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October 18, 2021
Marvel Zombies

AVENGERS your demise?! Join Reddit on Wiki as Sean hosts a deep dive into one of Marvel Comic's strangest and goriest collections! We're talking the plot line, the most disturbing deaths and some outright wacky comic book panels. Also... we read quite possibly the worst erotic fan fiction yet. Consider being a Patron! The biggest benefit to you Wikimaniacs…

AVENGERS your demise?! Join Reddit on Wiki as Sean hosts a deep dive into one of Marvel Comic's strangest and goriest collections! We're talking the plot line, the most disturbing deaths and some outright wacky comic book panels. Also... we read quite possibly the worst erotic fan fiction yet.

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Episode 14- Marvel Zombies

[00:00:00] Josh: The following podcast contains adult language and content, not suitable for children.

[00:00:05] Sean: Some topics may contain graphic details. So a general trigger warning is in place. We appreciate

[00:00:11] John: you being here. So please enjoy the show.

[00:00:22] Sean: What's up with the maniacs. It's your boy, Sean, coming at you with another episode, hosted by your boy, Sean. It's the middle of October. We're still doing our spooky series. You know what I'm saying? We just did the Salem witch trials. What did we do before that? Did we do something creepy? Dan Winchester mystery man.

[00:00:43] John's

[00:00:43] Josh: episode. We can forget it like you

[00:00:45] Sean: Dorf slash. Yeah, we, we throw out John's episodes. You know what I'm saying? Where we're riding high on me and Josh is. Yeah. But you know, it is, I'm just kidding. Wikimedia X. No, John is the

[00:00:58] Josh: best. Everyone probably will [00:01:00] flame us. Yeah. This show wouldn't run without John and our Twitter would be silent

[00:01:07] Sean: for sure.

[00:01:08] Oh yeah, we, yeah. It's not just me guys, but you guys fucking know that. Y'all know how the show works. This isn't Reddit on Wiki. We research a different topic every week and we use Wikipedia and read it as our main source of research again for the third time. It's your boy, Sean.

[00:01:34] John: 14 already. My guy

[00:01:37] Sean: come in hot, no script, no preparation. Hands are sweaty. Mom's spaghetti. It's Shaun for the fourth time. And with me, my co-host, we got John and Josh. I'm not going to give a crazy intro. That's John shtick. I'm going to keep my own shtick. I do [00:02:00] really, really bad job. Anxiety written.

[00:02:04] Josh: I like the stick where you name yourself four times before you name it.

[00:02:10] Sean: I'm trying to do a new gimmick, you know, just try it out, you know, make sure that the people know that for the fifth time, it's your boy shot.

[00:02:18] Josh: It's a name recognition

[00:02:20] Sean: thing. You know what I'm saying? I'm going to beat it into the wicked maniacs heads. You know what I'm saying?

[00:02:25] John: He's trying to win points.

[00:02:26] Obviously when we do our next time, we have a poll every time it's like, Hey, if you were beat in my name so many times, you're probably going to bolt.

[00:02:34] Sean: Yeah. They'll be like, I don't know these

[00:02:36] Josh: other two, but I definitely know there's a Sean

[00:02:38] Sean: on that episode. I know that there's my boy. And his name is Sean, so he's got it.

[00:02:46] I do like 100 grand candy bars. You know what I'm saying? The most popular of all. Oh yeah. But anyway, Wicked maniacs today's episode. We're continuing our spooky stuff. We did the [00:03:00] Winchester. We did the Salem witch trials, and now we're doing Marvel zombies. Hell yeah. All right. I'm a self I'm a self-proclaimed nerd at this point.

[00:03:10] So I'm going full in, on the nerd stuff. I've never read this before. So, you know, I did what we always do, crappily research through Wikipedia and read it.

[00:03:21] Josh: So you're not

[00:03:21] Sean: a true nerd. Yeah. I'm not, I had comics, but you know, as a kid, I couldn't like get the whole series, you know, get whole runs, you know, just by random comics as a kid.

[00:03:32] Josh: That's fair. You don't know as a kid, you just get whatever.

[00:03:35] Sean: Yeah. I didn't know what she was. Ha dude, when I was in the Philippines, I, when I was on there over there for vacation, they would sell. Comic books, but I think they were just like reprints, you know, bootleg shit, dude, like 50 cents a book. I, I bought so many goddamn.

[00:03:53] I filled my luggage with bootleg comments. It was great. You got to know if you're just going to read it. [00:04:00] It's just for my reading pleasure. Who cares? Yeah.

[00:04:03] Josh: It's like, it's, they're, they're like heroes. Aren't the same. It's it's

[00:04:07] Sean: slapped in America.

[00:04:12] The incredible bulk

[00:04:17] God fucking dammit. It's the same shit. But instead of like American ads, it's like fucking, they put jolly bee ads in there. Fucking some random. Oh, they'll never know. They'll never know

[00:04:37] yeah, I know exactly what John said. I'm not fitting to say no. Yeah. Josh, go ahead and tell him what John said right now with the maniacs.

[00:04:49] Josh: You said, it's your boy, Sean, for the six times.

[00:04:55] Sean: You better fucking believe it. All right. What can maniacs [00:05:00] like we do with all of my episodes. I do one half in Wikipedia, one half and read it. And then we end, like we do all my episodes because you guys make me do this and I've learned to go incognito now. So, but again, there's no, there's no fixing what I've already done.

[00:05:16] There's no undo, but we end every episode of mine with some erotic fan fiction. To be honest with this one, I did not. I skimmed through it. So I don't know how bad or how bad it could be. Just romantic, you know, am I just be nice? Haven't they all been romantic? You know, it depends on the way

[00:05:37] Josh: the father, son one, the father, son one wasn't don't

[00:05:40] Sean: start, father, son one was bad.

[00:05:42] I would say,

[00:05:43] John: say anything because the last one was incest.

[00:05:47] Sean: Yeah. The incest was pretty awful. Did not like that one. But yeah, we'll just have to see at the end of the episode, how this goes, there was no contest last episode, so we will all be reading it to team at partaking in the [00:06:00] embarrassment, but yeah, let's hop straight into it.

[00:06:04] We're reading quote, the first paragraph or the quote didn't start, but we're reading the first paragraph of Marvel zombies

[00:06:12] Josh: Wikipedia.

[00:06:13] Sean: All right. Are you ready? Here we go. Quote, it starts now. Cool. Was

[00:06:22] Josh: that it was that quote, it

[00:06:24] Sean: starts now, I think. Yeah, that's just the first paragraph. It's kind of weird. I think someone edited before Marvel.

[00:06:30] Come on, let me refresh. All right. Quote, Marvel zombies is a five issue limited series published from December, 2005 to April, 2006 by Marvel comics. The series was written by Robert Kirkman with art by Sean Phillips and the covers by Arthur Sui dam. It was the first series in the Marvel zombies series of related [00:07:00] stories.

[00:07:01] The story is set in an alternative universe, alternate universe, where the world's superhero population has been infected with a virus, which has turned them into zombies. The series was spun out of the events of a crossover story. With the ultimate fantastic four where the zombie Reed Richards tricked his ultimate counterpart to opening a portal to the zombie universe only for the ladder to contain the former from ever coming into the universe.

[00:07:35] Yeah. I got all that same time

[00:07:38] Josh: traveling once, once Marvel started time traveling and different dimensions, they started losing me. I'm still, still watching every goddamn episode, but oh yeah, I'm confused every time.

[00:07:50] Sean: So to be

[00:07:50] John: honest, I mean, this is not Marvel, but I, when I started watching flash the CW show, when he started doing time travel that's when I'm like, okay, I'm then [00:08:00]

[00:08:01] Sean: I'm so confused.

[00:08:02] They had speaking, you know, speaking of the flash and the CW air overs, what a fucking piece of shit.

[00:08:12] Josh: It has overcome many episodes. There are so many episodes. I

[00:08:18] Sean: watched arrow. I think up until the last season, maybe, maybe the season before the last one. And it is insane. How good and how bad that show can be.

[00:08:30] Like the ups are so high and the towns are so goddamn bad. So last episode

[00:08:38] John: I watched with arrow was, was, was it that stroke with

[00:08:42] Sean: Joe Magdalen or Lyle? Yeah. Yeah. That's the magic mic.

[00:08:47] John: Magic mic. Yeah. When that, when they what's the name stuck on an island, very less seasoned.

[00:08:53] Sean: What for when they put them on the island?

[00:08:56] That's like season one, my guy.

[00:08:58] John: Oh, season one. Oh, damn. So I only [00:09:00] watched season one of arrow

[00:09:02] Josh: to be fair. One of the episodes per seasons. Yeah. I

[00:09:06] Sean: was going to say, like Josh said, there's 20. If I remember correctly, 22 episodes per season. Yeah.

[00:09:14] Josh: It's S it's a slog to slog the

[00:09:16] Sean: circuits. You failed the city. This is coming from a guy with a green arrow costume.

[00:09:23] You know, it's just fucking bad, sometimes big green arrow that he can

[00:09:29] John: fit in. And again, because if he's been working out,

[00:09:31] Sean: oh, legend is false. Now be more

[00:09:35] John: than a guess you up,

[00:09:36] Sean: man. I don't, I don't lie to these people, guys. I need to lose like 30 pounds to fit in that bitch.

[00:09:44] Josh: John. This is why we make fun of you because we can't make fun of Sean. He just does it

[00:09:47] Sean: himself. I have no shame. If the WCA maniacs don't listen to my other show shots and thoughts,[00:10:00]

[00:10:00] I just I'll rehash the story, but in a much quicker fashion, essentially, I did blood work for my doctor's appointment and he, he, he weighed me and he got my blood work. And then he was like, okay. He called me, he called me a few days later and I was like, oh shit like this isn't good. The doctors never call after this shit.

[00:10:21] And he was like, your cholesterol is super high. Your liver, your liver enzymes are super high. You need a, maybe drink a little bit less, eat a little healthier. I'm going to book you an appointment in three months. And I want to see some weight loss and hopefully the cholesterol going back down. I started at the gym.

[00:10:39] I'm eating better. I'm fucking working out burning like 600 calories a workout. Hell yeah, I get there. He weighs me. He's like, you've lost six pounds. That's good. But I don't mean to be offensive. That's

[00:10:54] John: just fucking got me when I listened,

[00:10:57] Sean: according to the BMI scale, [00:11:00] you're classified as morbidly obese.

[00:11:03] I'm like okay. I'm not that fat. There's no way. I'm I just skipped from regular to morbidly obese.

[00:11:11] Josh: Yeah. Like I, you to look at Sean, like I know most of, most of our listeners just listen, they don't, they don't watch the video, but to look at Sean, you would never think morbidly obese.

[00:11:22] Sean: Yeah. That guy's fucking, not just OB.

[00:11:26] He's goddamn morbidly obese. It is sickening to look at Sean. It is just, not only does he have pimples on his nose, he has fucking,

[00:11:38] John: let's just say they just say that the doctor too, like, you couldn't even say shit because the doctor was like super fit.

[00:11:43] Sean: Yes. He was like 50 to 60 years old swole guy. And then he was like, just swollen.

[00:11:53] I said, do you want to get swole? You know what I'm saying? Thick in a different way. Sean he's doctor bulk [00:12:00] dammit. Anyways, back on topic, here we go. Marvels zombies. So since this is an alternate universe or whatever I wanted to briefly mention the multi-verse like Josh said, it is kind of confusing.

[00:12:17] So the multi-verse and. you could be, maybe you're both work at maniacs. You know, I come with zero script. I have, I'm doing outlines now, which is, is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, you know what I'm saying? We had to have a talk about that. We had to have a talk and you're like, it's been getting too wild guys.

[00:12:42] Josh: Sean, these are, these episodes are an hour and a half. We use 40 minutes.

[00:12:48] Sean: We're recording for an hour and a half. And I'm like, I still gotta like my Reddit section life. You guys, you still wanna, you still wanna fucking go or anyways? So the multi-verse guys, the main comic, [00:13:00] multi-verse and everything that like the classic comics that happens in the classic comics is called.

[00:13:06] Earth 6 1 9. So I don't know why they call it earth and then a number and not just like universe who, who knows or

[00:13:14] Josh: earth number one or number one, C O G. You know, it should be number one.

[00:13:20] Sean: Yeah. He knows. They just want to, you know, it's like star wars. You start at four and you just start at a random number.

[00:13:25] So you could go back, make more money. I got

[00:13:28] John: gotcha. Shout out to 6 1 9 San Diego rocking the Reddit on Wiki San Diego chargers gear. By the way, if you see that on camera,

[00:13:36] Sean: I can't say shit. Chargers are nice, even though they don't rep the 6 1 9. I got to bring that up again. Hey,

[00:13:42] John: chill down, man. Fuck. You always

[00:13:44] Sean: bully me.

[00:13:45] You gotta say John, the whole reason why the charters are in LA. It's a story for another time.

[00:13:51] Josh: Yeah. Oh yeah. Go check out, go check out our Canadian football episode.

[00:13:57] Sean: Exactly. Call back. All right. [00:14:00] So the main comic universe is, or at 6 1 9, the MCU universe also has its own universe title. It's earth. One, how many nines are in here?

[00:14:12] 1 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 5 nines. And that's the MCU and all the movies are all in that universe, but we're talking about earth 2149, which is where the zombie universe is. All right. So I, I, instead of at work, doing work, I was reading the plot for Marvel zombies. I had it in a real small window in the corner, so it looked like I was doing work.

[00:14:42] But what I did is I was reading the plot and then I found out they released a fuck ton of spin-offs. And then you better believe instead of doing work for the rest of the day, I just read all of the spin-off plots. All right. So they started, I'll go with the [00:15:00] publication order and then the actual, like chronological order.

[00:15:04] So they started with Marvel zombies and then they did a crossover with have you guys heard of the movie, the army of darkness or is it evil, dead or something like that? I think it's evil. Dead, so yeah. Yeah. Well dad. Yeah. Yeah. The guy with the chainsaw. Sure. Yeah, no, no, not ringing Isabelle's it was like an eighties movie.

[00:15:27] Josh: I don't think I've ever watched it, but I've heard of it. So I don't know. You

[00:15:31] Sean: may have seen pictures. I've never watched it, but essentially for one reason or another, who knows why they did a crossover with evil dead and the main character is killing, you know, Marvel zombies essentially. So they did Marvel zombies.

[00:15:49] Then they did Marvel zombies versus the army of darkness. And then they did Marvel's zombies dead days. And then they did Marvel zombies, 2, 3, [00:16:00] 4, and then Marvel zombies return and then Marvel zombies five. And they really fucking milk in this for all that it's worth, you know what I'm saying?

[00:16:09] Josh: I have so many questions I think you'll get to, but are the zombies like sent in, like how do you create a story arc with the.

[00:16:16] Sean: I got you, my guy. Okay. So the Marvel zombies are 100% Senti. They think like they do as the heroes, they have all their powers. Brain's a hundred percent there. They're not slow, stupid zombies. They're just the Marvel heroes, but they crave a flesh.

[00:16:39] Josh: Okay. That's the TV show portrayed them as just mindless, mindless zombies with super powers basically.

[00:16:51] Sean: Oh no, these guys are, they fucking plan out their shit. Okay. Are yeah. They organize themselves and do everything that they would as a [00:17:00] vendors. They just decided we cannot move forward unless we eat flesh.

[00:17:08] So essentially what happened is no as Marvel zombies, the. And it kind of starts in the middle of something. It doesn't really explain how shit went down. It kind of just starts as like zombies are thing. Well, just know their thing. They're, they're part of the universe. And so it eventually starts out with I'm going to say a lot of superhero names and Wiki maniacs.

[00:17:32] If you don't know who they are, not our sponsor Wikipedia, you know, you can just go right on there, find them, and they're paying us all the big bucks to do the show. So essentially the series starts with a Magneto and he is trying to. I think he's trying to organize a rebellion against the zombies or something like that.

[00:17:58] Of course. But essentially he [00:18:00] gets caught. They eat him and kill him. And it's like the, the main ones are, yeah, he dies instantly. The main ones are captain America. He's called Colonel America here for reasons I didn't look into. Yeah. Promoted man is a Colonel higher than captain

[00:18:21] John: God. He went from that oh three to oh 5 0 6.

[00:18:25] Sean: Nice love to see it. Good for him, you know? Yeah.

[00:18:29] John: You know, it's you gotta put your time in grade

[00:18:31] Sean: and time and service. Exactly.

[00:18:32] Josh: I mean, to be fair, he took, took like 50 years off. So he'd

[00:18:37] Sean: take some time kind of lazy, to be honest. The modem anyways. So zombies kill Magneto. They're led by captain America, iron man, giant man, who I, you know, that's Hank Pym, you know, same giant man and man, same guy.

[00:18:58] Yep. A [00:19:00] Spider-Man Luke cage, Hulk and Wolverine kind of just an all-star cast. Like I was going to

[00:19:05] Josh: say, this seems like a, this seems like an overpowered, like a super lopsided match, like Magneto versus everyone.

[00:19:14] Sean: All of them to me is a great source of magnesium. Oh, random, random. You know, as we do with all my episodes, just talking off, off script, because there is no script

[00:19:27] John: going to be like, what, where are you going

[00:19:28] Sean: with this?

[00:19:29] Have you all seen that video? I think it was a college humor videos, like an older video, and it was why the Avengers are useless to.

[00:19:38] Josh: Oh, yeah. Yeah, no, it's it's to professor Xavier. It's the X-Men isn't it?

[00:19:45] Sean: It's that? No, no, no. It's the it's it's set in the, like the old, like arcade X-Men game graphics. Oh, they have all the vendors come and they fight Magneto and Magneto like kills.

[00:19:56] Most of them like very quickly like iron man. Yeah. I was [00:20:00] gonna say, man, instantly fucked Wolverine, instantly fucked captain America. Vibranium instantly fuck black Panther, instantly fucked a black widow Hawkeye. They have their weapons. They're fucked. I was like, oh shit. I never really thought about how Opie Magneto

[00:20:20] Josh: technically is.

[00:20:21] I guess Hawk would kick his ass.

[00:20:24] Sean: Hu Hulk would fucking undeniably kick his ass. Yeah. So right after they kill Magneto, the silver surfer comes to warn the earth that Galactus is coming to eat. The world. Galactus is this big, big purple guy that goes around eating planets. That's like his thing.

[00:20:44] John: Now my dumb ass is just imagining that fucking Magneto is a Greg Abbott.

[00:20:49] Oh wait, nevermind. I'm professor X. I mean,

[00:20:52] Sean: professor X is a, I would say much morally on the correct side of history and fight each other, [00:21:00] dude. I would love nothing more to see professor X just destroy Greg Abbott. Sorry that I don't wish, you know, violence upon anybody, but you know, shit happens. You know what I'm saying?

[00:21:14] Josh: It's imaginary violence. So it doesn't matter just

[00:21:17] Sean: imaginary violence. I'm not hurting anybody. That's in a different earth. You know what I'm talking about on earth, 21, 49, you know, multipurpose, I would never, ever wish that on earth, one, our earth. All right. So silver surfer comes. He says, Galactus has coming to eat the planet.

[00:21:38] And that's what Galactus does. This is a warning to escape. Those armies turn around and you know, they do what zombies do you know what I'm saying? They fucked up silver surfer immediately ate him, killed him, easy money. He doesn't have flesh. Yeah. I don't know. You know, they don't really explain like some of these people that are just, I mean, what is [00:22:00] silver surfer made out of?

[00:22:01] Is he, metal is he's naked. Now

[00:22:05] Josh: I think about it in the terrible, original, fantastic four movies. I think he was just a dude and this board made him silver. So I guess if they got them off the board, he'd just be a random person.

[00:22:18] Sean: So wait, was he for real, just a person in that movie.

[00:22:22] Josh: I'm pretty sure. Yeah. He was like a naked dude when they took him off the

[00:22:24] John: ball.

[00:22:26] That's the one with Jessica Alba,

[00:22:27] Sean: right? That's all John remembers. Yeah. That's all I remember. Yeah. Fun pack. Me and Jessica Alba. Same birthday. I was I was convinced in the eighth grade when I found out that that meant we were soulmates. You know what I'm saying? Then I realized probably a fuck ton of people have my birthday and I was instantly depressed.

[00:22:48] And now everyone, she was everyone's

[00:22:50] John: bay uppers.

[00:22:53] Sean: Yeah, I ended up better than Jessica Alba holla at me. The wife again, got a gun to my back. I'm[00:23:00]

[00:23:01] just kidding. I left you

[00:23:06] anyways. So just to give the finish off the story, Galactus comes like plan to eat the planet and somehow the zombies just do what they do and they fucking ate Galactus. Who is, who eats planets. They somehow ate the guy who eats fucking planets after eating him. They gained all of his powers. Somehow.

[00:23:32] That's a thing. Fucking Kirby. They became, yeah, exactly. They became known as the collective galactose Thai, and essentially they all, all their costumes are Galactus costumes now, but you know, there's Ambi versions of themselves. So they have Galactus outfits, but then like their masks and then there's, Arby's, it's fucking weird.

[00:23:57] How,

[00:23:59] Josh: [00:24:00] how much LSD did the writers do?

[00:24:04] Sean: Dude honestly wrote this, this was 2005. Oh shit. I wasn't gonna say like, maybe they're just working, making money off, like, you know, the walking dead while that was hype, but that was in 2005, walking dead was like, the comics were nine inch, right? Oh, the comics were, but they weren't like a big, were they like pop culturally a bit, a big hit.

[00:24:27] Josh: You're asking the wrong guy.

[00:24:32] Sean: Is w how

[00:24:32] John: they came upon. This is that for some reason, some way they were able to save like the bacteria and the yeast from the bread, from the Salem witch trials,

[00:24:44] Sean: the comedian

[00:24:45] John: listen to our episode, they

[00:24:46] Sean: got to listen to all the episodes. Guys, you gotta listen to all the episodes. Yeah. It gets everywhere

[00:24:53] Josh: where we're like the Marvel universe.

[00:24:55] If you miss one, you don't understand any other route. You don't

[00:24:58] Sean: understand [00:25:00] anything. Okay. So after they eat Galactus, some fucking how they essentially take their plan and then just go to fucking space and then go planet by planet, turning everybody into, well, not necessarily turning them all into zombies, but just straight up eating people because, they've they tried before they went to space, they tried eating others.

[00:25:29] And a human zombies. And they said, this is not a, this isn't prime meat. You know what I'm saying? This is fucking rotted. I want that this, this is spoiled. Yeah. This is spoiled. I need a, a five Wagyu human bro. Yeah. So essentially that's that's the first comic is not a lot of story. Magneto comes in, they fucked Magneto up.

[00:25:54] Silver surfer comes in. They fuck him up. Black just comes in. They fuck him up.

[00:25:59] Josh: So [00:26:00] they're the bad guys in this.

[00:26:03] Sean: Yes, they're definitely the bad guys. There is kind of like a side story where the people that Magneto was trying to reach come back down and they find they can't find Magneto. Cause of course he died, but they find black Panther who was like stuck in ant man's lap.

[00:26:20] And ant man was just cutting off pieces of his body. And like using him as a living cadaver. So he would like feast slowly. So he would always have fresh human. So that,

[00:26:34] Josh: that wasn't the

[00:26:34] Sean: show. I was it Jesus, I haven't watched what if I need to catch up

[00:26:40] Josh: spoilers my bad

[00:26:41] Sean: now? Yes. Go for it. It's my own fault at this point.

[00:26:45] Yeah.

[00:26:46] Josh: Or watch anything. So they change it a little bit. It's vision. He's he's trying to keep Scarlet witch alive. So he he's, he cuts like not Hank Pym Paul red basically. Oh yeah. [00:27:00] Keeps him alive as a head in a jar and is fed his body to her and is now amputating a black Panther to feed to her to keep her alive.

[00:27:08] So it's a, wow. It's a bit of a love story instead of just Hank Pym killing people. But

[00:27:15] Sean: this is Disney plus. Yeah. So what do you call it? There, there is something similar that happens in the comic. So not only did Hank have black Panther, Hank is married to wasp, just like in the movies. She gets in into an argument when she finds out that he has black Panther and he hasn't been sharing.

[00:27:34] So he turns into giant man and rips her head off. Oh, and fucking, yeah. Ribs her head off that's domestic. Definitely domestic violence, definitely all bad. He rips her head off and then eventually, you know, just leaves her as is. But when black Panther and the magnetos friends come, they find her head and then they put it in a jar and put that on top of a [00:28:00] robot body because somehow she is able to control her.

[00:28:06] She no longer has the

[00:28:07] Josh: extremity.

[00:28:07] Sean: Interesting. So essentially I'm not going to go, I did read all the plots for all of these and they get pretty fucking wacky, like

[00:28:18] Josh: that was already wacky.

[00:28:20] Sean: That was, it gets, they gets fucking weird or somehow. Okay. So after that, that released a, I guess they made a ton of money off the comics.

[00:28:31] Then they did the crossover with evil dead. Right. So it starts with, I'll go with this one. I'll try to cover this main story. Cause then it like spin off some to other weird shit. But essentially what happens is it opens up with the main guy from evil dead. I think his name is Ash chancel hand guy, he and his comic book.

[00:28:52] He dies and wakes up in heaven. Or what he thinks is heaven. And then [00:29:00] a zombie century, which is another Marvel hero, beats him up so bad. He beats him into the zombie universe. This is a prequel. I didn't make that clear. This is, this is set the time before Marvel zombies one,

[00:29:16] Josh: you're getting your ass. So beat so bad.

[00:29:19] You start hallucinating about some BS.

[00:29:21] Sean: Yeah. He gets his ass beat so bad into another universe. So you kind of essentially on his way of being transported to the zombie universe, he gets like a, a proclamation or he a prophecy that what happened to his earth will happen to the Marvel universe or whatever.

[00:29:40] So he goes to the Avengers and warns them. And then, you know, I guess this character is kind of like a womanizer or a piece of shit. I don't know. I haven't seen it, but they said, he said he was making a lot of. You know, sexual remarks to the women. So they beat his ass out. And then [00:30:00] by the time he gets back to them, they are already zombified.

[00:30:05] Josh: So moral of the story is don't be a womanizer or the world ends

[00:30:11] Sean: or the world ends. So essentially that happens. He warns them. And then he and other superheroes that are trying to fight the zombies form a team. And then I think they all just get fucked. They go to wherever the fuck. Dr. Doom is it's a made up country lab, a varia lat varia.

[00:30:35] Yeah, that sounds right. And then they're in search for the book of the dead AKA the Necronomicon. That sounds cool. So essentially the Necronomicon the book of the dead is. I guess it's its own talking entity and it's made out of human flesh. So essentially why not? Because everything else is here, you know what I'm saying?

[00:30:59] So [00:31:00] essentially he gets the book to tell them, like, what is the cause of all of this? And then the book of death is like, to be honest, I don't really fucking know to be honest, there's just some weird shit, you know? And then Ash is like, all right, you better fucking tell me what's going to happen. Or the zombies are going to eat you too, because.

[00:31:20] Made out of flesh, just like the rest of us. Just screaming at him. Carl

[00:31:29] dude. What a throwback? What you was that the

[00:31:33] Josh: llamas? Is that what we're referencing? Oh no, no, no. It was both. Both

[00:31:37] Sean: the list. Oh, walking dead. They're both

[00:31:40] Josh: slushy.

[00:31:43] Sean: Oh man. That kills

[00:31:44] Josh: people. Carl,

[00:31:46] John: Carl.

[00:31:50] Sean: Oh my God. Anyways. So essentially he gets the book to send him to, I don't know what he really does. The book cooperates and then [00:32:00] orders the zombies to.

[00:32:03] Chill. I dunno, Wikipedia, not too clear on that, to be honest with you, it's the best source out there. Right? But essentially doom pretty much is able to teleport Ash back to his own world or wherever. And then the story continues. Essentially it gets into weird shit. The, the zombies, after they're dead and ravaging the universe, they come back to earth.

[00:32:25] They find the black Panther and all the other heroes have new Wakanda. And that's where all the survivors are. They come back to earth because they want to find the time machine. They want to find the portal that opens up to the other multi-verse so they can go to other multiverses and then eat all those people.

[00:32:47] Cause there's nobody left to eat. And then essentially for one reason or another, some of the zombies just get over there. Hunger [00:33:00] at this moment, no explanation. They just grow out of the hunger. I guess they got the Snickers. You're crazy when you're hungry. Right. This

[00:33:10] John: is just like a classic

[00:33:11] Sean: misunderstanding.

[00:33:13] So they, they, they fucking are like, oh, like one by one. They're like, okay, we, we have fucked up. This is no good. And then the Hulk is the last one to realize that. So he was like, all right, fuck y'all. And then he just starts killing all the zombie people that don't want to eat people. Then essentially it ends with him also losing his hunger, turning back into Bruce banner and then him begging them to kill him.

[00:33:39] So he doesn't become the Hulk. Oh God. And then everybody is sort of happy, but then the low key, secondary villain in all of this. Is some human who wants to take over new Wakanda, you know, hate to bring this up area, but guess what race he is? [00:34:00] He was quite, he was definitely quite,

[00:34:06] Josh: I understand. Yes, I get it now.

[00:34:09] Sean: So he, eventually he calls a meeting with like the zombies and then somehow God has hands on Mr. Fantastics portal key and then sends the zombies into diff into the 6 1 6 universe. So that way they can continue to make money. In fact can spin the shit out by. I understand, but

[00:34:29] Josh: I sent the zombies make money, and I was like, that doesn't make sense, but

[00:34:32] Sean: they're not money hungry.

[00:34:35] Marvel, AKA Disney, AKA our overlords.

[00:34:39] Josh: They weren't Disney at the time though, to be fair, to be true. And I don't think they were making a lot of money before iron man. So

[00:34:46] John: that's what you call zombie money then? Is it crypt? Oh, Karen sees.

[00:34:52] Sean: All right. So that's the end of this episode. So you guys that's it Halloween baby,[00:35:00]

[00:35:02] but essentially that is a sort of the main plot. There's a bunch of side plots. It gets into like a weird, like for like three through five, get in like a completely different, I guess they're dealing with the ramifications of them sending zombies to the regular universe. And it ends up involving a bunch of heroes that people don't know about, like mechanical man and Mobius and somebody named something kale.

[00:35:29] The last name is kale who knows it's not important. So that is pretty much it on Wikipedia. So before we head into this break, get that ad money churching guys. What do you think about this fucking. Cash cow marvels zombies, LSD, no plot, really? Besides zombies, eating things,

[00:35:57] Josh: comic book. I mean, it's, [00:36:00] it's, it's just like dumb, fun, you know, you buy a comic, dumb, fun, that's all it is.

[00:36:05] Right. And I guess I respect that and where people can buy it and watch heroes that they would never kill off in the real comics, just murder them

[00:36:16] Sean: brutally murdered did. Yeah. Which I

[00:36:22] Josh: was just like w w which is part of what I like about the, the, what F-Series series currently. It's like they're just very.

[00:36:29] Liberal with who they kill off and the plots that they go in. And, and I appreciate that. Cause it's, it's very different from the classic hero trope, which I do love, and I will watch every single Marvel movie from here until I die. But it's, it's just much different and I, and I appreciate the weirdness of it.

[00:36:46] Sean: Yeah.

[00:36:47] John: The moment that fucked up Magneto, I'm just like, oh, do is GGS

[00:36:50] Sean: for everyone dance at that point. All right. Well, that's it for the Wikipedia section. We're going to get into the ad break, get some money and then we'll come [00:37:00] right back at you with the Wikipedia or. Read it with the Reddit part and the fan fiction.

[00:37:07] You better believe it. Did I fuck up? Yeah. Yeah, it happens. I'm a human. All right, bye. And we're fucking back, baby. Here we go. Hell yeah, baby. We're backing with the Reddit. I don't have a ton of Reddit links, so I kind of went off script and got something. Not from Reddit or Wikipedia. I don't know if that's breaking the law here, but it is what it is.

[00:37:31] You have no rules sick. All right. So this is shout out I believe that's comic book review. They listed the top 10 most horrifying things that happened in Marvel zombies. Oh God. All right, here we go. We're going from 10 to one. Number one. Our favorite story Magneto gets instantly eaten. Get some yeast and eat it.

[00:37:57] Eat it. Yeah. Yeah. [00:38:00] Instantly. All right. So number nine, we also went over this Hank Pym using to challah as a cadaver. Oh God. This is while

[00:38:13] Josh: he's alive. I'm afraid to see a

[00:38:16] Sean: through one number eight, the Avengers eat silver surfer. Most of these just sound like they're in the first one. Okay. So number seven, Galactus feast.

[00:38:29] We know that.

[00:38:30] Josh: Okay. Like Thanksgiving for them.

[00:38:33] Sean: Here we go. That we didn't talk about this. Number six, zombie Hulk smashes Thanos. Oh. After eating every living thing on earth, the remaining zombies decide they must seek a food source from somewhere else using their cosmic Galactus powers. They head into space to begin eating new planets.

[00:38:55] However, even that is only a temporary fix after depleting [00:39:00] the population of several planets zombies begin to worry about where they will go next nanos, blames Hulk for eating more than his share and hope. Oh, I guess Dan us at this point was already a zombie and then a. Whole corresponds by smashing his head in.

[00:39:17] They have a picture it's essentially Hulk clapping, both sides of stenosis, head and exploding. I see, I see an eyeball hanging out a pretty graphic,

[00:39:29] John: making them chiefs, cheeks, clap, clap in those

[00:39:32] Sean: cheeks, cheeks and another

[00:39:34] Josh: floor smashing fan. I was brought a different picture to mind.

[00:39:39] John: Yeah. If you search that up on the hub, it's not going to be the same.

[00:39:45] Sean: So let me Google real quick. Hulk smashing Thanos is cheeks.

[00:39:51] Josh: I was like, I've already got it. Pulled up. That's what we're reading later. There you go. That's that

[00:39:55] Sean: clickbait right there. All right. So number five, black Panther and [00:40:00] wasp share a meal while the zombies are out roaming in space for more meat, the survivors of earth begin to rebuild. Unsurprisingly, the Charla has made the new leader and oversees a peaceful society with a reformed wasp as his close confidant.

[00:40:19] One night an assassin I believe this is the white man. I mentioned earlier, the assassin sneaks into Charla's room and stabs him attempting to save the challah. Wasp bites, the Charla, turning him into a zombie with Janet's hunger returned and to challah is just beginning. Oh, this isn't the assassin.

[00:40:41] This isn't the white guy, but he works with a white guy. They both tear apart the assassin and eat him together. Oh God, that doesn't seem

[00:40:50] Josh: like I do it. I should have just let them die.

[00:40:53] Sean: Probably. They turn them out. So this is something I read, but didn't mention, but. After that they [00:41:00] eventually solved their hunger.

[00:41:01] Somehow Wikipedia never explains really the loss of hunger, but the child was still the leader as a Somby. Okay. All right, here we go. Number four, Hank Pam's human farm. Oh, no. One of the most interesting things about Marvel zombies is the dark and villainous places. The story is it willing to take some of its oldest characters as the zombie hunger grows more intense.

[00:41:24] These former heroes do some pretty terrible things to ensure that they can continue. Feasting. Hank pin becomes the leader of the zombies and becomes consumed by his hunger. Upon returning to earth. Hank realizes that the surviving humans can be bred to act as an unlimited source of food. Jesus Christ.

[00:41:46] Oh, let's get this bread. Let's get this bread. Let's get this shit. All right. We got three more. I'm just going to go over them quickly so we can get into the few Reddit things. And so we can get straight into the fan fiction, [00:42:00] Mobius his secret weapon. Okay. So Moebius becomes the leader of the midnight suns, which is a bunch of like supernatural heroes that go around killing the zombies.

[00:42:13] He designs a chemical weapon that reacts in a specific way to the zombie virus, which he loads into a gun on fire at the zombies and obliterates them enter a heap of blood and guts. Okay. God, here we go. Number two, Tony Stark's death. The Tony stark from another universe is one who has never able to quit his drinking habit and lost his company.

[00:42:37] But as the zombies take over his universe, he reveals, he has an interesting weapon to use against them. And robots specifically used to fight the virus facing certain death. Tony drinks, the nanobots and allows the zombies to eat him. Oh shit. That's so interesting. So that way he just, he just dies. And instead of [00:43:00] becoming another zombie iron man,

[00:43:02] Josh: so it's like his iron man always has a sacrifice.

[00:43:05] And that was his, I guess, that universe.

[00:43:08] Sean: All right. The final one Spider-Man versus the sinister six. Alright, so zombie Spiderman. This is when zombie Spiderman gets spit out into the 6 1 6. He has defeated his hunger, but he wants to, so he wants to be the hero that he used to be. Sammy Spiderman, confronts the.

[00:43:30] But then immediately loses his mind. He rips out Craven's throat. Electrocutes doc arch ribs, vultures, arms off and cuts electros head off.

[00:43:42] Oh my God. That's all right.

[00:43:46] Josh: That's some New York justice right there.

[00:43:48] Sean: So fucking it's New York baby. Oh, good. Moving on to read it. There's like three quick comic book panels that I've found that were pretty good [00:44:00] or two comic book panels I've found that were pretty good. So when Marvel zombie, or when zombie Spider-Man gets to the regular universe, he runs out of webs and is somehow able to rip out his veins and arteries in his body and use those to swing around buildings.

[00:44:21] And the comic book frame is. Sort of disturbing, he rips off a piece of his flesh on his arm and then rips out the veins in his body and then spooling, and then uses that to swing. And then does it on his side. All right. Gusting is another, another disgusting scene from Spiderman. So this is after zombie Spiderman has killed the sinister six, but somehow Sandman survives and is a zombie.

[00:44:53] Okay. Sandman immediately gets into a fight with regular Spiderman while Spiderman is walking [00:45:00] away. Sandman somehow gets into a cut in spider man's body and then explodes from inside. Oh, and the comic book panel is exactly what you expected to be very disturbing

[00:45:18] Josh: and group. They did that on the zombie episode two with hall.

[00:45:24] Yeah.

[00:45:24] Sean: They explode him. Wait, who goes inside the Hulk?

[00:45:28] Josh: Okay. I'll spoil it for you. And so yeah,

[00:45:31] Sean: if I get mad, I'm asking for it.

[00:45:33] Josh: So it's actually a, it's an ant man. He shoots a dart that goes in the Hulk that expands his heart to explode.

[00:45:44] Sean: Holy shit.

[00:45:47] Josh: He explodes. It's not as gory, obviously it's PG fourteens, but

[00:45:52] Sean: he explained to watch that.

[00:45:55] Okay. And then earlier I mentioned about how weird it [00:46:00] gets at some point in Marvel zombies while they're going around the universe, trying to eat other planets, they run into. Universe where all of the superheroes are monkeys, all the supervillains are monkeys and they battle out the zombies.

[00:46:21] And then Dr. Doom is there to battle both. Both the monkey superheroes and the zombies because he's dead. So he is killing this monkey. I can't tell what superhero the monkey is supposed to be, but essentially he's choking the monkey. And then he says,

[00:46:39] Josh: That's a euphemism for something

[00:46:41] Sean: right. Choking the monkey monkey.

[00:46:43] Oh yeah. Oh yeah. John has done that five times in one day. We got to bring it back up again.

[00:46:49] John: He was bored. Okay. I was bored. I was in Wichita, Kansas.

[00:46:53] Sean: All right.

[00:46:55] Josh: Keeps using that as an excuse. I don't know if it

[00:46:57] Sean: passed the damn

[00:46:58] John: thing to do out [00:47:00] there. I wonder if

[00:47:01] Sean: we can interview somebody from Wichita, Kansas, and they'll be like, that's absolutely way too much.

[00:47:06] John: They'll say the same shit. I guarantee them.

[00:47:09] Sean: They'll be like, I

[00:47:10] Josh: remember that

[00:47:11] Sean: day. I heard screams from the chafing

[00:47:17] Josh: from one of the three houses in here.

[00:47:23] Sean: So the monkey is trying to give a superhero speech while fighting doom doom grabs him by the throat and said, please spare me. And then the monkey says, I doubt you'll do the same to me. And then he says, no, but doom is no slave to his appetite. So before I end your pointless parody of an existence, tell me in your dimension where I surmise everyone is some type of Simeon, which species am I?

[00:47:49] And the monkey says baboons. And then he immediately fucking chokes him so hard as it had explored. Okay. And he says that boon Von doom, [00:48:00] that is reason enough to destroy this whole universe.

[00:48:08] Josh: That's so stupid. That's something John Wright,

[00:48:13] John: baboon Hayes, the motherfucker who said you're toast. Get the fuck outta here. I say something more snappy than

[00:48:21] Sean: that. That's fair. Don't add me.

[00:48:29] Here we go. So I have not again. I have not read this one, so who knows how bad it can be? Well, we get kickoffs. Probably probably, well, the only reason we got kicked off YouTube that time is because we referenced this article. If we just keep that away, then. Yeah. Okay. So this is called live wire and it's written by fuck and fluff.

[00:48:56] So I imagine it's not it's you [00:49:00] know, not going to be romantic.

[00:49:04] All right. Hey, the tags are Bucky Barnes, Motley crew, Tommy Lee. What also some mud Avengers, smart MCU smart Marvel smart. Degregation Jesus. Vaginal years voyeurism. Oh, no porn without plot. Here we go. I'll start. And then we'll have John and Josh go. All right. All right. Summary, Bucky decides to show you just how dextrous he is.

[00:49:43] All right. So somehow Bucky Barnes and Motley crew exist in the same universe in the story. So just help you gotta, you gotta just fucking deal with it guys. All right, here we go. The start of live wire, you usually occupy yourself [00:50:00] with the 90 ish minutes. Buck went to soundcheck each afternoon, whether it was a sweaty session at soul cycle or the self indulgent treatment at the hotel spa.

[00:50:11] But today you had decided to drop in on rehearsal and offer up some support Bucky, and you weren't official, but it didn't hurt to show that you cared

[00:50:22] John: clad in a barely there. Sunshine yellow crop, top and curve hugging mini skirt. You sat cross-legged in the front row of the amphitheater eagerly waiting for Bucky to take his stern, his turn on the drum kit.

[00:50:36] During soundcheck, the venue ran on a skeleton crew and the only other soul you saw was the lighting engineer who popped in and out as he was needed.

[00:50:45] Sean: Wait, pause with this has nothing to do with Bucky Barnes. He's just a fucking drummer in this. What is I, I apologize, guys. I

[00:50:56] Josh: apologize. This one's on me.

[00:50:58] This is [00:51:00] there's gotta be something with his Ironman here. Right?

[00:51:03] Sean: Well, you gotta hope

[00:51:04] Josh: with a flick of his wrist, he could twirl the drumsticks so effortlessly. He almost made it look easy. His double stroke rolls were so precise and yet the sound that he curated with were messy, harsh, and iconically rock and roll his large palms grip, the Oak drumsticks bashfully stumping against the high hat and snapping against the simple.

[00:51:24] Sean: Babe. You're so good with those hands. You coyly commented, smiling sweetly at him. Yeah. Come a

[00:51:32] John: minute. Doll. Turn in, placing both sticks on the middle, Tom, you tramped up the stairs and onto the stage, just as you were told you spread your feet, a few scoots apart, arching your back in eager anticipation.

[00:51:46] Jesus Christ, lucky GRA bookie grunted, and approvingly both hands creeping up your flimsy skirt as yanked your hips to,

[00:51:55] Sean: to hover over his. What does that live? Life, [00:52:00] life, life, life

[00:52:07] Josh: buck. There are people here. You motion to the lighting guy who sat in the booth, not 15 feet from you too. He may have been preoccupied with the setting with setting the cues for that evening show, but he was right there.

[00:52:21] Sean: Dismissing your concerns. He firmly chastised you. No panties. Huh? Baby. Jesus Christ.

[00:52:29] What did I say about acting like a slut in public, his voice low and gravelly. Problematic to be sure he spat on his index finger and rammed it inside you without warning. Oh, the metal one. You got to role play that

[00:52:43] John: role. You got to spend your fingers,

[00:52:45] Sean: bro. No, I'm not. Role-playing no, thank you. You inhaled sharply, barely registering.

[00:52:52] What just happened? Eyes wide mouth open. He brutally curled his index finger inside you. No mercy for how [00:53:00] abrupt he was. Oh God. Jesus became a

[00:53:02] John: whisper. You became a whimpering mess. Your Mons emitting at a frantic pitch. You fucked yourself. Back up onto his fingers were met

[00:53:11] Sean: with scorn.

[00:53:14] Josh: Now a baby takes what I give her.

[00:53:18] Sean: Oh, this is bad.

[00:53:21] Josh: We agree. Or he's shoving a second finger inside allowing now more than two seconds for you to swallow it up before tearing into you with

[00:53:32] Sean: Jesus corral. I wonder if this is his metal one. Oh, it's truly lazy writing that they haven't mentioned anything regarding what his superpowers are.

[00:53:43] Why is this in the Marvel section guys?

[00:53:46] Josh: Anyways, just the name,

[00:53:49] Sean: Bucky. Yeah, literally just the name. Lucky. Oh, fuck. Fuck. Oh, you could wide your velvet walls clenching onto his [00:54:00] Alice digits. As you felt yourself come completely under. And

[00:54:07] John: this is the exact reason why I asked these guys to record a disclaimer episode

[00:54:13] Sean: before this

[00:54:14] John: shit like, geez.

[00:54:17] Oh my God. Anyways, closing it off. Almost. I'm

[00:54:19] Sean: gonna use that line. I'll give, I'll give the Wikipedia X an update on how well velvet walls work.

[00:54:29] John: You could feel the pressure build in your abdomen, felt the stinging rush of arousal radiating through your body. So close to release you can't take a breath that Sates you fully, you can't focus on anything, but Buc-ee's fingers deep inside.

[00:54:44] You're

[00:54:44] Sean: tying

[00:54:47] John: you preen and blush. As you continue slicing through you, you felt a little floaty a little days. This is what heaven must feel like.

[00:54:56] Josh: They say all good boys, go to heaven, but bad [00:55:00] boys bring heaven to you.

[00:55:05] Sean: Oh, that's what they say. That's what they all say. Jesus, they all,

[00:55:09] Josh: they all say it.

[00:55:12] Sean: This is something that she wrote. And then just change the name of a character just to put it in the MCU. I apologize, guys that had nothing to do with comic books

[00:55:23] Josh: and yet it brought us all closer together.

[00:55:26] Sean: That's

[00:55:26] John: true. Now look at you.

[00:55:28] You have a pickup line now, your velvet walls,

[00:55:30] Sean: but gosh, Jesus guys. I'll let you know if I've been divorced by the next time. What did you call them? What

[00:55:41] Josh: did you fucking say to me

[00:55:46] Sean: anyway? For real, but that is it. We did Wikipedia. We did Reddit. We did the fan fiction nothing left to say we did our call to action in the middle. That's the [00:56:00] checklist. Sean has

[00:56:01] this

[00:56:01] Josh: checklist, Wikipedia, Reddit

[00:56:04] Sean: porn, mine. Okay. Y'all are making fun of me, but the episode at where I did no smut, you guys complained.

[00:56:13] All right. Also wicked maniacs, the listens, maybe weren't as good that episode, who knows? It's true, actually, but I'm giving the people what they want. All right. Disclaimer, or no discreet, no one. I'm giving them what they want to, what three or four episodes into this and three, they fucking love it. They fucking love it.

[00:56:43] Just like you and Bucky. They love.

[00:56:47] Josh: The velvet walls. If your, your holes are listening. Yes.

[00:56:52] Sean: Your ear holes are the new velvet walls. There you go. Penetrating you with our excellent [00:57:00] podcasting skills. There is nothing left to be said.

[00:57:04] John: There was, we want to hear you do an outro,

[00:57:07] Sean: a proper one proper outro.

[00:57:09] Okay, here we go. Yes. You can find our social media at Reddit on Wiki. We have a website, read it on We also have a Patrion. Read it on Wiki.

[00:57:23] Josh: Just read

[00:57:24] Sean: it. Just read it on Wiki. Yeah. That's our patriarch. So, you know, you can go on apple podcasts, you can go on all the other places to leave reviews. Like what, like, you know,

[00:57:39] you like yeah. You know, all the places that John talks about and every episode you guys know the vibes, give us reviews, wherever pod chaser. That's one. Right. There you go. And a fucking good parts. You can leave reviews on good pots and fucking, if you want to help us [00:58:00] financially, you could buy our merch found on our website.

[00:58:02] Again, read it on Also you can join our patriarch to get exclusive to that, but I didn't give them the details. John, do you want me to get the outro or not?

[00:58:14] John: You can't be interrupting me.

[00:58:16] Sean: You know, I'm nervous.

[00:58:21] So like I said, if you want to join our Patrion and get exclusive things like getting episodes early, And other things we have yet to discuss, go ahead and become our second Patrion. Maybe our third, who knows. But

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[00:58:41] Sean: Honestly, I'm making changes, I'm making changes. I'm going to be editing a whole week before release. Now we'll see. We'll see if I'm good on my word, but, but yeah, that's it, you know, our website, you know, our socials, you know how to support us financially, [00:59:00] if you want to. I don't know what else John, could I ask?

[00:59:03] That's it. So with that being said, all the links are in the dupli do yes. Below. If you're watching on YouTube there in the description. If you're listening on a podcast in the show notes, if you're watching on Patriot on, thank you for your money. All right, that's it for this week. See you guys, you can follow us on all the social media I already listed.

[00:59:25] It's your voice shine

[00:59:27] John: and save for the seventh time. And if, if, if

[00:59:30] Sean: he can't get enough of the three of us, John had an old show called Dumbfoundead podcasts and he still does more listens to. Let's start a call and shots and thoughts combined, even though the show is inactive. It's insane. Thank you for the lessons and the money and a goodbye.

[00:59:47] Love you guys. No more outages or intros. I'm giving it to John for the last and final time. This month. Eighth. Time's the charm. It's your boy, Sean, by

[00:59:59] Josh: [01:00:00] it. It's also your boy, Sean.

[01:00:04] Sean: It's your boy, Sean and your boys, Shawn. And you're born in Sean. We're going to call it off

[01:00:08] Josh: for this episode.

[01:00:09] Sean: If you want to follow us on social media, I'll go through it again.

[01:00:12] Just kidding. All right, bye guys. See

[01:00:15] Josh: ya.