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Man Believes The CL*T Isn't REAL! | #redditstories #reddit

What's up Wikimaniacs! On today's episode we have an update for the story where the boyfriend had a work wife, a petty revenge story involving a Spotify Wrapped, a man messes up and uses the washroom at work, OP's ex is convinced the cl*t isn't real, a wholesome boyfriend sees his girlfriend at rock bottom, and a landlord gets his just desserts!

After that we learn about Charles Dickens and his famous book A Christmas Carol!

Let us know your thoughts!

(00:00) - Intro
(05:08) - Housekeeping
(06:15) - A 2 Star Review!!!
(16:37) - UPDATE Boyfriend Has A Work Wife
(21:55) - Spotify Wrapped Sabotage
(31:00) - Man Uses Work Washroom
(36:26) - Ex Doesn't Know The Cl*t Is Real
(50:00) - Boyfriend Sees Me At Rock Bottom
(57:08) - Landlord Gets Just Desserts
(01:08:03) - Charles Dickens
(01:12:00) - Patreon Shoutouts
(01:15:26) - Outro

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