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Cut Your Loss, Not Your Calories ft Cristina & Carmen | #reddit #redditstories

What's up Wikimaniacs! Today's special guests come to us from the amazing podcast Novelas con Cafecito, Cristina and Carmen!

They help us go through some heavy topics today including a woman lusting after a bride's man, a boyfriend pranks his girlfriend, a girlfriend restricts her boyfriend's diet, and a Dad threatens to impregnate his daughter! Warning the last three stories are pretty heavy so skip past anything that you are uncomfortable with.

After that John teaches about the amazing singer, songwriter, business mogul, and superbowl halftime star, Rihanna!

Let us know your thoughts!

Novelas con Cafecito:

Timestamps & Links:

(00:00) - Intro
(04:55) - Lusting For My Man
(13:02) - Boyfriend Pranked Me
(24:50) - Girlfriend Makes Me Eat Less
(35:35) - Dad Threatened To Impregnate Me
(45:30) - Rihanna
(52:13) - Comments
(54:42) - Outro