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September 27, 2021
Canadian Football | The True OG of Football

OMAHA OMAHAAA...SET...HUT! Welcome to another episode of Reddit on Wiki, hosted by Sean! We're talking Canadian Football and we gotta shout out Dustin, from Sandman Stories Presents, for giving us the idea. We talk CFL vs NFL, Erik Marshall, and we have the loser of episode 8's Reddit Games reading some erotic fan fiction! This week's promo is from our friends at Moral Co…

OMAHA OMAHAAA...SET...HUT! Welcome to another episode of Reddit on Wiki, hosted by Sean! We're talking Canadian Football and we gotta shout out Dustin, from Sandman Stories Presents, for giving us the idea. We talk CFL vs NFL, Erik Marshall, and we have the loser of episode 8's Reddit Games reading some erotic fan fiction!

This week's promo is from our friends at Moral Combat. You can find all their information at

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Uh, what's up wicked maniacs. Welcome back to another episode of Reddit on Wiki, where we research things, very crappily through Reddit and Wiki. That's a, as much as a detailed description of this show as you're going to get from me. All right. So this is Sean cohost. One third. Here we go. Another hot intro off the dome.

No script, of course. Oh yeah. Starting it off hot. Here we go. Girls like girls where Josh is from Josh. Say hi. Hey, what's up? I am Drake's number one. Fan. No, wait, Drake's my number one fan area.

He stole that line from me actually.

And with Josh and I was the main man, what a burger number one fan in the world. John don't. Fuck it's me, John, I guess your boy, your boy. All right. So before we get into this week's topic, I am trying, so I didn't write a script per se, as much as I just copy and pasted a bunch of shit, but we'll see, we'll see, we'll see where this goes.

You know what I'm copy pasta. Did I understand, you know what I'm saying? Roll back. So before we get into the topic and before we get into my soreness, I want to give a shout out to Dustin from Sandman stories presents, he hit us up with a bunch of episode ideas and, uh, I couldn't think of one. So I stole one of his, but is it really stealing if he recommended it?

Yeah, we asked for it. So it's not stealing. Yeah. We asked for it. Yeah, exactly. Episode 11. And you were running out of ideas already. God damn it. Also maniacs don't know. Oh, what's up Josh? I was going to say, you want to shut out our video capability we got going on right now. Oh yeah. I don't know. We don't know if this is on YouTube or patriotic or what it is, but we are recording with video for the first time.

John is writing. Read it on Wiki's very own wicked maniacs. T-shirt you can find that on Reddit, on Josh is wearing a let's start, a cult podcast, um, shot some thoughts, refuses to do marriage because fuck my ass. Um, so I'm not wearing a shots with that shirt. Is that how you guys make money? Yeah, that's a, so we don't have a patron, but we do have an only fans.

It's very much the same, same kind of context. A lot of know roll D 20 rolled up just this episode. Does this episode come out before or after? Oh, it comes before our, uh, our chat with Lindsay on yield crime, but you'll hear about 20 sided phalluses that episode. So stay tuned for that. But, uh, yeah, we have video for the first time.

I think Josh is not at his house. That's why he has internet. Where are you, Josh? How much money did you spend on an Airbnb to? I just grow into some bias. I, this is, uh, some random place I just walked in. No one was home. So they have a lovely orange door that matches John's shirt. Yes. Jokes on you. That's literally his compound right now.

And it's just, you know, in a building in progress at the moment, because look, if you look at his chair right now, that looks like an executive chair, like a, you know, a little cold circle, chair tables set up. There's one.

That's getting there. Yeah. Yeah, that was my new compound. So we're keeping the podcast on the line as long as possible. So FBI can find the IP address for Josh and finally end this 12 month of terror. So please go to our Patrion to support me on the run

or buy me a coffee and don't buy me a coffee. Buy me gas, money, gas, money. Buy me a new compound, please. All right, well, let's get into today's topic. We are going to talk about something new and due to Josh's heart. Um, Canadian football. Josh, tell us a little bit about your experience and, uh, and your love for Canadian football.

Oh, where did it begin? I seriously, I don't know. I I've, I've been to the local Ottawa red blacks. I've seen them play before. That is. It's about as much as I've ever watched. The CFL is not as exciting as the NFL, but it's fully Canadian, which is kind of cool. So, and I've, I've never understood why it's never done what every other major league has done and integrated, but we'll, we'll get to that.

I think probably we'll. We'll see. Hopefully I don't know. We'll see what my copy and paste really did here, John. Any, do you have any knowledge of the CFL at all? The only thing I know about Canadian football is that their goalposts are really in a weird place. It's almost like it's almost like rugby looking if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah. And it's really annoying. Cause like all of the soccer fields, a lot of the soccer fields where like around Ontario, um, have those posts because it's like, there's a lot of football team. And so you're like running to it and it's just written the middle of the end zone. And it's kind of annoying because you always run into it every single time.

Wait, is it in front of the, the goal? No, no, no, no, no, no. They put it in the end zone, right? Yeah. But like, but for, for soccer, no, they, they, they build it, but like, if you're just playing, like as a kid you're playing in a field and then like, whatever you're saying, run stall or rugby or whatever, and then you just avoid this.

I can post every time. All right. So let's get into what Wikipedia has to say about Canadian football. Okay. So the episode is not only about the CFL, but I guess just the history of Canadian football in the first place. So as we do with every episode here on Reddit, on Wiki, we're going to read the first section on the Wikipedia page.

Canadian football is a sport played in Canada in which two teams of 12 players each compete for territorial control of a field of 110 yards long and 65 yards wide attempting to advance a pointed oval shaped ball into the opposing team scoring area or end zone in Canada. The term football may refer to Canadian or American football collectively, or to either sports specifically, depending on the context outside of Canada, the term Canadian football is used exclusively to describe this sport, even in the United States, the term grid, iron football, or more rarely north American football is used worldwide as well to refer to both sports collectively nice.

The two sports have shared origins and are closely related, but have some key differences. Probable exception of a few minor and recent changes for which there is circumstantial evidence to suggest the existence of at least informal cross border collaboration. The modern rules of the two sports have evolved independently.

All right. There's like three more paragraphs. I'm just going to go ahead and skip that you guys kind of can get the vibe from that Canadian league football. Yes, but I guess if you're not into American league football, the NFL, there were, there were already some differences there. They said two teams of 12 players that's already different.

And then the field is 110 yards, which is also different. And then the width is also different. So the field is different and then the amount of players is different as, as someone who watches football. To impress their girlfriends, dad and nose live very little about football. How much is an average, like NFL?

What is, what is, what is the know? Well, so the NFL field is a a hundred yards, so it's a little bit shorter and it's 53 yards wide. Uh, something like that. That sounds right. Okay. And the 12 players there's difference. I assume it's 11 0 11 and American football. Gotcha. Okay. So that's the first entry into Wikipedia.

I'm going to try and get into a little bit of the history of Canadian football and where it came from and how it evolved. Okay. So here's the part that I copied and pasted. I took out things that sounded uninteresting. So if this already sounds uninteresting to you, trust me, I made it a little bit better.

Okay. So. The first documented football match was a practice game played on November 9th, 1861 at the university college university of Toronto. Nice. A football club was formed at the university soon after although its rules at this stage were pretty unclear. Three years later at Trinity college, Toronto F Barlow Cumberland, Frederick, a Beth Yoon and Christopher Gwynn devise the rules based on rugby football.

This game gradually followed, uh, gradually gained a following with the Hamilton football club later. The Hamilton tiger cats that formed on November 3rd, 1869. Soon after that the Montreal football club was formed on April 8th, 1872. And then the Toronto Argonaut football club was formed October 4th, 1918 73.

And then the last team that form. Oh yeah, go ahead. I had a high school teacher who played for them one or two games or something like that. Oh, wait, way back. He was, he was a very old teacher, so it's kind of a redundant team name tiger cats as if a tiger is not a category. You get into some of the weird names, but if I don't know what, that it's like a, it's a warrior, not.

That was a warrior. Oh no, you're probably right. I'm just saying, it sounds like astronaut. Oh, I see an astronaut warrior. What the fuck is this space for us? Our goodness. Guardians of the galaxy. Odd down. There you go. Much better. Yeah. Argonauts in Greek legend is any band of 50 heroes who are the, any band of 50 years.

Went with Jason in the ship of Argo to fetch the golden fleece. That's man. That's another episode please. Sounds like it's from the Harry Potter series. Yeah. Golden fleas. It wins you 150 points for no reason. Yes. If you drape it around your shoulders, you know, this is probably something I shouldn't admit on the podcast, but I have not watched all of the Harry Potter movies.

It's okay. I skipped all around it to the whole mic.

We finally made Josh mad. This is the thing that sets him up. Oh, I mean, I, I enjoy Harry Potter a lot. My girlfriend is a super fan. Like she's like, she knows what fucking, what is it called? The, the partier or house you're at. And she knows which house she's in. She knows her Patronus. She knows fucking her wand.

I think it's crazy. It's crazy. I even have a wand and I don't even really watch that shit. Like you do seem like someone who would be into that. John, what the fuck does that mean? They're nerdy, nerdy guy. You have the one ring is your tattoo. Don't even start as, as you think that's fair. And you do love professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling is an undoubtedly nerdy. And I say that as a fan of professional. Does that make you a nerd to, uh, an arrow costume? One that Jeff was that you, that was me and I am a goddamn nerd. I do own a green arrow costume. Uh, I do like professional wrestling and he plays D and D I watch every Marvel movie in theaters.

I play D and D I also D M sometimes for D and D L. Yeah. Should we should do a one-off game for Patrion someday. We should do. I've honestly never played, so you need to take it easy and you would probably be really good at it playing. Cause role-play, I'm fine with that. John would be a no yard. A bar. Yeah.

You'd be a good Bard. I think bars are our dudes that play music and, and they're like a super charismatic, yeah. They're inspiration. A whooper what was that? Oh, you're a goddamn whooper up. Whoop her up another sneak peek of our ye old crime episode coming out October, our first Saturday of October. Nice.

Tobar second. I believe. But yeah. So after all those football clubs are made, um, a year later in 1874, the United States were having their own weird birth of football at the same time, converting rugby rules and to rules that would later become American football. So they invited Canada's McGill university to play against the United States, Harvard university, and a game derived from rugby football in a home and home series.

Don't know what a home and home series, as I clicked on it. And then it, it sent me to the Wikipedia, like a page. Yeah, like a P a page. We could pay the, a page of, uh, the actual American rugby or rugby football game that happened. I would adjust, you know what it is. I wouldn't, I mean, they play, they both played one home game, so they, they went to Harvard and then they went to.

Does that make sense? Seems like to me as well, it sounds like that makes sense. Also, you know, we, we don't have to be factual on this show. You know what I'm saying? So, yeah, we advertise as not being factual. Undoubtedly. That's what happened. They played one game at Harvard, one game at McGill university.

And if you hear anything else, don't add us. That's what happened. Okay. Change Wikipedia now. Yeah, change it now. It's not hard. Wicked bad. Yeah. Change the name to when the Canadians arrived several days early to take advantage of the trip, to see Boston and its surrounding areas. They held daily practices.

During this time, the Americans were surprised to see the Canadians kick chase, and then run with the ball. Picking up and running with the ball was a huge violation of the basic rules of the American game. During that time. Us captain Henry Grant pointed this out to the captain of the Canadian team.

David Roger, David Rogers, simply replied running with the ball is a core part of the Canadian game. So, so, so they challenged each other and didn't know they played different sports. I guess it seems to, it sounds like they may be challenged each other to see like how each other plays, because it, at this point it sounds like there are no official rules.

Weird people are just. It's like playing beer pong and different houses, different houses. True. That is exactly. Watch your elbows. Dammit. It's like I hit him the same cup. You, what do you mean? It's not ball's bag. Give me that files back. That's two cups out. I want a zipper. I want a river. Only one we rack it's.

Okay. Exactly. All right. So Harvard, um, did not have a full-size rugby pitch. So because of their reduced field, the Harvard team opted for 11 players per side, instead of the regulation 15 players that the rugby union follows makes sense. And also to generate more orphans. Harvard also increased the number of downs from three as set by McGill to four, right?

Furthermore, the Harvard players. So enjoyed running with the ball that this rule was wholly adopted into the all Harvard play, following the two games with Miguel. Oh, the American team bested, the Canadian team what's up baby. Uh, both countries, flavors of footballs were forever changed and linked to one another.

All right. So that is the game that set, I guess, sort of combined the rules of both games. And then from there they separated and made their own rules based on what they learned in that game. So, so they just, they were like, okay, we're playing with 11. And the Canadians were like, okay, well you can run with the ball.

And they're like, okay, that's, it's fine. Okay. 6, 6, 8. Uh, let's do three downs instead of four downs. Okay.

All right. So now that we learned the history and the beginning of football, let's go ahead and jump right into the CFL. All right. We're going into Canadian football league cannabis, premier professional football league. All right. They have their own Wikipedia page. And I'm going to go ahead and read the first paragraph of that too.

So the CFL is a professional sports league in Canada. Uh, the CFL is the highest competition in Canadian football. The league consists of nine teams each located in a city in Canada. They are divided into two divisions, four teams in the east division and five teams in the west division. John, can you name those teams?

I cannot damn. I said, I mean, Josh, can you think so? Uh, we got. The Argos, the Thai cats, the Montreal, Montreal. What? Hello, syrups. Are they, are they the lox? They are the Los, the Ottawa. What'd you say? You said, you said the Hamilton tiger cats, the Montreal alphabets and the Ottawa red blacks and Toronto Argonauts.

And all right. That's the whole east division. My guy. Then we have the BC lions. Oh, right. Three more, three more. Uh, the four more highlight for more Saskatchewan Roughriders. Yeah. Winnipeg blue bombers. Yep. Two more Calgary Stampeders. Yeah. Whoa. Wow. And the admin tin. You got it. Also E S ask them. I was better there.

I think they're changing that now. Uh, I guess they recently changed. Oh, that's better. Why you don't remember it? I don't know the new name because they're definitely not the Eskimos. They were football team. Edmonton. It starts with an E John. And it's an animal that's in Canada. Emo you moose

elk. Is it elk? It's the Edmonton Elks. I almost got it. NFL. I could, but CFL. No. Yeah, I could not do enough. You can name all the NFL teams. So let's see how fast can go. John 32 teams, John go, oh shit. Hold on. Break it down by divisions. So for the non football and non NFL listeners, there are eight conferences or eight divisions in the NFL.

Why so many? Yeah. Yeah. So there's eight and then there's teams in each one. So AFC east AFC is it's going to be new England Patriots. Jets Miami dolphins, Buffalo bills, AFC west. You've got the Los Angeles chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos, and Kansas city chiefs. I'd be disappointed if he got that one wrong.

I know, right? I'm a charge us fan. How bad does it, how bad does it hurt to say Los Angeles chargers? It hurts so much. They've seen north Pittsburgh, Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals. Yeah. Oh, and Josh. Yeah, they did move. They moved like two or three years ago. When did they move John?

They moved 2016. And how does it feel to know it's your fault, John?

It's the whole goddamn San Diego's fault city's fault. Okay. My hometown did not support the chargers and their owners sucks ass, whatever. Anyways, AFC. Sean's favor the shittiest division, the shittiest division of the mall. He's in Texas, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm drawing a blank on the last team for AFC Andrew, Andrew look.

Oh yeah. Indianapolis Colts. Okay. So NFC north, you have the green bay Packers. Detroit lions, Minnesota Vikings. Oh shit. That's why I'm like, wait, what'd you say Chicago bears. Chicago bears. Oh yeah. There you go. Yeah. NFC south. You have the new Orleans saints, Tampa bay Buccaneers, uh, Atlanta Falcons. I'm always drawing blank on the last team.

NFC south. Carolina Panthers. The same Carolina Panthers there. Go, yeah, there you go. Oh yeah. The NFC east, you got the New York giants, the Dallas boom, Dallas Cowboys, a Washington football team and the Philadelphia Eagles. 32 teams. Wow. And if you don't like football, I'm sorry. We, we just, uh, that was three minutes of football teams in two different leagues.

Let's go to the other football, uh, the European football let's name, all those teams. Isn't it. Now defunct something dragons. I just remember from Arsenault, Madden, NFL. I only know what Ted lasso knows. The, I only know Ted lasso. I've never liked that last little before. Good show John. You would love it. I have time.

He's he's literally. Okay. Now I have to watch him just a nice guy. And he loves his puns and wordplay. It's you? Do you like scrubs? Did you ever watch scrubs? I love scrubs. It's it's by the guy who made scrubs and Zach Braff also directed the second episode. Oh, okay. I'm getting apple TV plus. Dammit. I think they were nominated for like 22 Emmys.

This is a plug. This is a goddamn straight up free plug watch Ted lasso. We're sponsored. We're not, but we're not, but yeah, but yeah. So the CFL, those are the teams. Those are the cities pretty much, besides that. I just wanted to go ahead with the differences between the NFL and the CFL rules wise. So after that McGill versus Harvard game, eventually they had one guy in Canada.

Makeup, all the rules for Canadian football and then one guy in America make all the rules. So America adopted the Walter rules. Well, Canada adopted the Burnside rules. Okay. Here are the top 10 biggest differences between the NFL and the CFL. One NFL makes more money. So they pay their players more money.

You know, it's funny. I was actually going to joke and say revenue, but now that's the number, number one. That's good. Yeah. Yeah. There's there's people, there's people in the CFL that have a second time or a second, second job just because, oh, no, like the players do other things. Oh. Especially like in Saskatchewan or something.

I dunno if you guys want like, like some YouTubers, but there's this kicker, his name is destroy. I think he had a, um, a tryout with, I want to say the Saskatchewan team as a kicker, and I don't think he made it, but, um, he had a, the team had a lot of clout because, um, he's a big YouTube personality. So I think they got a pretty good exposure out of him.

Yeah. They just felt they should've just added them. It'd be the backup kickers. Right. They could sell those jerseys make money. But anyways, uh, as of the 2017 season, the average NFL player made around 2.7 million. Holy shit. Okay. 2.7 million USD in comparison, the average salary for his CFL. In 2018 was approximately 96,857 Canadian dollars, which I believe translates to about five bucks USD, right?

Yeah. You can buy a Snickers with that. Yeah.

You can't even buy a mid roll ad with that shit you could from us.

Hey, wait a hit it's winter. It's Josh. We're a poverty podcast. That's what I do best, please. Please support us if you can. Yes, we have a buy me a coffee, right? Yep. We have a, we have a Patrion there's ways that we have merge, help us guys. By ads. Anyways, moving on. Difference. Number two, we already mentioned was the field size.

NFL goes by a hundred yards, wide 53 and a third yards. Why wait long, a hundred yards long length, 53 and a third wide. All right. And then the CFL field goes by 110 length by 65 yards with don't worry again, getting leads, just compensating for the lack of base. So they gotta upsize the field. You know what I was going to say?

Don't worry, guys. It's not the size that matters. It's how you. I was like, you get paid. Fuck. I use a Bengio, another shout out to you, but y'all have not heard yet, but another sneak peek, Joey, Ben, Joe, this Ben, Joe, that all right. So not only are the, uh, fields different, the end zones are different as well.

The CFL has an end zone that is 20 yards deep, so easier to score a touchdown. The NFL end zone has end zone that is only 10 yards deep. This means the total length of the entire field in the NFL is one 20 while the CFL has one 50, right? Number three, the number of players. We also mentioned this NFL 11 players.

The CFL is 12 players on each side because of the 12th player. The 12 player usually acts as a nother offensive lineman on the offensive. So it says here that the CFL does not have a tight end position and they usually run two slot backs. So if you'd know what that is good for you, if you don't, I'm not going to dig deep.

I wish I wish Canadian football. Did you get one extra guy? And he just sits in the end zone for that hail Mary at all times. And that's all he does. He can't move. He has like a circle. He can't leave that circle. So you have to pin, you can only stay in the end zone or defensive guy has to like, the safety just has to haul ass every time.

Holy shit. But, but the closer you get to your own end zone, the easier it is to run in gardens. So it's yeah, I'm making up my own league. That's actually kind of fun. If you think about it, if you can live to that thing, like 75 yards. Bony deserved as gore you creating your own football league has big.

What is it? House of David by house of jobs. This is the hot house of shell league. This is the Mexican football league guys. Yes, it is in Canada. No, don't ask questions. We had naming issues, so, all right. I'm just going to rapid fire the last four differences. And if you want to learn more about it, just find it on Wikipedia.

There's a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to the differences between the NFL and the CFL, but, uh, yeah, here we go. Rapid fire. Number four, the CFL offers three downs per possession, as opposed to four downs allowed. And then. Number five, there are different rules regarding the play clock and timeouts.

Number six, the CFL offers an additional method of scoring known as a single point slash rogue point. That sounds tight. Maybe that's what I came up with. The rogue. Maybe he's already editing the Wikipedia page. As we speak number seven, there are different rules regarding the overtime format. Number eight, there is a difference in schedule or in season schedule and length.

We've got two more. Number nine. There is a difference in the location of the field. Goalposts. Josh knows all about that one. And then number 10, the CFL does not have a fair catch rule. Holy shit, my God, if you're not a fan of football, a fair catch in the NFL is whenever they kick the ball, the opposing team can catch it.

Right. Uh, usually, uh, if they feel like they're about to get fucking destroyed by the other team about the tackle them, they can wave their hand in the air and then the other team is not allowed to touch them. So I guess in Canada, fuck it. You can, you could just be standing still and get trucked by somebody running top speed.

What? Like we have guys running like 20 miles per hour on the field. Just fucking trucking. You. We insane. We're tougher up here. I guess. So thousand dollars I can get you. CTE TA Tom gets, gets just destroyed every time he catches the. And then he goes to work at the grocery store. The next day he goes to sleep, then wakes up and goes to Tim Horton's to serve some coffee and donuts.

His head hurts a little bit. He's a little woozy putting donuts and a coffee cup, a concussion. So that's that is it for concussion? Jokes are fun. Oh Jesus. Oh no. Okay. It was a joke. Okay. Concussions are very serious. They'll forget about it. No, no, no, no. John just did a Chris Ben white episode with. The home is across the pond.

So Jesus Christ, Josh, that's something I would say. I'm sorry, I'm taking your lines. I like it. I'm so proud of you right now. Oh, man. All right. Well, that's it for the Wikipedia section of this episode, we're going to go ahead and go straight into the Reddit section, but instead of going straight, I forgot we're going to curve, uh, take us, uh, turn into some ad space because again, we are broke.

We do need the money. We're pivoting and listen to these ads that are paying us, or, or if you want ad free episodes, you can support us on Patrion. Yes, we do have a Patriot on now, John and Josh will plug that. I will just sit and watch at the end of the episode. All right. But that's it for now. We'll see you guys on the second half of the episode.

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pep talk before that. God. Holy shit. That was a lot of ads. We're rich now guys, we made it so rich. You given me a chance to call it a fair catch. That one. Exactly. Just trust me. All right. So now as with all my episodes, I like to do Wikipedia for. Reddit next. All right. So I'm going into Reddit, just as a little teaser.

All the Reddit stuff is mostly clean. Good fun. And we're going to end with the finale banger, uh, where the loser of my last episode, right. Uh, games is going to read a fan fiction all by themselves. But, uh, Jesse, wait, let's get through some Reddit stuff really quickly. I don't think it's going to take long because we really want to savor and enjoy the, uh, the girth of what, uh, Josh is about to read.

John's question is your girlfriend around? She is not, she is not. That is disappointing to hear the benefits of being on the run is I don't have to read porn for my girlfriend. That's a goddamn shame. It's a shame. Yeah. Okay. All right. The first read it is a post. In the subreddit and here we go. Now wait for it.

It's in the sub Reddit. Fuck my ass. Where is it? It's not R slash fuck my ass. It is our swagging never, uh, it's Reddit slash R backslash. Fuck my ass. Um,

this is from gaping, the sub Reddit never tell me the odds. Okay. It's hosted by bode plan, a great username. So this is a video of a man during a halftime game, uh, at the CFL, he was picked to try to win prizes by attempting to kick field goals from the 20 yard line, 30 yard line, 50 or 40 yard line and the.

You went, uh, and missed the 20, 30, 40, but when he got to the 50, he kicked it straight down the middle and one, 1 million Canadian dollars more than the average Canadian salary per year. And again, that's probably like 10 USD. Yeah, pretty good. But this is the thing I w I wanted to bring up. He decided to not take one lump sum and to instead break it up into $25,000 a year for the next 40 years, people who are talking in the subreddit, you know, saying, oh, that's a mistake.

You should have just taken the lump sum, invested it somewhere. What do we, it made more money, but then somebody was like, yeah. After the tax, after they take away the tax, how much do they even really win? And then some Canadians, sub Reddit poster said we don't tax the winnings. That's only a U S. I don't know if that's true.

That's definitely not true. Is that not true? It said this, this was the CFL. We don't tax winnings in Canada. No, that's and that's a hundred percent not true, but we definitely tax lottery, winning Dewey. Okay. Fuck me. Well, then delete that. Don't worry about that at all. As someone who dreams of one day winning the lottery, I know.

Trust me. Oh, this person said the UK doesn't tax lottery winnings. Either the taxes paid by the company beforehand, not the winner. I don't. And then somebody said, well, it's not even remotely surprising that the us does it the opposite way. We'll see. Maybe I don't know how that would work. Maybe that'll be a shot.

Some thoughts episode. There you go. Does Canada tax lottery winnings,

Josh, you're going to, you're going to ruin this episode for me immediately. Josh.

Do they not tax it. Okay. It's weird. It says most lottery winnings are tax-free. However, the income generated from the winnings is taxable. So I guess if he did invest it, that would be taxable, but Hmm. The actual lottery itself would not be. Wow. So I'll hold on 1 million Canadian. Yeah. What does that by you in America?

Uh, two Snickers bars, sick. That's all I need sick. All right. Moving on from lottery winnings, another sub Reddit or another Reddit post and the sub Reddit R slash baseball. So not particularly related to the CFL, but sort of all right. So this post is by oh, great username. Well, endowed horses. But the one that killed that guy, I think that is the one that murdered that man.

Nice. What a stallion. This post is called. I don't think as baseball fans, we talk enough about how two MLB teams are straight up named after socks. Yeah, it is so low effort that we have the red socks and the white socks. Have I spent even two seconds to Google to see the history behind the name. You can bet I didn't.

Am I a fan of either team? Not one bit. Does this impact me in my life whatsoever? Of course not. Is this uninformed and low effort take on a low-hanging fruit going to anger, some members of the respective fan bases and neutrals more than likely also while we're at it. I am a CFL fan. And although this was before my time a league with nine teams once had two teams named the rough riders and.

Ruff Ryders, where is the effort people, what is happening? So I did confirm that for about, again, facts. Aren't important here, but for about like 60 years. And there were two rough rider teams, one with a space in between rough and writers and then one with no space,

shit, there are nine teams. You can't find nine different names. I mean, if you think about it, that the Ottawa team is the red blacks, which is just two colors. So that's also not too great. I do like Argonauts Argonauts as a cool last name is cool. Argos is cool. Um, takeouts is fine and Alawites get is fine.

is cool. Uh, rough riders and rough space riders is it's a real mystery blue bombers. Um, and then. Uh, lion's fine. The Eskimos problematic. And that's why they're the Elks, the Elks now, which is fine, I guess. And then the Stan Peters, which is cool because that's where the Calgary stampede is held. So it kind of makes sense.

Us is in the process of doing the same thing with changing names too, or like in baseball, there's no more Cleveland Indians. I think they're the Cleveland guardians in the NCF that one's gone. Yeah. Yep. And then, uh, yeah, the Redskins is completely gone. That was how that got away for so long is a mystery to us all.

Are they keeping football club? I, I think they're saying they're going to come up with a name at the end of this season, but they are digging the fact that they sound like a, like a soccer team. They said they liked the feel of it. They should do a racist name for a white guy, the Washington crackers cracker barrel.

I was going to say honkies as honky as a white. I think it is. I mean, Yankees, Yankees. Yeah. True. Oh yeah. The 20, the 2021 gen Z insult the colonizers Washington column Washington call it. It's perfect. Right in DC. A good, a good reminder that at the beginning of 2021, Washington was in fact under siege by quote unquote Patriots.

Can't forget about that goddamn thing. Uh, oh my God, that happened this year, the Washington bigots Jesus. Um, well actually did 2020. Um, yeah. And the only other one I could think of is the, uh, Chicago Blackhawks. I don't know if that's okay. Or if they are like, I don't know if they worked with the. Yeah, I don't know, but we really, again, there, we should probably bring up before we talk about this, bring in like a, somebody that's native American or has knowledge of the tribes before we have another shot, some thoughts, nipple incident episode.

So we got one more Reddit posts and this one is just kind of uplifting. All right. So this was in the NFL sub-Reddit by B Haas 89. All right. So Eric Harris went from life-threatening car crash to working in a potato chip factory to the CFL, to a torn ACL with the saints to a 2017 special teamers. Then he played 133 snaps at safety in 2018 and Thursday.

He signed a two year multi-million dollar deal. Hey, so just a nice to read about a nice little uplifting story. I read about it. I'm not going to read the whole article, but essentially. He went undrafted in the NFL and was not even invited onto a practice squad by NFL team. So to still follow his dream, he was broke.

So he worked at a potato chip company for the summer, raised enough money, and then heard that there was a CFL tryout. And then he drove a 50 hours to the location of the CFL tryouts. Try it out, made the team played for like three years, got onto the saints, immediately tore his ACL and then got signed by the Raiders as a special teamer.

And then due to other injuries from other players, he got to start and he made some plays. I think he got like five interceptions in a year or something like that, which is pretty good. And then he signed a multi multimillion dollar deal later that year. But just think about it. Cause like you said, the average was what?

90, 90,000 Canadian. So that's, he's making way more. Oh, he's making way more. Yeah. That's good. Good for him. No. Amen. Sometimes you just got to bet on yourself. Exactly. So with that being said, and although Reddit posts and all the Wikipedia subjects talked about, um, this was not found on Reddit or Wikipedia, but the fans have demanded.

They have demanded erotic fanfiction from me, God damn, near every episode. So we're going to give them what they want. We are very much in favor of the Wiki maniacs. So the loser from Reddit games has to read this in full by themselves. And I believe that loser was go ahead and name yourself. It's me, John.

Uh, yeah, I have, uh, some question marks. I don't, I don't understand how a wicked mania exploded eggs, uh, putting your shirt on first and leaves ahead of my answers, but it is what it is. John owns the Twitter. Like he had some sway, I believe, but, uh, I think he did have sway because on Twitter, I only beat you by one that's his charisma on Twitter, it was sort of close or sort of Instagram was heavily in favor of bacon.

And Josh has answers, I think, straight up zero votes for John, but the Twitter fam came through. Save John last night. Josh reading an erotic fan fiction all by himself. That's okay, here we go. I believe in you, Josh. Uh, Josh is not with his girlfriend, so you should be reading a little bit louder and with his chest more proud.

I am illiterate. You want me to open the windows? So the people on the streets can hear me. We want sound effects. I'm sure. Yeah. Actually I would. I would like if you, uh, call your girlfriend and meet her, uh,

do you, and do you want me to read the summary? You enjoy it when people does some sort of voyeurism, like, I don't know. Maybe that's your team, Josh? I don't know. Uh, I would like you to read the summary. Uh, you can not, you could skip the notes. Okay. Okay. Um, and read the title please, and get credit to this brilliant artist.

I do want to give credit to this brilliant artist. Uh, so it is a. QB and his boys. So quarterback and his boys let's uh, um, and it is by gray 1, 2, 2 7 on archive, our own archive for own let's let's maybe not give the website away because just save people from what now is my ruin. Google search. All my SEOs are now erotic.

Fanfiction. Thank you. Wicked maniacs. I cannot stop getting weird ads on everything. Uh, I really should've done all the searching on incognito. That would have been smart, but, uh, we're here now. And, uh, my internet is, uh, ruined forever, but Josh. Go ahead. My guy, what's the summary of a QB and his boys. All right.

Ben Roethlisberger would have sworn he was dreaming, but it was hard to when the proof was right there, gulping down his cock.

Oh, Ben Roethlisberger is still playing. I don't actually know. He is. In fact, still playing quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We will tag him in this, on Tik TOK, Twitter, Instagram, and clip it for them. We'll also tag his boys as well. Yes. Where does he play? He plays in Pittsburgh. Ah, that's closer to me though.

I don't like that. Big Ben. Oh yeah. He's his nickname is big. Ben is John delayed. I don't know, John, are you delayed?

Holy shit.

That's so funny. What's happening. You were so delayed. We were like, is John delayed and then it was like a pause. And you said big Ben. Oh God dude. That's horrible. We were looking at you for a long time. And then you just said big Ben, really sexually big bands. Oh my goodness. Let's get this over with. All right.

Are you ready for a quarterback and his boys never been more ready now, put your pants back on. Um, joke's on you. I'm not wearing pants. Damn it. This whole episode. Um, just an hour earlier, Ben had knocked on the door of the penthouse where the brothers were staying until JJ found a place of his own coach had told them to make sure the boys were all settled in and to deliver JJs new Steelers gear.

Ben could not have anticipated what he would see when he let himself in to know after no answer there in all their glory, where the three watt brothers, big brother, JJ sitting against the headboard head thrown back in pleasure. Middle brother, Derek swallowing, the old, his older brother's car and little brother, TJ Smith latched onto the former Texans nipple.

Oh my God. Some got incest going on here, Joe. Truly problematic. Truly problematic. Oh no. Um,

Ben must've dropped the bags. He was holding because the next thing he knows, TJ lets out a startled Yelp falling off the bed and kicking Derek in the face. On the way down JJ and his brothers looked, looked as startled and confused as he must've looked. No one moved, no one spoke. Ben felt as if he had intruded on something almost sacred.

Uh, here were three of the biggest players currently on the NFL payroll, three small town brothers sharing an intimate moment. What a way to phrase it. Oh my God. I'm going to go on a limb and say that, uh, grey is from Alabama. Um, um, uh, Ben like any other person with a libido had, imagine the brothers be before together.

Oh, geez. Is that something people with libidos too? I don't, I think that's gray and gray by himself or herself. I think I have one and I've never pictured something like that. Um, no, uh, um, but never in a million years expected it to be true, but here they were naked as the day they were born and still hard.

That was one that was when Ben realized the tightness in his own pants,

TJ letter to choke sound that drew Benz gaze to him. He looked like he was close to a panic attack. He had no idea what to do. Ben has no clue has. That's a weird, uh, keep it in past tense or don't keep it in past tense. Gray, come on, uh, get together. Gray. Ben has no clue what prompted him to act so. But he walked forward towards TJ helping them off the floor, gave him a soft, soft SWAT on his ass and set them towards the bed where he quickly went to the big brother's side.

Oh, this is so bad. God. Um, this is a quote awfully nice of you boys to welcome your big brother to the team. Derek. When are you going to tell big Ben? Second,

John, have you read this one before me? No, John, because he called John earlier. No, that's his nickname. Oh, he's widely known as big Ben, unfortunately. Oh fuck. Why would I read this Jim for fun? Maybe John's gray.

Uh, Derek blushed, bright red quote. Sorry, sir. Uh, Ben, I didn't think you'd want to know Derek trailed off, not sharing. Sure. What to say. Ben reached over and ruffled his fullbacks hair. It's okay, kid. Don't worry. I'm proud of you. You can look real good, man. I'm making your big brother feel so good. Feel good?

Good job. Derek beamed at his quarterback soaking in the praise. Uh, uh, he turned his focus to JJ and TJ now fully wrapped in his big brother's arms looking at Ben with unsure eyes and story. Yes. I'm sorry. I scared you TJ didn't mean to barge into your private time with your brothers. TJ gave a shy smile in return.

You've got a nice pair of brothers there. JJ. If I would've known they'd like this, I would have offered to help out a long time ago. Oh, no, JJ to his credit didn't look ashamed. If it was still a wreck cock was any indicator.

It's still wreck wasn't any indicator. Oh, my brothers and I have only done this with each other. We've never done this with another man because that's normal. Um, hence Scott got impossibly hard and his pants have been breeding each other for God knows how long and they've never had another guy. It was then that Ben made, made his decision.

Well, I can certainly help out with that. Think of it as my welcoming. And that is how Ben found himself sitting against the headboards shoulder to shoulder with giant JJ Watts. Well, Derek and suck their Cox. Ben had ideas for these boys. Uh, it's part one in a full series.

Oh. So join our Patrion road where, uh, Josh will read all parts of a QB and his boys. Oh God. Yeah. If you, if you support us, I'll do it. That's fine. Things will do for money. And then if you pay for the highest tier, uh, John, Josh and I will, re-enact the said scenes from no, no, no, never, no, no, no. There's only three of us.

This is a, this is a Patrick's come back literally.

Oh, God, he can be the QP where the boys

fucking dead. Oh. Again, with every fanfiction, wicked maniacs, we apologize. But, uh, like I said, at the top of this, you guys requested it. So truly, if you are sick of what you just heard, uh, look in the mirror, that's on you, that's on you pal. You know, what's funny. Uh, Sean, John and I were looking at the, um, what are they called?

Like the, the percentage of people watch, listen to, and it's like a line for years and then a huge spike, like near the end. We know exactly where the wicked maniacs are, are going to, they just scroll right to it. Oh no, we want the smut. Yeah. Okay, listen to the whole episode, but then they, they, the effect can relisten.

The replayability of the, of the smut is, is high for the wicked maniacs. They S they share, we should make chapter markers. So it's easier for them. So

with that being said, erotic fan fiction is done. The release for the wicked maniacs has been released. So there's nothing left to do, but go ahead and give our plugs. John, why don't you start? I got nothing. What happened at tribal fats? We're too busy cause we just got a new puppy. So, I mean, we're still going to do it, but it's going to be incremental.

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So what the fuck do I know? Um, you know, the vibes, you've heard the episodes, you know where to find my other podcasts. John, take us home. My guy, man, that's it. For this week's episode, we can maniacs, let us know your thoughts. What do you think about Canadian football? If you know something extra that you want us to know, let us know, uh, remember that you can show us some love on good pods, apple podcasts, and pod chaser.

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We'll see you guys later. Make sure to, uh, not support incest. Okay, bye guys. My pants are tightening. No kink shaming, but we're shaming that one. Kink. That one kink is bad. No incest, please, Alabama. We're looking at you. Bye guys. Fast, Virginia, born and raised.