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My Saving Grace

Hi guys!

I’ve been meaning to write a review for a while, but life happens and I get sidetracked, but I found the time today to do it and I wanted to let you guys know that if I could rate you at 100 stars, I would. Your content is the only thing I listen to that makes me literally laugh out loud and agree with everything you say and think.
I am a solo mom working my ass off to provide a good life for my son and I, and really the only breaks I get are in my car driving to and from work, which is when I turn on your podcast and exit the life as a tired mom, and enter the fun humility that you guys provide. You’re like a saving grace to me and I don’t know what I would do without your show!
Fun little note to add, I am a part-time nail technician and have been working to get a full time job in cybersecurity and I promised myself that once I land the job of my dreams I will sign up to be a patron and send Sean (and of course John and Josh) some money on venmo…..and guess what….I DID IT! I landed an amazing career and I am more than able to contribute to you guys and your show!
I wish there was more I could do to show you guys how much you mean to me, but this will at least be a start!
I also have TONS of crazy stories myself and plan to submit them sometime. It would be so cool to have you read them and I could listen to it!

Anyway, love you guys. You’re a rock in my life, and thank you for being amazing humans who have the incredible ability to make me laugh and enjoy my little breaks.

Last thing, don’t hate on Utah so much lol. I’m born and raised here, and still reside. It’s not that bad at all, and there’s so much more to this amazing place than the cray mo-mo’s and their politics. ♥️

Feb. 25, 2023 by BayLee on This Website

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