guess now it

[00:33:04] John: JC and Alicia keys made a song for this New York pair. It's it's there

[00:33:12] Sean: and old year.

[00:33:22] Old York old yard.

[00:33:24] Josh: Original Yuan hadn't oh, twin towers. Nope.

[00:33:31] Sean: Oh shit. We're going like future future. Oh shit. Okay.

[00:33:34] John: Sure. Future. Yeah. So, okay. What were you in 2001, guys? What were you doing? 2001, dude. I.

[00:33:43] Sean: So school Jesus, I forget that's

[00:33:46] John: two years old, 2001. Well,

[00:33:49] Sean: I was, I was in the fourth grade. I remember that day, like vividly.

[00:33:56] It's crazy in here. It's crazy how the [00:34:00] details I remember of that. What's this

[00:34:02] Josh: guys?

[00:34:03] Sean: No, you don't remember much. Well, you're Canadian. It's it's I wouldn't expect it's differently. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, me and John were in America at that time, correct? Yeah. I'm

[00:34:15] John: not sure what anymore, which is crazy because I just moved from the Philippines tasks.

[00:34:20] Oh, damn. Yeah. So I was incidence. Oh, it's not me. I have papers. Good. God man. I was, yeah, I was in my fifth grade class. I moved three months. Yeah. I was, I barely moved three months ago from the Philippines and I was so confused, dude. If you heard me, I didn't know how to speak English back then. It's fucked up.

[00:34:46] That was so good. Yes, that's true. I, yeah, you're going to refer to this episode and like, this motherfucker can't read, but, but yeah, man, I was so confused. I'm like, yo, what the hell is going [00:35:00] on? And then there was like, oh shit, the tower fell in like, well, what's that? And then everyone was crying and I was just like, yo, what is this?

[00:35:07] And I was just so confused as a child. Is this America? It was wild man,

[00:35:13] Josh: because I'm only like three or four years younger than you guys. So I just don't remember it that much. Yeah. That's, I'm pretty sure, pretty sure that we got sent home, but I'm not a hundred percent on that.

[00:35:23] John: She was crazy, dude. Yeah.

[00:35:25] Okay. Last one. This one is kind of cheating because it hasn't happened yet, but I just kinda see if you guys can guess what could it possibly be? It hasn't happened and it hasn't happened yet, but also this article was written around 2011 and apparently this was supposed to this, this vision or this writing was supposed to happen in 2015 when the conditions align.

[00:35:48] So I kind of want to see what your wild guesses are, what this future calamity is, and it reads. The sloping park, great calamity through the lands of [00:36:00] the west and Lombardi bars, the fire in the ship, plague and captivity mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading. It's kind of hard sometimes.

[00:36:10] Sean: Trelegy

[00:36:11] Josh: shit. Um, yeah.

[00:36:12] So it has something to do with the planets aligning then it of, well, like it named two planets. So I think

[00:36:20] Sean: shit happened in 2015 and I

[00:36:24] John: clipped. No. And I'll give you, I'll give you a state that it's supposed to happen, California.

[00:36:32] Josh: Oh, it's supposed to collapse into the sea.

[00:36:36] John: Oh, it was the big one. The big earthquake that's from supposed to happen in California.

[00:36:43] Yeah. The

[00:36:44] Josh: rock was in that room.

[00:36:48] John: What's that? What was it? What was it called again? Like apocalypse or something,

[00:36:51] Sean: right? No, no, no. I fell asleep.

[00:36:54] John: He fell asleep, dude.

[00:36:55] Sean: You know, what's insane is that the rock is the highest grossing actor in Hollywood. And I [00:37:00] can't tell you if I've actually watched like more than

[00:37:02] Josh: two of them. Yeah, that's true.

[00:37:04] He's got one out right now, Jumanji or not, not

[00:37:07] Sean: Jumanji. Uh, another jumble Disney. Jungle cruise.

[00:37:10] John: That's it? Yeah. Cruise. Is it

[00:37:13] Sean: skyscraper 2018 skyscraper Santa Dryas. Maybe that's what it is. Yeah. 2015 Santa Johnson. Oh, the San Andreas fault line.

[00:37:25] Josh: Oh, that's why they came up with it in 2015. That makes sense.

[00:37:27] That makes

[00:37:28] Sean: sense.

[00:37:28] John: Scared the shit out of people. All right. This was actually a last minute addition. I did this probably like two minutes before I logged in. Let's get it. This was actually inspired. I listened to a lot of the show in the Philippines called creeps a log and shout out to the G boys back home in the Philippines, by the way, I listened to their episode.

[00:37:44] And, and, and if you want, they did know more in depth take about it. It's their episode, 1 74 on Spotify where they're all exclusive, by the way, uh, I thought it was kind of fitting and kind of just wanted to get in your thoughts, but apparently this Nostradamus had, um, [00:38:00] also kind of have a similar pattern and we were actually, we were talking about who our future Nostradamus is or presence.

[00:38:07] Nostradamus is it's actually the show, the Simpsons. Yeah, that's true. I guess it'd be predicted everything crazy because apparently they had 17 predictions gone right into 30 years or 30 seasons that they've been around. I mean, I'm

[00:38:25] Josh: trying to think if that's crazy or if that's just, like Sean said, just throwing darts at a dartboard.

[00:38:32] Sean: Yeah. You know what I mean, weekly episode for 30 years. Yeah. Let's I mean, even then though, weekly episodes for 30 years, that's still time slot.

[00:38:44] John: Yeah, that's totally fine. So again, I was mentioning that apparently they had 17 predictions gone right in the, in the 30 seasons that they've been around and I kind of quickly go over some of them with you.

[00:38:54] And I kind of want to hear it, see if it's kinda like, I, this is crazy. Or like, this is kind of. [00:39:00] Coincidentally, you know, but, uh, to listen to me personally, I think the most notable one in my opinion is that they predicted in the year 2000 that Donald Trump becomes president. Hmm.

[00:39:13] Sean: Yeah. I'm like the exact, like, there's a picture where it's like exactly how it was on the Simpsons.

[00:39:20] Like, I

[00:39:21] John: mean, it was going, he was cuter the escalator. Yeah,

[00:39:24] Sean: dude, what the fuck?

[00:39:26] John: That's insane. So that part, that part is.

[00:39:29] Josh: Well, so I don't know, like, I mean, cause he'd talked about running for president, right? So it could have just been like a gag and then, uh, like maybe, maybe Trump's side and wanted to fuck with people and did the escalator thing.

[00:39:45] I could see him doing something like that. You know what I mean? That's true.

[00:39:49] John: And then, yeah. And then, like you said, I also think that it's, it's obviously a period. Of this situation, but you know, us Americans thought that it, they, it should be a reality for [00:40:00] the past four years. Oh man. I mean the salt, the salt is of that episode.

[00:40:05] Don't put that on us. It happened to radio, right? It wasn't a past name. It doesn't happen again. God dammit. I

[00:40:13] Sean: played no part in that. So not to bring politics in there. Sorry.

[00:40:21] John: hell no, when that motherfucker was my commander in chief, I was like, sir, wow, I'll out. I ain't realistic. Fuck this hashtag,

[00:40:30] Josh: but not,

[00:40:30] Sean: I know her

[00:40:33] John: not anymore. Oh yeah. But the, the solace of that episode was, and kind of at, at the time it was an advanced thinking, cause it was a year, 2000 and, and Lisa and that episode actually become.

[00:40:47] A female president. So that's kind of a, hopefully that's a prediction someday that we get like a female president, whoever, whoever that might be. So, uh, that that's, uh, that's a whole break there. And the next one, the [00:41:00] Simpsons predicted that Disney would take over 21st century Fox. What year was that. And, and this was air during an episode in 1998 GS.

[00:41:13] And you can see that actually in the studio, there's the logo of 21st century Fox studio outside, outside the building. And under the, under the sign, there's a tagline that says, quote, a division of Walt Disney corporation. Wow. That's cool. And look at long and behold in 2017, Disney acquired the studio for $66.1 billion.

[00:41:39] Sean: Jesus.

[00:41:40] Josh: Yeah. That's that's nuts. Cause it's not like, I mean, Disney was big back then, but they weren't like this multimedia conglomerate that they are doing everything. You know what I

[00:41:49] Sean: mean? And

[00:41:49] John: did they, they must have not. They have

[00:41:51] Sean: ESPN, they have Marvel, they have star wars. They have fucking. ABC Fox [00:42:00] they're fucking scared capitalism

[00:42:03] John: at its finest.

[00:42:04] Yup. And the last one they predicted back in 1993, that there will be a tiger attack during a show of Siegfried and Roy. And it happened not exactly. It happened 10 years later in 2003, where Roy got attacked by his white Bengal tiger. That left him partially parallel. And led to the stoppage of their Las Vegas show.

[00:42:25] To

[00:42:25] Sean: be fair though. Yeah. That was

[00:42:28] John: kind of

[00:42:28] Sean: expected to be like you fuck with tigers long enough. I mean, that's, that's kind of, I mean, of course horrible, but you're putting yourself at risk of that every time you go out there. So that's true.

[00:42:40] John: The other two though, like, is, is, is, I mean th the Trump won Trump won.

[00:42:45] I think the escalator is crazy. The Disney one, it was kind of crazy too, but Disney went also.

[00:42:51] Sean: Yeah,

[00:42:52] Josh: that like that they, the, the Trump shot for shot. One is crazy. I find the general idea is not that crazy because [00:43:00] he'd talked about it. So it could have just been like a prediction gone. Right. And then, uh, yeah, the Disney one is kind of crazy.

[00:43:07] Cause it was so early on that one

[00:43:09] Sean: to me. Did you see, they also predicted like the, like the wasp or something? Like a super wasp or something that was like a scary COVID. They predicted that too. I was like, bro, somebody needs to find who's writing all this shit.

[00:43:24] Josh: It's Nostradamus. He didn't die. Yes.

[00:43:28] John: It might be one of the

[00:43:29] Sean: writers he met with from, uh, Russia and they team together.

[00:43:35] John: So I was actually, I'm listening to some theory or like reading some of the theories about it. And a lot of people kind of came up with kind of the conspiracy theorists that either the Simpsons are, or the census writers or some part of like the Illuminati possibly. Hmm that because like, you know how Illuminati tends to use pop culture or social media to leverage like their [00:44:00] power.

[00:44:00] Maybe this is their big flex on saying like, Hey, we're gonna make, we're gonna make this shit happen. But like, we have the ability to make it happen and we're going to make it happen.

[00:44:09] Sean: What if the writers aren't even part of the Illuminati, they're just writing crazy shit and that Illuminati love the Simpsons.

[00:44:15] They're like, oh fuck it. We can do that. We can make that happen. That's whole areas. We can do that.

[00:44:20] John: That's another thing too. They would they're corporate left.

[00:44:26] That's some good shit

[00:44:30] Josh: demographic.

[00:44:35] John: Oh my gosh. But yeah. What, what were, what, what other theories that you guys could possibly have either Nostradamus or Simpsons you didn't get the predictions are kind of just to fit a narrative or do you think there's a higher level? For it. I mean,

[00:44:51] Josh: I, I think I still fall on Shaun's level of thinking.

[00:44:56] It's a, if you throw like, like I use this analogy, but [00:45:00] if he's throwing darts at a dartboard, you're going to hit the center eventually. I don't know. I think, I think it's more along those lines rather than anything spiritual or I don't know, we'd call it other worldly. I have no idea what you call it classified as, but supernatural.

[00:45:17] John: Supernatural is a good word. Yeah, yeah,

[00:45:19] Josh: yeah, yeah, no, that's my logical brain. My a fun brain is like, he's a, he's a, he's a, he's a demon and kill him.

[00:45:31] Sean: Gout did that for you. Nice chill at a mommy. Did it at a

[00:45:37] John: mommy at a mommy. Oh, well, he'd been dead. Or is

[00:45:43] Sean: he, or is he, yes, don't find that on part two.

[00:45:48] John: Like for fire too, you know, Josh got us Tik TOK famous now.

[00:45:53] Hell yeah.

[00:45:53] Josh: Hell yeah. Or some tech talk. Read it on Wiki. Yeah.

[00:45:56] John: Yes. Read it on Wiki pod. Don't get it twisted. [00:46:00]

[00:46:00] Sean: Oh

[00:46:00] Josh: yeah. I don't even know it.

[00:46:03] John: You make fun of you make fun of me that I don't know the podcast name. What about you, Sean? Any last thoughts before we conclude this episode?

[00:46:09] Sean: Yeah. Like I said earlier, I think it was just, you know, I mean, I guess I know we only read like three or four just for the podcast restraints, but I'm sure he's not batting a hundred on, on those, on those quadrants, quadrants, whatever, something like that or whatever, like trains, trains.

[00:46:25] Yeah. He's, he's not bad in a hundred on those, for sure. For sure. So, yeah, I think you just, you guess enough times you're going to get lucky. Sometimes

[00:46:34] John: I wish it worked like that for a lottery. Cause I haven't. Anything. My

[00:46:38] Sean: dad's been playing every week since he moved to America. So yeah,

[00:46:41] John: I feel you. Same as my dad.

[00:46:43] Shit,

[00:46:45] Josh: baby. The lottery is a scam.

[00:46:49] John: It is most definitely someone should do an episode about that. Come on, sherd

[00:46:55] Sean: numbers.

[00:46:59] John: All right. Before [00:47:00] we do our closing remarks, guys, anything you need to plug Josh. Take it away. My brother. Yeah.

[00:47:06] Josh: Other than this podcast, I host, let's start a cult podcast where we talk about cults, uh, call leaders, that kind of thing.

[00:47:13] And if you like the dynamic between John and I, I've got you covered, there's like four episodes over there. Yeah. That's uh, that's my point.

[00:47:23] Sean: Sean like Josh, I have another podcast as well. So, uh, you can follow us at S and T P O D. Or if you want to search us up wherever you listen to podcasts, we are shots and thoughts.

[00:47:33] We learn a new subject every week. Uh, we take multiple, I was going to say three, three shots, and then learn about it. But, you know, we take multiple shots, they vary, and then we, uh, play drinking games to do take more shots. And then we make the drunk as person, give us a recap on the lesson we just learned.

[00:47:53] So every Monday we're killing our livers. So please go ahead and check and, uh, [00:48:00] yeah, I mean, so shout out, uh, my co-hosts on shots and thoughts. If you like anime and streets. Go ahead and find his clothing line. It's called day off. I'll do better next episode at learning his, his brand's handles. So I could do that, but yeah, I'm sure if you I'm sure, if you Google day off streetwear, you'll find it.

[00:48:17] John: Awesome. Hey, and also a shout out to Chris for creating our logo, man. Just want to say how. That fricking logo is so shout out to Chris. Thank you, man. That it looked really awesome. I don't have another podcast, so that's all I got this week. And, uh, just, just wanting this, want to hear your thoughts, uh, Wiki maniacs.

[00:48:36] Do you think any of these prophecies of his or Nostradamus or the Simpsons for that matter, you think some of them were pretty spot on if you do let us know we're actually on Twitter and. At Reddit on Wiki, and you can even email us if you want to get a little more

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[00:49:29] Thank you to my wonderful cohost, Josh and Sean for sticking with me to this mess of an episode. Cause I couldn't read today and to the rest of the wicked maniacs. Thank you for tuning in this week to close it off again. And I'm going to remember at this time, and if there was something that kept you up at night, you must have read it on Wiki.

[00:49:46] Peace,

[00:49:47] Sean: peace. I got to remember that for mine.[00:50:00]