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Stuart Blues Profile Photo

Stuart Blues

Podcast Host

I began my true crime podcasting journey in December 2020 after a previous podcast venture with a friend didn't go in the direction either of us had hoped.

As a lifelong lover of horror movies and crime documentaries, I decided to use my previous experience as a podcast host to produce a solo true crime podcast.

As I write and produce the show on my own, I have to manage my time extremely efficiently.

On top of producing the podcast, I work full-time and have a young daughter who is my whole world.

I am thrilled with how the show has gained momentum since its launch, and it is so rewarding to see something you have put your heart and soul into flourishing.

AITA Episodes

Am I The Asshole | A Pizza Guy Delivers More Than Just Pizza!

May 6, 2022

What's up Wikimaniacs! In today’s episode, we have our buddy Stuart from British Murders joining us today! Our stories involve: 00:00 Intro 02:06 British Murders TikTok 08:33 A Woman Isn't Thrilled About Sister's Pregnancy 1…

Guest: Stuart Blues