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December 06, 2021
Creepypasta | Love Me So Slender

Welcome back WikiManiacs to another episode of Reddit on Wiki. This week, our boy Sean is out for his amazing wedding, but we are joined by none other than The Dumb, Found Dead's very own: Patrick Kampitan. John is back to his hosting duties and yuh boys are discussing something spooky, the internet lore that is Creepypasta. From Jeff the Killer to the infamous Slenderman…

Welcome back WikiManiacs to another episode of Reddit on Wiki. This week, our boy Sean is out for his amazing wedding, but we are joined by none other than The Dumb, Found Dead's very own: Patrick Kampitan.

John is back to his hosting duties and yuh boys are discussing something spooky, the internet lore that is Creepypasta. From Jeff the Killer to the infamous Slenderman, it'll be sure to get your goosebumps going. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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Episode 21- Creepypasta

[00:00:00] John: Welcome to episode 21 of Reddit on Wiki. I am your host for today's episode. It is I, the punny Pinoy John would mean today as usual. He is the main reason why the show even pulse, any sort of income leader or Fred, our uncle BJ. And let's start a cult host. Give it up to Mr. Josh shell. Hello there,

[00:00:21] Josh: sir.

[00:00:22] What's good. What's good.

[00:00:25] John: We were just joking around that, your background right now in your basement, you look like you have a kill room there, Mr. Dexter.

[00:00:32] Josh: Yeah. We joked about that on my last episode. , cause it's unfinished basement. So it just looks like a murder room or a

[00:00:38] John: compounds versus, and usually we have your boy, Sean, but our boys enjoying a well-deserved time off for his.

[00:00:48] Sean. We hope that all the hard work you in the wife put up in the past year goes well and hope you have the best possible wedding ever. Just

[00:00:56] Josh: remember two words. I do. You, those are the only [00:01:00] don't fuck it up.

[00:01:01] John: I mean, all you gotta say is I do again, this is the second time they're getting married,

[00:01:05] Josh: but that's true.

[00:01:06] He's already been through.

[00:01:08] John: That's true. And yeah, he refused to invite us because we would fuck up his wedding, but we do have a very special guest today. He's back at it. Once again, Wiki maniacs, please show some love to my good brother, the daddy himself, one half of the. Revival or what's the word I'm looking for?

[00:01:27] One half of the Dumbfoundead. It is Patrick. What's up my brother.

[00:01:33] Patrick: Oh, what's up? Let's get it back. It just gets you back on the mic, man.

[00:01:38] John: Hey.

[00:01:41] Josh: Oh, I was going to say it's been a while. Eh,

[00:01:43] Patrick: it's been a while, a long time. What? Six, seven months. Damn.

[00:01:49] John: That's the bow. Yeah. We're just talking about this earlier. The first time that we recorded us three together was last year, last November.

[00:01:57] So that man time flies crazy. [00:02:00] It is insane. All right, bro. You might be a little rusty, but I'm kind of want to put you on the spot a little bit for those who haven't heard the Dumbfoundead, what can they expect from the. Oh, fuck.

[00:02:16] Patrick: I wasn't good. I wasn't good. When we were doing the show, I was still not good, bro. You can expect funny puns, terrible stories about people dying and us laughing at him.

[00:02:30] Josh: That's a good of the show. That's pretty good. Yeah,

[00:02:32] John: I like it. Well, also just a full disclosure. This episode is going to come out a week before your birthday, bro.

[00:02:40] Just want to say advance. Happy birthday. My brother, I can't wait to turn up with you again, bro. Last time I've seen him was six, some months ago. The big new do some shit again.

[00:02:50] Josh: It was the big 3 0 3, 2 0

[00:02:53] Patrick: 3 2 a day. I'm going to know. My back's hurting a little more. [00:03:00] The knees ain't working like they used to, what are

[00:03:03] Josh: you, what are you using your knees for

[00:03:07] Patrick: shit

[00:03:11] rom platform.

[00:03:12] Josh: No, no, this is the right. This is the though

[00:03:18] Patrick: when you get out of the chair, I started making noises.

[00:03:25] John: It's not the, it's not the gaming chair, making noises. Those are my goddamn knees

[00:03:32] moving on. And for those who don't know what our show is about here on running on Wiki, it's about a podcast that is most famous for using Reddit and Wikipedia as resources because we're clearly overachievers, never a hundred percent factual. Five stars and, or never 100% factual. But according to our listener, Alex she gave us a five-star for a review and she put, move over Picasso.

[00:03:59] This is [00:04:00] an absolute work of art. Alex is our good friend from weird distractions podcast and shout out to Canada, Josh. So you have another Canadian reviewer and I'll only friend again, left us a five star review on apple podcasts and reads. Well, who knew that John, Sean and Josh would be basically the makeup of free serotonin absolutely loved the concept of the show and the prosecution of it.

[00:04:23] It's absolutely. It's absolutely a must. Listen, I especially died listening to the 5 36 episode. I learned so much and choked on my water from laughter. Please don't be on the dump. Found dead. Well done boys. Absolutely. This one say, thank you so much, Alex, for this amazing review and wicked maniacs, be sure to check out weird distractions as well.

[00:04:45] I absolutely love their show. They did an awesome episode on Winchester mystery house, and I absolutely enjoyed their Titanic conspiracy episode as well. So we appreciate you, Alex. Yeah.

[00:04:54] Josh: Thank you. That was. Compliment. We are trying to kill our listeners though, [00:05:00] so that they can end up on Dumbfoundead.

[00:05:02] So you guys will have content for years.

[00:05:05] John: This is, this is the whole plot. It's, there's a street there's levels to this shit. You know what I mean? So first we make it, we make them laugh. Oh no, actually first they get in depth indoctrinated by. And come into the cup and then during orientation, they have to listen to read it on Wiki.

[00:05:24] They think they're learning some shit, right. Really not. And then instead of making them drink the Kool-Aid, we're going to give them shots and thoughts. And then when they're all locked up, Pass

[00:05:36] Josh: and they could come dump, found

[00:05:38] John: dead level there's levels to this shit. We planned this all along. Okay.

[00:05:47] Hey, but be sure to follow us on social media. We're pretty much active only on Twitter. I suck at Instagram on fate and Facebook, but you can find us on IgG and Twitter at Reddit. And interact with us. I shit post all the time. [00:06:00] If he wants to support us through reviews, like our good friend, Alex, you can do so by leaving us a rating on apple podcasts, good pods and pod chaser.

[00:06:07] Better yet. Tell your friends about us so we can quit our day jobs and live our best lives and have a nice fancy basement. Like our uncle BJ over here.

[00:06:14] Josh: Oh yeah. Maybe I can get some drywall on this bitch.

[00:06:19] John: Yeah, we're also on Patrion. You can find us on on Wiki. You can also buy us a coffee and we have some merchants.

[00:06:25] Well, you can find all our info on Reddit, on So now all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, and we want to maximize our time with our boy Patrick, over here, we're going to get to our topic this week. And today we will be discussing. Creepy pasta. Now I know, I know Sean did a copy pasta episodes some time ago.

[00:06:45] So in his honor, because he's gone for a little bit, I'll be going that same route as him. But Josh, I think you kind of have an idea already what, what creepypasta is about, but for our guests today, Patrick, my guy, can you care to give [00:07:00] us what creepypasta is and do your. Sean impression of just fucking it all up.

[00:07:11] Patrick: As long as we ain't talking about miles and kilometers, where

[00:07:18] Josh: he was. So come

[00:07:19] John: Google, sir.

[00:07:21] Josh: He was so confident that he made me question everything I've ever learned about miles and kilometers. I'm like, I hate, I was sure there were, they were longer

[00:07:31] Patrick: and I'm on Google, my guy,

[00:07:36] yo, they had me dying,

[00:07:38] John: but you know what? I forgot to ask his ass. I'm just , Have you ever ran a 5k? How many, how many miles are in a 5k? I shouldn't have made him realize that I fucking forgot. So you would have still done the math wrong five times, 1.6,

[00:07:58] Patrick: even after, even [00:08:00] after looking it up and Josh telling him he still couldn't fathom, he was still , yeah. You're proving my point basically

[00:08:11] John: , yeah, you're just hella fucking fit Josh.

[00:08:14] Josh: I appreciate it. But I am definitely not.

[00:08:19] God, we love your Sean.

[00:08:21] John: You're not here. So we got to talk shit.

[00:08:23] Patrick: Yeah. That's true. Anyways. Creepypasta damn. I don't have no idea, bro. If you had to guess something. Something served on Halloween, bro,

[00:08:41] bro. I don't know.

[00:08:42] John: Okay. What kind of sauce? Belt?

[00:08:45] Patrick: Creepy

[00:08:48] Josh: cranberry sauce.

[00:08:52] John: I don't know. Since you brought up Halloween. Okay. We did a Halloween episode and [00:09:00] this and Josh got fucking murder. From this loading, you have a top five Kenny list on the top of your head right now. What you fuck with during Halloween. I know this is way past Halloween, but

[00:09:12] Josh: Thanksgiving, it will be when this episode comes here,

[00:09:16] John: it comes out almost Christmas.

[00:09:18] My guy,

[00:09:20] Patrick: I listened to that episode of, of of read on Wiki and I was man, what was it? There's one. I was , really? It's probably the jellybeans

[00:09:30] John: mine. It was my jellybeans. The fucking Canadian got to plug it up.

[00:09:37] Patrick: No, but I think I don't, I don't fuck with Swedish fish. Okay. Yeah. I don't like Swedish fish top my top five.

[00:09:45] Not no order right now. Cause I don't want to put an order. It's going to take too long. Kate Kat Twix, Skittles.

[00:09:54] Josh: Ooh, Skittles, Skittles,

[00:09:57] Patrick: Skittles, the tropical kind. Oh man. [00:10:00] Yes,

[00:10:03] John: green and the blue. Oh my God. Best.

[00:10:07] Patrick: I like Starbursts. Okay.

[00:10:11] John: Yeah. To say topicals, the fire one. Didn't you

[00:10:14] Josh: pick

[00:10:14] John: Starbursts, John? I didn't pick Starburst. I picked sour patch. That was the one. Yeah.

[00:10:20] Patrick: Watermelon. Okay. I forget sour patch. Yeah. Yeah. Watermelon. So good. What's CHC

[00:10:27] John: preferred

[00:10:32] Patrick: like the peach rings, bro.

[00:10:37] John: Oh, the apple rings sounds good too.

[00:10:40] Josh: I don't know what it is, but it's the

[00:10:42] John: same thing. Okay. Would,

[00:10:44] Patrick: The crunch a bunch of.

[00:10:47] John: Oh, I almost forgot about theater bunch crunch. They're in a little container. Right. And they're, they're almost like ice cream, like frozen [00:11:00] ones.

[00:11:00] Patrick: No, no, there's a different one.

[00:11:02] There's just a chocolate with the rice crispies in it.

[00:11:05] John: Oh. Oh, yay. Okay. I remember that. I remember pretty

[00:11:08] Josh: good. Pretty good am. Well, Patrick might have the best.

[00:11:14] John: That's too bad. We'll have you again next year for, for a new fucking ranking, but creepy pasta, unfortunately is not a dish served in Halloween.

[00:11:28] And according to Wikipedia, creepy pastas are horror related. Legends that have been shared around the internet. Creepy pasta has since become a catch all term for any horror. Horror. I almost had horror content, horror content

[00:11:45] Josh: episodes. Yes.

[00:11:48] John: I did say that I was going to do an episode in his honor. These internet entries are often brief user generated, paranormal stories intended to scare readers.

[00:11:59] They include [00:12:00] gruesome tales of, and this is trigger warning. We're going to be discussing. Fucked up shit. Okay. Tells of murder, suicide, and other worldly occurrences. The subject matter of creepypasta varies widely and can include topics such as ghosts, murder, zombies, and haunted television show and video games.

[00:12:17] Creepypastas range in length from a single paragraph to lengthy multi-part series that can span multiple media types. That's what creepy pasta is.

[00:12:28] Josh: Would Slenderman fall into this category or is it

[00:12:32] John: yes, no, man is actually one of the most famous curvy pastas, almost lender, man is bro. Yeah, I

[00:12:39] Patrick: do. They didn't have a game or something like that.

[00:12:41] Josh: Yeah. They've had a few, there was such a good game back in week university. We used to play it where someone controlled, the way you look and then someone controlled, the walking it's the scariest shit. Cause you're just screaming at each other.

[00:12:56] John: Yeah, we'll actually be discussing about slender man, a little later [00:13:00] on. So where did creepy pasta? Get it start first. The word creepy pasta is a portmanteau. Do you know you remember that word? Portmanteau? When we had an interview at groups along Patrick,

[00:13:12] Patrick: It's not that bakery out here. That Cuban

[00:13:14] John: bakery that's portals my guy.

[00:13:21] I thought you were starting to play this game with me. I think I've seen that game in tick tock.

[00:13:26] Patrick: Oh yeah. When they go back and forth with

[00:13:28] John: a dude, have you seen that, Josh? I don't think so. , no, I'm red.

[00:13:34] Patrick: Okay. Oh, you mean the thing that's made out of flour and yeast?

[00:13:38] John: No that's bread. Oh,

[00:13:41] Josh: okay. I have seen that yet.

[00:13:44] John: You know, is it that, is it that things they show on TV that they start talking about? No,

[00:13:50] Patrick: that's Ted.

[00:13:56] John: You want to join in on this job?[00:14:00]

[00:14:01] Josh: I am not confident in.

[00:14:08] John: All right. So yeah, the creepy pasta is apartment. So, and hopefully, oh, I said that already. It's a combination of the word creepy and copy pasta again, alluding back to that old episode, which has copied and pasted texts that go viral. So according to a article by a writer named fantastic written in 2020, the history of creamy pasta is believed to have started back in nineties by chain emails.

[00:14:34] Josh, you might be too young for this. I know you just probably turned 18, two months ago, Patrick. Remember that shit from Zenga and MySpace days.

[00:14:43] Patrick: I show it so annoying, bro. You 10 people.

[00:14:50] John: You ever remember seeing that shit, Josh?

[00:14:52] Josh: So yeah. Not on my space. I was too, too young for my space, but it definitely came over to Facebook.[00:15:00]

[00:15:03] It came over to Facebook though. And then I remember, I think MSN messenger had that as well. Do you guys remember the.

[00:15:11] Patrick: Yeah. More aim, aim. Okay. Same idea.

[00:15:16] Josh: Same idea though. Yeah. It, it, well, you know, CA Canada, we didn't have any, okay.

[00:15:23] John: You guys never have anything.

[00:15:25] Josh: But yeah, so I remember it coming,

[00:15:28] John: not American online,

[00:15:30] Patrick: bro.

[00:15:30] Yeah. They're part of north America. Yeah. I

[00:15:34] Josh: don't know. I believe we probably did, but I didn't for sure. Oh, okay.

[00:15:40] John: What are they going to call it? SIM com. We called Kim. I don't know. Unlimited messages. Well,

[00:15:53] Patrick: Hey, well write it copywriting.

[00:15:56] John: It's too late. They got fucking texts now. [00:16:00] That's all we had back in the day. That's your fucking use? The trial, the trial CD for no fucking seafood city relish.

[00:16:06] Patrick: Oh bro. I give you, a hundred hours or whatever hours, the free AOL.

[00:16:12] John: Josh. You don't know about that struggle.

[00:16:13] Josh: I think my parent, my mom might've used that maybe. Oh, well.

[00:16:19] John: Oh, this is a horrible,

[00:16:20] Patrick: do you remember dial up? I don't know. I don't know.

[00:16:30] I would get my ass beat and my mom was waiting for a car and I was on the internet. Oh, that's it?

[00:16:39] John: Same here. Okay. So the first known creepy pasta was a storyteller. Ted the caver using the same article. The story goes as this quote, it follows Ted as he and a small group of friends, Travers, a local cave, which continuously gets more and more horrifying.

[00:16:58] The story was uploaded [00:17:00] online in 2001 and is considered the first ever creepy pasta. It tells the extensive and I mean extensive tale of Ted and his friend as they both explored the cave and stranger things keep. It ends in a cliffhanger where, or we are all left to presume that Ted has died and as creepy pastas get more popular in culture.

[00:17:22] So is it the desire to build a community around. And according to a turbo future article written by Darcy Nadel in 2008, oh, in 2008 was a big year for the horror of fixing affection, autos a dedicated website, creepy launched, and the Lord became bigger. And this is when creepypastas Saraj to reach us notoriety.

[00:17:44] It was during this time that characters like Jeff, the killer, the rake, and most notably slender man comes to. Oh,

[00:17:52] Josh: I was just Jeff, the killer. What a waste

[00:17:57] John: like the Jeff, the killer pictures that [00:18:00] they're so fucking,

[00:18:01] Josh: I don't think I have Jeff the killer first thing that came up. So what the fuck am I looking at?

[00:18:08] John: It is God,

[00:18:11] Josh: that is creepy. What the fuck? It's almost like. It's like a

[00:18:16] Patrick: Momo. You guys remember

[00:18:16] John: Momo? Exactly. Like Momo. Yeah. Like a guy version of guy version of Momo.

[00:18:22] Josh: Yeah. Emo kid.

[00:18:25] John: You remember that shit? I remember

[00:18:26] Patrick: when was in seventh grade? No,

[00:18:31] John: Josh was like, I was one of those kids.

[00:18:34] Josh: Oh God.

[00:18:38] John: My chemical romance.

[00:18:39] I've never heard of it.

[00:18:41] Josh: They slap. Okay.

[00:18:44] Patrick: You go to fucking bike parade.

[00:18:53] John: That's not saying I'm not good. Alright. And of course, with all things. Or [00:19:00] popular. Some people will take it a little too far. Slender man becomes a household name because of an incident that occurred back in 2014, trigger warning once again, because there will be discussions of violence in the next few minutes, according to a article by Laura stamper, back in June, 2014, they reported that two 12 year old girls.

[00:19:20] Two 12 year old girls from Wisconsin were charged with first degree, intentional homicide. When they attempted to murder another 12 year old girl, the

[00:19:31] Patrick: reason this is real. Wait, hold on. No, this

[00:19:34] John: is no, this is real. Oh, okay. This is real. The reason police believed that the kids were inspired by slender. And slender man for context.

[00:19:46] According to Wikipedia slender, man is a thin tall humanoid would no distinguishable distinguishable facial features who wears a trademark black suit. The character originated in a 2009 something awful competition before [00:20:00] later being featured as a main antagonist in the marble Hornets, alternate reality game.

[00:20:05] And according to most stories, he targets children. That was where to inspiration comes from. And these two girls were just. I'm inspired by slender, man. I'm going to kill another girl.

[00:20:15] Josh: Yeah, I actually do remember that story. That was that's crazy. That's that's when we should've known we were going downhill as a society.

[00:20:26] Patrick: That's like Momo, bro. I think mama was the same thing. Exactly the same thing, targeted kids. And I made them. I don't know if anyone killed it, any kid killed anyone, but I know it's tough on the kids, for sure.

[00:20:38] John: It was a lot of self harm. Yeah. It was, it was, it was kind of like embedded in kids, videos on YouTube.

[00:20:46] Yeah. And you know how parents cut through Mamo. Yup. And sometimes parents just let kids, you know, watch YouTube videos to pass time. And when you're eight or six or seven years old, you're [00:21:00] impressionable, you know, . I still let them call it yo,

[00:21:04] Patrick: but what kid watching a YouTube video and sees that doesn't fucking turn it off or throw it and run through.

[00:21:11] Who's sitting there still watching it, . This is cool

[00:21:17] John: because

[00:21:17] Patrick: that'd be seen Momo, bro. Fucking

[00:21:19] Josh: scary, fucking terrifying.

[00:21:22] Patrick: I'm still scared of it.

[00:21:25] John: I'm not going to try to put one of my friends on spot. I'm not going to say who it was, but a friend of ours, their spouse did a prank on them with. And they're in the bath, in the, in the mask, in the bathroom,

[00:21:40] Patrick: she put it up, put it on the, on the sink, on the faucet head.

[00:21:45] So the mask was sitting, sitting upright. So when he went into the bathroom,

[00:21:54] he jumped and he, I think he fell backwards and she had her [00:22:00] phone right next to it. So she was recording. It was funny. Yeah.

[00:22:03] John: And we're not going to put him on a spot, but he knows who he is. I don't think you listened to any of our episodes. So it's okay. So the crazy part about this was the victim was found with care.

[00:22:16] How many guests? Baboons it's kind of bad.

[00:22:19] Patrick: Damn. It's pretty. It's gotta be crazy. I'm already one.

[00:22:22] Josh: Oh,

[00:22:22] Patrick: nice.

[00:22:26] John: Okay. I guess it's not, it's still pretty bad, but we did that

[00:22:30] Josh: bullshit where people are a guess how much this person makes. And you're , I don't know, 700 billion. And you're , no, that's way high.

[00:22:38] John: Yeah, that was way high. So the girl was found with 19. Stab wounds.

[00:22:47] Josh: That's all right. And don't

[00:22:48] John: found it.

[00:22:49] It's not going back. We just got canceled before we even come back. But the girl was found with 19 stab wounds after being lured by the children. And it was also [00:23:00] reported that the kids had premeditated this attack months before carrying out the app. One of the girls who carried out that tack even the even told the police that they had no remorse.

[00:23:11] Jesus. There's something psychologically fucked up. Cool. You said

[00:23:16] Josh: Wisconsin, Wisconsin. All right. To the list of states, I'm not visiting

[00:23:22] John: well, there's a lot of things happening in Wisconsin right now, but I think we're going to save that for the bonus page. You on episodes. It's true. It's true. And if I'm not mistaken, the girl luckily survived.

[00:23:33] Josh: Okay. Well, that's good. She's just ,

[00:23:35] John: Yeah. I mean not, not nine gunshots. It's just, it's just 14 or 19 stab wounds. Yeah.

[00:23:42] Josh: Yeah. What's the worst. What's where's nine gunshot wounds or four 19 stab, stab wounds.

[00:23:49] John: I got to say I'm shut

[00:23:51] Patrick: fit. He got it to his face.

[00:23:53] John: Now he got, he got a couple on the face. Didn't he to, especially it's funny.

[00:23:58] Josh: Sometimes we don't know where she got [00:24:00] stabbed.

[00:24:00] John: Yeah, no, it didn't say in the article plus

[00:24:03] Patrick: finger and every toe,

[00:24:09] John: if not the physical toll, it's the mental toll that, oh my gosh. I paid that for that girl.

[00:24:16] Josh: Yeah. The idea of being stabbing, I think would be worse for me,

[00:24:20] John: stabbing is more passionate.

[00:24:24] Patrick: Yeah. Gunshot is kinda, I mean, I'm not downplaying gunshots, but

[00:24:28] John: yeah.

[00:24:29] Josh: Yeah. They happen all the time down there.

[00:24:31] Right.

[00:24:34] John: All the time streets, schools, everyone stores big

[00:24:38] Josh: deal, churches, clubs, bars,

[00:24:42] John: anywhere, but damn gun, both,

[00:24:45] Patrick: both the chicken, the chicken churches and churches,

[00:24:51] churches,

[00:24:52] John: man.

[00:24:56] That's getting pieces. Not the good way, bro. [00:25:00] I don't want a two-piece combo that way. All right. So to continue on the event was so bad. What happened to the young girl that it was reported as hard to take this admin named seriously? Because Josh reminds me of your first, our first episode, the admin's name was dirt, but okay.

[00:25:21] So admin dirt, but released a press statement saying coat. I've been trying to encourage writers here to break out from the serial killers and slender man cliches that tend to overrun the creepy pasta. No, my motivation was less than I believe slender man was harmful. The Jeff, the killer found girls had spinoffs.

[00:25:39] I did find someone troubling. I've mentioned before that I feel romanticizing serial killers. It's not really something I feel comfortable with promoting by a publishing. All the Jeff loves stories and self inserts that people tried to submit. The only Jeff spinoff I did let through was one that I felt had decidedly, non romantic.

[00:25:56] But more because I view this website as a place for people to [00:26:00] become better writers and readers. And that's another topic that I kind of wanted to talk about a little bit when he mentioned that romanticizing serial killers, I feel true crime community kind of gets a lot of flack for that because a lot of, a lot of the content is kind of romanticizing the idea that Ooh, serial killers are cool.

[00:26:21] Murder is fun and. Well, but I know there's so much people that are doing it to highlight those types of crimes to save someone. But what are your thoughts on that?

[00:26:32] Josh: Yeah. Being someone who is in the true crime community I, I find it sometimes it's a bit much what was that girl that got killed by.

[00:26:42] Boyfriend on the drive?

[00:26:44] Patrick: Gabby. Gabby.

[00:26:46] Josh: Yeah. That took it a little far when everyone is posting a million things all at once. And it's, guys, this is , there's a family grieving. And just not, yeah, not the time. Wait until after all of the facts come out and. [00:27:00] Put out a good episode with good content to highlight this person rather than just trying to get as much content up and milk it as fast, for, for money and views, basically.

[00:27:12] It's different when you're doing it as a look back rather than a it's a current event. So, yeah. So yeah, that's kinda my look on the true crime. I, it is sometimes romanticize that way and sometimes just milk. Content or, or salacious views, I guess.

[00:27:30] John: Yep. Everybody you bro. I know you also listened to that and for us too, we're kind of the stepchild of the true crime, true crime world

[00:27:39] Josh: and cults fall under true crime.

[00:27:41] I guess I kind of

[00:27:42] John: does. Do you mean there's a lot of shit involved, but what about you man? , is there , do you think. As a, as a consumer of that type of product at times, , do you feel, do you feel that way, that it's romanticized in a way that they make it seem murderers? Cool,

[00:27:59] Patrick: man, that's [00:28:00] tough.

[00:28:03] I don't know I'm for me, at

[00:28:05] John: least. I don't think

[00:28:06] Patrick: it's more informative to me. If anything, you know, I guess I'm just nosy. I want to know the facts, you know, what the fuck happened and what went down? I'm not , oh shit, I'm going to go, you know, I'm not trying to gather information, trying to plot a plot to kill someone.

[00:28:26] You know what I mean?

[00:28:27] Josh: Yeah, no, that's fair. And I mean, that is a big reason why true crime podcasts exists. So to bring facts to people. So I understand the, the need for true crime podcasts and documentaries and stuff like that, because yeah. It definitely highlights issues within our society and within mental health issues specifically, usually.

[00:28:49] So yeah, it does good. It does good stuff. You, you bring up a good.

[00:28:54] Patrick: But no, I do. I mean, I do agree with Josh when it is a current event that's happening and people are out here doing [00:29:00] it for clout. And even if they aren't trying to do it for clout, it just someone else. Well, it just comes off like that.

[00:29:09] You know what I mean? That you're trying to be the first, the first one to put anything out on it. You know what I mean? Get it while it's hot type of, you

[00:29:16] John: know. Yeah, yeah. That's, that's where the clicks are. Like you said, bro, getting a lot of clout and I know it's kind of like. An off branch of that, just the reason thing to happen to Astroworld.

[00:29:27] People started doing these conspiracy theories about, oh, Travis Scott, did this shit on purpose. Cause it's a satanic ritual. It was a Porter to

[00:29:35] Patrick: hell or whatever. I'm

[00:29:37] John: Do shit like that because you know, it, it is content that you're just like it is salacious and you just.

[00:29:45] But sometimes you just can't help but click on it and just be , what kind of crazy shit are people coming up with? You know, people get sucked into that and people will be combative, cute baby. Yeah. And they'll just keep perpetuating the. [00:30:00] They're not going to, and this is, this is super, super hypocritical of me because it showed that we have, we make fun of , you know, crazy things to happen, but it's , they forget, there's some sort of a victim there at times.

[00:30:14] And as a pass to me and Patrick, , I feel we do that type of show is because we want to celebrate how precious life can be. And , we just want to enjoy. Enjoy what we have and you know, just the moment, but these people to throw out those crazy conspiracy theories that there's no facts or substance behind it.

[00:30:34] That's that's what's to me, that's, what's eating up the, the controversy pretty much. Yeah.

[00:30:39] Josh: And I think that's the difference. It, as long as you're a show, that's giving out facts and giving out the proper information and not misleading anyone, I think. I think you're fine. If there's, there's definitely true crime podcasts that we're doing right by Gabby during that time period.

[00:30:55] But there were also ones that were calling in psychics and, and all that bullshit. And it's , [00:31:00] okay guys, you're, you're, you're just literally milking all this for views and putting out three psychic episodes about talking to Gabby. And it's , Hey guys, there's, there's a real person missing.

[00:31:11] , there's a. Make the connection, the human connection, you know what I mean? So there there's a line. I, I'm not wanting to say where it is, but there definitely is one somewhere.

[00:31:22] John: Absolutely. All right. Now that we kind of know what creepy pastas are all about. We have to go back and say, You, we got us, we got to do a chain email and send five ads to, you got to send five ads to different people or else our show gets canceled tomorrow.

[00:31:40] And I'm pretty sure you don't want that. So we'll be right back on Reddit on Wiki, after a few words from our sponsors.

[00:31:48] Josh: Good, good connection.

[00:31:50] John: Yeah. Okay. Welcome back to read it on Wiki. And here's the part of the episode where we get to read some stories. I'm going [00:32:00] to go ahead and send you a link. Josh, you'll be reading story.

[00:32:03] Number one, Patrick, you've got story number two and I'll cap it off with story. Number three, let me just send it to the group chat real quick.

[00:32:20] I just sent it to the group chat. Been that up for me.

[00:32:26] Josh: Number one, a.

[00:32:28] John: That

[00:32:28] Josh: number one. All right, let me take a drink before I start reading this. So I've got darkness in the rear view mirror.

[00:32:39] Patrick: Oh, hell nah. Y'all. Home after having a scary movie. Oh God, bro. I flipped my roof. I don't need my real,

[00:32:51] Josh: I don't know where you guys are from, but I'm from a small town middle of nowhere kind of, kind of town.

[00:32:57] And sometimes creepy, sometimes creepy when you're [00:33:00] driving

[00:33:02] Patrick: downtown and there's no lights everywhere.

[00:33:07] John: I was a good driver. He knows a good driver. When you're supposed to turn left or you supposed to look to your left to your right before you can move forward. I just gunned out. I'm , Nope.

[00:33:16] Especially after watching conjuring and all that shit. I'm , there's, there's some bitch behind my back.

[00:33:20] Josh: I ain't doing that. Don't look in the back seats. All right. So story number one, darkness in the rear view mirror in the summer of 2013, I found myself driving home alone on highway 9 0 2 from a party.

[00:33:39] It was almost midnight. And needless to say it was pitch black. As was you as was usual at night, I was on edge. I had the radio off and could hear nothing, but the muffle row the muffled roar of the tires on pavement and the dumb hum of the dull hum of the engine. I stole a glance into the middle of rear view [00:34:00] mirror and saw nothing but darkness through the back window.

[00:34:04] Patrick: Yeah, it's already

[00:34:05] Josh: weird. Yeah, that's weird already.

[00:34:12] Patrick: Driving home,

[00:34:13] John: driving

[00:34:13] Josh: home in 2013. We had Spotify then put it on a podcast

[00:34:19] John: then

[00:34:21] Patrick: fucking book a little

[00:34:22] John: bit CDs,

[00:34:24] Josh: throw on some little Wayne and get yourself home.

[00:34:27] John: Put on that. Jay Quan.

[00:34:31] Josh: Yeah. So already a red flag here for me.

[00:34:34] Patrick: You're asking for it.

[00:34:37] John: Not a victim blaming. Okay.

[00:34:45] Josh: So continuing on, I know that I looked backwards and saw nothing. I'm sure of it. Just the seemingly endless black is blackness of the night. I remember it so clearly because not 10 seconds later, a car passed me to the left headlights [00:35:00] on. I had one of those sudden adrenaline rushes. When you think you see a person outside your bedroom window, when it just, when it's just a tree or when you start awake at night with a feeling of false.

[00:35:12] 10 seconds earlier. Nothing had been behind me, suddenly a car. I drove the rest of the way home shivering and knowing something was off the next morning, I found two sets of scratches near the back of my van. One was on the left rear. One was on the right. The car was pretty old. They could have been there for months, but this was the first time that I distinctly remember seeing.

[00:35:38] In hindsight, there are two possibilities for what happened that night. Possibility. Number one, by some glitch in reality or something paranormal, this other car had somehow appeared behind me within 10 seconds of me checking my mirror, like some weird ghost crap or something. However, the second option is what makes my blood run cold.

[00:35:59] Whenever I [00:36:00] consider it, it didn't even occur to me until months after the fact, but it makes me dread driving alone at night, even when. Possibility number two, the car wait that was a weird, is that weird? Okay. I'll just start over. It didn't even occur to me until months after the fact, but it makes me dread driving alone at night.

[00:36:22] Even more possibility to the car was normal. It had been edited, approached me from the rear and passed me to my left. However, something large in. And as black as the night had been clinging onto the rear of my car, obscuring my view through the window, leaving deep scratches on the sides. And I had inadvertently driven it home with me the end.

[00:36:47] Patrick: All right. Question number one. What were they having at this party?

[00:36:59] Josh: I don't know if I [00:37:00] want any where you, yeah, that, I mean, it is totally possible to be , just driving on a windy country road or highway and just not see anyone. And then all of a sudden you're just not paying attention. And then they're behind you. , that's a totally realistic thing that happens

[00:37:19] John: to share.

[00:37:19] Remind you of jeepers creepers.

[00:37:21] Patrick: Oh yeah. I'm only see the first one.

[00:37:25] John: I think I was the only good one every time there's a SQL for like a scary movie. It's always a mess. Yeah.

[00:37:34] Patrick: Insidious wasn't too bad. I mean, it started getting pretty ridiculous, but conjuring was okay. Yeah. I was gonna

[00:37:41] Josh: say the conjuring wasn't bad.

[00:37:42] Yeah. It

[00:37:42] Patrick: wasn't bad. But you guys have you guys heard of the there's this railway rail road somewhere where supposedly kids help you across. Because their bus. Yes. So the story is the bus got stuck on the railroad and get that a school bus [00:38:00] got hit by a train and the kids died there. Right? So now every time you go there and you stop on the track supposedly the kids push you across the track.

[00:38:09] And when you get out of your car, if your car is dirty or whatever it is hamper, it's little hand. So, I don't know. I've never been out of where it's I forgot where it's at, but I saw it somewhere. Interesting.

[00:38:19] John: I like that. Something like that in San Diego, gravity hill.

[00:38:22] Patrick: Yeah. They fixed it. They moved, they changed it, bro.

[00:38:26] They, it was a mere Mesa. They took that road out and they put a new road in it's a wider road. So it's not, it doesn't do the same thing, but it's just an optical. Yeah,

[00:38:36] Josh: they have one of those in new Brunswick. I think where it looks like you're going backwards or whatever it is. Yeah.

[00:38:43] Patrick: But it's just the hill is on a hill, basically.

[00:38:46] Josh: Yeah. That's what it is. Yeah.

[00:38:57] yeah. I dunno. I think this guy might've [00:39:00] just been tired or. Not paying attention.

[00:39:08] Patrick: you name it?

[00:39:09] Josh: Don't drive impaired moral of that

[00:39:12] John: story. Yeah, we will take deeper scoopers home with you,

[00:39:18] bro.

[00:39:19] Patrick: Story. Number two, instant messages. It all started on the 14th night of March, the night of my parents' 20th wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful sunny day. If memory serves surprisingly warm for before the beginning of spring, the beautiful weather was perfect for the atmosphere of the day.

[00:39:38] Being married for 20 years is obviously a momentous occasion. So my parents had booked they table at our favorite Italian restaurant. Of course, this was a former occasion. So I had my best suit on it was 5 33. How do you even fucking remember that? Yeah, that's, that's a very specific

[00:39:58] Josh: do, have you [00:40:00] guys gone to your parents' anniversaries?

[00:40:01] I. It never, I never went to my parents' anniversary and that was kind of a them thing. You know what I mean?

[00:40:09] Patrick: Yeah. Weirdly enough, weirdly enough,

[00:40:13] John: I shared the same wedding anniversary tape with my

[00:40:16] Patrick: parents

[00:40:16] Josh: inadvertently really.

[00:40:21] John: Inadvertently. Yeah. It's just ,

[00:40:22] Josh: how do you

[00:40:24] John: do that? Well, I don't know when me and my wife got married, my parents were , oh, by the way, it's being your dad's anniversary today.

[00:40:31] Josh: Did you not know when your parents' anniversary was?

[00:40:33] John: Why would I ask the fuck? That's their marriage? What do you mean? You just know?

[00:40:39] I know. Yeah, no doubt. More bad son.

[00:40:46] I'm an only child. Damn. I'm a terrible kid. Fuck me, mom and dad, if you're listening to this, sorry,

[00:40:54] Josh: maybe, maybe they think it's some sort of a tribute to them. Maybe. I don't know. [00:41:00]

[00:41:01] John: I am blind. I'm going to say that part out and

[00:41:05] Josh: say, yeah, just say that you did plan it

[00:41:08] Patrick: inadvertently. Gosh, it was , what do you mean?

[00:41:14] They told you

[00:41:16] everyone

[00:41:16] Josh: should know your parents' anniversary.

[00:41:25] Patrick: All right. Continue on. It was 5 33 and I was just straining. Ty when my phone went off, I'd receive a message. That's strange. I thought that never happens. And this was

[00:41:45] John: Oh, it gets worse.

[00:41:49] Patrick: He said, that's strange. I thought that never happens. I checked the message. It was from my mom,

[00:41:55] Josh: not even from anyone else. The [00:42:00] only number I have in my phone, my mom

[00:42:06] Patrick: it was it was quite a jumble of numbers and letters, but through the vocabulary stew, I could make out the legible phrase. Please help me. It should go without saying that this was. This word me greatly. So I immediately replied, are you okay? Just as instantly, I got another text which read oops, pocket techs.

[00:42:26] I signed with all the really I signed with all the relief I had and continued to prepare.

[00:42:32] John: That shit just makes me even more sad, bro. Yeah.

[00:42:40] Josh: didn't mean to text you. You're my least favorite son.

[00:42:43] John: I'm like,

[00:42:50] Josh: why is this guy even having a phone?

[00:42:58] Patrick: Continuing on a [00:43:00] few minutes later, I received yet another message this time from my dad. I check the texts. And once again, it was a massive mixture of letters and numbers with the phrase, please help me concealed within creepy though. This was my dad was always a joker, so I presume he was just joking around until I was sent another text saying, oops, pocket techs.

[00:43:20] Now this spark panic, pure. Exactly. Half a minute pass. When I received the exact same message from my sister, this could not be coincidental. It just couldn't in a state of sheer anxiety. I started to run to the restaurant. I made it about a quarter of a quarter of the way before I was stopped by a police officer, main roads closed.

[00:43:43] He said, huge car crash. This was the exact moment I realized just what had happened. I demanded to see the record. A request I'm surprised was allowed when I got there. It wasn't the remnants of the car that caught my eye, not the flames billowing from the destroyed vehicle. [00:44:00] No, I was horrified to see the lifeless corpse of my mother, father, and sister.

[00:44:05] I asked for the estimated time of their deaths. All three of them were killed instantly by the collision at 5 32.

[00:44:12] Josh: What. I feel bad for making fun of this guy

[00:44:17] Patrick: he's made

[00:44:18] John: up. Right? These are

[00:44:26] Josh: That was the only, that was the only real part of the story.

[00:44:32] Patrick: Oh, he did that to himself. He was going to text me.

[00:44:38] Josh: Do you? Me? The only person that texts me,

[00:44:42] John: I'm going to have to downgrade my plan somewhere.

[00:44:45] Patrick: He just throws the phone away.

[00:44:48] Josh: I don't need this anymore.

[00:44:49] John: I guess I'll just wait until nine o'clock till I get free text.

[00:44:57] This is my last. It's [00:45:00] titled roommate troubles. This actually happened to me a few years back at the university of the arts in Philadelphia. My sophomore year, I roomed with a girl named Kara. She was a jazz vocalist, but her main interest was opera. We had a small room on the sixth floor of a dormitory called Juniper hall, the walls Worthen, and her last night singing and voice practices would keep me up late after a month or so of last.

[00:45:26] I convinced her to move her last night practices and music studios in the Merriam theater building a block away there is this, is this a guy and a girl or a girl in a girl? Cause,

[00:45:36] Josh: I would assume girl and girl,

[00:45:38] John: girl on girl. Okay. That's I like that assumption. I

[00:45:42] Josh: mean roommates, right?

[00:45:47] John: I dunno in bro. Yeah,

[00:45:48] Patrick: you're right. You're right. You're right. Facts.

[00:45:52] Josh: True. True.

[00:45:54] John: I got my pronouns in my thing right now. Is it me? If you're on squad Cassie? [00:46:00] That's my pronoun says though, around eight o'clock one evening, Kara announced that she would be practicing late for an upcoming recital and probably wouldn't be home until around midnight.

[00:46:11] Great. I thought that means I can go to bed early. I was beat, I had a horrible day in acting studio and was ready to pass out. As soon as I had dinner, she said goodnight and left coffee and sheet music. I made some grilled cheese and Sue gobbled it down and immediately began to prepare for bed. By the time I got out of the shower, my eyelids were so heavy.

[00:46:32] I could hardly brush my teeth. Damn. Y'all ever been that tired

[00:46:36] Josh: right now.

[00:46:40] John: Damn. We're holding up. Josh. Dan, I forgot. It's like it's late your time over there. All

[00:46:45] Josh: good. All good.

[00:46:48] John: I pulled on my PJ's and crawled into the top bunk of our bunk. I was out. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I should take a second to describe the layout of our apartment. When entering the apartment, the [00:47:00] bedroom was through a door immediately to the left.

[00:47:02] Our bathroom was inside the bedroom, just past a bunk beds. You arts is nice in the sense that you don't have to share bathrooms. Anyway, I woke up to the sound of the apartment door closing. I opened my eyes and groggily checked my phone midnight on the dot. I rolled back over and close my eyes. I heard Kara entered the room and stop in front of the.

[00:47:21] Checking to see if I'm actually asleep. I thought she flopped down on the bed below me, which was strange as she was a stickler for brushing her teeth and washing up before bed. Then again, exams were just around the corner and we were all exhausted. Why did this spot all like that? Like Allie,

[00:47:38] Josh: anyways,

[00:47:40] John: the mattress below me creaked and then was silent.

[00:47:43] I couldn't even hear her breathing. I started to drift off again. I was just on the edge of deep sleep when I was starting. Startled awake again by a noise, a key in the luck, the door opening and Kara answering our apartment humming and opera tune. Oh, the mattress [00:48:00] below me creaked.

[00:48:02] Josh: Oh, that's the creepiest one.

[00:48:04] I think

[00:48:09] some drunk. You, you a student. Yeah,

[00:48:17] John: maybe it was the Phantom of the opera. Ooh,

[00:48:25] I like that.

[00:48:26] Josh: Yeah, that's a creepy one, but when I was younger, my greatest fear was people breaking into her house, killing, killing it and night. And basically, I don't know why.

[00:48:40] Patrick: He has ever seen the movie strangers?

[00:48:42] John: Yes. The masks

[00:48:50] Patrick: yeah. Yeah. And movies creepy as fuck bro.

[00:48:55] John: And they were just standing there, outside your boy,

[00:48:57] Patrick: remember at the end they asked they're , oh, [00:49:00] why us? Right. And he was , oh, because you guys were. Oh,

[00:49:04] John: yeah. Speaking, speaking of us, us was the same shit. Right? During the season, if you haven't watched us,

[00:49:14] Josh: I want to, but I have no one to watch it with

[00:49:18] John: that's on you.

[00:49:19] That's on you. That's not

[00:49:25] Patrick: yeah, you use pretty good.

[00:49:28] Josh: That's the TV show right

[00:49:29] Patrick: on Netflix.

[00:49:31] Josh: I don't think I've, might've watched an episode. It's about a stalker guy, right?

[00:49:36] Patrick: Yeah.

[00:49:38] John: That will be beating his meat, so fast, bro. I see anywhere too, bro. I'm , damn, this goes anywhere. Does that shit SoFi?

[00:49:49] Patrick: That's a case, bro.

[00:49:54] That's a cave.

[00:49:55] John: Tell him you got to take pleasure in that shit. I feel like my head will be hurting. I've been doing it that fast, bro. But [00:50:00] anyway.

[00:50:09] Well, Patrick, we truly appreciate you hopping on. And I'm so excited to get back to doing Dumbfoundead with you, bro. Sean, doesn't appreciate the puns as much as you do. And every time we do shit, bro, he gets so mad. But with that said, do you have any final remarks? Would you like to hype up Dumbfoundead or anything that you're working on at this point?

[00:50:32] Patrick: Yeah. Well, first, first and foremost, just want to say thank you to you guys for having me. I appreciate it, man. Pleasure. Yeah, I mean, don't found dead if you guys don't know already, or haven't heard an episode, go check it out. We have, I want to say 50 something episodes out there. 52 52 episodes that you raise, the amount that you can, you guys can listen to and catch up on before we hop back on.

[00:50:58] So go check it out. [00:51:00] And it's on every major platform. Apple store. Spotify and Spotify, right?

[00:51:08] John: It's like, you never left. I feel like you got better now, bro

[00:51:14] Patrick: podcasts. You can check us out.

[00:51:17] John: Awesome.

[00:51:18] Josh: Well, thank you. Excited for the Dumbfoundead to come back. So personally, so

[00:51:22] John: yes, that, that has been a big gap in my lab. Personally. It's been a big gap. I missed that show. And even though we're gonna only going to do once a month, they, you know, it's, it's going to be action packed for that month.

[00:51:35] Yeah. We'll have a

[00:51:36] Patrick: lot to talk about it, you know, a lot, because we were doing a weekly, it was , Hey, what's up bro? What's up the last week. Fuck bro. It's been the same old, same old,

[00:51:47] John: same shit. And even then we still filled an hour at ease. Now

[00:51:55] Josh: two hour episodes of mine. Just

[00:51:58] John: think, just think [00:52:00] about it as 30 minutes, weekly episode.

[00:52:02] If you want to chop it up in 30 minutes, each four hours till you can get your fill a month. Do. All right. Well, thank you for tuning in this week. And what about you with Convenia next? Do you have a favorite creepy pasta? If you do share it with us, interact with us on our social media, we're on Twitter and ING at Reddit on Wiki and per usual, you can find us wherever you find your podcasts.

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[00:53:00] That's it for this week and we will see you next time. And remember if he saw something that kept you up at night, then you must have read it on Wiki. Peace.

[00:53:08] Josh: See you later.