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#AITA | I Don't Want My Kid To Look Like My Wife! #RedditStories

What's up Wikimaniacs! On today’s episode we have a woman who thinks her husband is too close to his sons, a brother wants to take care of his sister, a father who only wants his children to know one language, a wife leaves a toast that her husband gives, a truth or dare game goes wrong, and then for our Patreon exclusive story we have a father-daughter fishing trip getting canceled!

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00:00 Ringo Cam
00:37 Introduction
07:05 Man Is Too Close With His Kid?
15:39 Helping Out A Sister
23:14 My Kid Can't Know Languages
36:18 Alder New York
37:28 Husband Gives A Toast
45:10 Truth of Assault?
51:27 Outro

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