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Came to Apple Podcast to say this

The audio only is great, but the YouTube version is even better because we get to see John’s, Josh’s, and Sean’s handsome faces. They have a friendly competition sometimes about who gets the most love, but I think a group hug is the best solution.

Anyway, this podcast is a must-listen (or watch in my case lol). It helps me get through my worst days and enhances my best. I love Two Hot Takes, so I think that’s why YouTube suggested Reddit on Wiki to me, and I love both so much. So if you like THT, definitely give RoW a shot 💖

With that being said, I’ll end the debate right here: no host is more handsome than the others, just a different flavor of handsome. What are the flavors for each? You should watch on YouTube too then decide for yourself!

May 21, 2023 by Musiclover49327 on Apple Podcasts

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