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Reddit Stories

Reddit Readings | Husband Wants To Risk Wife's Life For Sex

May 23, 2022

What's up Wikimaniacs! In today's episode we go a little off the rails and talk about some terrible date stories of our own, talk about abortion, and react to Reddit Red Flag stories. We hope you enjoy this episode! Let us k…

Reddit Stories

Reddit Stories | Med Student Diagnosis Their Sister As Overweight!

May 16, 2022

What's up Wikimaniacs! In today’s episode, Sean takes control and decided you needed more AITA stories so he brought you two of his own! We have a sister who gets some medical advice she doesn't want to hear, a girl shows up…

Reddit Stories

Reddit Stories | Husband Says He'll K**l Her If She Cheats!

May 9, 2022

What's up Wikimaniacs! In today’s episode, we have a husband who really doesn't like cheating, a man tells his friend he loves her, a girlfriend shows her friend some pictures of her boyfriend and after the break we have our…