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#RedditReadings | My Wife Got Pregnant, But I'm Infertile! #Reddit

What's up Wikimaniacs! In this episode we have man's wife becomes pregnant but he's infertile and suspects the worst, and then Sean takes us back to r/TIFU where a man ends up showing his date not one but two micro p**ises.

Then after the break we dive into the history of America's birthday, July the 4th!

Let us know your thoughts!

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00:00 Roe Vs Wade Awareness
00:47 Introduction
03:36 Responding To YouTube Comments
08:17 Wife Got Pregnant But I'm Infertile
16:28 UPDATE 1 Wife Got Pregnant But I'm Infertile
23:18 UPDATE 2 Wife Got Pregnant But I'm Infertile
32:00 TIFU Showing My Date Micro P**ises
41:35 BarkBox
42:26 Today In Wiki History
48:08 Outro

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