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My Daughter Is Too Old To DATE Me! | #AITA #reddit

On today’s episode we have an protective mama bear, a sister gets s**t shamed, a father doesn’t want to do father-daughter dates anymore, an addition to the pilot story we did with Laura, and this will be a first but we are going to hop into the Patreon submitted stories, then come back we will close out the show with a listener submitted story. I am leaving it to the very end because it is extremely traumatic and I know some people will want to skip it.

For the Patreon exclusive stories we have a father who disapproves of his daughter’s job, and we have an OP who tells a co-worker to smile!

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(00:00) - Intro
(05:36) - Mama Bear
(14:14) - Sister Gets Shamed
(22:35) - Pilot Story Addon
(28:43) - No Father-Daughter Dates
(40:45) - Disapproving Father
(50:52) - Telling Co-Worker To Smile
(01:01:37) - Listener Refuses To Take Care of Mom
(01:16:06) - Outro

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