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#RedditReadings | I Don't Want My GF To Cheat, Is That Wrong? #Reddit

What's up Wikimaniacs! In this episode we have a BF who wants to know if its wrong of him to not want his gf to cheat, a husband resents his wife, a woman finds out her boyfriend is married with kids, a step mom causes a feud between a mother and her daughter, and a listener goes on a date with a guy who doesn't understand the UFC.

And on today's Wiki History we have talk about Electroconvulsive therapy and the man who invented it.

Let us know your thoughts!

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00:00 Ringo Cam
00:24 Introduction
13:00 Cheating Girlfriend
20:18 Husband Resents His Wife
28:02 Woman Finds BF Is Married
33:31 Mom Is Jealous Of Step Mom
37:47 Listener Disaster Date
47:39 Alder New York
51:21 Today In Wiki History
56:02 Outro

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