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Best Boys!

I absolutely love this podcast! I found you through TikTok. For Sean, you are Hot, Hot, Hot my guy! Kissable lips, winning smile, and no-holds bar attitude are what's up! Josh, you remind me of one of my very best friends and you've earned a soft spot in my heart. How to Start a Cult is next on my list to binge (Shots and Thoughts in next). John you have the most bubbley personality and you're so much fun to listen to. I love how secure you are in who you are as a person and how unabashedly loving you are towards your friends and loved ones. I was so sorry to hear about your father. It made me cry. My own father recently underwent a triple bypass, open heart surgery and I flew across the country to be with him, wondering if I was going to make it in time to say goodbye.

This podcast has been a safe space for me. My life has been very overwhelming lately (mostly good things but I struggle with an emotional regulation disorder and all the changes have sent me spiralling) and being able to tune in and hear three wonderful men share their laughter and loving personalities has been very much needed.

I know it's a weird thing to say to people you've never met. But I do love you all and if you ever make it over to Kentucky, I'd love to give you all a big mom hug! (With consent of course)

March 9, 2023 by Kindle Jackson (Use Lady Grace if you read it on the pod please) on This Website

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