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My Husband Finds Me Repulsive! | #RedditStories #Reddit

What's up Wikimaniacs! On today's episode we have a couple that are financially screwed, OP's husband finds her repulsive, a boyfriend has a work wife, and an ex-husband forgets to take OP off as his beneficiary!

After that we go to This Day In History where John teaches us about the Great Smog of London!

Let us know your thoughts!

00:00 - Intro
11:40 - Financially Screwed
27:05 - Husband Finds Me Repulsive
38:52 - Boyfriend Has A Work Wife
55:27 - Ex's Beneficiary
1:00:03 - Today In History
1:04:20 - Patreon Shoutouts
1:07:19 - Outro

#RedditStories #Reddit #TIFU