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My Wife Should OBEY Me! | #reddit #redditshorts

What's up Wikimanaics! On today's episode we have a man who needs a knife for his poops, OP meets a girl that's close to her husband at work, a husband falls down the right wing pipeline, and we read FANFIC about us written by ShadowcatMD!

After that we learn about the amazing Canadian icon, Gordon Downie in This Day In History.

At the end we read and react to comments from you guys and Josh has an update for one of his stories!

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(00:00) - Intro
(07:32) - P00p Knife
(16:26) - Girl At Work
(26:06) - Husband Needs To Be Obeyed
(40:20) - Our FANFIC
(50:48) - Gordon Downie
(55:02) - Patreon Shoutouts
(58:39) - Comments
(01:00:58) - Red Dress UPDATE
01:06:13) - Sean's Dark Secret/Outro

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