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Landlord Evicts Tenant For Getting Pregnant! | #AITA #Reddit

Happy holidays Wikimanaics! On today’s episode we have a husband who ignores his wife and her family, a landlord evicts a pregnant tenant, a honeymoon gets expensive, and a grandson cusses out his grandparents. After that we have our Patreon exclusive stories where we have a gf who performs a lap dance at dinner, and we have a bf who won’t make breakfast.

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(00:00) - Intro
(09:28) - Does This Guy Frick?
(12:57) - Husband Ignores Wife
(22:26) - Pregnant Tenant Evicted
(34:37) - Honeymoon Gets Expensive
(42:02) - Son Cusses Out Grandparents
(53:06) - Outro