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February 07, 2022
#31: Hometown Stories/Spooks | Is This Even a Real Episode!?

This episode, we get to know each other a little more by having a casual conversation about our hometowns and how we've been since we last recorded. We discuss some of the best food our cities have to offer as well as telling some tales of some haunted spots. This week's trailer is for Cultiv8 Network's very own: The Dumb, Found Dead. Check John's other show at https://li…

This episode, we get to know each other a little more by having a casual conversation about our hometowns and how we've been since we last recorded. We discuss some of the best food our cities have to offer as well as telling some tales of some haunted spots.

This week's trailer is for Cultiv8 Network's very own: The Dumb, Found Dead. Check John's other show at

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Hometown Spooks

[00:00:00] John: Oh, welcome back to Reddit on Wiki, the podcast famous for doing crappy research, using Reddit and Wikipedia as our main sources. I'm your host with the most this episode? It is I, the punny Pinoy John with me today as usual are my amazing cohost. First up this man secretly has an all coconut diet.

[00:00:21] Despite what his saying is in his own show, let's start a cult leader, Canada zone, Mr. Josh shell. What is up? My guy.

[00:00:28] Josh: I love coconuts. I am nudity. Yeah. I know my tech talk clips may say otherwise, but definitely love them and I eat nothing but sweet

[00:00:36] John: coconut. He loves the sweet white meat, baby.

[00:00:40] That's all he's about. And to round up the crew, this man just received his past to stop doing so much stories from a recent what both shots and thoughts. Head honcho at Houston. Mr. Sean. Salvino what is going on? My guy,

[00:00:56] Sean: not much chilling my guy chilling. Happy to not [00:01:00] do spot right now.

[00:01:01] John: Are you going to have it on our next episode?

[00:01:02] Sean: Technically I'm the episode before this right behind the scenes,

[00:01:10] we definitely

[00:01:10] John: don't batch corporately, not. So we're actually going to try a little bit of a different format today for this week's episode. So we'll start up with with us catching up a little bit some housekeeping items as usual, then we'll cut to a short break and introduce our topic. If you'd like to skip around, chances are, we'll probably have the meat of today's topic around the 20 to 25 minute mark give or take.

[00:01:33] But if you enjoy some sweet Mansour and funny commentary along the way, please stay because who knows, there's something quotable that Sean will probably say in the 20 minutes, they're going to be

[00:01:43] Josh: catching up, but could almost guarantee it.

[00:01:48] John: How are you boys doing? Like, how is it like since we last recorded together?

[00:01:53] Josh: Good man. I think Sean and I matched for this episode.

[00:01:56] Sean: Damn man. You know what I'm saying? I'm wearing the hoodie to match a [00:02:00] Josh. I'm wearing the beanie to match with John. We're just vibes over here. You know what I'm saying? It's 40 degrees in Texas. AKA the coldest spot it could possibly get. Besides the freeze that's coming. I heard there's another freeze.

[00:02:11] John: Okay. You're 40 degrees here. I think I'm in the twenties here in Dallas. Yeah. This morning it was a twenties.

[00:02:19] Sean: Oh shit. It's over for us. Like the next couple

[00:02:22] Josh: of days. So I had 10 pounds to Fahrenheit for you guys, but it is a minus. Yeah, we're done.

[00:02:29] We're done American degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah, excuse me, minus, and that's not even the coldest day in the past week,

[00:02:39] John: minus 22.

[00:02:41] Josh: Yeah. Yeah. On top of that Snowmageddon hit us on on a Sunday night, we got our signup Sunday night, Monday morning, we got two feet of snow within like a couple hours, basically

[00:02:56] Sean: Oh, that's when everybody was doing the sad tire on antibiotics,

[00:02:59] Josh: they were [00:03:00] like, you can't prove to me, there's Snowmageddon go do your own research outside.

[00:03:05] And that this is, oh, this is just a deploy by big shovel to get heated by shelf.

[00:03:14] John: Two feet of snow. That's like half of me already, man.

[00:03:19] Josh: I didn't even say it this time, John. I

[00:03:21] was

[00:03:21] John: going, sometimes you got to make fun of yourself. Okay. I don't see myself seriously ever jumped ahead of it. I actually jumped pretty eyes.

[00:03:29] Josh: Nice, actually. Yeah. I saw your volleyball clip that one time out of my head or baby, but

[00:03:34] Sean: it was a GD net. That's still impressive,

[00:03:38] Josh: but yeah, so I haven't been outside in a, almost a week now. It's been shut-in just so cold and so much snow. I can't even walk on the sidewalks. The sidewalks haven't been plowed, so geez shit.

[00:03:53] Sean: We'll get to any of your, did you build out

[00:03:55] Josh: your gym? Yeah I got the treadmill a couple of weeks ago and then the bench [00:04:00] came in this weekend, I have luckily still been able to do my mental health walks as of recently dungeon. Yeah, my giant dungeon. So it's finally filling out with stuff.

[00:04:13] It's not just an empty basement, which is nice. I did have a friend who listens to the pod, messaged me and I was like, I need pictures of the dungeon to see what this is. And so I sent them these that's what I expected.

[00:04:25] John: You actually have friends listening to the show. I do. Yeah.

[00:04:29] Josh: Yeah. Oh my God must be

[00:04:30] John: nice.

[00:04:33] Sean: I don't have friends. That's all. I have a couple of homies.

[00:04:37] Josh: Friends. Yeah. Where are your

[00:04:39] Sean: friends, John?

[00:04:43] Josh: Yeah. Do you make a Ryan and Chrysalis?

[00:04:48] Sean: No, they don't even listen to sharp on thoughts. T to be honest, to be fair, I don't even know. I just I lived it, you know what I

[00:04:55] Josh: mean?

[00:04:56] Sean: I don't listen to shots with that either. Probably why our listens are low. [00:05:00] It's a,

[00:05:01] Josh: I have a hard time listening to my own episodes cause or my own podcasts or episodes that I've edited.

[00:05:06] Cause it's I've heard this at least three times

[00:05:10] Sean: while you're editing it at the very least

[00:05:13] Josh: three times. So sick of it, by the way. So it's have your own voice by the end of it yesterday.

[00:05:18] John: Yeah. I'm not gonna lie actually. Patrick does listen because he gets a lot of the references that we like. So yeah, he wasn't making it much smaller,

[00:05:25] Sean: Sean,

[00:05:25] Josh: about his

[00:05:25] Sean: kilometers.

[00:05:28] Yeah. Yeah. The first at his first like five minutes on this show while he guested in my spot, he's fucking roasted my

[00:05:36] Josh: house.

[00:05:38] Sean: I was just having a good time listening. And I was like, oh man, my good friend, Patrick, wait a goddamn second. Wait a God damn

[00:05:44] Josh: second. He's fucking roasted best friends anymore.

[00:05:50] John: What about you, Sean?

[00:05:50] What's been good. What's been new with you and my guy.

[00:05:54] Sean: Okay. So here's something new I found out last night. So I don't think the wicked maniacs now. And I don't think you [00:06:00] guys know either, but I suffer from I forget what's the technical name, but it's some form of alopecia. If you guys don't know what that is, essentially.

[00:06:09] I don't know if this is just a, if this is all alopecia, not an expert, but I get random like bald spots. So and it's not like a, it's not like I'm balding or I have a receding hairline. I just get random. In the middle of my head, smooth as a smooth, as a fucking egg. And I just happened sometimes.

[00:06:32] Like last year I think I started in January, but last year in January, I had four spots on my head with bald spots. And usually

[00:06:41] Josh: like stress or something or is it just random?

[00:06:44] Sean: They said some sometimes stress, sometimes genetics there's no cure or, it's just it just happens to some people.

[00:06:54] So usually it happens like, where I get a fade, like on the side or the back. It's whatever it's faded up. Or if it's [00:07:00] on the top, I have my like long hair on top,

[00:07:03] Josh: usually.

[00:07:05] Sean: Yeah. Last year, so I've never really cared about it. But then last year I was like, oh, I'm getting like married in a church.

[00:07:12] And so I was getting like steroid shots every moment while he had stabbed me in E in each. But I fucking wish in each bald spot they would prick me like four times. Wow. And then they have to take a cotton ball. Cause it's as smooth as an egg. You know what I'm saying? There's a little bit of blood.

[00:07:29] So I had that for pretty much until the month before the wedding, all my hair had grown back, so I didn't need to get it anymore. But fun fact yesterday I was doing my little face routine cause skincare, health care, you know what I'm saying? And I had my, I have a, my wife bought me one of those little, a headband things and push my hair out of my face.

[00:07:50] Cause I have long hair. I found a fucking ball spot on my hairline. It's fucking, I gotta my little cheetah right here. [00:08:00] I got, I got a straight, I got a straight and then boop little half circle going on. So that's good. That's what's up

[00:08:08] Josh: with my like, honestly, if you didn't point it out, it probably wouldn't be as noticeable.

[00:08:12] Yeah. Yeah. Especially when you have your, as a mayor of your hair down, like you probably wouldn't notice.

[00:08:19] Sean: Oh yeah. If I have my hair down. Yeah. You can't

[00:08:21] Josh: even tell.

[00:08:22] Sean: I don't even know. It's just fucking long hair, but as a man who won best hair in high school, two years in a row, I'd take this shit very seriously.

[00:08:29] You

[00:08:29] Josh: know what I'm saying? It's a cross. You have to bear now.

[00:08:33] Sean: Yeah, I know. It's I, I can't ever be caught slacking. So these bald spots not. No, not helping at all. Pride is very hurt. If the one thing I'm confident in is the hair. Cause it covers up my other Neanderthals features

[00:08:49] John: this

[00:08:50] Josh: time.

[00:08:50] Okay. We didn't say it very much. Like

[00:08:57] Sean: that's fair. That's fair. Like John and the height, [00:09:00] I like to jump ahead of things. You know what I'm saying?

[00:09:03] John: Oh yeah man, like I'm the same way, frigging, I'm not escaping being bald. My mom's side, my hair heard that her dad was bald and then my uncle was bald and then my dad's side, he's bald.

[00:09:15] My grandpa's bald. I accepted jeez for me, like five years. It's

[00:09:19] Josh: going to happen. Yeah.

[00:09:22] Sean: Yeah it's weird because otherwise my hair is very thick. Like I have a fuck ton of hair, but then it just random fucking God was like, your hair is too good, too. Good up here. We got to fuck you up

[00:09:34] John: a little bit. Hey man.

[00:09:35] That's like me and my height. All right. I think I would have been a perfect creature if I was six foot five, but,

[00:09:40] Josh: I think most people are perfect at six foot five. So

[00:09:45] John: pretty useless people who are six, five. I'm like, give me your fucking height in my guy.

[00:09:50] Josh: What are you doing with all that? How you're wasting so much potential.

[00:09:54] Sean: Yo, I have a cousin. Who's six pies. I don't really know him that well, just cause

[00:09:59] I don't know my [00:10:00] FA my cousin, I'm not very close with my cousins.

[00:10:02] We're cool, but we're not, we didn't grow up together. So we're not super close, but every time I see this kid, he's 19, I think. But I'm like, how are you? Not fucking, as soon as you like, we're six foot and you were 12. Why were you not immediately in the gym nonstop like bro, if you're six foot and 12, 12 years old, six feet at 12 years old, you better fucking non-stop school.

[00:10:25] Don't matter, bro. You're in the gym all day. You can

[00:10:28] Josh: be making millions, man. What are you doing again? I don't know him. He could have

[00:10:33] Sean: injuries that sidelined his athletics, but every time I see him, I'm like,

[00:10:38] Josh: I was my height. I was in grade by grade seven. I was my height. Like I am now. I haven't grown since like grade eight, basically.

[00:10:45] How tall are you? Six. Just under. Which sucks so much because no one believes you, when you say you're five 11,

[00:10:54] Sean: have you seen those? Have you seen those tick talks where it's yeah. This girl will go on like random guys' [00:11:00] lives and be like, we love the short gig

[00:11:03] Josh: and they get defensive

[00:11:05] John: by five and proud.

[00:11:09] Josh: Yeah. I

[00:11:10] Sean: always tell everybody I'm five five 10, even though I'm like five,

[00:11:14] Josh: nine and a half year. I'm like, who cares?

[00:11:16] Really? Yeah. That's a half inch. You're not going to fight and we're gonna measure it out. I say we should change to the metric system and say how many centimeters tall we are, because it sounds a way taller. If I go I'm 180 centimeters. You're like, damn, that sounds

[00:11:29] John: damn. All I care about is five is my favorite number along with 13.

[00:11:33] So it's I just got twice of my favorite number, so that's true.

[00:11:37] Josh: And you could never be 13, so that there's no 13. Exactly.

[00:11:43] John: That is pretty interesting where I'm at. And anything else that's been new in your world? Any fun things that you guys did over for two weeks?

[00:11:50] Josh: Oh, man. We've been in lockdown for the past two weeks.

[00:11:53] I think they just announced. I think they just announced we're coming out of it. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I think the only other big thing, when my [00:12:00] parents came up to see my place for the first time this weekend, it didn't freak out by your

[00:12:04] John: dungeon. Cool.

[00:12:05] Josh: They were like very, they knew about the basement.

[00:12:10] They're like, this is where you kill people. And I'm like yeah. But don't tell people. Yeah, no. So yeah, they came up, so that was, there wasn't much we could do. They met my girlfriend's parents for the first time. I don't know. How'd

[00:12:21] John: that go? It was

[00:12:22] Josh: good. They're rare.

[00:12:24] They're normal people, all of them.

[00:12:26] John: And loss getting along. It's like a rare feat. I am so lucky with my in-laws. They're like the chillest people it's possible.

[00:12:32] Josh: I lived with how they're not technically my in-laws yet because right. What would you call them? Just your girlfriend's parents.

[00:12:38] I'm

[00:12:38] John: going to be in-laws bro. You got all these commitments shit. Like guys got a house together. Like it's bound to happen.

[00:12:45] Josh: There's no turning back. It's never gone downhill.

[00:12:49] John: You said you were trying to buy land next year. She had go,

[00:12:52] Josh: we have land. We

[00:12:53] Sean: have to have land. You

[00:12:54] Josh: already had the land. You Sean, for paying attention to my stories, yeah. It's a detailed [00:13:00] dammit it's family land. So it was, we didn't buy it necessarily, but yeah, it might not be until next year that we build though. Prices or

[00:13:11] Sean: is this, are you going to sell this house or is this going to, you gotta be a real estate mogul and be

[00:13:16] Josh: a landlord. We didn't buy a house. Oh,

[00:13:19] Sean: you're only renting also truly that's the landlord stuff.

[00:13:23] That's a, you don't know the history

[00:13:25] Josh: of that? I know it was built in August, so it's oh, okay. Unless they really quickly between August and October, they killed a bunch of people down here, but I don't know you got a Christian, the dungeon gotta do it before our rental renters do it. Exactly. That explains the drain in the middle of the floor actually.

[00:13:47] John: That was a pretty nice way to catch up and cause, we don't really do that in our show. So it's pretty nice to get updates. Cause you know, we're actually people too and real, we just don't podcast 24 7.

[00:13:59] Josh: It feels [00:14:00] sometimes. Yeah, man, I came up with

[00:14:01] Sean: between social media recording, editing.

[00:14:05] We all have our own individual shows.

[00:14:07] John: Yeah. How much I was struggling when I was on vacation next, last week to not do anything. I checked my phone and it was quiet.

[00:14:17] Josh: It was quiet.

[00:14:20] Sean: I, I feel bad. Cause when I'm on vacation, see a baby. I got no problems

[00:14:26] Josh: leaving. Yeah. We didn't hear from Sean for weeks when he went on his first wedding.

[00:14:34] That's fair enough. You gotta take your time. Yeah, so I came up with three episodes for let's start a call this month, which was the first time ever. And nearly killed me. I was editing. So God damn much. Rather not to read it on Wiki episodes or one, one you have to do as well. I think just one.

[00:14:51] No, I had the the way in one as well to do oh, that's right. Oh, that's right. So it was a lot of editing for a week and a half. I was like, [00:15:00] holy shit. I don't want to hear myself anymore. So I'm sure you guys are sick of me too,

[00:15:07] John: but ever, never. Alright. Moving on before we get into our, somewhat of a topic today, because it's going to be a little relaxed episode.

[00:15:17] We've got to go through a few housekeeping items first off. Just want to say thank you to all the wicked maniacs for the amazing, when this episode come out, it comes out. It's about to be six months since we launched our first three episodes. And your time's going by fast, man. It's crazy. I

[00:15:35] Josh: just blow, cause we were talking about this the other day.

[00:15:37] It feels like it's been like so long, so much longer, but then at the same time, you're like, it feels so long. Yeah, that could be just be me because we've been in lockdown. But I think time

[00:15:48] John: goes slow is technically episode 30 because I lost track because of the seasons I'm almost caught up to let's start a Colt and dude, you're slacking

[00:15:59] Sean: [00:16:00] because I put up those three

[00:16:00] Josh: episodes

[00:16:01] Sean: this month.

[00:16:03] Yeah. Not slacking. Currently the, after the three episodes back to back, I was like, oh,

[00:16:07] Josh: he's putting out to be fair. I put out one episode in December and November. You give some, yeah, you gotta make up differently. Fred's forgiving, but they're not that forgiving.

[00:16:19] John: That's how you lose cold followers.

[00:16:20] You don't,

[00:16:21] Josh: you don't put out a compound. That's where they had to put out a new Bible to get people back into it. The new Testament.

[00:16:29] John: And over the time as we're recording this episode on what's today, January 20th, 2022, we've amassed over 6,000 downloads, charting, internet charting, internationally baby. And we recently peaked number 26 on the history charts at Columbia. And we're consistently on the top five in both history and improv on good pods.

[00:16:52] And we're just really incredibly thankful for all dimensions and the tweets. It's truly humbling that all the wicked maniacs are supporting us [00:17:00] and which we felt like it's been forever, that we've been doing it. So thank you to all of you. It

[00:17:05] Josh: sounds like we have to do a live show in Columbia now. Oh God.

[00:17:09] John: I know. That sounds like fun to go to Columbia. It's beautiful. I've been watching. 90 day fiance and the Columbia like background, it looks really

[00:17:18] Josh: nice. Yeah. Yeah. Warm too. Which I'm a big fan of right now.

[00:17:23] John: Quick, Josh, I can't even

[00:17:26] Josh: hop on a plane. I can't even get on a plane. God damn it. You

[00:17:31] can't

[00:17:31] John: even do like blood rituals right now.

[00:17:34] Cause they won't heal for

[00:17:35] Josh: another year. Yeah. They're like, oh, COVID spread

[00:17:44] John: the Jesus crepes. We can do that. And also wanted to give a big shout out to our patrons. We got Vienna, Lindsey, Gabby, Aaron, and Taru for being awesome supporters as well as our friend from let's chat podcast. Chris rebel for leaving us a five star review on pod chaser and [00:18:00] leads as this five stars.

[00:18:02] Quote a must. Listen. When else do you learn something and laugh this hard, they have such wonderful chemistry and makes you laugh. Like you're in the room. Thank you so much, Chris. If, and if you want to leave us a five star rating, like our friend Chris, over here, you can do so by going on apple podcast, Spotify.

[00:18:19] Good pods, pod chaser, or you can even leave us a rating on our And if you want to support us on Patrion, our boys, Sean here is amazing at breaking down some of the things we have to offer. Cause he's out of Mr. Money in the bank, baby. You want to take a crack at it? Shawn. All

[00:18:39] Sean: right guys, if you go to podcast network, that's cultivate with a C U L T I know C U L T I V.

[00:18:53] Letter eight, a podcast network. There it is. There it is. We got a couple tiers for you [00:19:00] guys, we have the what do we have the $3 a year, right? Is that what it is? Fuck me.

[00:19:06] Josh: So the $1 here, that's the one, that's two.

[00:19:10] Sean: I I care so little about that, that I forgot that exist. All right. We have the $1 tier once you get there, it's pretty much you just helping support the show and you get access to the patriotic exclusive discord channel also.

[00:19:23] But if you want a little bit more than that our main event here are a cruiser with

[00:19:28] Josh: a lot more con tear that

[00:19:30] Sean: you get. You get a fuck ton more content, and you're getting early and ad-free episodes of Reddit on Wiki early and ad free episodes of let's start a call cult early in ad-free episodes of the dumb found dead.

[00:19:43] And you're getting a John's Patrion exclusive show. Kabba. The bonus, read it on Wiki stuff. All right. So that's what you get all that for $5.

[00:19:56] Josh: There's a lot. Ideally [00:20:00] let's start a cult on there. Yeah. There's one day where I'd go. I just, I sat down and I just edited out all the ads and then I was posting them and I got halfway through and I was like, I am just bombarding our Patriots, RSS feed.

[00:20:14] Everyone is getting notifications right now. And it's just all the, let's start a call episodes.

[00:20:20] Sean: We have everything into like folders and stuff. So

[00:20:22] Josh: they can just call on the top. It's listed on Wiki. Let's start a call bonus episodes. So you can, yeah. It's so

[00:20:30] Sean: lazy guys.

[00:20:31] Josh: Just join the peanuts or take the RSS feed and just put it into a podcast aggregator.

[00:20:35] And then it'll you can just listen on there too. I'm trying to think of which ones you could use. Cause I don't think it's Spotify, but if you listen to like overcast or something like that, one of the. Not mainstream ones. I think he'd be being copied the RSS feed and paste it in there and just listen from whatever podcast app you listen to you, you can,

[00:20:55] Sean: that's what my friend used to listen to if you're a wrestling nerd like John and I Dave Meltzer [00:21:00] podcast, it would be, he had to get the RSS feed and he'd play

[00:21:03] Josh: it on overcast.

[00:21:04] So you can do that as well. If it's a little easier, Dave

[00:21:07] John: Meltzer would give this podcast six star rating. Let me just say that out of 10, six

[00:21:12] Sean: stars. No, I'm five.

[00:21:14] John: That's the,

[00:21:15] Sean: it's a five

[00:21:15] Josh: star rating.

[00:21:18] Sean: But on top of that, if you want to give a little bit more to the cultivate podcast network, we have a $10 tier, which gets bonus content from all of our other shows like yield crime and pineapple pizza pod, and we distractions and not shots and thoughts that will be on the $15 tier baby.

[00:21:40] Yes, it is a lot of money, but you are getting 50 episodes that are going to be taken off of wherever you get your podcasts. They're going to be patriotic, exclusive seasons one and two. And going onto the future, we're going to be adding on seasons and taking them off of where you get them and then adding them to where they're only on Patrion.[00:22:00]

[00:22:00] So $15 you get shots and thoughts, you get all the shows and just everything that the other tiers got.

[00:22:07] Josh: Plus the back of your catalog. It's like Netflix for podcasting. Let's use that. That should be your to see.

[00:22:17] Sean: I love it. And then the main event, the true main event, the $25 world champion tier, which you get all of that stuff that I talked about earlier. Plus you get a BI annual merge shipment. So we're going to send you stickers or shirts or hats or anything. That's on our. Store twice a year. So you'll have to see that you could be, it could be merged from any show.

[00:22:42] You're paying us $25. If you want a specific show only we could do that. That's not a problem. But yeah, let us know. That's our Patriot. We do have a lot of tears, but we have fucked on a content also on the $10 to you, you will be getting shots on thoughts, content, actually just not the back catalog, [00:23:00] because I think we're still figuring it out.

[00:23:03] This is a little peek behind the screen, but I think the $10 tier is going to have a rotating show that has bonus content. I don't know if we're doing monthly rotation or weekly rotation, but you will a shots at thoughts. We'll have some bonus content for you. For sure.

[00:23:20] John: We have so much content. Like it's just an

[00:23:22] Josh: hour.

[00:23:23] I want shut the shots and thought bonus episode to just be an hour. Ryan drunk rapping.

[00:23:31] Sean: We might finally do. We've joked about it for the entirety of the show, but we might just throw up if you're a shoddy we talk about Chris's conspiracy corner as a patch all the time, and we always joke about it oh yeah, it's on our Patrion. And we would joke because our patron doesn't exist, but I we're part of cultivates on.

[00:23:49] So it does exist. So maybe Chris can do his conspiracy corner on there and you guys could get into his weird

[00:23:55] Josh: mind if you want to, if you, if

[00:23:58] Sean: that's where you want to go.

[00:23:59] Josh: [00:24:00] That sounds awesome.

[00:24:01] John: We shouldn't have it. We shouldn't have in mind to do some weird conspiracy shit, if you would love to be on the show.

[00:24:06] So Chris

[00:24:08] Sean: loves weird conspiracy shit, spirits, the shit too.

[00:24:10] Josh: It's just getting him on the show. That'd be the issue it's

[00:24:14] Sean: getting him on. The show is the difficult part.

[00:24:16] Josh: Where does he go?

[00:24:18] Sean: Hard to find Ryan and Chris, but I'm about

[00:24:20] John: recording. See, this is why Sean does all our Patrion ads, because he's just, he's the money guy.

[00:24:27] You know what I mean? Like he's about that life. He's Mr. Money in a bank. So Bouchet you shine for doing that for us? And actually, we also started a new thing that we have going on right now. And it's going to start during this episode where we asked the wicked maniacs or any podcasters that would love to to join us on this.

[00:24:45] But you are pretty much going to help us introduce Reddit on Wiki as a show. So we're recording ahead of time. But pretty much what we're trying to do is we'll have any podcasts or anyone who's interested, recorded line saying Hey, this is [00:25:00] name and I'm from either your show or like the city you're from, and you are now tuning into Reddit on.

[00:25:06] We had a pretty good reception today when we first announced it and we already have the first one within two minutes of us bullshit. So just one, a big shout out. The first honor goes to our friend from high . The podcasts are read at red anatomy. I now heighten, if I'm not mistaken, is the Tagala Gord for biology and Agam is science correct me if I'm wrong.

[00:25:32] of course you've been taking lessons with Sean, so you shouldn't be at an expert. So he's one of our biggest supporters, red always tweets about us, or when he's listening to an episode. So shout out to red and shout out for making history, being the first one to send that over to us. So thank you so much.

[00:25:50] Sean: There can only be

[00:25:50] John: one first. We'll always remember the first, so like vena being our first ever page on now, red is doing our first day. Wiki, I don't even, we don't even have something to call this shit. So [00:26:00] shout out, run out some other time. And of course this wouldn't be a John episode without making my co-hosts read some Tagalog.

[00:26:09] So one of our other amazing listener, a recent, one of the stories that she previously sent over at the Dumbfoundead because she would, but she would love to hear it again because she wants to hear Sean and Josh fluently tell the story. And as usual check the check the chat that we have on slack. I have the parts broken down and I purposely did it where I only read once and mine doesn't really have any tagalo in it.

[00:26:34] And you two will have the cake, Sean. Good, sir. You have the first line followed by Josh and then. Tingling

[00:26:42] Josh: Sean's lines are shorter than mine.

[00:26:45] Sean: Is this in slack? I don't know where I'm going. Oh, okay. I gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah. Shout out real quick to Jade. She's a real homey. She tweets a lot at us and it makes my day, every time Jade,[00:27:00]

[00:27:00] shout out to Ru patron. All right, here we go. Ooh, here we go. Hey it's your girl, Jade handgun signed to Sean. We're on video now. Oh yeah, we're on video now.

[00:27:19] All right, here we go. And Gusto gong. I share story, not the the dead that the Petro Gusto colon. He I

[00:27:42] here. It goes.

[00:27:42] John: Translation. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. For waking maniacs pretty much Jade sent this story previously, the Dumbfoundead before, and we did read it already and she just wants to reshare it. So here we go. Oh, she,

[00:27:54] Josh: she wants us to read it so that Patrick understands it. Yes.

[00:27:57] John: A lot of hell.

[00:27:58] You know what I'm saying? And he's cuffed up [00:28:00] all his brain cells goes somewhere else, though. All the blood on his brain actually goes somewhere

[00:28:04] Josh: else. Now that's fair. And I understand, oh yeah,

[00:28:07] Sean: this is me fist bumping Patrick. That's what I'm talking about. Hell yeah,

[00:28:12] Josh: baby. All right. So on, continuing on from here, it goes.

[00:28:17] So in 2018, our group of friends went out to an out of town, mini vacay in Zim Bali. One of my friends has a house that we could stay in. I can't recall how many of us were there, but the main story is all about these three guys, Jay who's like a twin brother to me, K and ex of mine, and the L a long time friend of ours, Jay really likes pulling off pranks to his friends that makes people consider us twins.

[00:28:46] Ha. So on the first night in Zimbabwe, am I saying that right? Zimbabwe's he decided to pull off a prank to the other two guys mentioned, disclaimer, it was just the three of them who were [00:29:00] at that moment who were, sorry. It was just the three of them who were at that moment when the prank was pulled off.

[00:29:06] But Jamie Lee told me and the rest of the group all about it after it happened.

[00:29:11] John: K and L we're sitting in the backyard of the house when Jay came in and invited them to drink lumber, nug, which is ironic because it's coconut wine. It's perfect that's what I was telling you, Josh, it's a struggle.

[00:29:21] Why don't we have in a full beans. I hope Jade listened

[00:29:23] Josh: to that episode.

[00:29:24] John: I hope so too, while they were drinking, Jay was entertaining them with jokes, stories, and other blah-blah-blah the two just kept on drinking while laughing and having fun. Kn K and L was so distracted by the story. He said they didn't even notice that Jay wasn't actually drinking

[00:29:42] Sean: the two have already drunk almost half the bottle when L felt that the liquor doesn't seem to hit him like bucket parang Tama, young lumber nog.

[00:29:54] But Jay said to just keep on drinking and it'll kick in soon. Jay continued talking [00:30:00] after some time. Elle said Yoko

[00:30:07] we'll meet eco. Nah.

[00:30:12] go. Kay said the same

[00:30:15] Josh: few moments later after

[00:30:17] Sean: Elle started saying mushy things became emotional, like a typical drunk that's when Jay started laughing. And it turns out that you were drinking pure vinegar and not lumber and honk. I think it's the type of vinegar made from coconut as well, fermented for a very long time,

[00:30:35] John: pretty much translations for days, but pretty much they kept they kept drinking and they'd suspect. They were just like how come this wine is not hitting? And then one of the friends says don't just keep on drinking. Cause it'll kick in soon. And then else. I don't want to anymore, bro.

[00:30:49] Like I'm getting drunk already. And my head is spinning already when he said Amika now funding and go my vision is getting blurry. Oh, that's when they find [00:31:00]

[00:31:01] Josh: that's so funny. It's a good prank. It's pretty harmless. I guess it's the whole, I don't know, pure vinegar. That's harmless. Maybe see you as potentially dangerous.

[00:31:12] What made Jade, what made Jay laugh so hard is when L started tearing up over some vinegar. I saw L's face with his eyes all teary. What much? Much more funny is when I talked to Kay, who was still my boyfriend at the time he admitted

[00:31:27] Rin, a Kong yak to hill. Packer I'm dumb. Oh, here we go.

[00:31:35] Wala. NA Teo.

[00:31:38] Sean: That's my favorite rapper.

[00:31:39] Josh: Diana Han Lang ACCO Nin L mag drama end. Quote, what the fuck? Ha. This story still cracks me up until now as a tequila girl, I can not believe that these guys got drunk over vinegar. So every time we hang out to [00:32:00] eat, we would joke that K and L might get drunk with the condiments.

[00:32:04] Hey, on long, read it on Wiki years. It was really fun. Funny to me when this whole. Towanna and then NIO non long din please ha anyway, more power to your show and a happy new year sending love from the Philippines, Jade. So I have no idea what you said or what he said,

[00:32:25] John: but okay. So they were saying that ELLs face started to tear up or he started tearing up.

[00:32:31] And the funny part is when I talked to Kay, who was her boyfriend at the time? Kay said that

[00:32:37] pretty much

[00:32:38] Josh: that

[00:32:39] Sean: Pete Josh just said that perfectly.

[00:32:41] John: Why would she say he felt, she felt that or Elle felt that he started to cry because he felt that Jade was gonna break up with him or.

[00:32:54] And then Jay, this guy just beat Jade on starting like drama, on the table.[00:33:00]

[00:33:03] Josh: Oh, no,

[00:33:05] John: she pretty much just said I hope we get a laugh about it.

[00:33:07] Josh: So yeah, that's a good that's funny. Oh, that is I have a friend who someone, I forget who it was. This is a long time ago, back in high school. Someone pranked him by rolling up oregano and pretending it was weird. He acted like he got high off of it.

[00:33:28] And then he told us it was a very similar story, but. Yeah. Classic trick your friends into thinking they're a wasted or

[00:33:38] John: oh, hi guys. Thank you Jade for that story and Wiki maniacs, if you want to send us some stories, make sure to slide in our DMS on Twitter or

[00:33:50] You can also contact us on our website. We have a contact form for your for your convenience. And now that all of that is out of the way. Let's cut to some [00:34:00] ads real quick. Before we get started, stick around, we can maniacs. We'll be right back after a few words from our sponsors.

[00:34:06] Welcome back Wiki maniacs. And for today's episode, I told you we were not going to do anything significant today. So it was pretty much a banter. I was on vacation all last week and I didn't really have time to write anything of substance. . So I wrote something, but it's not.

[00:34:22] But today we'll be discussing some urban legends slash spooky stuff from all of our respective hometowns. We'll have a short tail from Canada, Texas, and California. I'm not claiming Texas at all and all. And this will also give you the wicked maniacs and ourselves a chance to all get to know each other as co-host as well, because I don't know Jack shit about Canada, and hopefully Josh can tell us what's up and all of us live so far away from each other that we need to get to know each other.

[00:34:50] Anyway, did

[00:34:53] Sean: you just get a random con Canadian one or did you get one where he's

[00:34:56] Josh: at? Yeah, I did like how you were like [00:35:00] Texas, California, Canada. We have provinces here to John.

[00:35:08] Sean: Yeah. Is Ottawa. Ottawa is

[00:35:10] Josh: insidious. It is art, but what's the, Ontario's

[00:35:13] John: where I'm in seat.

[00:35:15] Josh: It's like saying Texas, that's the same equivalent to Ontario.

[00:35:20] It's obviously richer and better in almost every way. You guys not Ontario.

[00:35:29] Yeah. It's warmer. So that's, I'll give you that.

[00:35:33] Sean: We have a lot of oil

[00:35:34] Josh: here. Yeah. I don't think we haven't done.

[00:35:37] John: I don't know my geography from what I know. It's in Canada. You go and tell us what's up. So Josh, this is funny. There's a segue then as an American, obviously I know zero shit about Canada and where things are in the map.

[00:35:52] If you ask me where Ottawa is, I don't even know where the fuck it is, but based on our conversations, tell us a little bit about your home. [00:36:00]

[00:36:01] Josh: Yeah. Like I live in Ottawa. That's not where I'm actually, it's not like hometown, I guess where I'm from.

[00:36:05] So do you want me to talk about my hometown or Ottawa? Ottawa. Okay. Okay. Yeah, Ottawa. It's nice. It's our nation's Capitol. We've got parliament hill here, which is like our what do you guys have? Like Washington DC, I guess is yeah, Washington. They called the Senate, I don't know. Anyway, John was in the military. You tell us you're in the military.

[00:36:26] John: Oh no.

[00:36:29] Josh: Anyway so

[00:36:33] John: Capitol hill, that's a thing. Oh yeah, this is where the riots

[00:36:36] Sean: go. You go, there you go.

[00:36:38] Josh: We have our own cap capital. Yeah, so it's a lovely city. It's I think around a million people And it'll like, you can see Quebec cross the river the St. Lawrence river, where I think we first landed or came in like English settlers, I say we the Royal way.

[00:36:58] And yeah, so that's [00:37:00] a kind of Montreal was where they settled just up the river. And then they came down to Ottawa pretty soon after. Yeah, I don't know. There's not a crazy amount to talk about. Oh, it's not a, it's not a bus bustling city. It's a pretty low key. So

[00:37:13] John: Is your hometown famous for anything?

[00:37:16] Josh: No. My hometown is 15,000 people. It's a very small hometown. Like I said, I grew up in the woods Yeah, he got his own

[00:37:24] John: maple from the

[00:37:25] Josh: maple tree. We did, my dad used to make maple syrup.

[00:37:28] Fuck me. Back when I was in high school, we lived on we had eight 80 acres of of property. They still do, but they don't have maple trees on this one. And they used to go out and tap every February, March, and then make her own maple syrup.

[00:37:42] John: Yeah,

[00:37:44] Sean: he, the acres is fucking cute, right? I'm not gonna buy

[00:37:49] Josh: that.

[00:37:49] That's big as fuck

[00:37:52] John: that shit wild

[00:37:52] Josh: already. Yeah. It's not, it's obviously not in a city or anything, so it's mostly just Bush, but it's [00:38:00] nice. Yeah. It's still land. That's true. Yeah there's a lot of lakes where I'm from. But that's about it. There's not much else going on there and

[00:38:08] John: I got to talk about food and I'm pretty sure Shawn's going to get interested about this.

[00:38:12] What would you say are your top three places to go in Ottawa as far as food is concerned? And what do you order in those?

[00:38:21] Josh: So many things

[00:38:24] Sean: that's such a hard question. It doesn't matter top three at any restaurant.

[00:38:29] Josh: Listen, I go to McDonald's a lot

[00:38:32] John: by McDonald's.

[00:38:33] Josh: We got the classic like the beaver tail restaurants, which are it's a deep fried bread or dough, and then they the classic is like the cinnamon, so they do like a cinnamon sugar on it and you just eat it delicious. It's is it like a D it sounds is it a donut? It looks like a beaver tail, like a Beaver's tail. Like it's like a paddle. Okay. Like oval I'm with it, I guess the long boy.

[00:38:57] Pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. It's [00:39:00] delicious. You can get like different kinds of toppings. So there's like a one with Nutella and oh what is there? I then tell the ones, the one I get, so I don't really know what the other ones are. You can get like banana and Nutella and then there's like a score one where you get chocolate with scoreboard.

[00:39:14] Sean: Yeah. It's like flat. Oh man.

[00:39:17] Josh: They're delicious. Oh, the Rido canal is something I could have talked to them if I was better at tourism. So we like the main river that runs through Ottawa freezes over during the winter. And then it's just like a huge skating.

[00:39:29] John: Oh, the river you skate on the river.

[00:39:30] Yeah.

[00:39:30] Josh: Yeah. It's a huge thing. And it's so popular. So they put like restaurant. The beaver tail trucks on the river so that you can just skate up and by beaver tails,

[00:39:42] John: you said it's Dorito canal.

[00:39:44] Josh: The Rido oh yeah. It's a Dorito canal brought to

[00:39:48] Sean: you by flaming hot Cheetos, bro. How would be so scared to drive on a river?

[00:39:56] I do not

[00:39:56] Josh: have enough trust. You're not supposed to drive on it. I don't think like they [00:40:00] did the maintenance people do,

[00:40:02] John: but

[00:40:06] Sean: oh, I just imagine you said like the food, like

[00:40:08] Josh: the Beavertail trees fucking story. All right. You're derailing me so much. I'm not going to get to the rest of the food stuff, but this is funny. Ottawa was blowing up on Tik TOK the other day because this girl was driving up the river, but you're not supposed to do just in a random car.

[00:40:23] And I guess he'd been going for 20 kilometers or something like that. And the tick-tock that was going viral was that she'd crashed through the. And was just standing on top of her car right outside the backyard of this guy. And he was recording,

[00:40:39] like, how stupid do you have to be? This is like during, this was a Snowmageddon day. So it was like tons of snow and she's just her car is underwater. It's crazy.

[00:40:50] Sean: She had too

[00:40:51] Josh: much trust in the yeah. That's why you're not supposed to drive on it. Obviously like the maintenance truck goes through.

[00:40:57] That's one thing they probably know what to do for random [00:41:00] citizen does. It's not a good thing, but sorry, I didn't answer your food question at all, but one

[00:41:07] John: so far beaver detail.

[00:41:08] Josh: You want me to keep going? Yeah. Oh man, my girlfriend would be way better at this than I am. She's more of a foodie than me.

[00:41:16] The classic poutine there's a smoke's poutine Yuri, I guess it's like a. It's not a fancy restaurant, but it's like a upscale.

[00:41:26] John: What's that? It's a little upscale.

[00:41:28] Josh: No. It's like a, you go there. I was about to say

[00:41:31] Sean: upscale poutine towns. No.

[00:41:33] Josh: I feel like poutine is when they're drunk

[00:41:37] John: and then you get it's like the waffle house is a poutine

[00:41:41] Josh: and you go, I want everything on my protein and they will satisfy that need delicious.

[00:41:48] It is delicious. Poutine is so good, man. Man, I don't know what other restaurant I could do. Sorry. I haven't been at home. I'm pretty locked down [00:42:00] for, so what have

[00:42:00] John: you been craving lately?

[00:42:01] Josh: There's a really good pizza place nearby. If I could remember what it was pizza for Telly's pizza is really good in Canada which is like a suburb of Ottawa.

[00:42:12] John: What's the Kanata yeah, like Canada, but

[00:42:16] Josh: I think it's the origin of Canada to be honest, like the name cannot it's spelled with a K though, and it all a D kinetic. They have a really good pizza. It's amazing. It's like super high class pizza. So it's like margarita pizza or there's a one with like honey on it and it's

[00:42:34] Sean: honey on pizza.

[00:42:35] Good. So fucking

[00:42:37] Josh: so good, man. Like a

[00:42:38] Sean: spicy honey. Not for Josh, just a regular honey, but Ooh, a spicy honey on a pizza. Oh my

[00:42:45] John: God. So I don't know if you've been to this restaurant in Dallas, but it's called Kanye Rosso. And to have less, a secret menu is called the honey bastard and it's like spicy honey and like spicy pepperoni and it's [00:43:00] fucking good.

[00:43:03] Josh: Sounds delicious. Whenever Josh is going to

[00:43:05] Sean: come to Texas, he's going to be fucked. Everything is a little bit spice. That's

[00:43:08] John: a tad bit.

[00:43:09] Josh: Yeah. You're going to watch me make it every three years of COVID go down to Texas. Get it. But yeah, I'm excited. Oh, I will definitely visit someday

[00:43:16] John: San and I didn't want to go to Canada.

[00:43:18] Would John, you're trying to go one day.

[00:43:20] Sean: I'll fucking go to, I need to see, oh, I need to see where Drake stays.

[00:43:24] Josh: We'll go down to Toronto for the weekend. Yeah, we

[00:43:27] Sean: go to

[00:43:27] John: Toronto. Nice. All right, so does this kind of episode again, it's just thrown out of. Randomness, but we're pretty much going to be talking about, we talking about pretty much like urban legends.

[00:43:40] There's some spooky tales or spooky sites in Joshua's home. Is that, what is that home province? Home city. Yeah.

[00:43:47] Josh: Ontario is my home province and the city I was born and raised is in Ontario. So it's, it's only four hours away. Oh, okay.

[00:43:56] John: So yeah, it is a home. [00:44:00] It's my new home. So this urban legend is called the not really urban legend, but it's like the scary site is called the Carlton spooky.

[00:44:11] The spooky site is called the Carlton county spelled G a O L, but I looked it up. It's pronounced

[00:44:17] Josh: jail. Yeah. We don't know how to spell up here. My

[00:44:20] John: dumb ass said gal.

[00:44:24] Josh: I mean that, to be honest, that's it. That's how it's English as

[00:44:27] Sean: a confusing land.

[00:44:29] Josh: They're so different. Like we throw using everything, thought our a w like there's a favorite favorites, a big one.

[00:44:38] We put you in there. Wow. I'm trying to think of the other ones, but they're just color. Y'all have like British English. Yeah. We have British English. You guys were like

[00:44:46] John: different, like it's G, R E Y.

[00:44:49] Sean: Yeah. It's really crazy how Americans were just like, they fucking switched up the fucking measuring system on us and they switched up English.

[00:44:59] Why [00:45:00] would you, there's two different kinds of English. Why are we doing this?

[00:45:03] Josh: And then there's Australian, which.

[00:45:06] Sean: They're

[00:45:07] John: very confusing for an immigrant kid. Just trying to learn how to speak. All right.

[00:45:13] Josh: It's hard to be an English speaking kid. You're like, oh, so the people down south, they don't put using, in words, you guys are like, when the British left you were like, fuck all of your use.

[00:45:27] John: Yeah. Fuck your T's. Fuck you. You fuck your taxi.

[00:45:32] Josh: And oh God.

[00:45:36] John: So this the Carlton county jail according to NAR article written by Ali daily, back in 2017, it's called auto was haunted. Hostel is said to be one of Canada's most haunted buildings. This location is called the Carlton county jail.

[00:45:53] It's spelled. Yeah. It's. I said that already. Huh? Anyways, according to good old Wikipedia, the [00:46:00] Ottawa jail hostel is a hostel operated by hosteling international and located at 75 Nicholas street in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Yeah. That's yeah. Okay. The hostel was

[00:46:14] Josh: originally Houston, Texas. It's not that weird,

[00:46:17] John: but it's like Houston, Texas United States, we just say Houston, Texas, and everyone knew where the fuck that we wouldn't

[00:46:22] Josh: say.

[00:46:23] We wouldn't say like Ottawa, Canada. We were Ottawa. Ontario, Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

[00:46:30] John: Yeah. I guess this is foreign to me. All right. That's fair. That's

[00:46:34] Josh: fair

[00:46:36] John: Americans.

[00:46:36] Sean: Don't like foreign

[00:46:37] Josh: stuff. Josh don't, just make it hometown. You're all American now.

[00:46:44] John: So the hospital was originally the Carlton county jail more commonly known as the Nicholas street jail or Ottawa jail on the jail close in 1972 hosteling international purchase and converted the building, but left much of the structure intact, allowing guests to [00:47:00] experience spending a night in.

[00:47:02] Jail in jail. And the top floor, which had served as the jail's death row has been restored to much of its original condition and daily tours are conducted to continue with the NAR city article. It has said that this hostel is not for the week. It was said that the ghost of a man named Patrick James Whelan, which the backstory of this guy, he was suspected of assassinating, a politician named Thomas DRC McGee.

[00:47:29] Currently the trial was what's

[00:47:31] Sean: that name?

[00:47:33] John: Thomas DRC McGee, very formal. Apparently the trial was quite suspicious and that he was framed for the crime because all the evidence was circumstantial and not the authorities just needed someone to eat up the charge. That sounds like a very American thing to do.

[00:47:49] I'm surprised that's shared in Canada.

[00:47:51] Josh: We copy you guys a lot.

[00:47:52] John: Exactly. So the ghost. Of where am I? Oh, the ghost of Patrick James Whelan was supposedly [00:48:00] haunts the grounds as he was executed by hanging in front of 5,000 spectators. It is also believed, boy, wait, I lost myself.

[00:48:09] Oh, it was also the last known public execution conducted in Canada. I can be wrong. And I just do this episode real quick, but if I saw anyone's face during my execution, would you haunt their ass?

[00:48:23] Josh: Like just a random face?

[00:48:24] John: Yeah. Just like a random face. I'm like, I remember you Basser just been watching me hang there.

[00:48:29] Josh: Oh, hanging specifically. I thought you meant I dunno, like I get hit by a bus. I'm lying on the ground. And I see some old lady across the street. I'm going to ask

[00:48:39] about the bus driver that hit me, that fucking old lady. I, yeah I think I'd haunt a bunch of people if I was if I were a ghost,

[00:48:47] Sean: Yeah, you get, what else are you doing? You got a lot of

[00:48:50] Josh: time on it. I'm not going to heaven. So

[00:48:52] John: same thing. So I'm holding

[00:48:55] Sean: out hope. I'm holding out hope.

[00:48:57] John: Anyways, there were reports that homeboys ghost [00:49:00] would just show up in the middle of the night and he makes an appearance at the foot of the guests bed while they're sleeping.

[00:49:09] Josh: Yeah. It shows up just to watch like a sleep paralysis, demon. God, those scare me.

[00:49:16] John: Have you been there before Josh? You said when we were talking offline, you said you mentioned that you've been there before. Yeah.

[00:49:21] Josh: I was there briefly during the day, one time back in college, my friend wanted to do part of his video project there.

[00:49:30] He wanted to record some stuff. So we went there and did some. During the day I was like some ghost hunter stuff. No, I think he just wanted like a creepiest aesthetic with which is creepy like that. Like it's an old building with jail bars and stuff like that. It was what he was going for, but we were only there for an hour during the day, so it wasn't very creepy.

[00:49:47] But I do have a friend that has a story cause and showed it to Kayla from which story podcast. So go check them out. She went there with a friend of hers [00:50:00] and she was went up for like in the afternoon for a nap or something. And her friend went down to the bar. She wasn't tired. She went down and it was like, it's a bunk bed style.

[00:50:08] So there's she was at the top and then her friend who had gotten down to the bar was at the bottom. And so she shut the cause you stay in the jail cell. As you're like what would you call it? Airbnb or whatever it's called. So she closed the bar doors and she went on top, went down for a nap and she just, pat must have passed out.

[00:50:27] She heard the bars open and then heard like it closed. And then someone go like on the bottom bunk. And she just assumed it was whatever her friend. So she passed out and doesn't know how much time went by, but about when she woke up again, she woke up to the bars opening and her friend coming in.

[00:50:46] And so she immediately started like having like heart palpitations and looked down and there was no one down there, but so she suspects that she maybe ran into the ghost of whatever that dude's name was. [00:51:00] Patrick Whelan,

[00:51:00] John: Patrick. Fucking Patrick.

[00:51:04] Josh: So she'll creepy, but yeah, just stay there with your girlfriend.

[00:51:08] I would, I don't know if she was,

[00:51:11] John: I'll say you're a brave soul then.

[00:51:13] Josh: Oh, I just don't necessarily believe in it.

[00:51:17] John: Yeah. We're taking your asset to Philippines. My guy you'll probably see a ghost within two weeks. I'll just be me Lilly.

[00:51:23] Josh: I be like, you know how to speak our language? You butcher it so poorly.

[00:51:31] Akuna Matata this. Eat me off a cliff.

[00:51:36] John: So we're now moving on to Sean's hometown of Houston, Sean. You're pretty proud. He stole onion. That's what you call he's stolen from people

[00:51:44] from

[00:51:44] Josh: use Dan. He's a proud boy.

[00:51:46] Sean: Oh yeah, no, definitely not a proud

[00:51:48] John: boy. Not a problem, boy, man. Tell us about your city and hype it up for us.

[00:51:54] Ah,

[00:51:54] Sean: Houston is just chill. You know what I'm saying? It's a big city. I think it's the fourth largest city in the U S I think [00:52:00] it's second or first and diversity. We switched with New York every so often. Yeah, it's chill. There's not a lot of shit to do. Like activity wise.

[00:52:09] It's just a bunch of food. We used to have Astroworld rest and peace Astroworld, and that's the beast. The people that died at Astro

[00:52:15] Josh: this past year, really

[00:52:18] Sean: a lot of mistakes went into that. But yeah, we used to have Astroworld NASA isn't too far down. It's not in Houston. It's a closer to Galveston, but yeah, man, Houston is just real chill city vibes.

[00:52:31] We got some parks, lots of food, lots and lots of food. I think we were the number one food town, like in 2017

[00:52:39] John: or some shit like. And you already know I'm going to ask you about food, man. Same question top three, that you can think of beaver tails.

[00:52:46] Josh: Poutine three

[00:52:48] Sean: Is a way to, it's so hard. Texas, if you're a tourist and you're visiting, you gotta get fucking brisket beef ribs.

[00:52:55] You gotta get some Texas barbecue Texas barbecue over Kansas city, barbecue, [00:53:00] Texas barbecue over St. Louis barbecue, Texas barbecue over Ottawa. Barbecue. So yeah, definitely over a Ottawa. I think they smoke beavers. Definitely. Yeah. Barbecue spots. There's way too many. There's fucking Killins there's truth.

[00:53:16] If you're coming to Houston, hit me up on our a $1 Patrion exclusive discord. You can hit us up. I'll answer real quick on there. But yeah, Texas barbecue. You got. Tacos, you gotta do get some Chiloquin Keso Houston specific there's really great barbecue spots. There's really great Vietnamese food.

[00:53:34] There's really great. Indian food, a lot of good African food, Asian food. Chinatown is lit. I top three dishes, Houston, you have to get I would say beef ribs any of the top barbecue spots, beef ribs are the fucking way to go. Fried chicken and waffles from the breakfast club classic. You got to do that.

[00:53:54] That's a Houston institution. And I would say Frenchies, but they fucking, they closed down the [00:54:00] original Frenchies fried chicken. So I would say Jojo's hot doc. You have to go. If you in Houston, you have to get a fucking yo-yos hotdog. It doesn't make sense for a hot dog to be as good as this fucking hot dog.

[00:54:13] Wow. Words can't describe what the fuck is in this thing. It's I can't even. Say what's in it, to be honest and like y'all, I don't know if the wicked maniacs no, but the shot is no, I don't fuck with American condiments, like ketchup mustard, Mayo relish, all that shit is disgusting to me. But there's some shit in this.

[00:54:33] It's like Curry ketchup, some kind of fucking fancy Mayo. It is. I fucking eat it as is no complaints. I'm fucking in there. So yeah. Yo his hot dog,

[00:54:45] Josh: it must be good,

[00:54:46] Sean: dude. You wait like an hour to get this hot dog really an hour to get this hot dog. And you're just like, all right, I'll just, it's just one hot dog, but after an hour, you're like, I gotta fucking eat three of these to make this worth.

[00:54:58] So I fucking [00:55:00] Gliss Lizzy goblin, you know what I'm saying? I fucking

[00:55:02] John: got 3000,

[00:55:05] Sean: 3000. You wait so long. You got no other choice, but yeah. Yeah. Yo it's hot dog fried chicken and waffle. Barbecue. There's too many spots

[00:55:14] Josh: to name. Just I've had so many hot dogs in my life and I've never been like, this is the best.

[00:55:18] This is amazing. Like crazy Josh, I'm gonna stop. I know, like my mindset is like, it's hard to imagine a hot dog being that good. You know what I mean? I am

[00:55:28] Sean: also confused as to how the fuck this is so good. And originally it was just one man. People would line up like fucking a mile deep Jesus. And that's more than one kilometer.

[00:55:39] You know what I'm saying? And people would just be fucking, it is intense. Especially after there all the clubs and bars close at 2:30 AM, shit is fucking way to pop him. And then right across the street for yo-yos and then right next to yo-yos is [00:56:00] a. Dope Korean Mexican food truck. Oh my gogi. So you, the pro tip is you go with a group, you get one group to wait and the OMI gogi line one group to wait in the yo-yos line.

[00:56:11] And then you have a fucking feast. Also, pro tip is in order to cut the line. You just go up to somebody like mid front line and be like, I'm gonna buy all your hot dogs. Just let me skip. And they're like, oh shit, that's the fucking way. That's the fuck. Okay.

[00:56:27] Josh: I see where all our Patrion money's going.

[00:56:31] Sean: I honestly don't see any Patrion money because I don't pay Josh. Anything else for all the other stuff we ask.

[00:56:37] Josh: It goes right back into the podcast. Yeah, it goes right back into the

[00:56:40] John: podcast. All right. So I guess I'll continue on with the assassination theme by checking in at the rice hotel in Houston, the rice formerly the rice hotel is a historic building at 9 0 9 Texas avenue in downtown Houston, Texas.

[00:56:57] The current building is a third to occupy [00:57:00] the site. It was completed in 1913 on the site of the former Capitol building of the Republic of Texas and is listed on the national register of historic places. The old Capitol building was operated as a hotel until it was torn down and replaced by a new hotel around 1881.

[00:57:17] Jesse Jones built a new 17 story double wing hotel in 1913, and that's where it was dubbed to be as the rice. This building went underwent major expansions, adding a third wing in 1925, adding an 18 floor in 1951 and adding a five-story Mo motor lobby in 1958. In addition, there were several renovations during its life.

[00:57:39] As a hotel. It continued to operate as a hotel before finally shutting down in 1977. And after standing vacant for 21 years, the rice was renovated as apartments and reopened in 1998 as now called the post rice lofts. It was sold in 2014 and it was renamed simply the rice. And no, they don't have. [00:58:00] In the rice.

[00:58:03] So according to the visit, Houston, website, the rice hosted six presidents during its exist existence, including Benjamin Harrison. Knock on like I had to Google who Benjamin Harrison was. Cause I was like, is this a fake fucking president? Cause I didn't know who he was. William Howard Taft, Franklin Roosevelt, and most famously the last hotel that John F.

[00:58:23] Kennedy stayed at before he was assassinated in my now hometown, Dallas, Texas invest. Allegedly. Allegedly I

[00:58:33] Sean: wait, what?

[00:58:35] Josh: No it's allegedly.

[00:58:38] Sean: Oh, that he's still alive. Probably

[00:58:40] Josh: that's a conspiracy theory. I don't know. Probably

[00:58:44] Sean: the man's

[00:58:45] John: head. Oh, it was his other book, weight. His.

[00:58:50] Josh: They thought his son was going to come back.

[00:58:52] Wasn't it? Oh, I run

[00:58:53] John: as a

[00:58:53] Josh: VP or, but he was going to appear there. I don't know. It was weird. Anyway, continue on.

[00:58:58] John: Sorry, we [00:59:00] talked about that or bonus episode. You can check that out

[00:59:02] Sean: now. I won't be Googling that because how could

[00:59:04] John: you possibly you see the autopsy photos? Like he's dead,

[00:59:08] Sean: bro. I want to see, I want to say I watched like a special, a long time ago and I'm like, that's live on TV.

[00:59:14] Ain't no fake news about that, but anyways,

[00:59:16] Josh: that's a whole nother, that's a whole nother, sorry. It's JFK Jr. Ah, there you go.

[00:59:22] John: Oh, okay. So investigators who have stayed at the rice reported many paranormal activities occurring in this hotel. Some have claimed that they felt the ghostly presence of the former president, John F.

[00:59:32] Kennedy, where he last stayed and now is pretty famous for having sightings of apparitions of spirits, dancing on the rooftop of the historic building. The hotel closed its doors officially in 1977, but in 1998, it converted to an apartment building where it's now called. The rice loves many locals.

[00:59:51] However, do not like the idea of stepping into the building because they're scared shitless and many believed that the building is cursed. And according to [01:00:00] backpack, residents on the upper floors have even claimed that they started experiencing creepy visions and dreams to the point that many have woken up to the pool of their own blood soaked in their sheets.

[01:00:17] Sean: Yeah. Like why? I'm with the rest of the Houstonians. Why the fuck would you go in there for

[01:00:22] Josh: the cheap,

[01:00:23] Sean: it's fucking Texas baby everywhere. She's true. I ain't trying to, yeah, I ain't trying to put, I'm trying to have a good time. Why would I'm? I feel unlike the rest of our podcast network in spooky stuff, I feel like I'm the lone non spooky guy.

[01:00:41] Josh: I'm not in spooky guy. Like what you're into

[01:00:44] Sean: like you like

[01:00:45] Josh: spooky stuff though. I'd say I'm just indifferent to it. I don't search for it. I'm not into it, but I'll listen to it. If we're, if I go to Texas, we're going to go stay.

[01:00:57] Sean: You say what you say where like I'm also sir, I have a [01:01:00] house.

[01:01:00] I ain't go. No. It's half mine. And then you can buy

[01:01:04] Josh: me a room. I'm sharing a room.

[01:01:07] Sean: Feel free to think about it. Feel free to think we're sharing one room,

[01:01:10] John: one bed, one. To mean one pillow.

[01:01:14] Josh: I wasn't gonna go that far. Some hotels have two beds and a couch. I was thinking, we supposed to

[01:01:18] John: know we're going to, without the paddle, that shit, I called dibs being in the middle.

[01:01:25] Sean: I'm gonna be at my house,

[01:01:28] Josh: my sons, and I'll be at Shawn's RST.

[01:01:30] John: I'm going to be cuddling with a cat with no tail

[01:01:32] Josh: and you're on blood. She's nice. No blood in my house, please.

[01:01:38] John: And last but not the least. We're finally going to go to sunny, Southern California, down to San Diego. America's finest fucking city.

[01:01:46] It's the most beautiful goddamn city in all of the United States and home of the best goddamn Mexican food outside of Mexico texts, Mexican kiss my ass for all I care because. Take the mantle [01:02:00] and you can't convince

[01:02:00] Sean: me. I just don't know if San Diego one best food city. I know, I

[01:02:03] John: know Houston did you can't convince me otherwise that San Diego has the best Mexican,

[01:02:08] Sean: is it convinced food, critics,

[01:02:11] John: whatever.

[01:02:11] Come on. Most food critics are. I don't trust them because a lot of them are not very, they're not very, what's the word I'm looking for. They're very, I'm not going to say it. I don't want to get canceled. Most food critics are, Josh is a pastel of color. You know what I'm saying?

[01:02:32] Sean: White. Everybody of every profession is mostly white.

[01:02:35] I

[01:02:35] John: don't trust them. Macondo is fucking spicy. I don't trust they ass. That's

[01:02:39] Josh: that's fair. You know what? We can all agree that Ottawa, probably the worst out of the three, I'm not going to lie.

[01:02:48] Sean: I have not been there. So I cannot speak any ill will on.

[01:02:52] Josh: I refuse to maybe fight for Montreal or Toronto. Not at all,

[01:02:58] Sean: not Ottawa.[01:03:00]

[01:03:00] John: And we're going to another hotel in San Diego, and this is not necessary and assassination as the first two were the most, one of the most famous landmarks in San Diego, California is a beautiful and iconic hotel Del Coronado. And according to Wikipedia hotel Del Coronado also known as the Del or hotel.

[01:03:17] Dale is a historic beachfront hotel in the city of Cornado just across the San Diego bay from San Diego, California kind of got married in that area. So it was pretty beautiful. It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural John Jara, the wooden Victoria Beach resort. It is the second largest wooden structure in the United States.

[01:03:36] Sean: Oh, I've taken pictures in front of that. It's right next to the B Trek. We're not a beach. And

[01:03:43] John: when it opened in 1888, it was the single largest resort hotel in the world. It has hosted presidents, royalty and celebrities throughout the years, the hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books.

[01:03:56] The hotel received a four diamond rating and was once listed by USA [01:04:00] today as one of the top 10 resorts in the world. That's how famous it is. And I've never got the chance to stay inside before, but I've gone many times in the area. Like you said, Sean, it is next to a beautiful beach. And I promised myself if I was ever to move back to San Diego again, it's because I'm able to afford a house next to it.

[01:04:19] Hence why as the live in Texas trigger warning for the following story. Cause there's going to be discussions of things that are not nice, but according to San Diego Tribune, article by Carolina Guzman, the story in a hotel Del Coronado was quote in 18 92, 24 year old, Kate Morgan checked into the hotel under a fictitious name.

[01:04:38] Five days later, five days later, she was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. After a rendezvous with a lover didn't happen as planned because the gentlemen never showed up. He goes to her. So now she became a ghost referred to as the beautiful stranger Morgan spirit has remained occupying her former guest room, which is [01:05:00] room 3 0 2, where her antics are described as smiled and harmless.

[01:05:05] And I also found this Reddit story by user red, white code blue, about their experience inside the hotel a few months back. And this is her story by. A few months back. I had gone to the hotel Del Coronado for a work event. My company threw a huge party and I was invited to an after party at a coworker's room.

[01:05:24] I was having a great time when someone at their heart party was complaining that they were staying in the haunted room. She was so freaked out to have to sleep in it. But I got excited because I am so interested in things like that. I asked her to please take me to her room so I could see it, but she refused.

[01:05:40] She told me she didn't want to be in that room anymore than she had to. I asked her to at least tell me what removed was. And when she did, I realized it was about five doors down from the room that I was in. I decided to drop the subject and continue to enjoy myself. I don't know how she was enjoying herself, but gone.

[01:05:56] It was getting pretty late. So I said my goodbyes and walked [01:06:00] out the front door. Once it closed, I started to feel a little anxious, an eerie feeling came over me. So I decided to get out get out of there as soon as I could, as I was walking down the stairs. My ear started to write. It was so loud.

[01:06:12] And then I started to hear my name at first. I know, right at first it sounded muffled. And then it was like the entire hallway was echoing my name. It was bouncing off the walls and was echoing louder and louder. I was so frightened fright. I was so frightened. I ran out of the building as fast as I could.

[01:06:31] I noticed this weird heaviness as I was making my way back to my room. When I passed the mirror and looked into it, it looked like LSE myself in third person. Like I was outside of myself, looking in, I felt so scared. And when I got back to my room, I woke up my husband. He was so tired, but got up to talk to me.

[01:06:49] And when I told him everything that happened, I could feel this energy leaving my body. The heaviness was gone, but it was replaced with a deep sadness. I decided to go to sleep, but I had a [01:07:00] dream that, of this woman in a black dress morning, she had long brown hair and was talking, but no sounds were coming out of.

[01:07:08] When I woke up, I decided to Google the hotel and found a picture of the woman that had supposedly killed herself at the hotel. It looked like the woman for my dream. She apparently had a fight with her lover on their way to that hotel, but he got off the train at a different stop and never met up with her.

[01:07:24] It was surreal and terrifying. Needless to say, I would not go near that building the rest of the trip, nor will I ever go back to that hotel.

[01:07:33] Josh: A baby.

[01:07:40] Sean: I don't fuck with no kind of ghost. I'd be out of there

[01:07:43] Josh: too. I think I'd be fine.

[01:07:44] Sean: I do wonder how much of it is like people like know about. So then they're like, oh, like they a self fulfilling prophecy type of deal. Like they, they get so much anxiety about it, that it, they feel like it's happening, but [01:08:00] it could be it's all mental.

[01:08:01] It

[01:08:01] Josh: could be, it could just be a good story as well that they made up to some

[01:08:07] Sean: Erotic fanfic yeah. Yeah.

[01:08:10] Josh: Who knows? That was a good story though. I don't know. I guess it'd be a good creepy pastor.

[01:08:16] John: It could be. Yeah, but that's all I got this week. It was more, like I said, it was more banter this week, more than anything who knows if this is going to be the kind of format moving forward, but there you have it wicked maniacs, some stories, urban legends from our hometowns home cities, home states, whatever you want to call it.

[01:08:34] And what would you like to hear from us more in the future? Do you have any crazy stories from your hometown that you'd like to share? If be sure to send us to send it to us on our social media, you can DM us, or you can DM us on IgG or Twitter at Reddit on Wiki, or email it to

[01:08:52] And you already know how proud we are being part of the cultivate network. The home, the only podcast you need, the network includes this show. [01:09:00] Gonna read it on Wiki, along with let's start a call it pineapple pizza podcast shots and thoughts. The dump found dead weird distractions and yield crime. And from my cultivate episode, highlight because they wouldn't be part of the gang.

[01:09:11] If we don't enjoy their content, I'm recommending this episode from pineapple pizza pod, a titled rasp boot, and did it. It's funny cause it's an homage to Sean misery then Ballou blurry if you love Nessie like monsters, but a lot of dark humor, the girls up pineapple pizza pod, we'll have you covered.

[01:09:29] So definitely tune in and check them out. But do you guys have anything else that you'd like to share boys?

[01:09:35] Josh: I just like to say, if you do send in parents. Stories. I will shed on those too. So just,

[01:09:44] I will be without Ruth and a ruthless. That's what I was going,

[01:09:51] Sean: how I was doing the math in my

[01:09:52] Josh: head. I was like, I saw the blank stares swing and a miss. But yeah, [01:10:00] so just to have this

[01:10:03] John: without Ruth, I like it, but that's it this week we can maniacs. Thank you for tuning in and we'll see you next time.

[01:10:10] Remember if you saw something that kept you up at night, he must have read it on Wiki, read it on a

[01:10:14] Sean: Wiki on Reddit on Wiki, radish

[01:10:21] John: peace.