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#RedditReadings | Tomorrow, I'm Going To Ruin His Life! #Reddit

What's up Wikimaniacs! In this episode we have a man who isn't "manly" enough, a man decides to eat hot peppers, a girlfriend wants to ruin her boyfriend's life, and a man leg sweeps a child!

Then after the break John is going to tell us the history about the first day of the Denver Pop Festival!

Let us know your thoughts!

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00:00 Roe Vs Wade Awareness
00:47 Introduction
05:48 Responding To YouTube Comments
11:15 GF Doesn’t Think I’m Manly Enough
17:35 Edit To GF Doesn’t Think I’m Manly Enough
19:41 TIFU By Eating Hot Peppers
27:08 Tomorrow, I’m Going To Ruin His Life
36:19 Update To Tomorrow, I’m Going To Ruin His Life
40:45 Man Slaps A Kid
48:22 Today In Wiki History
51:53 Outro

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