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I don't like podcasts, but this one is incredibly wholesome and important.

Honestly I hate podcasts. I'm constantly overwhelmed, and the last thing I want is more noise and people talking.

BUT I found Reddit on Wiki, and I just can't stop listening. As someone who is catching up on old episodes while eagerly awaiting new ones, I've easily spent several hours with these guys in my ears over the past couple of weeks. I've laughed and cried over the stories.

I even had to stop and take a screenshot during episode #122, to remember the moment where all three called out a man's toxic and dangerous behavior after he threw a bag of chips at his girlfriend. The story really resonated with me.

I was in a relationship with a man like that for three years, and his bursts of anger and boundary-pushing behavior were normalized for me because I didn't have many close friends to tell me otherwise. During discussions, he would often point his finger to my face, and tell me to shut up (btw I also saw him do this to his mom and younger sisters several times). He once threw a full packet of sausages at me. I laughed at the time, but I’ve later come to realise that he just threw what was in his hands in the moment. It could’ve been anything from the kitchen really.

Josh, Sean, and John's clear communication that this behavior is not normal or acceptable is so sooooooo important. I only wish this podcast existed during that time in my life.

Btw I have since met my boyfriend, and he is the least toxic person I've ever met. We just bought a house together, and he makes me feel like the luckiest and most loved and cared for person in the world. Not a single red flag in sight AND I have a new favorite podcast.

Feb. 22, 2023 by wickedpippin on This Website

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