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August 02, 2021
Florida Man | Sunshine State of Mind

Welcome to Episode 3 of Reddit and Wiki! We are back this week with John as your host as he talks to you about Florida Man. You've heard the Florida Man memes and Florida Man headlines right? Listen to his futile attempt of r...

Welcome to Episode 3 of Reddit and Wiki! We are back this week with John as your host as he talks to you about Florida Man. You've heard the Florida Man memes and Florida Man headlines right? Listen to his futile attempt of reviving his old gig as a pun master and how both his co-hosts sucks as hype men. Josh brings a couple of not so feel good stories, while Sean retells the story of the creepy Miami Zombie. All that plus many more, so make sure to tune in.

According to Wikipedia:

"Florida Man is an Internet meme, popularized in 2013, in which the phrase "Florida Man" is taken from various unrelated news articles concerning people who hail from or live in Florida. Internet users typically submit links to news stories and articles about unusual or strange crimes or events occurring in Florida, particularly those where "Florida Man" is mentioned in a headline. The stories call attention to Florida's supposed notoriety for strange and unusual events. The Miami New Times claimed that freedom of information laws in Florida make it easier for journalists to obtain information about arrests from the police than in other states and that this is responsible for the large number of news articles. A CNN article on the meme also suggested that the breadth of reports of bizarre activities is due to a confluence of factors, including public records laws giving journalists fast and easy access to police reports, the relatively high and diverse population of the state, its highly variable weather, and a lack of mental health funding."

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[00:01:45] And the host of let's start a cold party. Yes, Canada's very own. Welcome back, Josh shell. How are you? My friend.

[00:01:52] Josh: Good man. Good. And I'm here to tell you you're never too fat for an only fan, so you're good to go

[00:01:58] John: there. There's a nice for everybody, right?

[00:01:59] Sean: [00:02:00] Exactly, bro.

[00:02:03] John: I am going to do my best Bruce buffer impression here.

[00:02:06] I'm not the best now. Live from a sold-out crowd from his home in Houston, Texas. . Time for our main event of the evening, he has the body of Chris Hemsworth, the undisputed king of wrestling fan fiction, erotica presenting the host of shots and thoughts podcast. Sean domain event. So

[00:02:36] what did do y'all.

[00:02:39] Josh: That was crazy. When you say Chris Hemsworth, you mean a fat

[00:02:43] Sean: Hemsworth, right? Backdoor.

[00:02:45] John: That's the, that's the plot thickens. Yeah.

[00:02:49] Josh: All of it. Dick. You got a cool man, but no, it's

[00:02:52] John: all good.

[00:02:54] Sean: I

[00:02:54] Josh: rocked one of those before

[00:02:57] John: I like it. All right guys. So if you [00:03:00] don't know what Reddit on Wiki is all about, and if this is your first time tuning in, first of all, shame on you.

[00:03:04] This is episode three already. Just want to point it out there. We crappily research random topics on Wikipedia and Reddit. Fair warning. We are not researchers at all. We're going to be wrong. Most of the time, everything will be mispronounced, but we are going to have a lot of fun doing it. So take everything with a grain of salt.

[00:03:22] Since this is for entertainment purposes, only one host will present every week while the other two comes up with a theory or a hypothesis of what the episode's going to be about. The host will then tell a story and then we will discuss what we just talked about towards the end. So since this is technically my first episode, I will be kind of paying homage to my dearly beloved, who is now departed, show the Dumbfoundead and doing a topic that brought me great.

[00:03:47] Laughter. And it is none of us. Then Florida, man.

[00:03:53] Josh: I thought it wouldn't take us more episodes than three to get here, but here we are.

[00:03:57] John: That, that, that is my, yeah. This is me [00:04:00] kicking things off with

[00:04:02] Josh: a bang, with a bang

[00:04:03] John: bang. Yeah. Fair warning. My puns are a little rusty. Haven't done it in awhile. So it's not going to be as funny cat, but.

[00:04:11] We'll see, you're going to say, oh yeah, he was right. He was right. All right. So, but before we get started, I want to get some few shout outs out of the way, as well as some requests from our Wiki maniacs, who Sean came up with, that's going to be our fan names. Unless someone tells us. But first, I just want to say a huge thank you to our good friend, Juul from riddle me that and pathway and chili for leaving us a review on pod chaser.

[00:04:35] Dr. Juul has gave us a five-star on pod chaser. She put all of the hosts are hymn. Amazing, hilarious, slash amazing shout out to kill us. Cause you guys are. And have great chemistry be prepared to laugh. And if you don't know what a Dick, but his hands Dick put coffee himself, tune in. If you want to find out who puts the Wang in ass Wang tune in and seriously just listen [00:05:00] and have many, many laughs at this fantastic new pod.

[00:05:03] Josh: And so you have to listen to.

[00:05:06] John: That's true. Dr. Joel just prescribed you with some comedy and we are here to give you massive doses of that. I don't know about our shit being massive. Let's not go there, but yeah, just want to say thank you to Dr. Jules again from riddle. We'll be sure to read the reviews we get throughout the episode to show our appreciation to any, any fans that, that listens.

[00:05:27] If you want yours to be spotlighted, please consider leaving us a five-star review on apple podcasts or pod chaser, and all the links are going to be in our profiles in our show notes. This is another one too, and this is a special request. One of our amazing listeners, Jade, who we shouted out last episode.

[00:05:43] Made a special request for one of our good old host over here. So Josh, I sent you, I sent you a copy of that picture about the tweet. What kind of friends are we, if, if we're not going to try to embarrass you as possible. So

[00:05:59] Sean: Josh [00:06:00] has something into garlic he

[00:06:01] John: has to read. Yes. Jade actually tweeted something about, oh, he retweeted one of our episodes and, you know, just, just to poke fun at the bear requested that Josh reads that sweet into took.

[00:06:12] It

[00:06:12] Sean: might come off sounding better than if I read it. So

[00:06:18] Josh: yeah, you're saying you're making fun of, but this is just the start of my grip. So I don't, I don't see a downside. Exactly. Alright, well, Jade, I appreciate you writing the review. So here we go. I hope this meets your standards. She says, Hey. Nehring Neo NABA, Ong, bowtie.

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[00:07:02] In internet for one year. I apologize to everyone who had to listen to that. But thank you, Jane, for the review,

[00:07:13] Sean: Josh's voice has never sounded sexy, or my

[00:07:15] John: guy I know of you don't want to see what's going on down here, bro.

[00:07:20] Josh: A bit of movement. You know what I'm saying? It, it is a sexy language. I am just absolutely butchering.

[00:07:27] John: Hey man, what a sport. So thank you, John. And, and that's another call-out call to action for anyone who's listening to this. If you want to engage with us best believe we are so active on the socials, hit us up on Twitter and IgE at Reddit on Wiki. And if you want to get personal, if you want to leave us more nice things about, oh, just say about us.

[00:07:46] Send us an Now that is out of the way. I feel like you all know what Florida man is all about. I feel like everyone knows what the surface of what Florida man is all about. [00:08:00] Yeah. Do you, you guys have any, some sort of a deeper hypothesis on why, on why they are, who they are at times?

[00:08:06] Josh: There's probably a lot of things. I'm just guessing the sun baking down on them year round, you know, causes some, some issues maybe, I don't know, it's a party town or a party area, so there's a lot of people just doing drugs.

[00:08:22] John: It's true. But it's also retirement town or retirement. They do the most drugs.

[00:08:28] Yeah. Okay. That's a fair point, Shawn.

[00:08:31] Sean: I don't know. I think maybe. There was just a couple of wild stories. And now the people there just feel the need to fucking live up to their name of just being the crazy wildest state. I mean, it could be, the sun could be the drugs. There's a lot of other shit that happens there.

[00:08:48] Miami is crazy. My parents just went to Miami and they were like, oh my God, it's nothing but like ass cheeks, non-stop ass cheeks. And I was like, yeah, I need

[00:08:58] John: to go next. Can we, can we go? [00:09:00] According to Wikipedia, Florida man is an internet meme popularize in 2013, in which the phrase Florida man is taken from various unrelated news articles concerning people who hail from or live in Florida.

[00:09:16] Internet users typically submit links to news stories and articles about unusual or strange crimes or events occurring in Florida, particularly known where Florida. As mentioned in a headline, the stories call attention to Florida, supposedly notoriety for strange and unusual events. The Miami new times claimed that freedom of information laws in Florida make it easier for journalists to obtain information about rest from the police that in other states and that it, that this is responsible for the large number of users.

[00:09:49] A CNN article on the meme also suggested that the breadth of reports of bizarre activities is due to a confluence of factors. This is where you guys are going to be rolling in this, [00:10:00] including public record laws, giving journalists fast and easy access to police reports, the relatively high and diverse population of the state.

[00:10:09] It's highly variable, whether it's done that. Right. Nice. And a lack of mental health Monday.

[00:10:16] Josh: Well, that's, it is, it was, it was fun

[00:10:19] John: until that point. And this is where I kind of pivot a little pivot a little bit from the story before I even go further in the topic, because Lord knows how fucked up this story is going to get, because I'm that type of person.

[00:10:32] I just want to focus on the last statement of quote, lack of mental health funding and the state of Florida. And I know Josh, you're a huge proponent about mental health and Sean, I'm sure you're the same way. If this art and I saw an article that's kind of supporting this, that kind of struck something to me, according to the national Cohen veterans network, president and CEO, Dr.

[00:10:55] Anthony Hassan's stated quote, there's a mental health [00:11:00] crisis in America. My experience establishing mental health clinics across the country. Coupled with this study shows that more needs to be done to give America. Much needed access to mental health services. If we want to save lives, save families and save futures, we must re-imagine our behavioral health system and take concrete steps to improving customers' ability to find the care they need when they need it.

[00:11:23] And on their terms and quilt. I think if you don't fuck with, you know, mental health reform, I don't fuck with.

[00:11:30] Josh: Yeah, no, that's fair. And I mean, I think that would solve a lot more than just Florida man. If we're being honest, No, I think you said it right. I think that's one of the many things we need to address in today's society.

[00:11:42] And I think especially after the year we had with people just being home all the time and alcoholism and drug addiction at an all time high, I think it's definitely something that we need to we need to look into. I mean,

[00:11:57] Sean: yeah. I was just wondering what we were talking, like what [00:12:00] is, how has mental health.

[00:12:02] In Canada, like, is there a lot of funding for that type of thing since you'll have free healthcare

[00:12:06] Josh: and everything? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Oh, I I'd say it's definitely lacking like anywhere else, but I feel you can go through like, and get drugs easier than you can in America and cheaper. Like it's, it's way cheaper than it is there.

[00:12:20] So if you needed an anxiety medication or depression medication, it is more. Easily accessible to the average person, but I I'd say clinics and stuff. We're still lacking in that regard. And, and just the overall stigma of it is definitely lacking as well. So much, much the same society-wise as America, but medically it's a little bit.

[00:12:41] John: Hmm. And then that's another point that I wanted to bring up. You mentioned about stigma or a group of guys I'm coming from like a military background where mental health was kind of looked frowned upon. If, if that's something that you exposed to, like say your command or your work, and it did affect being able to perform once you're kind of labeled that you had mental health [00:13:00] issues, like as far as being like guys, you know, like, have you ever, like, have you ever feared like repercussions of opening up.

[00:13:09] Being vulnerable to like letting people know like, Hey, this is my mental health situation. Like I want to take care of it. Have you guys ever feared that repercussions by any chance?

[00:13:18] Sean: I haven't, I haven't really experienced any like super, I guess, traumatic things. Like I've had deaths in the family and that was like awful.

[00:13:30] And maybe I do need to seek therapy about it. Cause sometimes I think about how I didn't. Properly grieve how I want it to grieve, but I mean, I've never been scared to, because I always tell my friends like, oh, if I had the money and time to go see a therapist, I think everybody should see a therapist.

[00:13:48] Even if you don't think you haven't problems, you're going to probably find out pretty quickly that there are some things you need to let go of and get out.

[00:13:57] Josh: Yeah, no, I agree. A hundred percent. I I've [00:14:00] I've dealt with my own minds, mostly seasonal depression. I've dealt with occasionally. So. Yeah, definitely for longest time, it was hard to come to grips with it.

[00:14:07] Even just being like, why do I feel like this? Like in the middle of February and it's because it's Canadian winters there. So, so yeah, it's definitely something I wouldn't say I've been afraid necessarily. Maybe just, I don't know that phrase, maybe not the right word, but definitely like just, I don't know, deterred from telling people about it.

[00:14:31] John: Probably not as forthcoming as you should, but yeah. And, and I agree to I mean, I came from more of like a traditional Asian household and a lot of times mental health is not really something that, that is brought to the table as far as conversations. Usually it's just, Hey, you're you're not feeling well, go rest, get over it kind of type of situation.

[00:14:53] Yeah. Yeah. And only when I started like kind of growing up here, that's when I realized. Hey, this is important. You [00:15:00] got to take care of your head before, before the rest of the body moves. You know, if your head's not right, then, then your body won't be right. So it's

[00:15:07] Josh: part of your body. You got to exercise, exercise it and take care of it.

[00:15:10] Just like any other muscle or anything like that.

[00:15:13] John: Yeah. Bolt heads. You don't like, you got to emphasize Jesus Christ. That's why, you know, it was kind of getting serious. So I kind of had to like, you know, steer steer a little bit. Yeah, just, just one, let that, you all know that if anyone is having issues with, in terms of their mental health I don't want to speak for the rest of the guys over here, but we highly, highly suggest that, you know, you seek mental health professionals, take care of yourself, take care of your body, take care of your head, both heads, like I mentioned, and really just, just seek help as best as possible.

[00:15:44] And if you can. And if this is the only way to help you cope, like we are here weekly to try to make you laugh to at least make you forget about all that. So that's just, just kind of, that's kind of our PSA for the day. I'm getting too sentimental. So I'm going to move on to the actual topic. All right.

[00:15:58] Not a funny Florida [00:16:00] man. Yeah. I'm moving on. So now we're kind of wondering what is the actual origins of the Florida man? So one might wonder, where did the term Florida man first, originally. And if you are a meme, connoisseur like myself, the original meme came from my Twitter account back in 2013. Would the handle at underscore Florida, man, according to, this Twitter account spotlighted some crazy ass headlines that comes from the sunshine state.

[00:16:31] And when they posted about the headlines, the Twitter account would contain the word. Florida man. Like for example, Florida man commits robbery naked, or Florida man bitten by an alligator while mowing the lawn. You know, that's kinda like the most Florida shit that can happen. Something involving

[00:16:50] Josh: yeah.

[00:16:51] That's true. Or being naked.

[00:16:53] Sean: Yeah, exactly. Gators

[00:16:55] Josh: and noodles. Yeah, tonic do wrap the show up. [00:17:00]

[00:17:01] John: The thing is you would think that I've made up those examples and because they sound crazy, but you would not be surprised because it really did happen in real life. A real headline.

[00:17:10] Sean: I have zero doubts.

[00:17:13] John: Also by the way since 2019, this, this original account, original user user at underscore Florida, man is no longer tweeting from that account.

[00:17:21] So that's just getting it out there just in case you get excited that, Hey, maybe I should look this guy up, bring it back, please go back. There's

[00:17:29] Sean: gotta be a website. That's taken its place. There's no way that that medium is.

[00:17:35] John: Yeah, there there's there's too much going on every day is like a new, new thing for Florida.

[00:17:39] Okay. So on the Wiki intro that I mentioned earlier, I didn't mention about Florida having not so strict measures when it comes to their freedom of information laws, this TC article comparing it to some other states, made some compelling. Again, going off this article again, Gil smart from 2019 wrote that quote, [00:18:00] Florida has one of the most robust I love, I love that word robust.

[00:18:05] Yeah. It's just more, it's such a moist word

[00:18:10] Josh: for, I hate it now.

[00:18:14] John: It has one of the most robust public records in the nation and quote, and that only means one thing. Public records are pretty much readily available at any given notice. So you could probably pull up to a police station and be like, bro, give me some crazy shit.

[00:18:30] And

[00:18:32] Josh: I wonder if that. I wonder if they do that, if they like, if reporters have like those connections in the police force, so that as soon as they arrest someone or hear something on the dispatch, they immediately contact a journalist or something. Or there's just a police officer with a blog sitting at his desk.

[00:18:50] And just as soon as he hears something, he's like Florida, man got to get that.

[00:18:54] John: Hey man, maybe that original user was a former Navy, Navy [00:19:00] conspiracies. Well, let's let's so I'm not gonna out myself, what I do in my day job, because please don't look for me. Like I have a good find him, but, but, but I had some seen some weird stuff and from an information coming from Florida and every time there's any issues that show up in my work best believe it's either from a California.

[00:19:24] Or to Florida, but 75% of the time it's coming from Florida, this article expanded by comparing it to some other states. For example, did the one they use in the article is that Pennsylvania where Sean, I think we talked about this before sports crowds are just absolutely insane. Oh yeah. Philly Philly.

[00:19:44] If they're willing to move the fuck out of Santa Claus, you already know that insane.

[00:19:49] Sean: They want a super bowl and then burn down their city house.

[00:19:53] John: Yeah, no loss, brotherly love right there in that same. I mentioned that the, [00:20:00] for example, they use the state of Pennsylvania and how it's not as easy compared to Florida.

[00:20:05] And, and when it comes to obtaining such records and states like Pennsylvania can actually withhold information from the public because they can technically have a legal loophole where they can say that I can't release this information in public because it's being used for criminal investigator. So that's one thing that they can say, just be like it's kind of juicy, but I ain't going to give it to you because we need it for something for law, the law to go down more in a kind of historical rabbit hole.

[00:20:35] And since we are in the topic of the sunshine, Did you actually know that there was an, a law passed in 1976 and it was referred to as the sunshine act and according to the middle Tennessee university website, MTS, the sunshine act was actually put into place during the Watergate scandal, which caused the public to demand government agencies, to be much more transparent [00:21:00] about some of the information that they put out a public.

[00:21:03] Is that

[00:21:04] Josh: where the song here comes the sun. That'd be around the same time.

[00:21:09] John: It's not the Beatles,

[00:21:10] Sean: is

[00:21:10] John: it? Yeah. Those visual Beatles. When was the Beatles active? Like in the sixties,

[00:21:14] Josh: seventies here comes 60 seventies. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:21:19] John: Should be close. If he came out 76,000, that would be a pretty, pretty good correlation right there.

[00:21:24] If these, ah, no, it's

[00:21:26] Sean: not no way. Nice

[00:21:27] John: number. Yeah. Yeah. 69 the sickest year. Nice good. Rad. But yeah, well there's a lot more to that information. And of course each state has their own kind of unique variances in the interpretation of the sunshine law or sunshine act, but it's a whole ass rabbit hole that you can dig to.

[00:21:49] Cause I ain't going to go to research. I know we kind of made fun about actually it's really funny to read about all these articles when it comes to Florida, man. I just want to reel it [00:22:00] back in for a little bit when I, when I bring it and I'll bring it back to fun again, that promise. And again, I told you earlier as an homage to my old show, I'm going to be telling you to stories.

[00:22:09] And if you have one, please, please join in with and I kind of did mention about like the mental health aspect of it. And again, if PSA, once again, if you have any friends over living Florida, or just anywhere in general, please just check on them. Then it gets crazy over. Yeah,

[00:22:26] Josh: definitely check on them.

[00:22:27] John: Definitely. And then I just want to another article that also read according to her, the lack of these resources, as well as other issues are big reasons why Florida man, as comical as it is, it is, it does have some underlying darkness and kind of sadness behind it. Not saying that Florida man is strictly on the unfortunate side, but many of these instance.

[00:22:51] And stories the ride from individuals who has either a history of substance abuse, domestic violence, and probably just living in and, you know, like hard [00:23:00] living conditions that they may rely on, you know, pretty much underhanded tactics to, to make it that you kind of see a lot of desperation, especially COVID time.

[00:23:08] You know, there's a lot of people who lost their jobs and lost their homes. Well,

[00:23:13] Josh: like if what you're saying is correct, like that with the law, It's the reason Florida man exists is because they're more open with their reporting, I guess it is like they're replete police report. Then this is technically happening all over America.

[00:23:28] We just don't hear about it as much. So I was thinking the

[00:23:30] Sean: same thing. I was like, actually, it's just America, man, dude. It's all bad. It's just the only thing that was about,

[00:23:37] Josh: it's not just America, it's all the world, but there's definitely stories around here too. So, but yeah, it just goes to show you that if you pull back the veil.

[00:23:47] What's actually going on, then you got Florida man, and it gets turned into a meme, but it's, if there's a darker face to the, to the meme. So yeah, just something to think about, you know, food for thought [00:24:00]

[00:24:00] John: and, and just to keep going on that, I mean, I think outside of, you know, clout, chasers or people trying to make it on Tik TOK or flex on the gram, I personally, I don't think these people do it on purpose.

[00:24:13] As, as comical as some of these shit are, but yet we still get news of people drugged out of their mind doing dumb shit or, you know, domestic violence charge. And the only thing that gives it, merit and comedy is based on sometimes like the obscure weapon that was used. Like, Hey, this person murdered someone using, I don't know, like a salami or something, something like that.

[00:24:36] But hearing the name Florida man is just kind of a reputation already, like, oh my. I see Florida man at the title, this shit bout to be crazy. Like we often lose kind of the sensitivity of the topic. Yeah. Forget it. You forget it to real

[00:24:50] Josh: people behind the story

[00:24:51] John: too. Yeah, exactly. But because of the tone, because of the reputation, it's just like, oh, it's Florida, man.

[00:24:58] That kind of, that kind of goes away. [00:25:00] You know, it's just, it becomes comedic a satire of, of tragedy pretty much. I

[00:25:04] Josh: feel the people who live there too. Aren't. Like they like the stigma. I think they enjoy being America's crazy place. I think, because I like from what I've, cause I've, I've had on the Florida men from Florida or Florida man from Florida men or whatever, something like that, that podcast I'm butchering it, but I had him on and he seems to love it.

[00:25:25] They do a whole podcast on it and they're from there. So they seem to almost relish in, in the absurdity that, yeah. Being the absurd, absurd meme, basically. We're not looking at, we're not laughing with you, Florida. Where are we are laughing with Jesus?

[00:25:44] John's laughing at you. We're laughing with you.

[00:25:47] John: Hey, he's Canadian. He can laugh. Okay. So that's true. But you know that from all the underlying issue that we pretty much discuss, there's probably like a few, [00:26:00] I'm not saying that I'm not downplaying it, but of course, like this could be. In a way it could be avoided.

[00:26:06] You know, if, if, if people had better access to care, whether if it's a physical or mental health wise too, if they have some sort of an outlet that possibly doesn't involve some sort of like shooting,

[00:26:22] you're going to go there. Oh yeah, no. Like something that doesn't involve like substance abuse or something that can be addicted to or can be a bit. That can kind of altered their physical wellbeing or like psychological thinking. It's pretty insane. At the end of the day, we just must consider that this, these people are human at the end of the day.

[00:26:41] And even though we use their trauma in the form of entertainment and we kind of alluded to that, that, but, but, and this is a big, but I am an asshole. And again, this is the kind of comedy show to take this. This is a comedy show. So please take everything that we say. [00:27:00] With a grain of salt, you're really covering your ass, John.

[00:27:03] Yeah, I know. Not the bat salts variety because you know, currently it's pretty famous in Florida too.

[00:27:10] Sean: And well, that story is wild. That is

[00:27:14] John: wild. Oh, you can bring it up because I didn't bring it up. You got time. So

[00:27:22] Josh: it was there.

[00:27:23] Sean: It was me. I was

[00:27:25] John: filming it even though it's all funny in hindsight. And remember there's ways we can do as a society to kind of fix the issue.

[00:27:35] And now that is out of the way and God, I hope everyone gets cut. I hope everyone kind of gets the big picture. Go dammit, John, like, how are you going to tell us all this being all dark and shit, and next thing you know, you're going to be a Dick about it. So I'm a hypocrite. It's okay. We

[00:27:51] Josh: said it all at the beginning and not at the end to make you feel worse afterwards.

[00:27:58] John: I'm trying to, I'm trying this again, and I [00:28:00] hope you boys got so some stories of your own, but I will be dishing up. I'll be dishing out to Florida man stories that I've found in none other than my favorite subreddit of all time, Florida man. But before we get to that, we have bills to pay. So we have to pimp ourselves out at times.

[00:28:20] Do not go change this episode, Reddit on the Wiki. We'll be back after a few words from our friends and sponsors

[00:28:28] Josh: buy drugs.

[00:28:32] John: And we are back in this bitch. Fella's ready for some grown inducing puns that I am most likely gonna butcher. Oh yeah, I'm ready. All right. I got two. One is a feel good story. And one is a typical Florida, man. Okay. Sorry. It wasn't my first time.

[00:28:50] Josh: Florida. Let's start with the feel. Good

[00:28:52] John: story. That's what I'm gonna say.

[00:28:54] I'm gonna save that one for last. Damn it. I thought

[00:28:56] Josh: it was, was a request.

[00:28:57] John: That was a no go [00:29:00] and feel good last cause I want to get the taste out of the mouth first.

[00:29:04] Josh: Let's laugh.

[00:29:05] John: All right. I saw this one in the Florida man subreddit, but I had to find it on a new New York post. I can't talk. I found it in New York post article back in 2019 to get more of this.

[00:29:16] But a 27 year old gentlemen from hope sound Florida made a Gator drink beer. After one of his friends caught the reptile.

[00:29:30] Josh: There's so many layers, his friend caught it and then he forced it to drink beer. I feel like I've seen videos

[00:29:36] Sean: of Gators drinking beer. Or like with a little joint in their mouth or

[00:29:40] Josh: something weird from Florida. That's Photoshop shot. Nah, it's Florida. You'd be surprised. You'd be surprised. That's true.

[00:29:49] That's true. Yeah. That's what did it say? What kind of beer?

[00:29:53] John: It didn't say what kind of beer,

[00:29:54] Josh: but damn. I want to know what kind of beer alligator's approve of it's Florida. So it

[00:29:59] Sean: might not be [00:30:00] too great of a beer. There is a big, big Budweiser distribution center though in Houston though. So maybe I'm not the one that.

[00:30:09] Hey, Texas

[00:30:10] John: is good. Texas has pretty good crowd.

[00:30:12] Sean: That was really good craft

[00:30:13] Josh: beer, but like, if I was the beer company, I, and I saw this story, I would absolutely jump on the advertising. Exactly. Alligators

[00:30:20] John: everywhere. Yeah, I know. Right? Like the frogs

[00:30:25] Sean: catering.

[00:30:27] John: Fuck that. That should have been them true. To be fair.

[00:30:32] The alligator also bit the guy who gave him the drink. So justice was kind of already served there. Apparently his buddy caught the Gator, brought it to him and then it proceeded to let the Gator chug some Bruschi before they release it back to, they were kind enough to release it back to the wild. I hope they let

[00:30:54] Sean: it sober back up first.

[00:30:57] Josh: Just let them walk home alone and just walk home. [00:31:00]

[00:31:01] John: Don't go floating and I don't know, driving in a fucking swamp, I don't know, drink I'll swim. The dumb-ass thing that they did was they captured everything on video and not sure if they posted it or someone snitched at them, but the police was able to get ahold of the two individuals.

[00:31:22] They both arrested them and they charged them for unlawfully taking an alligator. Like there. Wait. Okay. Lawfully take an alligator. So happens often. So the beer wasn't

[00:31:33] Sean: the issue.

[00:31:34] Josh: It was the catching it, this is the problem. That's what I was going to say. Wouldn't it be animal cruelty,

[00:31:40] John: but it's specific to the Gator,

[00:31:42] Sean: pour all the beer over the Gators you want, but you better not fucking catch it.

[00:31:46] You know what I'm saying?

[00:31:48] Josh: How dare you.

[00:31:51] John: That's crossing the line off, you know, poor alligator. But in this case, both buds, we're not lying. No. [00:32:00] I told you, I sat now

[00:32:04] Sean: earlier when I said cap, I was, I was incorrect, but it was fact John was,

[00:32:08] John: I told you more damn man. I've been out of the game for like two months.

[00:32:14] All right. All right. But this is my whole Southern Florida story. This is going to be terrible, too horrible, man. You're supposed to gas me up. Oh, that was great. That was great. That was great. It was super good. I don't do puns anymore, man. I'm retired. All right. So this is the whole Southern Florida bat and I want to hear you do one and now I'm going to be like, boom, like

[00:32:37] Sean: I'm going to speak for Josh, but were we told to have puns right?

[00:32:41] John: Nah. Nah. Okay. Okay.

[00:32:43] Josh: I was like, did I

[00:32:44] Sean: miss a message? I don't want to look like

[00:32:47] John: I was kidding. So this is a wholesome Florida man story. Okay. So I'm going to reverse Florida man here. And instead of spotlighting some of the craziness, I'm actually going to highlight some kindness displayed by some people from Florida [00:33:00] loved it, went to another subreddit, but this time it was called wholesome Florida man.

[00:33:05] And I will say his name because I believe he needs some props. Usually I don't mention. But I, I see me CBS news article back in 2020, stated that a Gulf breeze Ford, a man named Mike Azmin was hailed as a hero by his neighbors due to this guardian angel like efforts as men supported over 114 families in his community by paying $7,600 worth of unpaid utility bills that got some family through during the holiday season.

[00:33:36] So that's damn pretty nice. Pretty nice. Good job. Good job, Mike. Azmin my cousin. Yeah, good man. And the business owner slash grandfather reached out to the city's utility provider and asked for a list of names who had outstanding balances and he wrote a check. You read them all out. Wow. God damn. He said during an [00:34:00] interview that he wanted to extend assistance because when he was going through tough times, there were moments that he did not know if he could afford to pay some.

[00:34:08] As Ben was not asking for anything in return, but he does ask that the community pays it forward. So others who may need additional assistance. And, you know, this is such a wholesome story and definitely a nice change of pace from the craziness that is Florida man. But as far as Mr . What a good guy. God

[00:34:27] Josh: damn it.

[00:34:29] That was better to go with the utility pun, but I okay. I like that. I like it. It's kind of a utility

[00:34:35] Sean: pun, right?

[00:34:35] Josh: Electricity. I meant, I meant the word. I meant the word utility, but what

[00:34:41] John: do I, what the fuck am I going to do with utility? Yeah, I'm on. Yeah. I'm not as good at this job. You're going to talk shit.

[00:34:50] Josh: I'm the Colt guy, not the pun guy.

[00:34:52] John: It's just like Michael Jordan back in the wizards. Like they know what to do at first.

[00:34:56] Josh: I'm like Michael Jordan on the baseball team. [00:35:00] That is true. I don't belong

[00:35:02] John: here. What about you guys? You guys have any Florida man stories that stuck. Yeah. So

[00:35:10] Josh: when we were joking around earlier about there's gotta be a website or like a Twitter, I quickly Googled it and I found Florida

[00:35:18] So that is a thing. Here we go. And on the top, there is birthdays and it is. It is Florida man stories sorted by date. And so I thought, why not fitting? It'd being our, our podcast birthday, you know, August 2nd, I looked for August 2nd dates and there are, there were two that came up that I saw one is Florida land for demand claims to have aids brandishes needle and says I will.

[00:35:47] So yeah. So he was accused of stealing tools from our, in Orlando home Depot classic, and then point pointed a hyper D hypodermic needle at a [00:36:00] loss prevention officer while telling the man he had aids very dark. I don't know what that has to do with stealing stuff. I guess he was just like, I've used this in me, so I'm going to use it on you.

[00:36:11] Yeah. So dark story, dark story.

[00:36:14] John: Oh my God. That's not that man. That's not a positive story on it. Well go

[00:36:21] Sean: on right off the bat.

[00:36:24] Josh: You want to pun for that one?

[00:36:26] John: Yeah. Why you didn't hear me? I say that's not a positive thing. I want to hear.

[00:36:29] Sean: Oh, that that's true. That was there's layers in that one, John. I didn't even realize it right away.

[00:36:34] You're in it,

[00:36:35] John: bro. Your back kinda not really. Josh is like,

[00:36:39] Josh: I don't know. No, I'm, I'm moving on to the second story of today. In August 2nd are on August 2nd, 2016, a Florida man was charged with picking magic mushrooms will carrying an alligator. So that is the uplifting story of our birthday [00:37:00] date.

[00:37:01] Sean: They were questioning me about a Florida Gator having a joined in the mouth, but

[00:37:06] John: shrooms, right,

[00:37:07] Josh: shrooms

[00:37:08] Sean: seems a little bit more extreme. Then a little joint.

[00:37:12] Josh: Yeah, maybe it was like, it was like Loki Gator or whatever. Have you guys watched Loki yet? I don't know if I'm spoiling for you. Okay. Spoilers. Maybe he was like low-key Gator and he was just carrying around with him.

[00:37:24] He was tripping. So he might think it was, I wonder if he

[00:37:28] Sean: would didn't even realize it was a Gator cause he was tripping so bad.

[00:37:31] Josh: He's like my chihuahua's heavy today. It, my dog

[00:37:35] Sean: feels weird.

[00:37:37] Josh: I can't think of a pun for that one, but if you can, John,

[00:37:41] John: you're not good at this.

[00:37:43] Josh: No, I'm not. We have

[00:37:46] Sean: our niches puns are hard,

[00:37:48] John: dude.

[00:37:49] Oh, you didn't hear it. I went for like a super Mario pun. It was a mushroom. I said, I told you so. Wait, what? So I told toad, told the [00:38:00] mushroom, oh, it's funny. If I have to explain it all

[00:38:05] Sean: the best jokes are explained.

[00:38:08] Josh: Yes. More than once. Yeah.

[00:38:11] John: That's, that's a mushroom cap. There you

[00:38:14] Josh: go. There.

[00:38:18] John: We're back. It's hard to think just on your, like, you know, on your feet.

[00:38:23] Okay.

[00:38:24] Josh: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Whenever we did,

[00:38:27] Sean: Whenever shells on thoughts did dump on dead the whole week, I was like, dude, my pun is going to be so bad, dude. I was more nervous for the pun than like anything else.

[00:38:39] Josh: That was me too.

[00:38:41] John: Hey, you guys both went in though, so that's, that's pretty good. All right. Zine, do you have any Florida man stories that you want to share or something that you're fond of?

[00:38:49] I'm

[00:38:49] Sean: definitely not fond of the story, but we mentioned the Miami zombie earlier. So I'll, it has its own Wikipedia page. Guys. You guys are the wicket. Maniacs are getting a [00:39:00] double dose today. Here we go. First pair. The Miami cannibal attack on May 26th, 2012. Rudy Eugene attacked and maimed. Ronald Popo, a homeless man on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida.

[00:39:16] Making headlines worldwide. During the 18 minute films encounter Eugene accused Poppo of stealing his Bible. Then beat him unconscious removed. Papos. And then bid off. Most of Papa's face above the beard, including his left eye, leaving him blind in both eyes as a result of the instance, shocking nature and subsequent worldwide media coverage.

[00:39:46] Eugene came to be dubbed the Miami zombie and the Causeway cannibal. The attack ended when Eugene was fatally shot by a Miami PD office.

[00:39:58] John: Again, not [00:40:00] uplifting.

[00:40:01] Sean: Yeah. Maybe the funniest story, but just the wildest story. I remember I was in college and I heard about this and they're showing like video clips on TV.

[00:40:10] I was like, oh shit, it's fucking, and this is 2012. I'm like, oh, it's over in December. It's down there. We're all dead

[00:40:17] Josh: in December. It's over. Right. They say what

[00:40:20] John: the, what the cause was because people were saying it was bath salts. So

[00:40:24] Sean: right here, it says police sources speculated that the use of a street drug like bath salts might have been a factor experts, express doubt.

[00:40:33] Since toxology reports, we're only able to identify marijuana and Eugene system leaving the ultimate cause of his behavior.

[00:40:43] John: Damn we beat that

[00:40:43] Sean: shit. We, as far as I know, does not do that shit. We

[00:40:47] Josh: supposed to be pretty it's a real bad hell. A bad case of the munchies. Oh

[00:40:55] Sean: shit. Oh, Papa survived though. You survived the attack [00:41:00]

[00:41:00] and

[00:41:00] Josh: that's good.

[00:41:01] Yeah.

[00:41:01] Sean: That's the, the, the good part of the story.

[00:41:05] John: If there is a good part. Gosh, that is super traumatic, dude. Like imagine just getting eaten pretty much alive. Jeez

[00:41:12] Sean: dude, just a homeless guy. Just minding his own business, bro. And then

[00:41:18] Josh: beating you up and taking off your pants. Yeah. There's

[00:41:22] Sean: nothing in it.

[00:41:23] That makes sense. So, I mean, might as well fucking take his pants

[00:41:26] Josh: off, I guess. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. Well, like the just didn't make sense to me cause he was like, like he it's like, he was like, oh, I'm good. Rob him. And then he was like, face kind of look good though.

[00:41:38] Sean: Kind of looking like a whole snack. You know what I'm saying?

[00:41:41] Josh: Gosh, took it to a whole new

[00:41:43] level

[00:41:44] John: Lord. All right. Well, I'm going to do a quick recap. We kind of would just talked about Florida, man, funny as hell at times, and for really look in a much more deep. Level it can kind of get super [00:42:00] dark. And I think we mentioned again, the lack of mental health assistance at times, I guess you can kind of say the disparity of like, you know, social, economic status that can lead to more crime drug use, et cetera.

[00:42:11] And to cap it off, you know, Florida has some of the most lenient information laws in the United States. You guys have any closing thoughts about Florida man, and well, I guess the Florida zombie now, or to Miami zone.

[00:42:24] Sean: I just think it's super interesting that the reason, a possible reason for Florida man existing is not solely because Florida is crazier than the other states.

[00:42:34] It's just the fact that their state laws make it easier to find this kind of information. So it really makes you wonder, like, you know, Florida man is kind of blown out of proportion. I could be like Josh, that the whole world.

[00:42:51] Josh: World man, world,

[00:42:52] John: man. I wonder if there's some Canada man stories, cause you guys are nice, you know, like, is there any shit that you guys can do wrong? Like [00:43:00] maybe they gave you the wrong Tim Warrens order or some shit like, is that, oh, it's over

[00:43:05] Josh: there. You have it. There's probably stories. I could maybe I'll do an episode on Canada, man.

[00:43:12] There's probably I don't actually know how our laws are with the, in regards to policing. So I don't know. I do think itch. I think we should take out if we're taking anything from this story. I think we should take a page from Florida law and maybe you know, pull back the curtain on all the states and provinces and territories, whatever, wherever you happen to look.

[00:43:33] Because I think more knowledge is definitely better. Being able to hear all these stories and then address them head on realizing how bad the mental health and everything is. I think that's definitely the best way to go. So yeah, I dunno. I think, I think Florida has got something. They got this, right?

[00:43:50] They may be a meme. They may be the martyr. We needed nothing. One more martyr

[00:43:58] Sean: we're really back and forth on a [00:44:00] Florida is insane or not.

[00:44:01] Josh: It's really funny to watch

[00:44:02] Sean: us. Maybe

[00:44:05] Josh: they're not great. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe it's us. I've never chewed a guy's face off. So

[00:44:12] exactly.

[00:44:14] John: All right. Before we cap it off, Sean, anything that you would like to plug?

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[00:44:36] John: Yeah. And Josh anything you'd like to plug my good, sir.

[00:44:40] Josh: Yeah. If you want to hear more or me, I have my own podcast.

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[00:45:06] So my episodes next, I believe actually,

[00:45:09] John: Awesome. Well, fellas, thank you for tuning in with me or joining me this week. I guess you kind of stuck with me anyways and contractually obligated, contractually obligated, and both of y'all for not gassing me up for my first terrible plan out of retirement. But what about you listeners?

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[00:46:13] This is my new grift. So new grips

[00:46:15] Sean: every episode. Oh yes.

[00:46:19] John: For all our Wiki maniacs out there. Thank you so much for listening to this. Episode, we will see you next time. It's us again? Ah, shit. My sign off is horrible right now. I am your host for today's episode. It is I John, join with Sean and Josh. We are signing out and remember if you read something.

[00:46:39] Oh fuck. Okay. And we'll see you next week. Bye. Oh, holy

[00:46:43] Sean: moly. Bye.[00:47:00]