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#RedditReadings | Woman Has The V**ina From The Movie Teeth!! #Reddit

What's up Wikimaniacs! In this episode Sean takes us back to TIFU and we hear about: a man who doesn't know how to open condoms, a woman with an interesting v**ina, and a pervert goes to the dentist.

Then after the break Sean is going to tell us the history of one of the most popular movies ever made, Jaws!

Also, if you have been missing out on us reading smut be sure to check out our Patreon Exclusive episode Dr. Stephan Strange Gets Naughty!

Let us know your thoughts!

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00:00 Introduction
03:43 Responding To YouTube Comments
10:02 TIFU By Opening A Condom Wrong
13:54 TIFU By Having The V**ina From The Movie Teeth
21:51 TIFU By Going To The Dentist
28:14 Ad Break
28:16 The Movie Jaws Releases
33:56 Outro

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