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#AITA | A Listener Leaves Their Husband Who Has Cancer! #Reddit

What's up Wikimaniacs! In this episode we have a listener who goes out with a friend's crush, a wife throws out her husband's dinner, a listener leaves their husband who has cancer, a Mom plans a terrible party, a group of college girls start a union, and for our Patreon exclusive story we have a fiancé who wants to lie during his groom's speech!

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00:00 Roe Vs Wade
00:46 Introduction
05:43 Listener Steals Friend's Crush
13:27 Wife Throws Out Husband's Dinner
18:42 UPDATE Wife Throws Out Husband's Dinner
20:26 Listener Leaves Husband With Cancer
24:48 She Podcasts Live
25:51 Mom's Throws A Terrible Party
37:07 College Girls Start A Union
43:44 Outro

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