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#RedditReadings | I Almost Killed My Husband! #Reddit

What's up Wikimaniacs! On today's episode we have a husband who is very protective of his money, we have a 'nice guy' who think women owe him sex, a wife almost kills her husband in the best way possible, and we have one of the worst listener stories we've ever had!

After the break we talk about Joseph Priestley and his discovery of oxygen!

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00:00 Ringo Cam
00:20 Introduction
09:29 YouTube Comments
13:14 My Money Is Mine
18:59 UPDATES My Money Is Mine
29:47 Women Owe Me S*x
36:19 Death By Snoo Snoo
46:32 Alder New York
48:34 Babies Are Women's Problem
57:15 Today In Wiki History
01:01:40 Outro

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