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November 15, 2021
Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory | Bluecifer and the New World Order

*DISCLAIMER* Uncle BJ had audio issues during this episode, but it was too fun of an episode to re-record. Thanks for your understanding! This week's episode, we wear our tinfoil hat and talk conspiracy. Specifically, we venture to Denver, CO and the famed Denver International Airport. Is it a home base for a secret society? A lair for lizard creatures? Is the giant blue …

*DISCLAIMER* Uncle BJ had audio issues during this episode, but it was too fun of an episode to re-record. Thanks for your understanding!

This week's episode, we wear our tinfoil hat and talk conspiracy. Specifically, we venture to Denver, CO and the famed Denver International Airport. Is it a home base for a secret society? A lair for lizard creatures? Is the giant blue horse demonic and coming to get you? Join your boys as we discuss conspiracy theories and many more.

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Episode 18- DIA Conspiracy

[00:00:00] John: well hello there, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the podcast that famously does crappy research for your entertainment. Welcome to read it on Wiki. This is episode 18. So you should know by now who we is, but for those who don't know, I am your host today. It is I, the punny. At tiller, the pun cm pun also best known as the newly verified.

[00:00:23] Put that check mark on my name on good pods, baby. It is. Hi John concept natto. I am joined today by none other than the cult leader himself. You may know him as the leader of office. Let's start a co host and our uncle BJ Canada's own Mr. Josh shell. What does,

[00:00:41] Josh: uh, much unverified father, of everyone. So, until we take a DNA test,

[00:00:52] John: We need to get your ass in a Maury show. That's what we need.

[00:00:55] Sean: You are not the

[00:00:56] John: father. Then he start running.[00:01:00]

[00:01:01] rounding up the crew. Rumor has it that if you say, it's your boy, Sean, three times in front of a mirror that a super buff, sexy guy will appear right in front of your eyes, master of smut and poster boy, that you can do great things. When you get a booster. Shots and thoughts, head honcho and Houston legend.

[00:01:20] Mr. Sean Salvino know what is going on. My guy what's going

[00:01:24] Sean: on. My guys, I wish, , I was sexy as John is making me sound, but that could not be further from the truth. Again, just a reminder. I am morbidly obese. I am under six feet tall. It is what it is. That's life. That's it and I'm married already.

[00:01:43] So

[00:01:43] John: if I get. You've got no one to impress anymore. You're fine. Yeah. Trap. You activated the trap card already. You're good.

[00:01:50] Sean: Trapped her ass.

[00:01:53] John: All right. So you guys know how I always like to start my episodes. I always like to start with shout outs. So I'm going to shout out [00:02:00] with, or start with the big shout out to our amazing patrons Vina and Lynn's who we actually had, who actually became our guests hosts when uncle BJ was out for.

[00:02:10] That was so much fun. Me and Sean had had a blast, got to learn a little more stories about brothers Grimm, and we'll for sure. Have you, again, lens if you'd like to come back. Of course. And speaking of vena, They left us this awesome review. And you're both going to read it in tagalo okay, perfect. Hopefully you guys have you guys practice, cause this is going to be

[00:02:33] Sean: fun.

[00:02:33] This is my grip. It

[00:02:34] John: is, it is. And, vena wanted me to decide who reads it better. So this is going to be a lot of fun for me, cause I'm going to be cracking the whole time. So check your phone boys. I will be forwarding. The review should be on our little. Group page, but for context, I will translate it for you.

[00:02:50] So will you at least understand what vena said? Okay. So it goes as this five star review on apple podcasts, translation goes super fun to [00:03:00] listen and makes my fatigue go away. Not only do you learn, but your stomach is going to hurt from laughing. Even the meet, the host episodes already started out on a good note.

[00:03:10] The host personalities fit well together and you all should join their Patrion because you will not. I am rooting for Josh and Sean's to Golic skills. John, you'll be the judge and judging. I am vena. So you can both decide who goes first, but I want to hear your version of this. Oh, so we're going to read the whole thing.

[00:03:28] Oh

[00:03:29] Sean: yeah. Oh, I thought we were going to do like a little half and half the whole thing.

[00:03:32] John: Okay. Both of you the whole day, I'm going to judge,

[00:03:35] Sean: Josh.

[00:03:39] And it's whatever. No one is going to look good coming out of that. I'll tell you that right now.

[00:03:47] Josh: All right, I'll give it a go. , now, like I say, tiny Pangaea,

[00:03:53] Sean: NACA, waggle, Wala.

[00:03:57] Josh: There's no, there's no valid now [00:04:00] new, new hybrid, like, like you were about to say a

[00:04:04] Sean: bad word.

[00:04:06] Josh: Oh, my crew to, to cotton sucky tip, ,

[00:04:12] kick out to wall. Meet your host episode poem. Benda NA Onga oncon Gullah perse. So, uh, uh, uh, Atma ACA is a SU SU Maloo oh, similarly, Kao stop. Patrion Hindi. Magazines CC. I think I got all the English

[00:04:50] John: I'll read to me. That's how I read it in the end. So you guys can kind of know how it sounds like if oh nine.

[00:04:56] Sean: Oh no, no need John. I'm about to, I'm about to fucking kill it. Here we [00:05:00] go. You just heard it. Perfect. Here we go. Again, fluent native tongue. Here we go.

[00:05:09] Parking and NACA koala.

[00:05:17] Ghana Sasaki.

[00:05:23] I hope this is a racist. Just like me trying to sound correct off of what I've heard my parents say anyways.

[00:05:33] Yeah. But I'm trying to put an accent on it, which may be making this worse.

[00:05:37] Josh: That's true.

[00:05:41] Sean: Yours was just white all around, so you're good. You're safe. All right. Meet your host episode. Belong Benton. Um, Danny Lang persona lead that I act mung act Massa. Is that ISA [00:06:00] Sumali chaos, patron, Hindi, CC. Laughing face emoji. I am rooting for Josh's and Shawn's to galaxy scales. John, you be the judge smiley face, smiley face, smiley face emoji.

[00:06:14] Josh: You nailed those last few sentences show. Yeah, it

[00:06:17] Sean: was like, I just blew it in English for a little bit. Yeah.

[00:06:20] John: For some reason. I would give the edge to Sean because, but you have a handicap, bro. You're Filipino.

[00:06:27] Sean: You should. I've I've heard my parents speak to gala and I'm around like most of my friends understand and can speak a little bit.

[00:06:36] I'm just the stupid born and raised Texan. That is,

[00:06:42] John: I got to give it to Josh. Cause , he's Canadian and he did.

[00:06:46] Sean: That's why I continue my losing streak on every game

[00:06:49] John: we play. Shout out. I'm just kidding. It's a tie. We both win because that was hilarious for me to hear

[00:06:56] Sean: an all

[00:06:56] Josh: expense trip to the Philippines paid by John, actually.[00:07:00]

[00:07:00] John: Oh, hell

[00:07:01] Sean: yeah, let's go. Let's go to Palau one. Oh.

[00:07:07] John: I ain't got no money, but anyway, thank you so much, Vino for the awesome review and your thank you for also being our Patriot. You're doing us all this favor. Not only are you paying us, giving lesser reviews. So shout outs really appreciate you. And also just want to say hello to our listeners from Kuwait and Finland.

[00:07:28] Ooh, Sean got better. News would Finland than we do. Just want to say thank you for the love. And we just charted number 12 and number 15, the history charts on both, Kuwait and Finland. , it's been super dope. We're being heard internationally soon. Soon. We're going to be like a pit bull, man. Mr.

[00:07:45] Worldwide, also want to say thank you to all our followers on good pods manual. I swear. You're making us look good, better than we should be. We may not always be number one. But for the most part we is, but you all managed to [00:08:00] keep us near it and just want to say, thank you also a big shout out to a good friend of mine.

[00:08:04] Brian Lee left a review last episode, and, he also invited me over to a show coming up, titled distracted. I love play on words if it's distract head. So it's pretty cool. Can't wait to listen. Wiki maniacs. You actually will hear a smarter version of me. I swear. Smartest. I've been , during that recording for this show.

[00:08:24] Yeah. I mean, just in general. Okay. And you're

[00:08:29] Sean: trying our best. We're supposed to sound dumb,

[00:08:35] John: but , with that said, I think. It's fun to celebrate milestones and fellows. We just hit the quarter of the year. Mark. We, we're three months in to doing this. How y'all feeling about the show so far, we made it through our trimester.

[00:08:49] Sean: Wow. First try. Yeah. Now we can start telling people about it. I think. ,

[00:08:56] Josh: yeah, I think it's been awesome. Super fun. [00:09:00] Yeah, hopefully we can bring some more cool cards. That's true. John keeps making cover for us and I keep changing up the cover art. So that's fun. Like what are you doing next week? I'm like, oh, I think

[00:09:14] And then Mike actually don't change it two days

[00:09:17] Sean: later.

[00:09:18] John: So I'm still in paid

[00:09:20] Sean: by the way

[00:09:22] Josh: for keeping us going

[00:09:25] Sean: for real

[00:09:27] John: about you, Sean, how you feel about the show.

[00:09:29] Sean: I feel great. It's a lot of fun. Made a new friend and Josh have a second Canadian homie now and a token anymore. Right.

[00:09:42] John: So anyway, so

[00:09:47] Sean: your top two, Josh, your top two, for sure. For

[00:09:50] John: sure. Number one who knows? Who

[00:09:53] Sean: knows? Who knows? Yeah, it's been cool. , John is, is his Twitter master. So [00:10:00] I've connected with more people through Reddit on Wiki, than before. So it's been cool talking and making new friends and hyping each other up, , Twitter is super positive, good pods, same way.

[00:10:09] So yeah, let's keep the good vibes going.

[00:10:13] John: Hell. Yeah. I speaking on a Twitter, a Twitter Twitter, a weekend to weekend speaking, a Twitter, John's

[00:10:21] Sean: doing heroin,

[00:10:23] John: little stabby, stabby action going on, but , just last but not the least. And you guys both mentioned it. Just want to say a big shout out to our Twitter followers.

[00:10:30] We're not so great on Instagram were not so great on Facebook. I feel like we found a home on. I know I'll be just be posting some dumb shit there. And for some reason, you guys make me, you guys click likes on all of the shit that I say, and it's dumb half the time, but for some reason, you guys like it, thank you for indulging my shit posting and , big ups to everyone who shares and tag our stories.

[00:10:51] And, , and as far as our show, I am so pleased with the progress that we're doing. This is what episode 18 that we're doing right now. And [00:11:00] I feel like every week we're gaining more audience and, more people seem to enjoy our show. We might not be factually correct all the time, but , the, the vibes is always positive.

[00:11:09] So I just want to say thank you to both of you, because you say like, I do all these things, but , really, I couldn't have done it without y'all so, let's keep the vibes going. Shall we.

[00:11:20] Josh: The total amount of episodes that have one, let's start

[00:11:22] John: a call. That's true because you've been slacking a lot. Lady D that's

[00:11:29] Sean: mental health breaks are needed. My guy take all the breaks you need, AKA, let shot some thoughts, catch up to y'all's listen, count. Cause let's start a call tailing it, , I don't usually look at numbers, but I accidentally clicked on it and I was like, holy moly. Josh is a beast. Yeah. Shout out to first.

[00:11:47] John: If we were, if we were all showering the same place, like we would be jealous with Josh is

[00:11:55] Sean: probably life as well.[00:12:00]

[00:12:01] John: I can join our

[00:12:02] Sean: Patrion. , we compare a sizes of a listen, what

[00:12:10] John: Fred's yes. You know what I'm saying? My gosh. All right. Before we, , get. Into deep with this, this topic. , just want to introduce the topic for this week. And I actually can't believe that it took me this long to dedicate an entire episode about it, but today I will be wearing my tinfoil hat and taking you to a journey of conspiracy theories.

[00:12:35] Okay. I am going to be discussing the Denver international airport, conspiracy theory of any of you boy. Heard about any of it or have you been to Denver at all by any chance?

[00:12:48] Sean: This is our last episode. Cause we will get killed after this. I fully a hundred percent believe in this conspiracy and , I don't know a lot about it, but I, I, from what I [00:13:00] know, it's a lot of weird Satan shit and Illuminati shit and I had to not fuck with Illuminati.

[00:13:08] Josh: Hmm, that's interesting. I didn't have been real human on, so I know, I know a little something about being targeted. , but I, I don't know anything about this one actually, other than what Sean just said. , and on top of that, I've never been to Denver, but if I were to live in a city, I think, I think Denver would be one of them I'd consider in the states.

[00:13:32] Sean: I really want to visit.

[00:13:34] John: I love Denver. It's beautiful. Yeah. One of my favorite places to visit, it's not for the out of shape. People like myself because I'm already a mouth breather as it is so hiking up. And it's like, okay. So we hiked up Rocky mountain national park. Okay. And that sucker was like 13,000 feet.

[00:13:58] Like I think [00:14:00] 10,000, 13,000 altitude. C-level

[00:14:03] Sean: kilometers.

[00:14:05] John: We hiked, we hiked six miles and it took us like, oh no, five miles. And it took us like six hours. Oh shit. Can we had to take a lot of breaks? Cause I felt like, dude, I felt like my heart wasn't gonna stop. It was just like, I was so fucking tired. I thought I was going to pass out every single time.

[00:14:23] Sean: Yeah, because you can run a

[00:14:24] Josh: mile and like comfortably like eight minutes probably.

[00:14:29] Sean: Jesus rice, Josh, you are fit. All right, we get it, bro.

[00:14:33] John: We are, I'm

[00:14:35] Sean: another weapon. I'm an 11 minute mile. I was trying to do

[00:14:39] Josh: kilometers to conversion because I can do a kilometer in like five and a half minutes, maybe six. And it's like, and I'm like, well, I, , seven or 80, it's probably we can do a mile because it's a little longer,

[00:14:51] Sean: wait.

[00:14:53] A kilometer is a little bit longer than a mile. So. You're just[00:15:00]

[00:15:02] Josh: a kilometer miles longer than a

[00:15:04] Sean: kilometer. I'm in Google right now, sir. And it says one kilometer equals 0.6 2 1 3 7 1 mile.

[00:15:13] Josh: Cause

[00:15:17] Sean: you're just even more fit than you thought. Josh.

[00:15:23] Josh: One mile equals to 1.6 kilometers. So it's the other way around,

[00:15:30] Sean: huh?

[00:15:36] Kilometer is

[00:15:37] Josh: like, , I

[00:15:38] Sean: can't do the math, but

[00:15:43] you

[00:15:43] John: need more kilometers to fill up a mile.

[00:15:47] Sean: Am I fucking tripping. I'm in. Good.

[00:15:49] John: Yeah.

[00:15:51] Sean: You, you just said one mile equals 1.6 kilometers. Yes.

[00:15:56] Josh: Which is so cause, cause it takes more Columbia.[00:16:00]

[00:16:01] Sean: Oh, I'm fucking tripping. Absolutely. Carry on

[00:16:08] John: editing that shit.

[00:16:09] Sean: You can edit all that shit out. You're going to make me look. I trust you. We've been friends for three months now. He said, trust you, but I'm not going to edit that shit out. Let me look dumb in front of our, in front of our. Kuwait friends and our Finland friends.

[00:16:22] John: I don't give a shit.

[00:16:26] That's going to be my fucking episode.

[00:16:28] Sean: Like. Yeah. So kilometers are actually shorter than miles that's when we start, can we start? Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure.

[00:16:39] Josh: Oh yeah. Could we get off the mountain? Let's go back to the Denver

[00:16:44] Sean: thing what's happening.

[00:16:45] John: So before I'm going to introduce, , the Denver international airport first as, , as a structure, like in.

[00:16:52] Based on what they said on Wikipedia. So according to Wikipedia, locally known as D I a is an [00:17:00] international airport in the Western United States, primarily serving metropolitan metropolitan, Denver, Colorado, as well as the greater front range, urban corridor, a 33,531 acres or 52.4 square miles. It's the largest airport in north America by land area and the second largest in the world behind king Fahd international.

[00:17:21] Runaway 16 R slash 34 L with the length of 16,000 feet or 3.03 miles is the longest public use runway in north America. And the seventh longest in the world. The airport is 25 miles or 40 kilometers for our Canadian friend driving distance from downtown Denver, 19 miles or 31 kilometers further than the former Stapleton international airport.

[00:17:45] The facility DIA replaced. Opened in 1995, then the Denver currently has not stopped service to 215 destination amongst 23 different airlines throughout north America, Latin America, Europe, and [00:18:00] Asia. It is the fourth airport in the U S to exceed 200 destinations. The airport is a hub for both United airlines and frontier airlines.

[00:18:09] I think frontier airlines is worse than spirit, but let's not. Oh, and a base for Southwest airlines would over 35,000 employees. The airport is the largest employer employer in Colorado. The airport is located on the Western edge of the great Plains and within sight of the front range of the Rocky mountains.

[00:18:27] So that's kind of what Denver international airport is like on a surface. But now that we kind of know about it a little bit, let's kind of buckle up our seatbelts and prepare for takeoff. Cause we're going to be cruising in the altitude that is now. As conspiracy theories. So a thread from R slash Denver posted by username kid born actually provided a link for the definitive guide to Denver's airports.

[00:18:53] Denver's airports, biggest conspiracy theories. But for sake of the episode, I'm going to be breaking down just a few of them. And [00:19:00] the Wiki maniacs can do all the other resort research after that. But before we get into that, any guesses, what those conspiracies. I know you must have mentioned about the Illuminati.

[00:19:10] Do you have any other conspiracy theories that you can think of?

[00:19:13] Sean: No. I was just going to say you were about to say research like a real Filipino, like super Filipino research

[00:19:18] John: research. I mean, sometimes.

[00:19:23] Sean: And also, I appreciate you including kilometers for Josh. , fun fact, , miles are longer than kilometers.

[00:19:33] We, we, we, we haven't talked about that for five minutes, but I just want to show, we haven't yet bring up, cause you're gonna edit that out and you're gonna edit this. I'm not going to do that smooth transition. Here we go.

[00:19:45] John: No.

[00:19:48] Josh: So we're trying to guess what the conspiracy

[00:19:51] Sean: is or what,

[00:19:53] John: what are some of the conspiracy theories that you think will pop up in this episode?

[00:19:58] Sean: Ah,

[00:19:59] Josh: something to do [00:20:00] with pedophilia. It always does. Usually she went on, that's like the Cuban on the big things, the pedophilia stuff and pizza gate and all that shit. So I'm going to go to that and then, fuck, I don't know, a Kaball. Underground conspiracy leaders that are running in there.

[00:20:22] Sean: There we go.

[00:20:22] There's something CRA Denver, like you said, is one of the only ones that is a hub 40 different locations. Come on to that one area. Making it the perfect place for world's leaders to meet and be evil and do evil shit. Cause Illuminati brand. They have a big blue horse that has demonized. That's all you need to know.

[00:20:44] John: Don't take them off fucking hole.

[00:20:48] Sean: Wait your cover. Art was the giant scary horse. So it's the, I'm not giving any spoiler alerts.

[00:20:54] John: That's true. You're right. But, okay. So before we get into the actual [00:21:00] stuff, , pertaining to conspiracy theories, we got some bills to pay. We have some world leaders to give our praises to.

[00:21:09] Before we get into that, we'll be right back on Reddit on Wiki, after a few words from our sponsors

[00:21:14] Sean: who really, how back.

[00:21:19] John: Okay.

[00:21:22] All right. Welcome back to Reddit on Wiki. We're going to get right onto the conspiracy theories. Okay. So the first one that we're going to be covering is according to travel and leisure article written by Andrea Romano, back in February, 2020, they wrote that one of the theories about the Denver airport was that it was a secret.

[00:21:42] For the new world order or the Illuminati.

[00:21:46] Sean: And we're not talking about whole cogen guys. We're talking about some scary people.

[00:21:51] John: Yup. Now bash on beach 96 when the outsiders and the whole co the hoaxster did the two sweet. Yeah.

[00:21:59] Sean: They'll raise her [00:22:00] Ramon. No big daddy. Cool. No whole Cogan. Josh knows what we're talking about.

[00:22:04] Go ahead and tell him, tell him what

[00:22:06] Josh: miles are longer than

[00:22:07] Sean: kilometers.

[00:22:12] John: exactly. So, so the theory was that the secret society that created this airport had some Nazi influence and yes. Joke around about it, about me ending up, talking about Nazis again, Josh.

[00:22:27] Sean: I fucking love

[00:22:27] Josh: you. You've definitely used that before.

[00:22:32] John: Sean is like,

[00:22:34] Sean: fuck this, you too. And yells weird love triangle with Nazis is as strange but interesting.

[00:22:42] Thing that I've learned about you guys, if there's one thing I know about John and Josh, is there love to talk about Nazis? That's the quote, that's the clip. We're going to send that out.

[00:22:54] John: No, it's going to be about kilometer.

[00:22:58] Sean: No, they're shorter

[00:22:59] Josh: than

[00:22:59] Sean: miles [00:23:00] for me. And I've never set up. Okay. Sure. Sure.

[00:23:06] John: So the rumor was that if you look at the airport one, airports runway from a top view, you can actually see it in the form.

[00:23:14] You can actually see it form in the shape of a swastika. So let me know if you think this is coincidental or it's the powers that be mocking us common folks, but the organization that was featured in the marker credits the ones responsible for making the air. Was dub as the new world airport commission.

[00:23:36] So speaking of secret societies and the Illuminati, the Denver airport was also rumored to be the headquarters of the new world order. Sean, you, you got that right on the head. There are whispers that there's a time capsule buried in the airport, bearing the symbols of the Freemasons, which is always linked to being connected to the Illuminati.

[00:23:57] Other conspiracy theorists believed that [00:24:00] the airport. Way out of budget to be completed. And the new world order being all powerful was rumored to fund its completion and with them financing the whole deal, it was them that suggested that they were given the space to claim that the airport to be their home base.

[00:24:17] So of course, Of course the official Denver website, debunks, this theory and author handy-dandy PDF guide guys. They have PDF guides. Now. I don't know how boomers can open that. So they tried to put on their actual website, they actually have it on their website. They tried to dispel the rumor by saying, quote, there's a world beneath you with luggage cars and golf cart zipping around while the train sort of gates runs parallel.

[00:24:50] And with the commotion of about a thousand people working down below comes from serious traffic and quote, and they even joke around by saying yield to the alien. So they're trying to [00:25:00] deflect and saying that it's aliens and not some, , crazy leaders that's ruling the world. On a scale of one to five boys.

[00:25:08] How likely do you think this theory is?

[00:25:12] Sean: , most likely like five being most likely five, six, oh shit.

[00:25:17] Josh: I didn't look up the airport from the sky. It does kind of look like a swastika, knock them off now. What are my levels of knowing what other airports look like? They're pretty low. I don't know what other air force look like.

[00:25:31] I'll go with three. They address it. So it's, , kind of

[00:25:35] Sean: funny

[00:25:35] John: as a PDF that got you, like, oh, they might not, they might not be too bad. Yeah.

[00:25:43] Sean: The fact that they have a PDF means that they're trying to hide some. They're bringing it to light. There's no way it could be us. We have a PDF. It's on our website.

[00:25:59] John: Are you a [00:26:00] conspiracy nut, Sean, if you don't mind me asking and all the shit, , only Illuminati, only Illuminati. So you think like Jay, Jay Z and them are in that bit, so I'm not, well,

[00:26:09] Sean: I don't know about, I don't know who's in it, but. I don't believe in lizard people. I don't believe in weird shit or, , stuff like that, but an organization that rules everything.

[00:26:20] I mean, there's only a, so many people that own like the TV companies that own the news that we see and things like that. Be real easy to fucking just control people through this shit. I'm just. Let's

[00:26:31] Josh: see my thing against that. Cause I am, I'm like probably the base non conspiracy most of the time, like I enjoyed listening to them cause they're, they're fun, but I'm like, we CA we know who controls them and they're like corrupt people who have interests.

[00:26:48] So it's easy to see like the owner of Fox news, why he promotes what he promotes, what I mean? And like, same with like, , I can probably think of another. , who's the owner of the daily [00:27:00] wire. Anyway, there, those people, those people, they, they, they have their agendas to push and then they fund a bill like the billionaires and millionaires fund politicians to do what they want them to do.

[00:27:16] And that's, I don't know, it seems very cut and dry of where the influences are coming from. Um, and none of them seem smart enough to it. , secret secrecy, I

[00:27:29] Sean: guess.

[00:27:30] John: Okay.

[00:27:31] Sean: All right. See, part of me is like, of course I don't believe it, but then there's another part of me that I was like, would I be surprised if, if that was in fact true and I would not be surprised, listen, they

[00:27:43] Josh: probably, they probably have a fuck poor people club or something like that, where they just get together.

[00:27:47] And, ,

[00:27:48] Sean: I mean, Jeff, like Jeffrey Epstein's island shit. There's weird, shit like that all the time. I don't doubt all these worldly. Be doing some shady shit together.

[00:27:57] John: Agreed. Okay. [00:28:00] I'm going to segue and elaborate more on the underground town tunnels of the Denver airport while it is known that there's relatively busy, that it's relatively busy, according to a blog because of the sheer size of the airports underground systems that somehow houses a secret pathway connecting to the north American aerospace defense.

[00:28:20] No rad for short, and if I'm not mistaken and if have any of you watch space force on Netflix?

[00:28:26] Sean: No one.

[00:28:28] John: Okay. But if you have, I want to say that's where the, the show was. Quote unquote, located Nora. So NORAD is actually located 100 miles away. How many in that kilometers? I don't know, from the airport in Colorado Springs.

[00:28:43] And for that.

[00:28:48] Maybe. So, NORAD was located a hundred miles away from the airport and Colorado Springs. And that's the home base of the air force academy in Colorado Springs, shout out to air [00:29:00] force. And the reason for that is there are doomsday, conspiracy theorists out there thinking that NORAD is somewhere that the Illuminati would be rushed to when the impending doom.

[00:29:14] Do you believe in doomsday? Like you think that shit's actually going to happen? Like the world leaders are just going to pop off and just blow everyone to smithereens. That's what climate change

[00:29:22] Sean: is, baby. That's what COVID

[00:29:24] John: is baby. Okay. Nice. All right. I

[00:29:29] Sean: don't actually believe that

[00:29:31] John: they've already get canceled.

[00:29:33] Let's keep on going. So another thing we involving our pores underground is the theory of the extra terrestrial existing. Most notably the lizard people. So you say don't believe that Sean, but I know, I know one of your co-hosts one of the episodes that you guys had. Yeah. Ryan just fucking went ape shit on you

[00:29:54] Sean: guys.

[00:29:55] Fucking, we were doing an episode on lizard people and discovering like the origins of [00:30:00] that conspiracy and just talking about. And then in the middle of me reading some shit, he stands up and fucking screams at me and scares the shit out of me. It's on our Instagram. You guys can find it at SMTP D low mid episode

[00:30:12] John: plug,

[00:30:16] because I know that scared the shit out of me. I was like, fuck, bro.

[00:30:19] Sean: Imagine us five feet away from him, screaming in my face. Fuck me. He's in Canada.

[00:30:28] John: Oh my.

[00:30:31] Josh: Because you're Canadian.

[00:30:33] Sean: Oh yeah, this is my, no, but he's in Texas, but he's from camp.

[00:30:38] Josh: No to me.

[00:30:44] John: So yeah, just a quick plug. Listen to that episode of shots and thoughts. If you want to learn more about lizard people. Also, if you've seen the movie us by Jordan Peele, they kind of alluded to this, but instead of lizard people, they're pretty much killer doppelgangers that don't talk. And [00:31:00] I, and I did find.

[00:31:01] On Reddit, username policy posted and ask me anything thread eight years ago, , this user was a former security guard at the DIA. They did say this about the airport, quote, what the average customer sees in the terminal. And the gates is only a fraction of the airport. There are thousands of offices and support waste.

[00:31:24] Out of sight of the customers. It is amazed of activity behind every door and underneath you. There's an elaborate tunnel system underneath the airport for quicker transport as well. So when it comes to the, the secret underground layers, there, what's the probability of lizard people or something, extra terrestrial lurking below ground one to five.

[00:31:46] What.

[00:31:48] Sean: This is where I'm a one. Yeah. Having done the research on lizard people I'm much, I guess, I, I don't believe in it. Okay. Except for Ryan, when he [00:32:00] yells,

[00:32:00] Josh: I might believe the secret tunnels. One more. So I'll give it a two, but I know there are people.

[00:32:06] John: All right. No reptiles in this house. So the last set of conspiracy theories I'll be talking about, has to do with the art all over the airport.

[00:32:15] And the most prominent one that has people talking about is the giant blue horse with beaming red eyes. And this motherfucker looks like it's ready to kill you. And this is funny because we just announced on Twitter that we are actually bringing Dumbfoundead back in January. Let's go. And holy shit, this couldn't have been more Dumbfoundead but.

[00:32:38] The artist, of course, I'm not going to say his name for, for reasons was working on the sculpture back in 2006. A piece of the sculpture fell on him, which severed an artery and killed him, like hold on to an article. And, let's just say the, the piece that fell wasn't stable. So, God

[00:32:58] Sean: fucking damn it.[00:33:00]

[00:33:00] John: Horse, horse blinds out of the way. People think, people think that the, the statue is still curse and the others believe that his creation was a reference to the four horses. Of the apocalypse and this is another wrestling, homage to, , you know, all about wrestling, Shawn. I just responded to you with the, , the ARN Anderson meme with the gun lock Anderson, shout out to ARN, best buy and busser in a game.

[00:33:28] Totally. They're driving in AWS right now. So for those who don't know the Bible like myself, I don't know shit about the. I had to look this up and using good old Wikipedia as our resource. This was the explanation of what they are pertaining to the four horsemen of the apocalypse. So the four horsemen, the Bach lips they're often referred to as the four horsemen are figures in Christian religion, appearing in the new testaments.

[00:33:54] Revelation, an apocalypse written by John of Patmos, as well as in [00:34:00] the old Testament prophetic book of Zechariah and in the book of Ezekiel, where they are named as punishments of God, a revelation six tells of a book squirrel slash squirrel in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The lamb of God slash lion of Judah opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons for beings that write out on the.

[00:34:22] Red black and pale horse. So to Zechariah, they are described as quote, the ones whom the Lord has sent to, to patrol the earth, causing it to rest quietly, and a Zico lists them as sword famine, wild beast, and plague. So in John's revelation, the first horseman is on a white horse, carrying a bow and given a crown riding forward as a figure of con.

[00:34:48] Perhaps invoking pestilence Christ or the antichrist. So the second carries a sword and rides a red horse. And as the crater of war, the third is a food merchant riding upon a [00:35:00] black horse symbolizing famine. He carries a scales and the fourth and final horses pale. And upon it writes death accompanied by Hades.

[00:35:08] They were given authority over a quarter of the earth to kill with sword famine and plague and Bible. Of the beasts of the earth. So the Christian apocalyptic vision, , is that the four horsemen are set, , divine and time upon the world as Harbinger's of the last judgment. So the black, red, white, and pale colors have been taken.

[00:35:28] So naturally blue was the next one on the list of selection. So imagine having a green ass horse though, like that horse is just a green, would you be intimidated by. I'm also

[00:35:40] wondering

[00:35:41] Sean: what's the difference between a white horse and a pale horse? I was the whole time you were talking. And I was like, what color is the pale horse?

[00:35:49] Majestic

[00:35:50] Josh: one looks sick,

[00:35:51] Sean: sick sickly. So white, but sick. Okay. I got you.

[00:35:58] John: The way I try to look [00:36:00] at it is like the white horse is like suburban. And then the pale horse is like trailer park.

[00:36:08] Sean: Well, he's like, what's that white rappers name? Not M and M. He's a shitty one. M

[00:36:13] John: G

[00:36:14] Sean: though. What job or watched spring breakers?

[00:36:17] I didn't, but I know that James Franco is based on some shitty. All right. That's another riff-raff

[00:36:26] that's a fail horse, right? That's a battle horse. Riff Raff, wicked maniacs. If you don't know who riff Raff is, go ahead and do yourself a disservice and Google it. Yeah, definitely

[00:36:39] Josh: chatting. Oh, worse

[00:36:42] Sean: kind of way

[00:36:42] John: rapper. Oh, he has a son that. Yeah,

[00:36:47] Sean: he's

[00:36:47] Josh: not a great dude. He's

[00:36:49] Sean: like, he's like riffraff light.

[00:36:51] John: Oh, that's even worse.

[00:36:57] Josh: Oh,

[00:36:59] Sean: Hey. I don't [00:37:00] think riff Raff is. So he has that going for him.

[00:37:07] John: So you think it's using the same article? It was said that the airport, both some cryptic art all over the 1.5 million square feet worth of. Most famously gargoyles are featured by the baggage claim areas. And unless you're a Disney fan, , who seems to make light of everything and shout out to her brothers Grimm episode, listen to that.

[00:37:27] There's a lot of Disney stories there. Gargoyles seemed to have more ominous field behind it, as some would describe them. Harbinger of evil. Meanwhile, this particular guy gargle is this chilling, , hands on the side of his face, probably thinking, God damn, they lost my baggage again. So going back to a point already made earlier the dedication plaque on the airport, sported the Freemason logo, along with the new world airport commission as a group that funded the airport project.

[00:37:55] Lastly, going to go back to Nazi here at Josh. Sorry about that. Going to [00:38:00] take, gonna take about the, , talk about the various murals and paintings throughout the airport. The paintings will make you feel some type of way. If, if you end up seeing them, he ended up passing by the airport. You're going to be like, what the fuck is this?

[00:38:11] They're fucking, yes, they're super fucking weird. So according to a article written by Colin St. John, some pieces like the painting title, children of the world and in peace and harmony with. Has a plaque that reads quote, a powerful mural expressing the artist's desire to abolish violence.

[00:38:31] So it's pretty noble what the cause is. But if you look at it and if you're a cynic like myself, you see a bunch of like Nazi symbolism in this bitch. So there's this character in there. It's sort of a Nazi looking villain. What a gun. Okay. A couple of kids holding onto a sword and the peace and harmony with nature painting, you see like a Jaguar laying on a table, like they're ready to.

[00:38:58] A dead bison, stuff [00:39:00] that bison, preserve penguin and the forest burning. So I could see why people will look at this a certain way and say, , God damn, these people are choosing violence. And it's, it's a pretty chaotic looking painting. And one of the murals even had a letter from a child who died in Auschwitz.

[00:39:17] So it fuels more of the conspiracy nuts, the whole NWL shit. But the images super bright as hell. But if you're someone who is naturally a not so positive person like myself, the art will definitely make you feel some type of way. But I think there, you have it, , some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver, Denver international airport.

[00:39:38] What are your final thoughts about it, guys? Do you think some of these stories hold weight or are, do you think people are just nuts?

[00:39:47] Josh: Generally I think people are minutes, , as for this specifically. Yeah. I think it's, it's a weird airport by the sounds of it, but I don't, I don't know if there's much to it.

[00:39:58] I think as far [00:40:00] as conspiracy theories go, this one's, a little, it's a little shallow, , I'm sorry. I'm shitting on here.

[00:40:07] Sean: Oh, no, that's fine. They'll probably say they'll probably silence me. So if this is the last episode, Y'all know what happened. Y'all know the fucking truth.

[00:40:18] Josh: It will not be, cause we're recording in like 10 minutes

[00:40:22] Sean: and you guys are going to release the episodes with me post humorously after, after I've been murdered by the Illuminati.

[00:40:29] Josh: So if you don't hear a shot in 20, 22, what happened? You know, the vibes. Yeah, I don't know. I think, I think it's pretty. Pretty weak claims. I think it seems to be grasping at straws, , as most conspiracies do I guess, but, , yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I'll go with a

[00:40:47] John: big, no, for me. So what'd you say people are just like trying to like fit a narrative on the things that they see on a surface level?

[00:40:54] Yeah.

[00:40:55] Sean: I

[00:40:55] Josh: mean, I think that's what people are always doing. I mean, that's religion or anything like [00:41:00] that. So you sell it or they hear something that they can't explain and they craft a narrative to make it make sense. I mean, that's why you hear Q and on conspiracy theories and, , the COVID conspiracy theories, there's people who are unhappy with their lives are unhappy with being locked down, coming up with conspiracy theories to, to make it make

[00:41:19] Sean: sense, ,

[00:41:20] John: talk to your shit, Josh.

[00:41:22] Talk your shit. And I'm the

[00:41:24] Sean: exact opposite wicked maniacs. This shit is real as fuck. This horse already murdered one person. And that's not it. That's not the last, you better believe it's coming for you. The apocalypse come that hit best shit is waking up. It's coming for the rest of us.

[00:41:44] Josh: It's come for

[00:41:44] Sean: all of us.

[00:41:45] You better believe it. The four horsemen come from God that blue horse comes from. You better believe it. Why else do they have gargoyles in the goddamn airport? You know what, when I think of Denver, I think of gargoyles. No way, baby. [00:42:00] That's the devil.

[00:42:04] John: You think it's also fitting that that Denver or Colorado in general is a place that it's legalized marijuana. You think they're trying to do that to just trip people out or. They're

[00:42:16] Sean: trying to do that to, to make you think of some other shit too. They're trying to

[00:42:19] John: try to distract you some woke shit. Okay.

[00:42:22] The truth. Let me ask you this. Now you believe in love fucking apocalypse happening in a blue horse, like waking up and like, , but fucking everyone, what dying dong.

[00:42:36] Sean: Don't put that on me.

[00:42:39] John: You don't believe the lizard people existing.

[00:42:44] Sean: All right. I don't really think the blue horse was, is going to wake up.

[00:42:46] I, , I'm just comedy podcasts. I'm just saying

[00:42:55] if the NW exists, I would not be surprised [00:43:00] is what I'm saying. Yeah. That's all I'm saying. This is real. That's all I'm saying what's the other shot. Yeah. What other Sean is? The horse is waking up, baby. It's coming for all y'all's asses.

[00:43:17] John: So you are, you do say that there are coming for not asses,

[00:43:21] Sean: like to beat her ass. You're talking about some other shit, John that's on you.

[00:43:27] Josh: That's 10, four I'll show him. Yeah.

[00:43:30] Sean: He only comes out for Illuminati shit.

[00:43:32] John: Cause that shit is how many shots does tinfoil or Sean need for him to come out?

[00:43:38] Sean: Zero. I'm sober as fuck.

[00:43:40] I'm drinking kombucha. That's it. I talk about Illuminati, tinfoil, Shonda.

[00:43:48] Well

[00:43:48] Josh: shot is sober and serious though. Sober and serious. He sees the

[00:43:52] Sean: Lord don't trust a blue horse. Y'all that's all I'm saying the matrix.

[00:43:59] John: [00:44:00] Oh man. There goes our episode for this week. What about you waking maniacs? Let us know what you think. Have you been to the Denver international airport? Have you seen the gargoyles that are, that Sean said are evil creatures?

[00:44:14] Have you seen blue suffer? And if he's coming for you, blue suffering has name is his name, Lucifer suffer the art. Have you seen the art? Do you think it's has some NWL cryptic Nazi ish. Do you also think there's something more lurking beneath the surface that we don't know about? If you do let us know on our social media, follow us on Twitter and Instagram at Reddit on Wiki.

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[00:44:57] A five-star rating. Most importantly, tell your [00:45:00] friends, tell your loved ones, tell your sidekick. Just tell anyone that's it this week. We'll see you next time. And remember if he saw something that kept you up at night, you must have read it on Wiki.

[00:45:11] Josh: Hey, quick spread is kilometers longer or shorter shots.

[00:45:15] Sean: Kilometers are shorter and I've never said otherwise. See you guys next week. Y'all.