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I Created A Pokédex Of WOMEN! | #AITA #reddit

What’s up Wikimaniacs! On today’s episode we have a husband who wants to be paid for babysitting, real life Pokémon goes wrong, a boyfriend loses it after another guy sees his girlfriend naked, a listener has a childish date, and OP shows up to an ex’s wedding.

And for our Patreon exclusive stories we have an OP who high fives a stranger and we have another husband who misses a gender reveal.

Let us know your thoughts!

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The dress for the final story:

(00:00) - Intro
(05:17) - Husband Babysitter
(17:22) - Gotta Catch 'Em All
(26:35) - Guy Sees GF Naked
(35:40) - Childish Date
(46:06) - Ex's Wedding
(54:22) - Outro

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