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AITA for being upset that Fortnite stopped my BF from helping me?

Me 26F and my boyfriend 33M are gamers so I understand not wanting to quit a game halfway through. 

One day I went to Walmart to pick up our dinner. I called him when I was 10 minutes away asking if he could help me with the bags. I had our Indian food, a 5ib bag of flour, eggs, cupcakes, 2 32oz bags of chocolate chips and butter. He said he was in the middle of a game and couldn’t (which I understand) however when I got home and carried everything upstairs I noticed he started a new game. 

I told him I thought it was rude he started a new game instead of calling to say he could help me now. He started saying that he always helps me and the one time he can’t I’m upset about it. To clarify he does usually help but it also isn’t the first time he couldn’t because he’s playing a game. He then went on to say “no offense but it’s not like you had to do two trips”. 

I feel like that’s not the point, I just wish he would’ve just been a little more considerate about what I needed help with. 

Am I being the asshole?